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Ogilby's :


“ for him by one O'Farrell, an Irish Priest ; and that “ That he thought to have found the Scottish Nobility
“ the Packet Boat was taken by a French Privateer, and “ here, and hoped some of them would have aslisted
“ carried into Oftend, from whence he returned to St. “ himn to get soine Employment.
« German's.

" He has mentioned to the Committee the Names of
“ That he was present with the French Officers at the “ feveral Persons, who have been at St. German's, and
Exchange of Prisoners in Flanders last Campaign. “ who have lately lett France, and, as he apprehended,
• That he left Saint German's on Tuesday or IVednefi

may be come for England or Scotland ; but the Comday last was Fortnight; had a Pass to come for Eng

“ mittee observe to the House, that what he says as to land, procured for him by the Earl of Asiddleton; and

“ their leaving France, or coming for England, is not came by the Way of Diepe.

upon his own knowledge.
“ That his Daughter had a Pass, to come over as a

« The Committee humbly submit to your Lordships,
" Servant to Mr. Ogilby, with whom Boucher had not " whether the Names of these Persons, or what is said
“ been acquainted above Three Months before; and that 66 of them, Mould be now laid before the House, or
" he and Ogilby, and the rest of the Prisoners, came over “ be transinitted to some other proper Hands.
" in a French Boat, and were landed near Beachy.

“ The Committee do also acquaint your Lordships,
“ But he has refused to give the Committee an Ac-

" That he has informed them of several Persons con-
“ count of any Thing material which passed at Saint
German's or elsewhere in France, during all the Time

“ cerned in carrying on an unlawful Commerce between

France and England, and of several Matters relating “ he has been there, or which passed during all the Time

“ thereto, in which he is more certain and particular
“ he was in England the last Year, or since his Return

" than in the Matter before-mentioned.
" into France, till the Time lie was apprehended; which
“ the Committee humbly submit to the Judgement of “ The Committee also submit to your Lordships,
16 the House.

" whether these particulars should be now laid before

“ the House, or be transmitted where Things of this
“ The Committee also inform your Lordships, That they

“ Nature are more usually inquired into.
" have examined Captain Ogilby Twice.
He said, He was a Scotsman; and that the Ground * The Committee have also examined Mrs. Elizabeth
of his leaving France was by reason of the Procla " Le Sarteur.
“ mation of Indemnity in Scotland, which they heard
“ of about May last; and thereupon the Scots generally

“ She says, Her Maiden Name was Mohun ; and that Mrs. Le Sxr " left France,

* she is now married to the Queen's Cook at St. Ger

man's, where she has lived, except for some Time
" He said, He went into France foon after the late

“ she was in England about Three Years since.
“ King James went first thither, and served in the
French Army in Catalonia ; he carried Arms as a

" That she came over now to look after some small
“ common Soldier, and afterwards had a Commiflion as

“ Matrer left between her and her Sister.
a Reformed Captain ; he served in Colonel Brown's " She says, She thought Women might come over
“ Company of Reformed Officers.

" without License. She insisted on it, that the could
" That he went from France into Scotland, about

not inform the Committee of any Thing material.
“ Eight or Nine Years since, in Hopes of finding Fa “ The Committee humbly submit this Matter to the
« vour by Means of his Friends there, and was ex-

- House.
“ amined before the Privy Council in Scotland, who
“ had nothing against him ; but he finding he could not
“ live peaceably there, nor be employed, because he “ The Committee also examined Penelope Boucher, the
“ could not take the Oaths, he came into England, and Daughter of Major Boucher.
" continued in London about Seven Months, and then
“ returned to France by the Way of Flanders.

She says, She went into France about Two Years Miss Bow

“ fince, being conducted thither by one Mrs. Richard-
“ That, upon the making of the Peace, he had a fon, who makes it her Business to go over with young
“ Pension allowed hiin by King James, of Eight Hun « Catholic Ladies to Convents.
- dred Livres; which, after King James's Death, was

“ She went to St. German's, to her Father, where
“ reduced to Five Hundred Livres, and since that, has

o the has continued till me now came for England, “ been lefsened Fifty Livres.

