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66 N. 1O.

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" Dyer that the faine is not woaded, shall forfeit Double

An Act for Confirmation of the Sale of the Value of the said Cloth.

" the Lands of Edward Fisher, made towards Satisfac

“ tion and Payment of his Debts. “ C. 13. N. 15. An Act for the inning of Erith “ and Plumsted Marsh.

“ This Act began in the House of Commons. “ Every Person, digging or cutting Earth of any of

" The Lords add a Proviso, for taking an Accompt « the Forelands mentioned in the Act, shall forfeit 4.5.

" of the Sums to be raised; and, after Satisfaction of “ to be recovered by the Inners or Owners of the said

his Debts, it is Enacted, That the Overplus shall be *6 Marshes.

applied for the Benefit of him and his wife and

“ Children, in such Manner and Form, and under such 27 Eliz. C. 2. N. 2. An Act against Jesuits, Semi

" Pain, as to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and nary Priests, and other such like disobedient Perfons.

“ Master of the Rolls, or any Two of them, shall seem

good. “ This Act began in the House of Commons. “ The Lords add a Clause, That every Person, know

31 Eliz. C. 6. N. 6. An Aết againlt Abuses in

“ Election of Scholars atid Presentation to Benefices. “ ing any Jesuit, &c. to abide in England, and not discovering the same to some Justice or other within “ Person taking, or agreeing to take, any Money for “ Twelve Days, shall pay a Fine at the Queen's Pleasure: “ a Resignation, thall forfeit Double the Sun, or Value Justice of Peace, to whom the Matter shall be dis

“ of the Thing taken ; and the Person giving, shall be covered, not giving Notice to the Queen's Council, &c. “ uncapable of that place for that Time. “ within Twenty-eight Days, shall forfeit 200 Marks.

“ At the Time of Elections, this Statute and the

“ Statutes of the Place to be publicly read; and the C. 17. N. 17. An Act touching the Breadth of


" Person making Default herein shall forfeit £. 40.; “ White Woollen Cloths, made within the Counties of Wilts, Gloucester, Somerset, and Oxon, &c.

Moiety of the Forfeitures to the Person that will sue,

" the other Moiety to the Society where the Offences “ This Act began in the Ilouse of Commons; and in are commited. " the last Clause, as it came from thence, if the Cloths “ were wanting in Weight, or exceeding in Length,

Person presenting to any Benefice for Reward, &c.; " the Clothiers were to incur the Penalties in the

“ the Presentation, Institution, and Induction, to be “ Statute of 4 & 5 P. and M. touching the making of

“ void, &c.; and the Person, &c. making such Presente • Woollen Cloths.

“ ment, &c. shall forfeit Double the value of One

"6 Year's Profit of the Benefice, &c. “ The Lords, by an Amendment to that Clause, “ doubled the Penalties.

“ Person admitting or instituting for Reward, &c.

“shall forfeit Double the value of One Year's Profit of 56 C. 22. N. 22. An Act for bringing the Haven of

" the Benefice, &c. “ the City of Chichester, by a new-cut Channel, to the “ Giving or taking Money for resigning or exchanga · Suburbs of the fame City.

“ ing a Benefice, both Giver and Taker to forfeit “ Any Person lading or unlading any Goods at any

“ Double the Value of the Sum agreed for. “ Wharf or Key in the new Cut, except such as shall The Moiety of the Forfeiture of the Double Value “ be made for that Purpose, shall forfeit, for every


to the Queen, and the other Moiety to the Person Weight, 20 s.

" that will sue for the same. An Act for paving of Newark upon Trent,

“ The last Proviso in this Act, relating to the corrupe “ in the County of Nottinghan :

“ giving of Orders, &c. was added by the House of

« Commons. “ Owner of any House, not paving to the Breadth of “ his House before a Day named in the A&, fhall forfeit

“ C. 7. N. 7. An Act against erecting and maintain16 d. for every Yard unpaved ; and not keeping the “ ing of Cottages. “ Pavement in Repair afterwards, shall forfeit 8 d. per « Yard.

" Person erecting of a Cottage, &c. shall forfeit Ten

“ Pounds. N. 36. An Act for the paving the Town of New

“ Person continuing a Cottage, shall forfeit 405. å 66 Windsor, in the County of Berks.

