Zechariah and Jewish Renewal: From Gloom to Glory

Front Cover
Moellerhaus Books, Oct 1, 1992 - 255 pages
A commentary, but more: an historical document replete with backgrounds of the Jewish nation & Temple, concentrating on the period of rebirth through the "Golden Age" of the "Silent Years." Those wanting to know the consequences of Jewish attempts to continue Judaism without the Temple & the resultant importance of the "Oral Law" will want to read this book. This book shows the history of the establishment of the second commonwealth & the rebuilding of the Temple, circa 536 B.C., was necessary preliminary fulfillment of "Glorification of Israel" prophecies. The return of the "Shekinah" in the measure that it existed in Solomon's Temple & the return of all 12 tribes to the restored nation of Judah are documented historically & biblically. "Lost tribe" theories are disproved. This book shows that the natural Jewish nation has had & still has historical validity. The Mishnah, a book neglected by the Christian community, is shown as supplemental Bible knowledge, enhancing understanding of all Hebrew-Christian Scriptures. The book, written for Jewish readers, as well as general audiences, makes a point of not offending Jews.

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