Multilingual Digital Marketing: How To Achieve Your Digital Marketing Objectives And Increase Sales

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Maria Johnsen, Mar 25, 2015 - Business & Economics - 410 pages

The question of how to effectively boost sales in online marketing has always been a million-dollar concern. Multilingual digital marketing is recognized as a highly volatile and dynamic yet promising tool for online businesses. While the developments in SEO, PPC, and mobile marketing in recent years may have seemed unpredictable, we can still outline some potential possibilities for the future.

Numerous reputable websites have already assessed the significance of SEO and expansive sponsored advertising. A recent study supports this notion, revealing that 36% of surveyed online marketers acknowledged and confirmed the full potential of organic SEO link building and marketing on social networks. Additionally, a significant portion emphasized the importance of content writing as a means of reaching the market. As a result, businesses are expected to allocate more resources and budgets towards online marketing, particularly on social media advertising platforms.

This book provides valuable insights into lucrative digital marketing strategies in Europe and North America. It explores methods for increasing your company's market share and highlights the crucial roles of customer service and sales departments within your organization. By understanding why these departments should be improved, you will grasp the correlation between two vital components in multilingual digital marketing and their impact on your sales. Uncover the truth within the pages of this book.

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   How search engines work. .Paid advertisement strategies that really work: How to bid smart at lowest cost and increase sales? Find out Maria Johnsen’s global pay per click strategies. Global marketing contains tactics which can be used in North America, Europe and Asia   Sales tactics in Europe and North America   Multilingual mobile advertising strategy   Multilingual neuromarketing   Where to find the right sales people and how motivate them to increase sales   Multilingual neuromarketing   Secrets in successful multilingual marketing   Google's latest algorithms and the best practices in increasing a website's online visibility

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   "I'm confident that this book helped me out a lot. Lots of useful information on multilingual marketing online. " - Steven Holt 

"Essential Book for Any Online Marketer - Quick Read, Concise Language, Packed full of Useful Tips!" - Susan Rits 

"If you want to learn how to target different demographics all over the world, this book is full of information about it. " - Gregory Smith 

"Absolutely amazing information!! I was intrigued from the very beginning of this book because of the need to drive more traffic to my websites." - Anne Stevens


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Multilingual Website Design
A few recommended tools and plugins
Website Traffic
Website Analytics
What Is Link Building?
Multilingual Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Talent Acquisition in Digital Marketing Sector
Marketing Strategy During The Holiday Season
Supercharge Your Digital Marketing in Search Engines
Lucrative Ways Of Estimating Your Return
Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Entering The New Market
Customer Service

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About the author (2015)

Maria Johnsen is a film and television writer, director and producer. She has published 43 fiction and nonfiction books, which are on sale in bookstores and online. Some of her non-fiction books are academic and educational materials on post graduate level at universities in North America and Europe such as: “The Business of Filmmaking: Building a Business and Networking Strategies in the Movie Industry”, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: The next big technological break”, “Blockchain in Digital Marketing: A New Paradigm of Trust”, “Multilingual Digital Marketing: Managing for Excellence in Online Marketing”,” Sales in The Age Of Intelligent Web”. Maria has also written books in German, French and Dutch Languages.

Maria runs Golden Way Media Films a production and development company in London, UK.

Maria Johnsen is also director and founder of Golden Way Media an award winning multilingual digital marketing company in Norway. In 2016, she was ranked #6 digital marketing influencer in the world by Onalytica Company who runs Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution in the UK and U.S.A. She was also ranked among top 100 global artificial intelligence A.I. and Fintech influencer by the same company.

Maria Johnsen holds a degree in political economy, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University in Paris, BA in Information technology, BA in informatics, Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Johnsen graduated from Royal Holloway University of London, where she received an M.A., in Film Production, with an emphasis in Writing, Directing and Producing Film and TV.

In 2019 Maria received The International Star Award for quality leadership, innovation and excellence. The convention was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Maria wrote, directed and produced successful films which are streaming on Amazon Prime in North America, UK and Japan. Maria ‘s short films are streaming on the following platforms in Australia, Canada, Mexico ,New Zealand, United States, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama via Tubi , It is streaming in Brazil nationwide.

Platforms to watch this film are: Roku, Fire TV, Android, iOS, Comcast, Samsung, Vizio, Web, Android TV, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Apple TV, Cox, Tivo, Telstra, Hisense, Rogers, Echoshow, Enseo.

Maria Johnsen’s films are streaming in 168 countries.

Maria has written 11 commercially viable screenplays in the following genres: Science Fiction, Drama, Horror, Crime, Fantasy, Action Thriller and Biopic which are in –pre-production.