6 Month. “ Owner not paving, by the Time appointed by the " The Proviso about Inmates was added to this Act " Act, before his House, shall forfeit 12 d. for every by the House of Commons. “ Yard unpaved ; and if he suffers the Pavement to “ go out of Repair afterwards, he shall forfeit 8 d. for

“ C. 9. N. 9. An Act for Writs upon Proclamations Yard.

" and Exigents to be current within the County Pala

" tine of Durham. " 28 and 29 Eliz. N. 6. C. 6. An Act for the more

speedy and due Execution of certain Branches of the “ Bishop or Chancellor of Durham shall have a “ Statute made in the 23d Year of the Queen's Ma

“ Deputy in the Courts at Weftm'r, to receive Writs jesty's Reign, intituled, An Act to retain the Queen's

“ of Proclamations, upon like Pains as by former

66 Statutes Sheriffs of other Shires are bound to have. Majesty's Subjects in their due Obedience. “ Offender failing to pay the £ 20. a Month ac

Bishop or Chancellor, failing to make due Return of

• Writs, Proclamations, &c. shall forfeit . 5. for every cording to the Act, the Queen may seize and enjoy " the Goods, and Two Parts of the Lands.

“ Default ; One Moiety to the Queen, and the other

Moiety to the Informer. “ And whereas by the Act 23 Eliz. the Third Part " of the Forfeiture is limited to the Poor : It is Enac r6 C. 12. N. 12. An Act to avoid Horse-stealing. " ted, That the Lord Treasurer, Chancellor, and Chief

«Person selling a Horse, or Toll-gatherer not doing " Baron of the Exchequer, may aflign the Third Part

as the Ad directs, shall forfeit £.5.; the One Moiety for Relief of the poor, impotent, and maimed Soldi( ers, any Thing in the former Act notwithstanding.

“ to the Queen, the other Moiety to the Informer.

« N. 34:


or every

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C. 13.

( C. 2. N. 2.

" C. 13. N. 13. An Aå for reviving and enlarging

“ Every Person, having offended against the said for* of a Statute, made in the 2 3th Year of Her Majesty's “ mer Laws, who does not repair the faid Houses, and lay Reign, for repairing of Dover Harbour.

“ Arable Lands thereto, as the A&t directs, and every “ The said A& is revived ; and every Customer and

“ other Offender against the Act, shall forfeit f. 10. “ Officer is made chargeable for the Default of his

Yearly, till he shall perform what is required by the Deputy, as for his own wilful Default ; (videlicet,) « for every Acre not used and ordered as the A& directs


Aet, in erecting or repairing Houses; and 10 s. Yearly " to answer Ten Times the Value.

One Third Part to the Queen, another Third Part to 35 Eliz. C. 1. N. 1. An Act to retain the Queen's

“ the Churchwardens, and the other Third Part to the

66 Informer Majesty's Subjects in their due Obedience. “ The Person who shall relieve or keep in his House

“ C. 2. N. 2.

An Act for the Maintenance of Huf" a Recusant offending against this Law, shall forfeit bandry and Tillage. £.10. for every Default.

“ This Act began in the House of Commons. “ The Three last Provisos in this Act (which relate

“ As it came from that House, it was thereby “ to the Forfeiture of Goods and Chattels) were added by the House of Commons.

“ Enacted, That every Person offending should forfeit, " for every Acre not restored, or not continued, as the

“ Act directs, the Sum of Twenty Shillings Yearly. An Act for restraining of Popish Re“ cusants to some certain Places of Abode.

" The Lords made the Amendment as it now stands

“ in the Act, [“ Thall forfeit, for every Acre, &c. the “ Recufant Convict, not repairing to his usual Place " of Dwelling, or removing Five Miles from thence,

“ Sum

of 20 s. for every Year that he or they lhall

" so offend.”] “ shall forfeit all his Goods and Chattels; and also shall “ forfeit his Lands, &c. during Life.

By the last Proviso but One in the Act, as it

“ came from the House of Commons, it was ordained, “ Recusant Copyholder, offending as aforesaid, to “ That the Act should not extend to any Counties but “ forfeit his Copyhold Lands, during Life, to the Lord " of the Manor, &c.

