The Colour in Woman and Other Tales

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Beaten Track Publishing, Jun 28, 2021 - Fiction

The Colour in Woman

Flora’s young adulthood is spent alone in her inherited labyrinthine house. Dream characters inhabit secret rooms, memories pulsate around the house and garden, and she is haunted by the elusive presence of a nameless childhood book.

Invisible threads of a long-forgotten bond bind Flora to Brigit, the local loner in town. Brigit—the ‘Red Woman’—finally has the freedom to drink herself into a creative fervour and only becomes more enthused by the arrival of a banshee in her flat.

This ‘White Woman’ is the final strand in the braid that weaves these women together. As the boundaries between dream and reality become increasingly blurred, a mesmerising search for identity just may need a sacrifice before it can become more solid

Flora’s Fairy Tales

Step into a world of witches, fae, forests, cosmic rays and strands and all that exists between. The fairy tale is the key that is offered to the hand that dare hold it, and these tales play out the characters that dare journey deeper and deeper.


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The Colour in Woman
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