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Crime Online is a novel book for an introduction to the concepts and study of cyber-crimes. It summarizes a wide variety of online crimes, their definitiions, laws pertaining to them, current enforcement strategies,and suggestions on how these crimes may be dealth with. It does a good job of recognizing the unwarranted sensationalism of certain crimes that happen online and acknowledges that the media fail to induce individual responsibility for crimes committed. Where this book falls short is that it is outdated and not very contemporary in its information and examples. This may be due to the rapidly advancing nature of the Internet and the technology that surrounds it, but there is a limited perspective on the online underground, socila networking, and virtual spaces of the modern virtual world. Also, the book is largely Western-focused in its laws, suggestions and analyses; the book fails to recognize in any great detail the huge online population of Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam and the unique crimes that these environments produce. Nevertheless, it is recognized that it is difficult for a book, which is time-consuming to produce in mass circulation, to be relevant for an extended period of time when it is covering a topic such as online crime; therefore I would recommend an online database of articles instead.

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