Vedic Mathematics

Front Cover
V&S Publishers, 2012 - 192 pages
Every other day new institutions are coming up in cities and towns claiming to help one develop impressive personality in the shortest possible time. This is because they know society attaches value to those who can walk well, talk well, groom themselves impressively and appear in a presentable manner. Four assorted titles explain how to build self confidence, crucial guide to personality development, body language and correct etiquette & manners. The language used in very simple and explain the methods involved in a sure shot way. This set of 4 books has been bound together in a convenient pack and offered to readers at an attractive discount. The names of the books and their prices are displayed in brackets: 1) Build Self Confidence (Rs 135), 2) A Youngster's Guide To Personality Development (Rs 125), 3) Body Language (Rs 150), 4) Correct Manner & Etiquette (Rs 175) #v&spublishers

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