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Bill passed.

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tures; and

Who being come; their Speaker made a Speech “ 13. An A&t for making perpetual an Aết, for the to Her Majelty, in relation to the Money Bills to be “ more eafy Recovery of Small Tithes; and also an passed.

“ A&t for the more easy obtaining Partition of Lands in

Coparcenary, Joint Tenancy, and Tenancy in ComThen the Clerk of the Parliaments took the faid Bills “mon; and also for making more effectual and amenfrom the Hands of the Speaker, and brought them to ding several Acts, relating to the Return of Jurors.” the Table ; where the Clerk of the Crown read the Titles of them, and the other Bills to be passed, as fol 14. An Act for raising the Militia for the Year One low; (videlicet,)

Thousand Seven Hundred and Five, although the

“ Month's Pay formerly advanced be not re-paid.” " 1. An AA for continuing Duties upon Low Wines, “ and upon Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Spices, and Pic 15. An Act for the Relief of the Creditors of Tko

upon Hawkers, Pedlars, and Petty Chap mas Pitkin, a Bankrupt; and for the apprehending of men,

and upon Musins; and for granting new Du “ him, and the Discovery of the Effects of the said “ties upon several of the said Commodities, and also Thomas Pitkin and his Accomplices.” upon Callicoes, China Ware, and Drugs."

To thefe Bills the Clerk of the Parliaments pro“ 2. An Act for granting to Her Majesty a further nounced the Royal Assent, in these Words 3 “ Subsidy on Wines and Merchandizes imported.”


" * La Raine le veult." 3. An Act for the better enabling Her Majesty to grant the Honour and Manor of Woodstock, with the « Hundred of Wootton, to che Duke of Marlborough and 1. An Act for vesting in Trustees certain Manors “ bis Heirs, in Consideration of the eminent Services by

« and Lands of William Duke of Devonshire and Williami “ him performed to Her Majesty and the Public." “ Cavendish (commonly called Marquis of Hartington)

“ to enable them to mortgage the fame, for Payment of 4. An Act for Relief of Fulke Emes Gentleman, and “ Debts; and, subject thereunto, to settle the same to the “ others, who had elapsed their Times, either for paying

“ like Uses as the fame is now feteled.“ “their Money, or naming their Nominees, for purchasing “ Annuities; and also for Relief of Sir John Mead Knight 2. An Act to enable the Right Honourable John “ and Baronet, who had elapsed his Time for paying

“ Lord Poulett and Bridget Lady Poulett his Wife, with Part of his Purchase-money for a forfeited Estate in

" the Consent of their Trustees, to sell their Shares and Ireland; and also for Relief of Dorothy Ireland and

“ Interest of and in certain Manors and Lands, in the « others, in respect of several Tickets for Payment of “ County of Kent; and to purchase other Lands or “ Annuities, and of several Million Lottery and Malt “ Hereditaments, of the like Value, to be settled to the “ Lottery Tickets, and Exchequer Bills, and Debentures

• same Uses." of the Army, which have been burnt or lost.”

3. An Act to vest the Estate of Charles Lord Howard 5. An Act for encouraging the Importation of

“ Baron of Escrick in Trustees, to sell the fame, for PayNaval Stores from Her Majesty's Plantations in Ame

ment of his Debes." “ rica."

4. An Act for Sale of several Estates in England and To these Bills the Clerk of the Parliaments pro

Ireland, for Payment of the Debrs of Charles late Earl nounced the Royal Assent, in these Words ; (vi

of Burlington and Corke.delicet,)

5. An Act for confirming an Agreement made by « * La Reine remercie ses bons Subjects, accepte leur

certain Articles, by and between John Earl of Kildare, Benevolence, et ainsi le veult.

Richard Lord Bellew, both of the Kingdom of Ireland,

“ and Frances his Lady, Charlotte Countess of Newburgh, 6. An Act for the effectual securing the Kingdom “ of the Kingdom of Scotland, and William Rowley Esquire; “ of England from the apparent Dangers that may arise “ and for selling Part of the Estate of the said Earl of “ from several Acts lately passed in the Parliament of Kildare, for the Purposes therein mentioned.” « Scotland."

“ 6. An A&t for Confirmation of an Agreement made « 7. An Act for giving like Remedy upon Promissory

“ between Thomas late Lord Bishop of Carlise, and Tho“ Notes as is now used upon Bills of Exchange, and mas Coke Esquire, for vesting the Rectory of Melborne, for the better Payment of Ioland Bills of Exchange.'

“ in the County of Derby, in the said Thomas Coke and

“ his Heirs, upon Augmentation of the Rents to the “8. An Act to permit the Exportation of Irish Linen “ Bishopric of Carlisle, and of the Stipend to the Vicar “ Cloth to the Plantations, and to prohibit the Impor

of Melborne." “ tation of Scotch Linen into Ireland.