“ those therein particularly named.

“ The Lords extend the said Ad to the County of “ C. 6. N. 6. An Act for the Restraint of new

Pembroke, which was not named by the Commons. " Buildings, converting of great Houses into several “ The Lords also add the last Proviso, That the Tenements, and for Restraint of Inmates and En “ Act shall not extend to the Ground converted from “ closures, in and near unto the Cities of London and Tillage to Meadow, lying within Two Miles of the Westm'r.

“ Road called Watlin-Street. “ No Person shall erect any new Building within “ either of the said Cities, &c. (except as in the Act is

4. N.


An Act for Punishment of Rogues, “ excepted) on Pain to forfeit for every Offence Five

Vagabonds, and iturdy Beggars. Pounds Quarterly

" It repeals all former Aets made for Punishment of “ No Person fhall divide any Dwelling-house into

“ Rogues, &c. in which were divers Penalties. “ divers Dwellings (except as in the Act) upon Pain to

" That the Minister of the Parifh, who shall not “ forfeit 6.5. for every Offence ; and the Person dwel “ register Testimonials as the Act directs, fhall forfeit ling in such House shall forfeit £.5. for every

5 s. for every Default. -6 Month.

“ That every Constable, not doing his Duty in ap“ Person receiving Inmates into his House, shall for- for prehending Vagabonds, and punishing and convey“ feit £. 5. for every Month.

ing them according to the Act, shall forfeit for every

" Default 10 S. “ Persons severing with Hedges, &c. any Fields ly. ing within Three Miles of London, &c. shall forfeit Every Person disturbing or letting the Execution

£ 5.; and £.5. for every Month he shall keep them “ of this Law, shall forfeit for every Offence £.5. lo divided; One Moiety of all the said Penalties to the “ Churchwardens of the Parish to the Use of the

“ Person bringing in any Veffel, from Ireland, &c.

any Vagabond, &c. shall forfeit for every Person 20s. “ Poor, and the other Moiety to the Informer.

to the Use of the Poor of the Parish where they

shall be landed. “ C. 8. N. 8. An Act for the avoiding of Deceic “ used in making and selling of Twine and Cordage;

" And every Irishman, &c. who shall be so brought,

“ fhall, at the common Charge of the Country where " and for the better preserving of the Navy of this

" "he was set on Land, be re-transported ; and every < Realm.

“ Constable neglecting the due Performance thereof “ Person making Cables of old Stuff, which shall con “ Thall forfeit 10 s. for every Offence. .“ tain above Seven Inches in Compass, shall forfeit Four

“ All Forfeitures by this A& shall be employed to Times the Value of such Cable.

" the Repair of the Houses of Correction, and to make “ Person tarring Cordage of old Stuff, being of a “ a Stock for the Poor. « leffer Size, shall forfeit Treble the Value; the One “ Moiety of the said Forfeitures to the Queen, and “ C. 18. N. 18. An Act for the Reviving, Continu" the other to the Informer.

ance, Explanation, Perfecting, and Repealing, of

* divers Statutes. 39 Eliz. C. 1. N. 1. An Act against the decaying

“.This Act began in the House of Commons. of Towns and Houses, and Husbandry.

". The Lords added the last Proviso, whereby the This A& repeals former Statutes, touching the “ Statute of 35 Eliz. for the necessary Relief of Sol

diers and Mariners (wherein there are several Pe. “ Decay of Houses of Husbandry, in which are Pes nalties.


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“ cuniary Penalties) is revived, and continued of Force " The Lords add, [" and, in Default of makinig such “ to the End of the next Parliament, although in the “ Levy, then to be levied and employed by the Lord of “ Body of this Act, as it came from the House of “ the Leer, or his Officer, where such Offence shall be Commons, it was excepted from being continued. "C committed, in such Manner as the Person authorized

by the faid former Stature might or should have “ C. 20. N. 20. An Act against the deceitful stretch “ levied and employed the same.”] ing and tentering of Northern Cloth.

« C. 9, N. 9.

An Act to restraid the inordinate The Ae began with the Commons " The last Provifo is added by the Lords ; whereby“ Vićtualing Houses.

