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ÖRDÈRED, That the said Rider shall be, and is here and to acquaint this House, that they have agreed to
by, rejected.

their Lordlhips Amendments inade to the said Bill. Bill passed:

Meffages from
Then the Question was put,

" Whether this Bill

A Message from the House of Commons, by Mr.thence, with
“ fhall pass?"

Lowndes and others :
It was Resolved in the Affirmative.

Who brought up a Bill, intituled, “ An Ad for a Clause in it.

“ punishing Mutiny, Desertion, and false Musters; and “ Because there is in the Bill this following Clause;

“ for better paying of the Army and Quarters, and for

“ satisfying divers Arrears; and for a further Conti(videlicet,)

nuance of the Powers of the Five Commiflioners for

“ examining and determining the Accompts of the Ar-
“ That it shall and may be lawful for the Juf my;" to which they desire the Concurrence of this
“ tices of the Peace of every County and Riding

“ within this Realm, or any Three or more of
" them, to raise and levy such able-bodied Men
“ as have not any lawful Calling or Employment,

A Message from the House of Commons, by Mr.
or visible Means for their Maintenance and Live-

Lowndes and others :
“ lihood, to serve as Soldiers, for the Purposes in Who brought up a Bill, intituled, “ An Act for the
" the Bill mentioned.

“ better securing and regulating the Duties upon Salt;"

to which they desire the Concurrence of this House. « THANET.


Hodie 18 vice leEta ef Billa, intituled, “ An Act for Sale Duties'


“ the better securing and regulating the Duties upon
« Rochester, Gower. Conway.




Hodie 2a vice lecta eft Billa, intituled, “ An AX for Baker's Billa " Geo. BATH & W.

" the further recompensing of John Baker Gentleman, • LEMPSTER. ABINGDON. GUILFORD.

“ and his Family, for the Services of Colonel Baker at 66 CREWÈ.

London-Derry in Ireland; and for staring the Accompış “ HAVIRSTAM."

“ of the late Receivers of the Rents and Profits of the

+ forfeited Estates in Ireland.
ORDERED, That the Commons have Notice, that
the Lords have agreed to the Bill, intituled, “ An Act

ORDERED, That the Confideration of the faid Bill.
“ for raising Recruits for the Land Forces and Marines;

be committed to the Lords following ; (videlicet,)
“ and for dispensing with Part of the Act for the En- Ds. Thesaurarius.
couragement and Increase of Shipping and Naviga. Ds. Senefcallus.

Epus. London,

Ds. Bergevenny. “ tion, during the present War,” without any Amend- Dux Somerset.

Epus. Duresme. Ds. Lawarra

Epus. Sarum.
Dux Northumber.

Ds. Ferrers.
Epus. Norwic.

Ds. Wharton.
Admiralty Pa-

Epus. Petrib.
The House being informed, " That the Lords Com. Dux Bolton. .

Ds. Paget. en stor Report « mittees appointed to confider of the Admiralty Papers Comes Carlisle,

Epus. Oxon.

Ds. North & Grey:

Epus. Bangor. " were ready to make their Report, when the House

Ds. Grey IV.

Marescallus. " think fit :"

Epus. Baths

Ds. Poulet.
Comes Jersey, Ca Wells,

Ds. Mohun.
It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo-


Ds. Byron. ral in Parliament aífeinbled, That the faid Report shall Comes Kent,

Ds. Culpeper. be made on Thursday next, at Twelve a Clock; and all Comes Bridgewa..

Ds. Lucas. the Lords summoned.


Ds. Rockinghama
Comes Manchester.

Ds. Berkeley.
It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo-

Comes Rivers.

Ds. Offulftone. rices at Peace ral in Parliament aisembled, That the Lists of Justices,

Comes Stamford.

Ds. Dartmouth, (cred. now in Commission in the several Counties of this King

Comes Winchilfea.

Ds. Guilford. dom, now before this House, as also those who have comes Kingston.

Ds. Lempfiera been put out since Midsummer 1700, shall be taken into

Comes Thanet.

Ds. Il'efion.
Consideration on Thursday next.