“ with an Intent to stay with her Relations here. " That, after his Pension was reduced, he retired to

“ She insisted on it, that she knew nothing material " St. Valery, where he lived till about Three Months

“ to acquaint the Committee with. “ fince, when he went to live at Diepe.

“ That, about May last, he went to the Court at Saint German's, to solicit a Pass to come for England, which

“ The Committee also examined Mrs. Rebecca Ogilby,

" the Wife of Captain Ogilby.
" he could not then obtain ; that several Scots Officers
" went away from St. German's, upon the News of the

“ She says, She was married to him in England about Mrs.Ogilby's: • Proclamation of Indemnity.

“ Nine Years since ; and that they lived in London “ That, some Time before his coming away from France,

“ together about Seven Months, when her Husband

" went for France, whither the followed him, about " he went to the Court a Second Time, to folicit a Pass,

« Six Years since, and lived for some Time at St. “ which he obtained; he itayed then about a Month at

« German's ; and from thence they went to live at St.
Paris, and Twenty Days at Saint German's.

Valery; and about Three Months since they went to
“ He said, That he chose to come for England, though reside at Diep.
“ he might have gone directly for Scotland, there be-

" She insists upon it, that she knows nothing ma-
“ ing several Scottish Ships at Bourdeaux ; that another

" terial to inform the Comınittee of. Scottish Ship went from Havre to Scotland.

" The

cher's :

wt Criminal

• mittee did not see any Ufe could be made, and they D'e Jovis, 13° Januarii.

Ds. Pagett.

Dś. Byron.

Ds. Culpeper.

“ The Committee also examined one Scudenioré " hath an undoubted Right, whensoever they conceiveins chirged Godwin, a Boy, who came over as a Servant to o it to be for the Safety of Her Majesty and the King-Alutsis. the other Prisoners.

“ domn, to take Examinations of Persons charged with

“ Criminal Matters, whether they be then in Custody
“ He says, He was taken Prisoner in The Truro-Mer.

or not."
chant, an English Ship, where he was a Cabbin-boy;
5 and tbe Gentlemen who are now Prisoners


him And afterwards ORDERED, That this house th:11
“ his Liberty, in order to come over with them as proceed further upon the Matter aforesaid Tomorrow,
“ their Sersant; and he was promised that he fhould re at Twelve a Clock; and no other Business to intervene.
“ turn to his Mistress, one Godwyn, who lives in Lon-
o don, as soon as he came to that Place.

Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Par-Adjourni,

liamentum continuandum effe usque ad et in diem Jovis, “ The Committee acquaint your Lordships, That decimum tertium diem inftantis Januarii

, hura undecimá “ Five Letters taken from the Prisoners, by the Messen- Aurora, Dominis fic decernentibus,

gers, were transmitted to them by the Right Ho« nourable the Earl of Nottingham, of which the Com

: ;


“ should not be returned to the Earl of Nottingham. Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes

* The Committee also inform your Lordships, That,
* upon searching the Trunks and Portmanteaus of the Arch. Canta

Ds. Custos Magni Ds. Bergevennyi “ Prisoners, they found several other Papers; and,


Ds. Luwarri " amongit them, a Letter without a Direction, and Epus. London.

Ds. Godolphin, The Ds. Wharton. “ without any Name subscribed : Captain Ogilly has Epus. Roffen.

faurarius. “ informed the Committee from whom he had it, and Epus. Sarum.

Comes Pembroke, Ds. Howard Eff. to whom he was to convey it. The Committee delire Epus. Ceftr.

Epus. Elienf.

Ds. North & Grega “ to know your Lord thips Pleasure what shall be done

Dux Buckingham, Ds. Grey W. “ with that Letter ; as also with another Letter, which Epus. Norwic.

C. P. S.

Ds. Lovelace.
Boucher had in his Pocket, and said he received from Epus. Lincoln.

Epus. Ciceftr.
Dux Somerset.

D3. Poulett.
a Chaplain in the Army.

Ds. Mohun.
Epus. Oxon.

Dux Richmond.
“ The Committee also inform your Lordships, That Epus. Bangor. Dux Southampton.
is the Prisoners were not kept separare till after they were Epus. St. Afaph, Dux Northumberland. Ds. Vaughan.