“ haunting and tippling in Iuns, Alehouses, and other “ it is Enacted, That all the Cloths made within the “ Counties mentioned in the Act, and brought up to

“ This Act began in the House of Commons. London, shall be brought to Blackwel Hall, to be The last Proviso was added by the Lords; which “ searched, dry, and out of Market-times, by the enacts, That the Punishment of Offenders within the “ Searchers of the City, on Pain, that the Owner Mall “ Two Universities, and the administering of Justice

forfeit, for every Cloth not so brought, 40 s.; and “ there, shall be by the Governors and other Officers " that every Searcher searching in Market-times should “ of the Universities; and that no others shall inter

forfeit, for every Search, £.5.; One Moiety to the “ meddle within their Liberties; and that all Penalties Queen, the other to the Informer.

“ to be forfeited fhall be levied by the Officers of the

“ Universities; and that all Powers given by the Act “ 43 Eliz. C. 10. N. 10.

An Act for the true “ shall be duly executed within the Univerlities by the “ making and working of Woollen Cloths.

Officers there. “ This Act began in the House of Commons.

“ C. 12. N. 12. An Act against Conjuration, Witch“ The last Proviso was added by the Lords ; whereby « craft, and dealing with evil and wicked Spirits. " it is Enacted, That, if any unwrought Woollen Cloth • Thall be found to have ben tentered or strained, the

It repeals the Act 5 Eliz.; and makes several Of“ Merchant or Buyer may return the same to the

“ fences, therein mentioned, Felony. • Maker or Seller ; and thereupon shall recover against " him the Value of the Cloth, by Action of Debt, &c.

“ C. 19. N. 19. An Act for the well garbling of

Spices. C. 13. N. 13;

An Act for the more peaceable “ The Aet began with the Commons, in which are “ Government of the Parts of Cumberland, Westmorland, several Penalties. “ and the Bishopric of Duresme.

“ The last Proviso is added by the Lords ; whereby “ Some Offences by this Act are made Felony; and “it is Enacted, That Merchants, not being. Aliens or " the Offenders to forfeit, as in Cases of Felony. “ Denizens, bringing Merchandizes garbleable into the “ Other Offenders are to be punished, as Justices of

Realm, and not offering them to Sale, but transporting “ Alize, &c. shall think fit, &c. by Fine, &c.

“ them within Eight Months, thall incur no Penalty by

" virtue of this Act. "1 Jac. I. C. 4.

N. 4. An Act for the due Execution “ of the Statutes against Jesuits, Seminary Priests, and

" C. 20. N. 20.

An Act for Redress of certain « Recusants.

“ Abuses and Deceits used in Painting. Every Person sending a Child beyond Sea, with

“ It is thereby Enacted, That no Plaisterer shall use “ Intent to be resident in any College, &c. fhall any Part of the Occupation of a Painter Stainer, on « forfeit £.100.; and every person so sent, shall be " Pain of forfeiting £. 5. for every Offence; One • disabled to inherit, &c.

Moiety to the King, the other to the Informer. “ No Woman or Child shall be permitted to pass

C. 25. N. 25. An Ad for continuing and reviving “ over Sea, unless by License, on Pain, that the Officer “ of the Port, neglecting his Duty, Thall forfeit his

" of divers Statutes, and Repeal of some others. " Office, and all his Goods and Chattels; and the “ This Act began with the Commons; whereby the Owner of the Ship shall forfeic his Vessel and the “ A& made 24 H. VIII. for Reformation of Excess in “ Tackle ; and the Master or Mariner shall forfeit all

Apparel, and another Act, bearing the same Title, “ his Goods, and be imprisoned for Twelve Months. « made 1° and 2° P. and M. are repealed.

“ Every School-master, or Party retaining such " The Lords, by an Amendment in that Clause, add, “ School-master, contrary to the Intent of the Act, “ [" and all other Acts heretofore made concerning • shall forfeit each of them, for every Day so offending, Apparel.”] “ 40 s. ; One Moiety of all the Forfeitures to the King, " the other to the Informer.