Comes Sunderland,

Ds. Herbert.
Comes Ellex.

Ds. Haversham.
Comes Anglesey.

Ds. Sommers.
Proxy of a

The House this Day taking Notice, that the Duke Comes Rochester, Peer out of

Ds. Halifax. of Schonburg hath a Proxy entered, and made Use of, Comes Portland.

Ds. Granville. although he be out of the Kingdom:

Comes Torrington.

Ds. Gernsey
It is ORDERED, hy the Lords Spiritual and Tempo-

Comes Warrington.
ral in Parliament assembled, That it shall be, and is

Comes Romney.
hereby, referred to the Lords Committees for Privilegcs, Comes Orford. .
to consider thereof; and report their Opinions there. Viscount Townshend.
upon to the House.

Their Lordships, or any Five of them; to meet
Their Lordships to meet on Friday next, at Ten

To-morrow, at Ten a Clock in the Forenoon,
a Clock.

in the Prince's Lodgings near the House of

Peers; and to adjourn as they please.
Message from
A Message was brought from the House of Commons,

from zurn the Bull by Mr. Topham and others :

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, H. C to res Perforis in To return the Bill, intituled, “ An Act for the fur- by Sir Mathew Dudley and others :

or An Act for the DirPublic Offices « ther Explanation and Regulation of Privilege of Par

To return the Bill, intituled,

" charge out of Prison such Insolvent Debtors as fhall ierve the Parliament,

" lameat, in relation to Perfops in Public Ofices;

Lifts of Jur.

to be co.:si.

the Realm,

H. C. to re

turn the In:olVene Debtor's Bill, who will


(srve, Queen.


“ serve, or procure a Person to serve, in Her Majesty's ORDERED, That the faid Bill be committed tó á
“ Fleet or Army ;" and to acquaint this House, that Committee of the whole House, on Saturday next, at
they have agreed to their Lordships Amendment made Twelve a Clock.
to the said Bill.

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of Commil

Die Mercurii
, 22° Martii:

The Earl of Rochester reported from the Lords Com- Baker’s Bill.

mittees, the Bill, intituled, “ An Act for the further Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes

recompensing of John Baker Gentleman, and his

Family, for the Services of Colonel Baker at London-
Ds. Custos Magni

Derry in Ireland; and for stating the Accompts of the Arch. Cantuari

Ds. Bergevenny.

“ late Receivers of the Rents and Profits of the for-
Arch. Ebor.
Ds. Godolphin, The Ds. Lawarr. " feited Estates ita Ireland,as fit to pass, without any

Epus. London.


Ds. Ferrers. Epus. Duresme, &

Coines Pembro

broke, Ds. Wharton. Crew.


Ds. Paget.
Epus. Sarum.

Hodie 3* vice tecta eft Billa, intituled, “ An Act for
Ds. Howard Eff:
Dux Buckingham;

" the further recompensing of John Baker Gentleman; Epus. Eliens:

Ds. Grey W.
C.P. S.

“ and his Family, for the Services of Colonel Baker at
Epus. Norwic.
Dux Devonshire, Se. Ds. Poulet.

" London-Derry in Ireland; and for stating the Accompts Epus. Petriburg. nescallus.

Ds. Mobun. Epus. Cicestr.

Ds. Byron.

to of the late Receivers of the Rents and Profits of the Dux Richmond.

* forfeited Estates in Ireland.Epus. Oxon.

Ds. Vaughan: Epus. Bangor.

Dux Southampton. Ds. Culpeper.

Dux Bolton. Epus: Bath & Wells.

Ds. Lucas.

The Question was put, “ Whether this Bill fhall
Dux Bedford.
Ds. Rockingham

“ pass?"
Dux Marlborough.
Ds. Berkeley.

It was Resolved in the Affirmative:
Comes Lindsey, Mag. Ds. Olulstone.
nus Camerarius. Ds. Dartmouth.

ORDERED, That the Commons have Notice, that
Comes Carlisle, Ma- Ds. Stawel.

the Lords have agreed to the said Bill, without any
Dsi Lempfter.

Comes Jersey, Came- Ds. Weston.
Ds. Herbert.