Dux St. Albans.
met by the Guards ; and also that the Messengers,

Ds. Lucas.

Dux Marlborough. “ being asked by the Committee, “ If they had searched

Ds. Rockinghani. " the Prisoners for Papers ?” made Answer, " That the

Comes Lindsey, Mag. Ds. Lexington. “ Prisoners turned their Pockets to them, to fhew them

nus Camerarius. “ what Papers they had ; but they did not search them;

Comes Carlisle, Ma. Ds. Cornwallis. " and they could not say, but that the Prisoners might


Ds. Oflusione. « have many other Papers ; and that they did not use

Comes Jersey, Ca Ds. Dartmouth. " to search Prisoners for Papers, without a particular


Ds. Guilford. · Warrant or Order for that Purpose.”

Comes Kent.

Ds. Cholmondeley: “ The Committee were ready to have made this Re

Comes Derby.

Ds. Ashburnhan. port to your Yesterday, and came to the

Comes Bridgewater. Ds. Weston. “ House for thar Purpose; but found your Lordships

Comes Leicester.

Ds. Havershan. just risen.

Comes Northanipton. Ds. Sommers.
Comes Manchester,

Ds. Halifax.

Ds, Granville Address of

Comes Rivers.
The Lord Keeper gave the House an Account of

Comes Peterborow.

Ds. Gernsey. what Letters he had received from some of the absent plaining of

Comes Stamford.

Ds, Gower. Lords he writ to, by Command of the House; (videlicet,) taking Exami.

Comes Winchilfea.

Ds. Conway:
D. Leeds.

Comes Kingston.
Conpirators, D. Rutland.

Comes Carnarvon.
E. Burlington.

Comes Sunderland.
E. Yarmouth
Who being indisposed,

Comes Scarsdale.
L. Vi. Hereford.

Comes Essex.
their Attendance was

Comes Anglesey.
L. Brooke.

Comes Fevershan.
L. Hatton,

Comes Radnor.
L. Leigh.

Comes Berkeley.
L. Howard Esc.

Comes Nottinghami

Comes Rochester.
Then the House (pursuant to the Order of the Fourth

Comes Abingdon.
Instant) took into Consideration a Matter of the highest

Comes Holdernelle.
Consequence, relating to the Privileges of this House,

Comes Portland.
and the Constitution of the Government of this King-

Comes Torrington. dom.

Comes Scarbrough.

Comes Warrington
And, after Debate thereupon, the House came to

Comes Bradford.
this Refolution ; (videlicet,)

Comes Romney.

Comes Orford. “ It is Resolved and Declared, by the Lords Spiritual Lords declare

Viscount Townshend. their Right to " and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That, by the

Viscount Weymouth. take Examina- 56 known Law and Custom of Parliamenrs, this House tions of Pero VOL. XVII.


Ds. Berkeley.

H. C. com.

this House

nations o

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Roger Hewett Gentleman, deceased, Creditors by

Judgement of Sir William Bassett, late of Claverton, in Sir John Alto

the County of Somersett, Knight, deceased, on Behalf of
ley's Billa
to enable Sir John Alley Baroner to make a Settle themselves, and such others who shall take the Benefit

and contribute towards the Charges thereof, from a
ment, upon his Marriage, during his Minority; and to
o enable him to buv in any Rent-charge, or other In- Decree made in the Court of Chancery, about the Third

enable him to buy in any Rent-charge, or other In- Day of July One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety-seven,
“ cumbrance upon his Eftate.”

in, certain Causes, wherein the Earl and Countess of Holworthy,

Bristol, and several others, were Plaintiffs ; and praying,
Lerve tor a

Upon reading the Petition of Mathew Holavorthy " That the said Decree, as to the postponing the le-
Esquire; praying Leave to bring in a Bill, for Sale of

“titioners Judgements, in respect of the Mortgages
Lands in Somersettshire, and purchasing other Lands in “ which are subsequent in Time to those Judgements,
Cambridgeshire and Norfolke :

may be reversed ; and that the Petitioners may be let It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal

in, to hare Satisfaction of their said several Judgements, in Parliament assembled, That the petitioner hath hereby

out of the Estate of the said Sir W’illiam Baljett, and
Leave given to bring in a Bill, as desired.