“ C. 31. N. 38. An A&t for the charitable Relief

" and Ordering of Persons infected with the Plague. “ C. 7. N. 7. An Act for the Continuance and

“ The Bill began in the House of Commons; and “ Explanation of the Statute, made in the 39th Year " of 'the lare Queen Eliz, intituled, An Act for

" thereby several Powers are given, for making Weekly

66 Rates. “ Punishment of Rogues, Vagabonds, and sturdy “ Beggars.

“ The last Proviso is added by the Lords; whereby “ The Aet began in the House of Commons; and

Mayors and Justices of the Peace, &c. are excluded “ thereby it was Enacted, That every Person should

" from executing the Powers of the Act in the Uni.

“ versities, or any Cathedral Churches, or the Col“ apprehend Rogues, &c. and carry them to the next “ Constable, on Pain to forfeit for every Default 10 s.

“ leges of Eaton and Winchester, or the Liberties or “ to be levied and employed in Manner and Form as

“ Precincts of any of them; and other Persons, therein “ Penalties are to be levied and employed by the Act

named, are appointed to put the faid Act in Exe-
K k k

3 Jac. Vol. XVII.

39° Eliz.

« Costs.

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3 Jac. I. C. 2. N. 2.. An Act for Attainder of Person breaking a Park, &c. fall suffer Iinprison" divers Offenders in the late most barbarous, mon ment of Three Months, and pay Treble Damages and “ strous, detestable, and damnable Treasons.

" Several Persons are by this A& attainted of High “ Person unqualified, using Guns, &c.; any Person, " Treason; and subjected to all Penalties and Forfeitures, qualified as is described in the Act, may seize the " as in Cases of High Treason.

“ Guns, &c. and keep them to their own Use. “ The Two laft Provisos in the Act were added by “ The Commons add the last Proviso ; whereby the " the House of Commons:

“ Penalties of the Act, as to Hunting, or killing Deer

or Conies, are restrained to the Night-time.

4 An A&t for the discovering and repressing of Popish Recufants.

“ C. 18. An Act for bringing in a frella Stream of

ho “ The Ae began in the House of Commons.

running Water to the North Part of London. « The Lords, by an Amendment, insert the several

“ The Ae began in the House of Commons. “ Penalties: That if a Recusant, having conformed, shall “ The last Clause is added by the House of Lords; not receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper Once

“ which enacts, That all Things to be done, for the every Year, he shall forfeit, for the First Year, f.20.; “ Conservation of the New River, shall be at the only “ for the Second Year, £.40.; and for every Year after, “ Colts of the Mayor, Citizens, and Commonalty of for such not receiving, 6.60. until he shall receive “ London; and that all Fines and Amerciaments, to be " the Sacrament as aforesaid.

“ imposed by the Commissioners of Sewers for Annoy “ And if, after the doing thereof, he shall not re

ances, &c. to the New River, &c. shall be to the “ ceive the Sacrament by the Space of One whole Year,

“ Use of the Mayor, Citizens, and Commonalty of " he shall forfeit for such Offence £.60.; the One

London, and their Successors. “ Moiety of the said Forfeitures to the King, the "other Moiety to him who will sue for the same.

ro C. 20. N. 20.

An Ad for clearing the Passage “ The Lords did also, by Ainendments, except out

“ by Water from London to the City of Oxford. of all the Clauses in the A&t relating to the Tender

“ The Penalty in the Act is the Forfeiture of the *s of the Oath of Allegiance, all Noblemen and Noble

« Treble Value. women; and do add the Three last Provisos in that

4 Jac. I. C. 2. N. 2. An Act for the true making

“ of Woollen Cloth. “ In One of which, certain Persons are empowered

to require the Oath of Noblemen and Noblewomen; “ The Act began in the House of Commons. " and the Refusal to take it, is made a Præmunire.

• The First Penalty in the Act, as it was sent up by

“ the House of Commons, was 6 s. 8 d. ; the Lords “ C. 7. N. 7. An Act to reform the Multitudes « made it 13 s. 4 d. “ and Misdemeanors of Attornies and Solicitors at

« The like Alterations were made in the Four fol. “ Law; and to avoid unnecessary Suits and Charges in

" lowing Penalties : “ Attorney or Solicitor, delaying Suits, or demanding

“ The Penalty for blowing or wetting Cloths was more Money than he has laid out, shall pay Colts

“ made by the Commons a Forfeiture of 20 s.; the " arid Treble Damages to the Party grieved.