The House being informed, "
Ds. Haversham.

That the Lords Com-ot.fervatione:
Comes Kent:
Ds. Sommers.

“ mittees, to whom was referred the Confideration of fioners of Ac-
Comes Derby.
Comes Bridgewater. Ds: Granville:

“ the Observations delivered in by the Commissioners compts, ReDs. Halifax.

. " of Accompts, are ready to report, when the House port about. Comes Leicester.

" shall think fit to receive it :" Comes Boling broke.

Ds. Gernsey.

Ds: Gower,
Comes Manchester:
Ds. Conway:

It is OrderED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo-
Comes Rivers.
Comes Stamford.
Ds. Harvey:

ral in Parliament assembled, That the said Report shall

be made on Friday next.
Comes Winehilsea
Comes Thanet.
Comes Sunderland.

Then the House (pursuant to Order) took into Confi-Scotch Conspi-
Comes Scarsdale:

deration the Report from the Lords Committees ap-
Comes Essex

pointed to examine into the Scotch Conspiracy.
Comes Anglesey:
Comes Fevershan.
And, after Debate thereupon, the House came to

Comes Radnor.

concerning ito the Resolutions following; (videlicet,) Comes Nottingham. Comes Rochester.

“1. Resolved, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Comes Abingdon.

i Parliament assembled, That it doth appear to this Comes Plimouth.

“ House; that there has been a dangerous Conspiracy
Coines Portland.

* carried on, for the raising a Rebellion in Scotland, and
Comes Torrington.
Comes Scarbrough.

« invading that Kingdom with a French Power, in or

“ der to the subverting of Her Majesty's Government,
Comes Warrington.

to both in England and Scotland, and the bringing in
Comes Bradford.
Comes Orford.

" the pretended Prince of Wales."
Viscount Say & Seale:

That it is the Opinion of this House, That no.
Viscount Townshend.

" thing hath given so much Encouragement to this

• Conspiracy, as that the immediate Succession to PRAY E R S.

“ the Crown of Scotland, after Her present Majesty

" and the Heirs of Her Body, is not declared to be Salt Duties,

" in the Princess Sophia, and the Heirs of her Body, Bill.

Hodie 2a vice le&ta eft Billa, intituled, “ An A&t for “ being Protestants.”
" the better securing and regulating the Duties upon

6 M





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Ds. Byron.

3. That the Queen will be pleased to use Her En Their Lordlips, or any Five of them; to meet a deavours, by such Methods as She hall think most

on Friday next, at Eleven a Clock in the Fore

noon, in the Prince's Lodgings near the House
proper, to have the Succession of the Crown of
Scotland declared to be settled on the Princess Sophia ; of Peers ; and to adjourn as they please.
“ and to take such Measures as may best conduce to the
“ disappointing and frustrating the Deligns of Her Ene-

It is Resolved, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo. Tuanks of the “ mies, who are engaged in this Conspiracy against Her

ral in Parliament assembled, That the Thanks of this Lords Com-
Majesty and Her Government.”

House shall be, and are hereby, given to the Lords Com. mittees for
4. That Her Majesty be affured, That, when Her mittees (who were appointed to take into Examination technis
“ Endeavours shall take Effect for settling of the Suc. the Scotch Conspiracy), for their having discharged the
“ cession, this House will do all in their power to pro. Trust in them reposed, with great Exactness, Care, and
“ mote an entire Union between the Two Kingdoms, Fidelity.
" for their mutual Security and Advantage.”

Hereupon the Lord Keeper, by Order, gave their

Lordships the Thanks of this House, for their Exactness,
Addreis to be Then, Lords Committees were appointed, to draw an Care, and Fidelity, in the said Examination.
drawn upon

Address to Her Majesty, upon the Resolutions
agreed on this Day; and report to the House;

ORDERED, That the further ConGderation of the

Report from the Lords Committees appointed to confi-
Arch. Cantuar.
Ds. Godolphin,

Ds. Bergevenny.

der of the Scotch Conspiracy, and the Matters relating
Arch. Ebor,

Ds. Lawarr.

thereunto, shall be adjourned to Friday next.
Comes Pembroke, Epus. London. Ds. Ferrers.

