Gregory's Conspectus. A literal interlineal translation of the first twenty-three chapters of ... Conspectus medicinę theoreticę, by R. Venables

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Page 382 - The enumeration of facts had better be given in the aphoristic form; it is comprehensive, and carries with it a greater degree of precision, as each word expresses an idea."—Martinet.
Page 2 - ... case, before you proceed to another clause ; beginning each clause, as you pass from one to another, with the nominative case and verb, if there be such in it, and finishing it according to Rule I. XX. An oblique case, unless it be an adjunct to the nominative, should be construed after the verb ; and when more obliques than one depend on the same word, construe accusatives before datives, datives before ablatives, and genitives immediately after the words which govern them.
Page 382 - MANUAL OF CHEMISTRY AND TOXICOLOGY; Comprehending the Symptoms, Diagnosis, Morbid Appearances, Antidotes, Treatment, and Method of Detecting POISONS, arranged in the Form of Aphorism; with the Decompositions of the London Pharmacopoeia, Therapeutical Remarks upon the Doses of the Preparations, and their Use in the Treatment of Diseases.

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