65 Lords made it 40 S. “ If an Attorney shall admit any other Person to fol

The Forfeiture, where the Cloth is longer than the " low Suits in his Name, each of them shall forfeit

Act appoints, was made by the Commons 5 s. and no £.20.; One Moiety to the King, the other Moiety to

Yard and Inch.

every " him who will fue for the same.

“ The Lords increased it to 10 so

“ The Commons made the Forfeiture for every Whole 9. N. 9. An Act for Relief of such as law

“ Cloth falling Narrow, 10 s. ; for every Half Cloth, “ fully use the Trade and Handicraft of Skinners.

55.; and under the Half Cloth, 2s. 6 d. " No Person shall employ others than Artisan Skin

« The Lords doabled those Three Penalties. “ ners in dressing Black Coney-skins, nor transport them “ unless dressed by Artisan Skinners, on Forfeiture of « The Cominons made the Forfeiture 35, 4 d. for " the Skins, or the full Value.

every Yard, where the Cloth was of lefs Length than

or the Seal imported. di The like Forfeiture, if a Merchant buys or sells a

" The Lords made it 6 s. 8 d. " less Quantity of Skins than the Act directs.

“ Persons retaining Servants to work with them, who “ By the Act, as it came from the Commons, the “ have not ferved Seven Years at least as Apprentices, “ Searchers, who found the Cloth to exceed the Length, “ Tall forfeit Double the Value of all Skins dressed by 'or want of the Weight, and certifying the fame, “ such Persons; the One Moiety of all Forfeitures to " were to have the whole Forfeiture. the King, the other Moiety to him who seizes the

“ The Lords distribute the Penalty ; and give a " Skins, or sues for the Penalties.

• Moiety only to the Searcher, and the other Moiecy

" to the King: “ C. 11. N. 11. An A&t for Tranfportation of Beer « óver Seas.

21 Jac. I. C. 3. N. 3• An A& concerning Mo“ The Act began with the House of Commons, and nopolies, and Dispensations with Penal Laws, and the o made the Sum to be paid 6 s. 8 d.: The Lords, instead.Forfeitures thereof. “ of those Words, made it 8s. 6 d. &c.

“ The A& began in the House of Commons; and

so thereby it is Enacted, That every Person, grieved or “ C. 13. N. 12. An Act against unlawful Hunting,

“ disturbed by any Monopoly, shall recover Three Times " and stealing of Deer and Conies.

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more, for



“ as much Damages as he shall sustain by reason of such • Disturbance.

“ The Lords add the Three last Provisos in that Act; “ whereby several Grants, &c. are entirely excepted out " of the Penalties of the said Act.

3 Car. I. C. 2. N. 4. An Act to reftrain the paf“ sing or sending of any, to be Popithly bred, beyond " the Seas.

“The Bill began in the House of Commons :

“ And therein the Penalty was, Disability to sue any “Action at Law, or sue any Suit in Equity, or to be “ Executor, or capable of a Legacy or Deed of Gist,

or to bear any Office.

The Lords add, [" and shall lose and forfeit all his “ Goods and Chattels, and shall forfeit all his Lands, “&c. for and during his natural Life.”]

“ C. 22. N. 22. An Act for Explanation of the “ Statute made in the 3, 4, and 5th Years of King ** Edward the Vith, concerning the Traders of Butter " and Cheese.

“ The Act began with the Commons.

" The Act exempts divers Persons, cherein mentioned, " from the Penalties of the former Statutes.

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“ The last Proviso is added by the Lords; whereby it “ is Enacted, That if the Justices of the Peace, in any

County, mall publish in Sessions, that the Trader lo " exempted shall forbear to buy Butter or Cheese for

any Time within the said County, &c.; that then, du

ring such Restraint, the Traders who shall buy But“ ter and Cheese, and sell it again by Retail, contrary to

any of the former Acts, shall be subject to the Penal“ ties therein contained, as if this Act had never been


16 & 17 Car. I. C. 1. N. 1. Parliaments to be held every Third Year. “This Ad began in the House of Commons.