Epus. Duresme, & Ds. Wharton.
Dux Buckingham, Crew.

Ds. Paget.

Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Par. Adjourn,
C. P. S.
Epus. Sarum.
Ds. Howard Ef.

liamentum continuandum effe usque ad et in diem Jovis,
Dux Devonshire, Epus. Eliens. Ds. Grey W.

vicesimum tertium diem instantis Martii, hora duodecima Senescallus. Epus. Norwic.

Ds. Poulet.

Auroræ, Dominis fic decernentibus.
Dux Somerset.
Epus. Petrib.

Ds. Mohun.
Dux Richmond. Epus. Ciceftr.
Dux Bolton.
Epus. Oxon.

Ds. Vaughan.
Dux Bedford.
Epus. Bangor. Ds. Culpeper.
Ds. Lucas.

I E Jovis, 23° Martii.
Dux Marlborough. Epus. Bath &


Ds. Rockingham.
Comes Lindsey,

Ds. Berkeley.
Magnus Came-

Ds. Ofulstone.
Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes

fuerunt :

Ds. Dartmouth.
Comes Carlisle,

Ds. Stawel.

Arch. Cant.

Ds. Custos Magni
Ds. Lempster.

Arch. Ebor.
Comes Jersey, Cao


Ds. Bergevenny,
Ds. Weston.

Comes Pembroke,

Ds. Lawarr.

Ds. Herbert,
Epus. Lordon.


Ds. Ferrers.
Comes Kent.
Ds. Haversham. Epus. Duresme, &

Dux Buckingham,

Ds. Wharton.
Comes Derby

Ds. Sommers.

C. P. S.

Ds. North & Grey:
Comes Bridgewa.

Ds. Halifax.
Epus. Winton.

Dux Devonshire, Se- Ds. Grey 11'.
Ds. Granville. Epus. Sarum.


Ds. Poulet.
Comes Leicester.

Ds. Gernsey.
Epus. Eliens.

Ds. Byron.
Comes Bolingo

Ds. Gower.
Epus. Lich. & Cov.
Dux Somerset.

Ds. Culpeper.

Ds. Conway.
Epus. Norwic. Dux Richmond.

Ds. Lucas.
Comes Manchester.

Ds. Harvey.
Epus. Petrib.
Dux Bolton.

Ds. Rockingham.
Dux Bedford.

Epus. Ciceftr.
Comes Rivers.

Ds. Berkeley Str.

Dux Marlborough.
Comes Stamford.

Ds. Offulstone.
Comes l'inchilfea.

Epus. Bangor.

Comes Lindsey, Mag- Ds. Dartmouth.
Comes Thanet,

Epus. Bath&Wells.

nus Camerarius.

Ds. Stawell.
Comes Sunderland.

Comes Carlisle, Ma- Ds. Guilford.
Comes Scarsdale.


Ds. Lemplier.
Comes Essex.

Comes Jersey, Came- Ds. Herbert.
Comes Anglesey.


Ds. Haversham.
Comes l'evershan.

Comes Kent.

Ds. Sommers.
Comes Radnor.

Ds. Bernard.
Comes Notting-

Comes Denbigh.
Comes Manchester.

Ds. Halifax.

Ds. Granville.

Comes Rivers.
Comes Rochester.

Ds. Conwav.

Comes Peterborow.
Comes Abingdon.

Ds. Hervey.
Comes Plimouth.

Comes Stanford.
Comes Portland.

Comes W’inchilfea.
Comes Torrington.

Comes Carnarvon.
Comes Scarbrough.

Comes Thanet.
Comes Warringtın.

Comes Sunderland.
Comes Bradford.

Comes Effex.
Comes Orford.

Comes Anglesey.

Comes Radnor.
Viscount Say doo

Comes Berkeley.

Comes Nottingham.
Viscount Town,

Comes Rochester.

Comes Abingdon.


Ad lari

Epus. Oxon.

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Subsidy Bill.

don :

Comes Portland.

“ May it please Your Majesty, Comes Torrington.

