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White people are not literally or symbolically white; nor are they uniquely virtuous and pure. Racial imagery and racial representation are central to the organisation of the contemporary world but, while there are many studies of images of black and Asian people, whiteness is an invisible racial position. At the level of racial representation, whites are not of a certain race. They are just the human race, a 'colour' against which other ethnicities are always examined.
In White, Richard Dyer looks beyond the apparent unremarkability of whiteness and argues for the importance of analysing images of white people. Dyer traces the representation of whiteness by whites in Western visual culture, focusing on the mass media of photography, advertising, fine art, cinema and television.
Dyer examines the representation of whiteness and the white body in the contexts of Christianity, 'race' and colonialism. In a series of absorbing case studies, he discusses the representations of whiteness in muscle-man action cinema, from Italian 'peplum' movies to the Tarzan and Rambo series; shows the construction of whiteness in photography and cinema in the lighting of white and black faces, and analyses the representation of white women in end-of-empire fictions such as The Jewel in the Crown, and traces the disturbing association of whiteness with death, in vampire narratives and dystopian films such as Blade Runner and the Aliens trilogy.

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I find this book HUGELY ANTI-WHITE.
To be a forensics expert you must be able to take hair or skin from a body and be able to tell through DNA the GENOtype (race) of that individual. However, to
keep your job as a forensic expert you must say "there is no race, only the human race".
When it comes down to science and facts, anti-Whites get proven how silly they really are. All they have is their thought police!
If ALL and ONLY Black countries in 1965 let hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries and encouraged the non-Blacks to assimilate. Then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities in those countries; that's not done by accident. It's obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA genocide.
This is what's been done to my people, White people. It's genocide.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


The matter of whiteness
Coloured white not coloured
Theres nothing I can do Nothing
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