The Globe Dictionary of the English Language

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General Books, 2013 - 508 pages
This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1873 edition. Excerpt: ...n. The mark of pestilential disease;--a deadly mark or sign. Plaguily, (plOgVle) adv. Vexatiously. Plaguy, (plag'e) a. Vexatious; troublesome. Plaice, (plas) i. G. platv.t. A fish allied tthe flounder. Plaid, (plad) . Gael, plaule. A striped ckil worn as an over-garment by Uie Highlanders io Scotland Plaid, (pliid)a. Havinga-pattern which resefcrbles a Scotch plaid; marked with bars or stripe at right angles to one another. Plain, (plan) a. L. plant's. Smooth: even, level; flat;--distinct; obvious;--simple: --artless; sincere;--mere; bare;--not luxurious; r-t highly seasoned;--not ornamented;--hardfeatured; common; coarse. Plain, (plan) adv. In a plain manner; not obscurely;--distinctly; articulately;--simply; sincerely. Plain, (plan) n. Level land; an open field with an even surface;--a field of battle. Plain, (plan) v. t. To level; to make pljiin or even;--r. t. or i. P. ptaindre. To lament. Plain-dealing," (plan'del-ing) a. Dealing or communicating with frankness aud sincerity; honest. Plain-dealing, (plin'dei-ing) it. A speaking or communicating with openness and sincerity. Plain-hearted, (plun'hart-ed) a. Having a Bincere heart; commnnicating without art or hypocrisy. Plainly, (plfm'le) ado. Without gloss or disguise; sincerely; in earnest; fairly;--evidently; clearly. Plainness, (pliin'ues) a. The quality or state of being plain in any of its senses. Plain-spoken, (plan'spok-n) a. Speaking with plain, unreserved sincerity. Plaint, (plant) n. h. phtnetv-. Audible expression of sorrow; lamentation;--a sad or serious song;--in taw, the propounding of the cause or ground of an action in writing. Plaintiff, (plint'if) n. F. plaintif. The person who commences a personal action or suit--opposed to dtjadmt. Plaintive, ...

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