7. An Act for confirming a Lease heretofore made 9.

An Act for the better recruiting Her Majesty's “ of certain Messuages and Lands in Epfam, by Sir “ Land Forces, and the Marines, for the Year One Joseph Shelden and Sir James Edwards, to Humphry « Thousand Seven Hundred and Five."

Bean, and agreed to be asigned to Sir Thomas Cooke

Knight; and for enabling a Lease of other Lands ad10. An Act for prohibiting all Trade and Com joining to the fame to be made tc him." “ merce with France."

“ 8. An Act for enabling Trustees to make Leases of “11. An Act to prevent all traiterous Correspondence “ Part of the Manor of Dingley, and Lands there, for 6 with Her Majesty's Enemies."

“ Payment of the Debts of James Griffin Esquire, and

“ raising Portions for Younger Children.”
“ 12. An Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertion,
“ and false Musters; and for the better Payment of the 9.

An Act to make some Alterations and AmendArmy and Quarters.”

“ ments in an Act of Parliament obtained the last Sera • Origin. Le.

* Origin. Le. VOL. XVII,

8 T


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" and Derby."

“fion, by Sir Peter Tyrrill and Thomas Tyrrill his Son, in 19. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer, “ order to enable them to fell several Lands in Hanflopp “ or Commissioners of the Treasury, to compound with " and Castlethropp, in the County of Bucks, which were “ Michaei Hicks Elquire, late Receiver General of the “ fettled upon the Marriage of the said Thomas Tyrril Plantation Duties in the Port of London.“and Dorothy his Wite, and to settle other Lands in “ Lieu thereof."

20. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer,

or Commissioners of the Treasury, to compound with 10. An Act for vesting in Trustees the Estate late Thomas Kenyon, Executor of Luke Lloyd Esquire, as he " of Sir Thomas Worsopp Knight, and John Worfopp El

" was one of the Sureties of Morgan Whitley Esquire, quire his Son, decealed, in Finsbury Fields and Moor

“ lace Receiver General for the Counties of Chefier and fields, in the Parish of Shoreditch, in the County of

Nortb Wales.” Middlx, to be fold, for the Payment of Debts and

“ 21. An Act for Sale of several Manors and Lands, Legacies ; and the Overplus of the Money remaining, to be laid out for the purchasing of Messuages, Lands,

“in the Counties of Hereford, Radnor, and Brecon, for “ Tenements, or Hereditaments of Inheritance, in the

Payment of the Debts of Richard and Thomas WilKingdoin of Ireland, to be settled as in the Act is par

liams, late of Cabalva, in the County of Radnor, El“ ticularly mentioned.”

quire, deceased."

“ 22. An Act for Sale of Part of the Estate of Baptist “ 11. An A&t to enable IVilliam Cavendish Esquire to “ make a Settlement in Jointure upon any Wife he shall

May Esquire, deceased, for reimbursing Charles May narry; and for the better raising the Portions charged « ded, for dilcharging the Debts, Legacies, and Funeral

Esquire, his Nephew, such Monies as he has experupon bis Eftare ; and for confrming Enfranchisements

Expences, of the laid Baptist May.” “ of several Copyhold Estates made by bis Father, within " the Manor of Dovebridge, in the Counties of Stafford

23.'An Act for Sale of the Estate of Richard Ball, “in Little Appleby and Great Appleby, in the Courties of

Derby and Leicefier; and for laying out to much of “ 12. An Ad to enable Sir George Warburton Baronet “ the Money as will purchase another Eltate, of equal “ to sell the Manor or Lord'hip of Pulford, in the County “ Value, to be setoled to the fame Uses; and the Reli“ of Chester, to perform an Agreement made upon his “due in making Provision for Younger Children.”

Marriage, for Payment of several Portions charged upon his Estate; and also to pay fome Debts which his

" 24. An Act for the better Explanation of the SetFather had Power to charge.

“ tlement of the Eftate of William Trafford Gentleman

“ and Clare his Wife, and William their Eldest Son; and 13:

An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer, “ for making more effectual a Provision for Younger " or Commissioners of the Treasury, to compound with “ Children, according to Agreements between them." “ Sir Michael Biddulph Baronet, as he was one of the “ Sureties for Morgan Whitley Esquire, Receiver General 25. An Act to enable James Lockhart Esquire and for the Counties of Chester and North Wales.

“ his Wife to fell certain Lands, Tenements, and He

“reditaments, in the County of Elsex, late of Sir Tho“ 14. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer, mas Luckin Baronet, deceased, tor Payment of their “ or Commissioners of the Treatury, to compound with Debts; and to purchase other Lands with the Over" Richard Cobb Esquire, as One of the Sureties for Tho plus of the Money, to be fettled to che like Uses."

mas Cobb Gentleman, deceased, Receiver General for “ the County of Southampton and Ine of Wight.

