Who were the Minoans?

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AuthorHouse, Dec 8, 2006 - History
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Click this link to read a review of Who were the Minoans?   This book applies archaeology, anthropology, comparative linguistics and genetics to the problem of Minoan origins. The evidence of all these disciplines leads to the same conclusion. The Minoans of ancient Crete were red men, like the Fulani, and lived in elaborate palaces with rain-courts, or impluvia, like the Yoruba. a genetic link between the Greeks on the one hand, and the Fulani and Mossi, has now been established. The Fulani and Yoruba share similar blood groups. The Minoans worshipped the African fertility goddess Minona, from whom they take their name.   the Linear a documents from prehistoric Crete are written in an African sign system, and can be read as a Niger-Congo language of the Kwa group. The book includes translations of selected clay tablets and other documents from Haghia Triada, Knossos and other Minoan sites.

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