War and Collective Identities in the Middle Ages: East, West, and Beyond

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Yannis Stouraitis
Arc Humanities Press, 2023 - History - 246 pages
Chapter 1: "War and Peoplehood in the Middle Ages: An Introduction," by Yannis Stouraitis -- Chapter 2: "War and Peoplehood through Time: A Sociological Longue Durée Perspective," by Siniša Malešević -- Chapter 3: "Making War Ethnic: Identity and Conflict on the Arabian-Mesopotamian Frontier," by Peter Webb -- Chapter 4: "Captive Identities: Inscribing Armenianness from Sebēos to Ayrivanec'i," by Sergio La Porta -- Chapter 5: "War and Identity in Early Medieval Bulgaria," by Panos Sophoulis -- Chapter 6: "Collective Identifications in Byzantine Civil Wars," by Yannis Stouraitis -- Chapter 7: "Warfare and Peoplehood: The Vikings and the English," by Clare Downham -- Chapter 8: "Medieval European Civil Wars, Local and Proto-National Identities of Toulousains, Czechs in Prague, and Parisians," by Philippe Buc -- Chapter 9: "The Crusades and French Political Identity in the Thirteenth-Century Mediterranean," by Gregory E. M. Lippiatt -- Chapter 10: "The Song-Jurchen Conflict in Chinese Intellectual History," by Shao-yun Yang -- Chapter 11: "Faithful to a Vanishing Past: Narrating Warfare and Peoplehood in Yuan China," by Francesca Fiaschetti -- Chapter 12: "War and Collective Identifications in Medieval Societies: Drawing Comparisons," by Yannis Stouraitis -- Selected Bibliography -- Index.

About the author (2023)

Yannis Stouraitis is senior lecturer in Byzantine history at the University of Edinburgh and author of Krieg und Frieden in politischer und ideologischer Wahrnehmung in Byzanz (7.-11. Jahrhundert) (2009).

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