" the Monies raised by Sale thereof, according to the
“ due and legal Course of Payment of Debts and In-

“ cumbrances; and that the fame may take Place ac-
Leave tor a
Upon reading the Petition of Mary Lamplugh Widow;

cording to their respective Priorities, and be paid Bill, praying Leave to bring in a Bill, for vesting an Estate “ and satisfied before such Mortgages as fhall appear in Trustees, pursuant to Marriage Articles, in order to

to be subsequent in Time to the Petitioners said Judgemake Provision for Younger Children.

“ ments; and the said several other Creditors, who

“ have Mortgages, or other Securities, subsequent in
It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo “ Time to the Petitioners Judgements :"
ral in Parliament assembled, That the Petitioner hath
hereby Leave given to bring in a Bill, as desired.

It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo

ral in Parliament assembled, That the said Earl and
Leave for a Upon reading the Petition of Mary Fermer ; praying Countess of Bristol, and the other Mortgagees, Judgement
Leave to bring in a Bill, to annul a voluntary Settle-

or other Creditors, who claiin the Benefit of the said
ment, and for ratifying a Partition made of her Eltate: Decree made in the said Causes below, may have a

Copy of the said Appeal; and shall and they are hereIt is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal by required to put in their Answers thereunto, in in Parliament assembled, That the Petitioner hath here. Writing, on Thursday the Seven and Twentieth Day of by Leave to bring in a Bill, as desired.

this Instant January, at Eleven a Clock in the Fore



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pafs ?”

H. C. with it.



Upon reading the Petition of Edward Scott, praying,

It was Resolved in the Affirmative.
for Scott.

“ That Richard Shelton may enter into Recognizance
“ for him, upon his Appeal depending in this House; A Message was fent to the House of Commons, by Message to
" he being very aged, and One Hundred Miles from Sir Robert Legard and Mr. Hiccocks :
" London :"

To carry down the said Bill, and desire their Con-
It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo- currence thereunto.
ral in Parliament assembled, That the said Richard
Shelton may enter into a Recognizance for the said A Message from the House of Commons, by Sir Meffage fina
Edward Scott, as desired.
John Thorold and others :

Bill; and to

Who brought up a Bill, intituled, " An Act to CholmondeBowyer versus

Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of James “ enable Robert Cawdron Esquire to settle Part of his ley's.
Bowyer and Elizabeth his Wife, from an Order of the “ Estate (which he has improved), for raising Portions
Court of Chancery, of the Ninth of April One Thou for his Younger Children ;" to which they desire
fand Seven Hundred and Three, on the Behalf of the Concurrence of this House.
Robert Halts; and praying the Reversal of the said Or-
der, as to what is alledged in the faid Appeal :

A Message was brought from the House of Com-
It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo- mons by the Lord Hyde and others :
ral in Parliament affeinbled, That the said Robert Halts To return the Bill, intituled, “ An Act for natura-
may have a Copy of the said Appeal; and shall and he lizing Elizabeth Cholmondeley Wife of George Cholnon-
is hereby required to put in his Answer thereunto, in

deley Esquire ;' and to acquaint this House, that they
Writing, on Thursday the Seven and Twentieth Day of have agreed to the same, with One Amendment.
this Instant January, at Eleven a Clock in the Forenoon.

Which, being read Thrice, was agreed to; and

ORDERED, That the Commons have Notice thereof.
Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of Richard
E. of Bristol Symmes Esquire, Katherine Stocks Widow, John Cogg's

The Lord Lawarr reported from the Lords Com-L. Dillon's
Citizen and Golismith of London, and Jokn Blow Doctor mittees, the Bill, intituled, “ An Act for Sale of Part
of Music, and Mary Mafters, the surviving Executors of « of the Estate of Henry Lord Viscount Dillon, in the


Symmes et al.


et al.

examine Per

Epus. Surum.

Epus. Oxon.

