SAEQ: Science and Applied Engineering Quarterly (08.2016)

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SAEQ LTD, Jun 27, 2016 - 26 pages

Issue 08 April-May-June 2016

Optimization Of Technological Processes For Machine Parts And Equipment Operating in Extreme Conditions

A.M. Gafarov, P.G. Suleymanov, V.A. Gafarov

The paper reviews the aspects of optimization of the technological processes for high-precision machine parts and equipment operating in extreme conditions. The obtained results are analyzed.

Ratio Of Power Indicators In The System "Drilling String – Drive"

B.A. Perminov, V.B. Perminov, Z.H. Yagubov, E.Z. Yagubov

In the mode of drilling a well, transmission of rotation the drill string, occur from the wellhead to the bottom hole. Thus, at the expense to the impact dissipative forces on the drill string in the bore-hole may be stop of some part column, twisting of stretched portion and stall bottom of column with accelerate of rotation after accumulating a sufficient level of potential energy. The stock of potential energy in the elastic column at the rotation of upper part the greater, the more moment of resistance of stationary portion column. Take place redistribution of power indicators along the length of the drill string, that engender relaxation oscillations in the column, to the disruption of the dynamic balance, as condition of the column, so and system "drill string – drive", violates the dynamic stability of column and leads to a forced harmonic changes power of the drive of engine rig.

In this regard, the definition of conditions for the occurrence of relaxation oscillations in the system “drill string – drive” is a very urgent task.

Work is devoted to research of the power indicators of the drill string in the drilling operation and the definition of the necessary conditions for maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of the system. It was shown that the accumulation of potential energy in the bottom of the column is more than the kinetic energy of the upper part always provokes relaxation oscillations in the system.

Makes recommendation, that to enhance the dynamic stability of the work regime is necessary increase the moment of inertia of the drive of column and reduce the weight of the bottom hole of column.

Integrated Mechanisms For Data Security And Reliability In Information Systems Based On Theoretical Coding Schemes

Kh.N. Rzaev

The paper examines the cryptographic data protection to ensure the security of the data transfer through the means of information systems. The author carried out the comparative studies on the integrated security mechanisms to provide the reliability of transferred data by using the McEliece and Niederreiter (asymmetric) crypto-systems based on the m-tuple error-correcting codes.

Application of Water-Flooding Method to Improve The Potential Oil Recovery

D.A. Volchenko, G.F. Miralamov, V.R. Roznyi

The paper examines the water-flooding method to improve the potential oil recovery by adjusting the properties of reagents in the water solution.

Effect Of Abnormal Oil On Performance Of Well Bottom Zone

T.Sh. Salavatov, I.I. Kirdoba, M.A. Dadashzadeh

The article studies in detail the effect of various factors of the abnormal oil on the performance of well bottom zone.


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