Warlord Politics and African States

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Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999 - History - 257 pages
Focusing on the examples of Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zaire, this text demonstrates how African rulers hold on to power while severed from foreign aid and subjected to collapsing economies and disappearing bureaucracies.

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This guy is a complete joke. I was wondering why I'd never heard of this book and then I read a few clips online and realized it was complete RUBBISH. Reno says on page 81 of his book that Gabriel Doe was a foster father to Samuel K. Doe. That would be fine except for one thing. It's completely false and any Liberian would tell you that. Gabriel Doe is Kru, Samuel K. Doe is Krahn. Gabriel Doe was only a few years older than Samuel K. Doe so how could he be his foster father? This is pretty common knowledge in Liberia because in the late 90's Samuel K. Doe put Gabriel Doe in jail under suspicion of bringing rebels into the country on his fishing boats. Of course this was false, but why would someone's foster father do that? Furthermore, why would someone put his foster father in jail? WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION? Secondly, he mentions Doe was married to Carenia Tolbert (it's actually CARMENIA) so here's another question. Why would he need to stage a "coup" if he was THAT connected? His whole problem with Liberia was supposedly nepotism. If his foster father were married to a Tolbert, trust me, he'd have a higher ranking than military general in the Liberian army. Samuel K. Doe came from nothing and had no "elite" connections except for the ones he had with the Americans who backed his coup d'etat (something else that is common knowledge in Liberia). It really is frightening that a person can just write and publish a book full of flat out falsehoods. It makes me worry about every book I've read in the past about politics in other countries, because I know non-Liberians have read Reno's book and seen him as an intelligent source. It's truly sad. Get your facts straight.
And to the person who responded below: I know both families very well and let me tell you, the two men were not foster brothers. Doe's parents did not adopt Samuel Doe. That never happened. The men had no connection aside from Samuel Doe's paranoia that Gabriel Doe was bringing rebels into the country. A strange thing to do to a foster brother, wouldn't you say? Contrary to western ideas, all Africans are not the same. Gabriel Doe's family is from Sinoe, Doe's is from Grand Gedeh. They are different tribes and had totally different upbringings in different places.
Any person who spent even a day researching in Liberia would be able to learn all this...but they would actually have to DO THEIR RESEARCH. Some white people do not bother doing that in Africa because they assume nobody will check on their fictional tales. Sorry for this guy, someone did.
It is frightening how much false information exists about our tiny nation, where often, foreigners with agendas try to rewrite history. Times are changing, we will no longer allow foreigners with a colonialist mindset to think they can simply fabricate stories about Liberia. IT'S A NEW DAY, GET ON BOARD.

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According to reliable sources,It is true that Doe, and Doe had a connection even though they were of different tribal groups. Gabriel was Samuel's foster brother who was married to a Tolbert. Gabriel was a representative of concessions during the Tolbert's administration in Grand Gedeh. His parents adopted Samuel K Doe. 


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