“ Kingdom of Ireland, for Payment of his Debts; and Ordered, That the Confideration of the fäid Bill
“ for lettling an Equivalent, in other Part of his Estate, be referred to the Lords Committees abovenamed; who
“ on the Viscountess his Wife, for her Jointure,” as are to meet on the said Bill at the Time and Place afotes
fit to pass, with some Amendments.

Which were read Twice, and agreed to; and the Bill

The Order being read, for taking into further Con- Adulrefs of ordered to be engroffed, with the said Amendments.

fideration (pursuant to the Order Yesterday) a Matter plaining of Malt, &c. Hodie 1° vice lecta est Billa, intituled, “ An Act for this House, and the Constitution of the Government of Lumina

of the highest Consequence relating to the Privileges of this Huvie Duries, Bill. granting an Aid to Her Majesty, by continuing the

Conspirators, this Kingdom; and Debate thereupon :

&c. considered. “ Duries upon Malt, Mum, Cyder, and Perry, for One " Year."

The House came

to the following Resolutions ; Lords declare (videlicet,)

their Righi 16 Foote's Bill. Hodie za vice lecta est Billa, intituled, " An Act

sons, and " to enable Arabella Foote to lay out Monies belonging

"1. It is Resolved and Declared, by the Lords order them " to her Son Topham Foote, in Purchases of Lands for " Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That, into Cuftody i 66 his Benefit."

by the known Laws and Custom of Parliament, this

“ House hath an undoubted Right to order Persons, so
ORDERED, That the Consideration of the faid Bill
be committed to the Lords following ; (videlicet,)

to be examined, to be taken into the Custody of Her

Majesty's sworn Officers attending this Houses during
Comes Pembroke,

" luch Examination ; or to commit them to any other
Arch. Cant.

• safe Custody that they shall think proper; and to
Dux Somersett.

« restrain others, if they see Caufe, from having Access Epus. London.

Ds. Bergevenny:

Ds. Lawarr. 6. to, or Communication with them.”
Comes Carlisle, Epus. Roffen.

Ds. Wharton.

2. It is Resolved and Declared, by the Lords Spi- and that the Marescallus.

Ds. North & Grey. “ ritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That 1. C. is
Comes Jersey,
Epus. Norwic.

Ds. Grey W.
Epus. Lincoln.

“ the Address of the House of Commons, presented to unparliamen.
Ds. Lovelace. “ Her Majesty the Three and Twentieth of December Tarya ground-

leis, &c.: Comes Kent.

Ds. Poulett.
Epus. Bangor.

" laft, is unparliamentary, groundless, and without
Comes Bridge-

Ds. Mohun.
Epus. St. Afaph.

“ Precedent, and highly injurious to the House of

Ds. Byron.

“ Peers, tending to interrupt a good Correspondence Comes Northamp

Ds. Culpeper:

" between the Two Houses, and to create an ill Opinion ton.

Ds. Lucas.

“ in Her Majesty of this House, and of dangerous Comes Manches

Ds. Rockingham. Consequence to the Liberties of the People, the

Ds. Berkeley. Privilege of Parliament, and Constitution of this
Comes Rivers.

Ds. Dartmouth. “ Kingdom."
Comes Peterborow.

Ds. Stawell.
Comes Stamford.

Ds. Guilford. Then, Lords Committees were appointed to Draw an Committee to
Comes Winchilsea.

Ds. Ashburnham. humble Representation to be laid before Her Ma-prepare a ReComes Kingston.

Ds. Haversham. jesty, from this House, upon the Resolutions; Pro-about it. Comes Sunderland.

Ds. Sommers.

ceedings, and Debate in this House, upon a Matter Comes Sandwich.

Ds. Halifax.

of the highest Consequence, relating to the PriviComes Feversham.

Ds. Granville.

leges of this House, and the Constitution of the
Comes Radnor.

Government of this Kingdoin ; and report to the
Comes Berkeley.

House ; (videlicet,)
Comes Nottingham.

Ds.Godolphin, The- Arch. Cant. Ds. Bergevenny.
Comes Rochefer.


Ds. Lawarr.
Comes Abingdon.

Epus. London.

