The Stockton bee: or, Monthly miscellany

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Page 335 - I would find out wherewith in it to call forth my affections If I could not do better, I would fasten them upon some sweet myrtle, or seek some melancholy cypress to connect myself to I would court their...
Page 189 - ... of ordination. My letters of ordination are my zeal, my charity, my ardent love for my dear children of the village ; if I were more learned, I would add my knowledge, but alas ! we all know very little ; to man every error is pardonable but want of humility.
Page 150 - ... political at Athens, and was continued there for the purpose of improving the seeds of valour in the minds of the Athenian youth.
Page 372 - Indeed, sir," answered the woman, " I am not ; nor would I take any sum for him ; for, would you believe it, from the time that our good King was forced to go abroad and leave us, the dear creature has not sung a note...
Page 407 - I might lose it overboard in case of a battle, which I had every reason to dread before my return, I therefore furnished myself with a club for my defence, went on board, and penetrating the first line of those which surrounded my harbour...
Page 328 - Runs to each avenue, and shrieks for help, But shrieks in vain ! how wishfully she looks On all she's leaving, now no longer hers! A little longer, yet a little longer...
Page 336 - ... and yet, at length, he demanded more. On this, the curate sent for him. — He went. ' Do you live alone ?' said the curate.
Page 372 - Charing-cross, and entreated him to get it for her ; the owner of it was a widow, and Lord Peterborough offered ,to buy it at a great price, which she refused.
Page 263 - On her tongue dwelleth music ; the sweetness of honey floweth from her lips. " Decency is in all her words ; in her answers are mildness and truth.
Page 407 - I kept strictly on the watch. and paddled with all my might towards the entrance of the lagoon, hoping to be sheltered there from the multitude of my assailants; but ere I had half-way reached the place, I was attacked on all sides, several endeavouring to overset the canoe.

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