“ We are sensible that nothing effectual can be Comes Scarbrough.

brought to pass during this Session of Parliament, Comes Warrington.

“ which draws so near to a Conclusion, in relation to Comes Bradford.

" this Affair ; and therefore we humbly presume to lay Comes Orford.

“the Report of the Committee before Your Majesty,
Viscount Townshend.

“ and humbly to desire Your Majesty that you would
“ be graciousy pleased, at a proper Time, to recom-

“ mend this Affair to Your Parliament of England in

" the most effectual Manner: And we humbly beseech
“ Your Majesty, that you would give all Encourage-

“ment to the planting of Hemp in Ireland, and to the Atby

The House being informed, “That the Lords Com “ Increase and Improvement of the Manufacture of versus White & al.

“ mittees (appointed to draw up the State of the Cafe “ Hemp in that Kingdom, by all such Ways as Your
in Error.
upon the Writ of Error lately depending in this

Majesty in Your great Wisdom fhall judge most
“ House, wherein Mathew Ashby was Plantiff, and Wil proper."
liam White and others Defendants) are ready to re-

port, when the House shall think fit to receive the It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo-
“ fame :"

ral in Parliament assembled, That the Lord Treasurer,

the Duke of Bolton, and the Lord Sommers, do humbly
It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempoattend Her Majesty, with the Address agreed to this
ral in Parliament assembled, That the said Report shall Day, relating to the Linen Manufacture in Ireland.
be made on Saturday next.

The Earl of Rochester reported from the Lords Com- Report of Ad.

miralty Pa. Whereas this Day was appointed, for the House to be mittees appointed to take into consideration the several

pers, relating put into a Committee upon the Bill, intituled, “ An Papers delivered into the House of Peers by Mr. Bur-io Vice Ad

miral Grey* A&for granting to Her Majesty an additional Subsidy chet, from the Admiralty-office, the Eighth Day of Fe“ of Tonnage and Poundage for Three Years; and for bruary last, as follows: “ laying a further Duty upon French Wines condemned

as lawful Prize; and for ascertaining the Values of That their Lordships, being on Consideration of “ unrated Goods imported from The East Indias :" “ the said Papers, received several Complaints from

“ the Merchants trading to Jamaica, against Vice AdIt is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo- “miral Greydon, for not attacking Four French Men of ral in Parliament afsembled, That this House Thall be

“ War, which he met in his Passage to The West Indias, put into a Committee upou the faid Bill, on Monday next,

“ having at that Time Four English Men of War under at Twelve a Clock.

“ his Command; and for his disorderly Proceeding, in

“ pressing in the Night-time great Numbers of Seamen Mutiny Bill. Hodie 2a vice lefta eft Billa, intituled, “ An Ad for

“ and Inhabitants of Jamaica ; and for his severe Usage punishing Mutiny, Desertion, and false Musters ;

“ of the Masters of some Merchant Ships and Tranf“ and for better paying of the Army and Quarters;

port Vessels under his Convoy, to the great Distur“ and for satisfying divers Arrears; and for a further

o bance of the Inhabitants of the said Ifand, to the « Continuance of the Powers of the Five Commiflion

frightening away many of the Seamen, and conse“ers for examining and determining the Accompts of

“quently the weakening and exposing that Country to " the Army.”


and manifest Dangers, and to the Interruption

“ and Discouragemert of Trade.
ORDERED, That the Consideration of the said Bill
be committed to a Committee of the whole House, on “ Their Lordships having also heard Vice Admiral
Monday next.

Greydon, both by himself and Witnesses ; Copies of
“ all the Depositions, upon Oath, by both Parties, are

“ herewith presented to the House, as follow; (viAddress re. The Lord Sommers reported from the Lords Commitlating to the Linen

tees (appointed to consider of the Address of the House Manutaêture of Commons in Ireland relating to the Linen Manu, in Ireland. facture there), an Address drawn by them.