Ds. Wharton.
Comes Portland.


. Comes Scarbrough.

Epus. Sarum.

Ds. Hovard Ef.
Comes Warring-

C. P. S.


Ds. North & Grey . ton.

Epus. Eliens.

Dux Somerset.
Comes Bradford.

Ds. Grey W.
Epus. Norwic.
Dux Richmond.

Ds. Lovelace.
Comes Romney.

Epus. Lincoln.

Ds. Poulet.
Comes Orford.

Dux Northumber. Epus. Ciceftr.

Ds. Mobun.

Epus. Oxon.
Viscount Towns-

Dux St. Albans.

Ds. Byron

Epus. Bangor bend.

Dux Marlborough. Epus. St. Afaph.

Ds. Vaughan.
Viscount Wey-

Comes Lindsey,

Ds. Lucas.
Their Lordships, or any Five of them; to meet on Magnus Ca.

Ds. Rockingham.

Thursday the Seven and Twentieth Day of this

Ds. Lexington.
Instant January, at Ten a Clock in the Fore Comes Kent.

Ds. Cornwallis.
noon, in the Prince's Lodgings near the House

Comes Derby.

Ds. Osulstone. of Peers; and to adjourn as they please.

Comes Bridge

Ds. Dartmouth.

Ds. Stawell.
Hodie 28 vice leta eft Billa, intituled, “ An Act Comes Leicester.

Ds. Guilford.
“ for the better vesting in Giles Frampton Esquire the Comes Northamp-

Ds Cholmondeleya “ Manor and Farm of Moreton, alias Morton, and Hurst, ton.

Ds. Ashburnham. • in the County of Dorsett, in Pofleffion; and for the Comes Manchester:

Ds. Weston. better securing the same, and the other Manors, Comes Rivers.

Ds. Haversham. “ Farms, Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Heredi Comes Peterborow

Ds. Sommers. " taments, late of Willlam Frampton Esquire, deceased, Comes Stamford.

Ds. Bernard. • to him the said Giles Frampton, and luch as are en Comes Winchiljea.

Ds. Halifax.
" titled in Remainder after him, upon the Death of Comes King/ion.

Ds. Granvillc.
Tregonnel Frampton Esquire."

Comes Carnarvon.

Ds. Gernsey 7


Ds. Gernsey.

Comes Pembroke, Epus. Roffen.
Dux Buckingham, Epus. Cefir.

Ds. Pagett.

Ds. Culpeper.

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Comes Sunderland.

Ds. Gower.

near the House of Peers; and to adjourn as they Comes Scarsdale.

Ds. Conway,

Comes Sandwich.

Hodie 22 vice leela est Billa, intituled, “ An Act Kopp's Vat.
Comes Essex.

“ for naturalizing Isaac lopps.
Comes Anglesey.
Comes Feversham.

ORDERED, That the Consideration of the said Bill
Comes Radnor.

be referred to the same Committee to whom Arabella
Comes Berkeley.

Foot's Bill is committed ; whose Lordships, or any Five
Comes Nottingham.

of them, are to meet on the said Bill on Saturday the
Comes Rochester.

Fifteenth Day of this Instant January, at Ten a Clock
Comes Abingdon.

in the Forenoon, in the Prince's Lodgings near the
Comes Holdernessa

House of Peers; and to adjourn as they please.
Comes Portland.
Comes Scarbrough.

Dominus Cuftos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Par. Adjourn.
Comes Warrington.

liamentum continuandum esse usque ad et in diem Vene-
Comes Bradford.

ris, decimum quartum diem instantis Januarii, hora
Comes Romney.

decima Auroræ, Dominis fic decernentibus.
Comes Orford.
Viscount Townshend.
Viscount Weymouth.

DIE Veneris, 14° Januarii.
Their Lordihips, or any Five of them ; to meet Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales, præsentes
presently, in the Prince's Lodgings near the

House of Peers; and to adjourn as they please.

Epus. London.

Ds. Custos Magni
Epus. Winton.
i Sigilli.

Ds. Bergevenny.
Grainge's Hodie vice Iceta eft Billa, intituled, “ An Act for

Epus. Wigorn.