“ The Lords, by an Amendment, fix the several Days “ on which Parliaments are to meet; and the several Pe“ nalties of Forfeiture of Offices and Places, by those " who make Default in their respective Duties; and “ also, that they shall be subject to such further Pains “and Punishinents as fhall, by that or any other en

suing Parliament, be imposed on them.

“ An Act for regulating the Privy Council, and taking away the Court called The Star Chamber.

“ C. 10. N. 10. The Aet began in the House of " Commons.

" The Lords added the Penalty of £.500.

C. 28. N. 28. An Act for continuing and revi“ ving of divers Statures, and Repeal of divers others.

“ The Act began with the Commons.

“ Amongst the Statutes to be repealed; after Mention " made of the Statute 28 H. VIII, touching the Prices “ of Wine, the Act, as it came from the Commons, was “ in these Words;

"[" And that Part of One Statute made in the Seventh “ Year of the Reign of the late King Edward the Sixth,

by which it is Enacted, That no Person or Persons

whatsoever, from and after the Feast of St. Michael, “ in that Ac mentioned, shall offer to or sell by Retail

any Kind of wine or Wines, to be drunk or spent in “ his or their Mansion-house or Houses, or other place “ in his or their Tenure or Occupation, by any Colour, “ Craft, Engine, or Means, under the Pain in that Act "mentioned ; (videlicet,) The Sum of Ten Pounds for "every Day.”]

" The Lords leave this whole Clause out of the

« Act.

“ C. 32. N. 32. An Act making the River Thames navigable, for Barges, Boars, and Lighters, from the “ Village of Brecot, in the County of Oxford, to the "University and City of Oxon.

“ The Act appoints the Persons, who shall determine • what Satisfaction shall be given in respect to Losses “ sustained, and who shall assess Inhabitants of Oxon at " the Sums necessary for the Purposes in the Bill, and " who shall make Orders, and set and execute Pains and

Punishments upon the Breakers thereof; and that the

Justices of the Aflize, upon Complaint, shall have Power to abridge, moderate, and reform the same, " &c.

12 Car. II. C. 15. N. 17. An Act for speedy dil“ banding the Army and Garrisons of the Kingdom.

The Act began with the Commons.

“ The Lords add, That no Private Soldier, being dis“ banded, shall travel with his Fire Arms, on Pain of “ Forfeiture of his Arms, and being imprisoned, &c.

C. 32. N. 38. An A&t for prohibiting the Expor“ tation of Wool, Woolfels, Fullers Earth, or any “ Kind of Scouring Earth.

“ The A& began in the House of Commons.

“ The Penalties in the Act were added by the Lords; (videlicet,) That the Sheep, Wool, Woolfels, &c. “ should be forfeiled; and that every Offender should “ forfeit 20 s. for every Sheep, 3s. for every Pound of “ Wool, Woolfels, &c.

“ That the Owner of the Sheep should forfeit all “his Interest in the Sheep, with the Apparel and Fur" piture.

“ That the Master and Mariners asisting should for“ feit all their Goods and Chattels, and be imprisoned for Three Months; that the One Moiety of the For“ feitures should be to the King, and the other to the “ Informer.

“That any Merchant, transporting Sheep, & c. should “ be disabled to require any Debt or Accompt from any “ Factor, concerning any Debt or Estate belonging to any

such Offender. “N. 55. An Act for levying of certain Monies, due upon

the Collection for the Protestants of Piedmont. “ The Act began in the House of Commons. " It takes Notice, that Part of the Money, (videlicet,) 6.8000. had been lent to Tems and Noel; and enacts, " That all their Lands and Goods shall be charged with " the Debt, to be levied by Process from the Exche" quer, and paid to the Chamberlain of London, and difposed to the Use of the Protestants.

1° Car. I. C. 4. N. 4. An Act for the Restraint “ of Tippling, in Inns, Ale-houses, and other Vi&tualing “ Houses.

“ This Act began in the House of Commons. “ The Lords added the last Clause; whereby the

Keepers of Taverns, and such as sell Wine in their “ Houses, and do also keep Inns, or Victualing in their “ Houses, shall be taken to be within the Two former " Statutes, and also within this Statute.

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