- Witnesses on Behalf of the Jamaica Merchants, Witnesses for

” in relation to Vice Admiral Greydon's meeting Merchants, Which was read, and agreed to, as follows; (videlicet), “ with Ducass, and his preiling Men at Jamaica. againit him : “We, Your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Sub

Andrew Scale (jur.) faith, “ That, according to the Seale; “jects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in l’arlia

Signal made on the Twelfth of June Jast, he went “ment assembled, humbly beg Leave to acquaint Your

on board Admiral Greydon; and being sent for into Majesty, that the Earl of Nottingham, Your Majesty's

" the Cabin, the Admiral swore, “ By God, he thought “ Principal Secretary of State, baving, on the Fourth “ he should get him at last; for he was informed he lay “ of January litt, by Your Majesty's Command, laid drinking in Punch-houses from Six o'Clock in the " before the House an Address which the House of

Morning till Two the next Morning.” The Deponent Commons of Ireland had presented to Your Majesty ;

o told him,

" He was misinforined, for he never drank “ wherely they desired a Liberty for carrying Linen

a Quart of Punch in his Life.” But the Admiral faid, “ manufaciured in Ireland dire&tly to the English Plan

““ He had good Proof of it; and he heard he was “ tations in America; the House appointed a Committee

going to turn Lawyer, but he would take Care of “to consider of that Matter: And that Committee, bav

“ him ;” and accordingly ordered hiin into Irons, and "ing taken that Proposal into Confideration, and hav

“ swore he would wbip him and pickle him the next “ ing fully heard all Persons from whom they could

Day : And accordingly he was in Irous Eight and “ hope for any Information touching the same, did, on

Forty Hours; to wit, froin the 12th Day to the 14th. “ the Seventeenth of March Inftant, report their Opi

“ He was then Master of the Ship called The Prince of “nion to the House: Which Report the House unani

Orange, and he had no Assistance from any Man of “ moully approved.

“ War while he was in Jamaica,






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as were.


“ Our

Samuel Gape (jur.) faith, “ The Sunday Night the " positive; but when they veered the last Time, they
“ Press was at Port Royal, the Expedition' Boat, to which" were upon our Lee Quarter about Two Leagues
" he belonged, was alhore at The Point, and that Two « Distance.
“ of our Men were then pressed out of her; and being

The Montagu was then in Dispute with the French
now in Town, will give a further Account thereof.

" Ship, about Two Leagues from Vice Admiral Grey

don, as near as I can guess. The other Three French Daniel Bright (jur.) faith, “ He was at Mrs. Mur

Ships were about a Mile and an Half from The Mon-
“ rey's, in King's Town, when the Man came in, that said,

« Admiral Greydon had ordered him to be whipt:" He
“ pulled off his Coat, and thewed where his Blows

“ Witnesses produced by Vice Adiniral Greydon. Admiral


Wiinelles :
And as to the pressing, between Three and Four a

Captain Samuel Vincent (jur.) faith; "That Admiral Vincent ;
“ Clock his Men called him out, and told him, “They Greydon, about the 18th or 19th of June, sent for
“ were pressing on Shore at Port Royal:" Whereupon

“ him, with Two Captains and Two Lieutenants; to
"he bid them take the Boat and secure themselves; but

press their Seamen that were alhore; for the People “ there were so many Boats belonging to the Men of

“ deserted the Ships, and run alhore.” He faith, “He “ War abroad, they feared they could not get ashore;

“ broke open no Houses; and his Men having taken a “ so they all Itaid'aboard, and Two of them were

“ Gentleman's Servant, he released him ; and Seven pressed; but they came aboard again.” He said,

“ other of the Inhabitants being pressed by some of our « « That when his Men first told him thereof, they said

“ Men, Admiral Whetston discharged them all. It was “ the Men of War’s Boats had passed by towards Kings. “Day before any of his People went alhore; for he " town an Hour before.” His Ship lay then from

received not his Orders from Vice Admiral Greydon Kings-Town about Four Miles.”

“ before Four a Clock that Morning: He believes it

“ was Six a Clock before he went ashore at King flown ;
John Mannoree (jur.) faith, “ He was Commander " and he knows not that any House was broken."
* of a Store Ship that went with Vice Admiral Greydon,
consigned to Thomas Bell, Store-keeper at Jamaica ;

Arthur Jones (jur.) faith, “ He went alhore about Jones;
t6 and that, about Four or Five Days after they failed

“ Six a Clock at Port Royal; and he saw no House " from Plimouth, they met with Ducuse ; but Admiral

“ broke open, nor any Irregularity on the Shore: This
"Greydon never attempted to attack him.