Comes Pembroke, Ds. Lawarr. velting Part of the Estate of Joseph Grainge Esquire Epus. Roffen.


Ds. Ferrers.
" and Elizabeth his Wife in Trustees, to be fold; and Epus. Sarum. Dux Devonshire, Ds. Wharton.
" to dispose of the Monies arising by such Sale, purfu- Epus. Ceftr.

Senescallus. Ds. Paget.
ant to their Marriage Settlement.”

Epus. Lich. Es Cov.
Dux Somerset.

Ds. Howard Ef.
Epus. Norwic.
Dux Richmond.

Ds. North & Grey.
Mrs. Packer's Hodie 1: vice le&ta eft Billa, intituled, “ An Act Epus. Lincoln.

Ds. Chandos.

Dux St. Albans. Bill. “ for making fome Provision for, and settling the For- Epus. Ciceftr.

Dux Newcastle.

Ds. Grey W.

Ds. Lovelace.
" tune of, Anne Packer, in Trustees, for the Purposes Epus. Oxon.
therein mentioned."

Epus. Bangor. Comes Lindsey, Mag-Ds. Poulett.
Epus. St. Afaph. nus Camerarius. Ds. Mohun.
Comes Carlisle,

Ds. Byron. 1. Carteret's Hodie 2* vice lecta ejt Billa, intituled, " An Act

Marescailus. Ds. Vaughan. Bulb, “ for vesting several Estates in the Counties of Cornwal

Comes Jersey, Came- Ds. Culpeper. " and Devon, and several Leasehold Estates, in Trus.


Ds. Lucas. tees, to be sold, for raising Portions for the Younger

Ds. Rockingbam.

Comes Kent. “ Children of George Lord Carteret, deceased ; and for

Comes Derby.

Ds. Lexington. laying out the Overplus of the Money raised by such

Ds. Berkeley. + Sales in Purchase of other Lands."

Comes Bridgewater.

Ds. Osborne.
Comes Leicester.

Ds. Ofulfione.

Comes Northampton.
ORDERED, That the Confideration of the faid Bill be

Ds. Dartmouth.

Comes Rivers. committed to the fame Committee to whom the Bill, in

Ds. Stawell,

Comes Peterborow. tituled, “ An Act to enable Arabella Foote to lay out

Comes Stamford.

Ds. Guilford “ Monies belonging to her Son Topham Foote, in Pur

Ds. Chelmondeley.

Comes Winchilsea. " chases of Lands for his Benefit, is referred; who are

Ds. Herbert.

Comes Kingston. to meet on Friday the Eight and Twentieth Day of this

Ds. Haversham.

Comes Carnarvon.
Instant January, at Ten a Clock in the Forenoon, in

Ds. Sommers

Comes Sunderland. the Prince's Lodgings ncar the House of Peers; and to

De. Bernard.

Comes Scarsdale. adjourn as they plcafe.

Comes Elex.

Ds. Halifax.

Ds. Granville.
Comes Ang!cfey.

Ds. Gernsey,

Comes Radnor. E. Montagu's Hodie 24 vice Iccia eft Billa, intituled, " An Act

Ds. Gower. Bul.

Comes Berkeley. “ for fettling and confirming several Exchanges with

Comes Rochefier.

Ds. Conway,
Ralph Earl Montagu, of several Lands and Common

Ds. Harocya
“ of Simon Motton, and others, lying in Gedington, in

Comes Abingdon. “ the County of Northampton, for several Lands of

Comes Holdernese.

Comes Portland. " the faid Earl's, lying near to the same; and for con

Comes Scarbrough. firming several Agreements relating to the said Ex

Comes Warrington. changes."

Comes Bradford.

Comes Orford.
ORDERED, That the Confideration of the said Bill
be referred to the same Committee to whom Arabella

Viscount Say & Seale.

Viscount Townshend.
Foot's Bill is committed; whose Lordships, or any

Viscount Weymouth.
of them, are to meet on the faid Bill, on Friday the
Eight and Twentieth Day of this Instant January, at
Ten a Clock in the Forenoon, in the Prince's Lodgings







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