Mastering the Art of Sales: A Holistic Approach to Success

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Maria Johnsen, May 10, 2023 - Antiques & Collectibles - 146 pages

Uncover proven sales strategies for small businesses in today's post-COVID-19 financial crisis. From prospecting to closing deals, learn how to build rapport, overcome obstacles, and deliver compelling value. Discover tactics for resilient sales teams, aligning sales and marketing, and delivering exceptional service. Thrive amidst adversity with these tried-and-true strategies.

Master the art of sales with this insightful and practical guide. From finding the right prospects to closing deals, I share valuable strategies for success. Discover the power of rapport-building, active listening, and asking the right questions. Overcome objections, build trust, and deliver compelling value propositions. Learn how to create strong sales teams, align sales and marketing, and provide exceptional customer service. With a focus on ethics and continuous improvement, this book is your key to thriving in the competitive world of sales. I guide you through handling objections gracefully and identifying the pain points of your prospects, skills that will set you apart. You'll learn the importance of understanding your product or service inside out, crafting compelling value propositions, and presenting solutions that meet the needs of your prospects.


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The Holistic Approach to Closing a Deal
The Importance of Building Rapport
How to Conduct Effective Sales Meetings
Asking the Right Questions
Building Trust with Prospects
Understanding Your Product or Service
Presenting Solutions That Meet the Prospects Needs
Overcoming Common Sales Challenges
Effective Communication between Sales and Marketing
Building Strong Relationships with Customers
Providing Excellent Customer Service
Referral Marketing and Sales
Sales Ethics and Professionalism
Continuous Learning and SelfImprovement
Embracing the Holistic Approach to Sales
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Hiring the Right Salespeople

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About the author (2023)

Maria Johnsen is born and raised in Norway. She is a film and television investor, writer, director and producer. She is also a digital marketing expert. Maria Johnsen is a highly respected figure in the world of digital marketing, and her expertise and insights have helped many businesses and individuals to achieve success in the online arena.

Maria grew up in Trondheim, Norway, in a multilingual household with an English/Russian mother and a German/Norwegian father. She became fluent in Norwegian, Russian, and English as a child and learned French while attending a boarding school in Paris. Later, she pursued beauty art studies at Sorbonne University and studied political economy in Ukraine before moving to China, where she quickly picked up Korean and Chinese languages, becoming fluent in Chinese after only three months.

After returning to Norway, Maria continued her studies in computer engineering and artificial intelligence while also teaching Russian. She went on to found Golden Way Media in Trondheim, a company that promotes businesses not only in Norway but also across Europe, the USA, Canada, India, and China. Maria is also an accomplished film and television investor, writer, director, producer, and digital marketing expert. She has published 43 fiction and nonfiction books in English, German, French and Dutch languages including educational materials on post-graduate level at universities in North America and Europe.

Maria runs Golden Way Media Films, a production and development company in London, UK, and Golden Way Media, an award-winning multilingual digital marketing company in Norway. In 2016, Onalytica Company ranked her as the #6 digital marketing influencer in the world and she was also ranked among the top 100 global artificial intelligence (A.I.) and Fintech influencers by the same company. She holds several degrees, including BA in Information Technology, BA in informatics, BA in Beauty Arts from Sorbonne in Paris, a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and an M.A. in Film Production from Royal Holloway University of London.

Maria has received numerous awards for her work, including The International Star Award for quality leadership, innovation, and excellence in 2019. Her successful films are streaming on Amazon Prime in North America, the UK, Germany and Japan, and her short films are streaming on various platforms in several countries. Maria’s films are available on various platforms, including Roku, Fire TV, Android, iOS, Comcast, Samsung, Vizio, Web, Android TV, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Apple TV, Cox, Tivo, Telstra, Hisense, Rogers, Echoshow, and Enseo, and are streaming in 175 countries. She has also written 11 commercially viable screenplays.