“ was a Day or Two before we came away; and he
“ That, about the oth of April, they saw The Defarts “ never was athore after that Time.” He saith,
“ about 9 Leagues from Madera, when the Admiral, Ship failed out that Morning, to be ready to go with
“ in Company with The Blackwall, made the best of his " the Admiral; and he never knew of any presling but
" Way, and left all the Transports and Merchant Ships at that Time."
“ behind, to get in as well as they could: And before
" some were well provided with Necessaries, he made Nicholas Ogle (jur.) faith, “ That at Jamaica a Ogle;
“the Signal for failing, and left The Blackwall and “ Master of a small Veffel was brought before Vice
" the major Part of the Transports and Merchants in “ Admiral Greydon, for not coming under his Stern
« the Road; and the Day following, The Blackwall and “ when a Signal was made for his coming in; where-
“ Merchants made the best of their Way for Barba-

upon he ordered him to be seized. Then the Lieu-
does; where they arrived Two or Three Days before “tenant asked him, “ How many Drubs he must give
" the Admiral ; from whence the whole Fleet went to “ him?" He ordered him to turn him loofe : But the
Guadalupa, and thence to Antego.

“ Lieutenant, mistaking, ordered him Twelve Blows
“ He faith, “ That, his Men being fick at Jamaica, “ with the Rope's End : Which the Vice Admiral being
" and several of them dead, he went aboard the

“ informed of, reprimanded him for it.”
“ Admiral in a submissive Manner, desiring his Afift “ Being asked, “ What he meant by seizing him?"
"ance in unloading the Queen's Stores; but he * rise “ He said, “ Seizing is a Term used for tying one's

up in a great Passion, swearing, “ That, if I did not “ Hands." He faith, “ The Master, in Excuie for him-
“ immediately begone, he would put me in Irons, with “self, said, “ He did not know the Way, nor did he
my Friend Andrew Scale."

" know the Admiral expected it.” He saith, “ That,

" after Admiral Bembow had been some Time at 7aCaptain Henry Mundy (jur.) faith, “That at Ja maica, he asked the Governor and Council for an -" maica he had Two Men pressed on board froin him,

“ Order to press Men; and they gave him one.

But " at Five a Clock in the Morning.”

“ that Admiral told the Deponent, “ That they had

“ Notice of the Press at Port Royal the Day before the
“ He faith, “ That as to the meeting the Four Fiench

“ Order was given him.”
“Men of War; the 18th March last, we were failing
" to the Southward, and saw them a-head; and soon
“after The Montagu gave Chace, and had some Dispute “ Captain Thomas Lyel (being sworn) faith, “ He [.yel;
“ with them, the Signal from our Admiral being made was alhore at Port koval the Evening after the Press
for the Line of Battle : Some Time after which, The “ was made by Vice Admiral Greydon, in Company
Montagu, by Signal, gave off Chace, and came into “ with Mr. Chaplin (the Queen's Receiver), Mr. Hui-
"the Fleet; and we failed as before to the Southwards. chinson, and Mr. Puckle; and they only complained of
“ When we first saw the French Ships, they were fail “the pressing their Men, and not of any irregular Pro-
“ing to the Eastward: After they had got to Leeward ceedings, or of the breaking any Houses; nor did
“ of us, they seemed to hawl up to the Northward, " he hear any other Person complain.”
“ seemingly in a Line; and we lay by about Two Hours. “ He faith, “ The Masters of the Transport Ships
The Montagu in the whole went to the Leeward of “ are generally negligent; and that Andrew Seale was
" them. When the French got to the Leeward of us,
they lay up with their Heads to the Northward; and

“ most negligent of any of them : He was Three or

“ Four Times aboard his Ship, but never found him
" after some Time veered, and went on their Course :
« But as to the First Time of thcir veering, he is not

" there; and his Ship was always out of Order, when
" he should have failed.”



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