26. An Act to enable Trustees to sell such Part of

“the Estate of Richard Lister Esquire and Frances Pate 15. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer, Lifter his Wife, fole Daughter and Heir of Sir Thomas or Conmisioners of the Trealury, to compound with Smith Baroner, deceased, in the County of Chejler and

Joon Mason Gentleman, who was Receiver General for City of Chester, as remains unfold, in order to raise "the County, University, and Town of Cambridge, and Money, for the Payment of the Debts of the laid Sir « Ile of Ely; and also with John Pickering Silkman, One Thomas Smith, and for Portions for Younger Children “ of the luid John Mason’s Sureties, as he was such Re “ of the said Frances Pate Lisier; and for applying the criver."

“ Overplus in the Purchase of other Lands, to be fettled

“ to the same Usts as they are now settled; and likewife 16. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer, “ for confirming such Leases and Sales as have been “ or Commissioners of the Treasury, to compound with “ made towards Discharge of the faid Debts." Thomas W bitley Esquire, as he was one of the Sureties “ of Morgan Whitbey Esquire, late Receiver General for

27. An Act for vesting the Equity of Redemption “the Counties of Chester and North Wales.

“ of the Manor and Capital Messuage of Latchford, with

“the Appurtenances, and divers Frechold Messuages, 17. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer, “ Farms, and Lands, in Latchford and Hosely, in the or Commissioners of the Treasury, to coin pound with County of Oxon, late the Ettate of William Lentball

John Drake, Jobn Dunton, and Edm'd Cocke, as Sure “ Esquire, decealed, in Truttees, to be fold, for dil, “ties for Augrytine Briggs, Receiver General for the

charging of Incumbrances thereupon." County of Norfolke and City of Norwich."

66 28. An Act for Sale of several Lands, in the Coun“ 18. An Act for vesting in Trustees all the Estate “ ties of Durbam and Northumberland, late of Patricius “ of Baldwyn Malett Esquire, and IVilliam Malett his “ Crowe Esquire, deceased, for the raising the Porcions “ Son and I leir Apparen', for Payment of the Debt of charged thereupon for his Younger Children." " the said Baldwyn Malett to Her Majesty, as he was “ Receiver General for the County of Somerset, and City “ 29. An Act for vesting the Estate of Joseph Grainge *« and County of the City of Bristoll; and for fectling “and Elizabeth his Wife in Trustees, to be fold; and " the Refidue on the faid William Malell, bis Heirs and 10 dispose of Part of the Money arising by such Sale,

Aligns for ever, as by Agreement between the "faid “ for the Maintenance of the said Elizabeth, pursuant Bidaya Malett and IVillien Malett.

“ to their Marriage Settlement; and to apply the Resi

“ due

66 ter.”

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“ due to the Payment of the Debts of the said Joseph

, “ 42. An Act for vesting the Estate late of Thomas Grainge."

Guy Gentleman, deceased, in Trustees, to be fold,

for the Payment of his Debrs.” 30. An Act for Sale of Part of the Estate of Fohn Sands Esquire, in the County of Surrey, for Payment 43. An Alt for Sale of several Lands, late of Tho“ of his Debts, and raising a Portion for his Daugh- “ mas Goddard, of Rudlow, in the County of Wilts, Er

quire, deceafed, for Payment of his Debes; and for

“ seciling the Overplus upon Ambroje Goddard, for the 31. An Act for Sale of the Estate of Thomas Holford Purposes therein mentioned.” “Esquire, in Plumbly and elsewhere, in the County of Chester, consisting chiefly in Reversions, to raise Mo 44. An Aê for Sale of Part of the Estate of Edward

for Payment of his Debts, and purchasing an Baines Gentleman, for Discharge of a Mortgage there**. Estate in Posseflion, to be feccled to the fame 'Ules upon, and making Provision for his Daughters.” as the other Estate was feccled."

45. An Act for severing and disuniting the Church 32. An Act for Sale of several Lands and Here or Chapel of Horne from the Chuch of Blechingley, in “ ditaments of George Nodes Esquire, in the County of “ the County of Surrey." Hertford, for Payment of his Debts, and the Debts “ of George Nodes Esquire, his Father, deceased, charged 46. An Act to enable Trustees to raise Money, to thereupon.”

pay the Debts of Mark Delvès Esquire, deceased.” 33. An Act for raising Money, for Payment of 47. An Act for Sale of the Estate of Charles Blud“ the Debes of Thomas Harcher Esquire, by Sale or “ worth Esquire, deceased, for Payment of his Debts.” “ Mortgage of some Part of his Estate; and for the bet“ter Execution of feveral Powers in his Marriage Set “ 48. An A& for raising Money, by a Mortgage of a “ tlement."

“ Plantation in The Barbadoes, to pay the Debts of Ro

- bert Hooper." 34. An Act to enable John Green, of Gavellacre, in

is “ the County of Southampton, Clerk, to sell some Estates 49. An Act for confirming and making good the “ in Hacklejton, in the County of Wilts; and for the “last Will and Testament of Hugh Nanney Esquire, de“ settling ocher Estates, in Gavellacre, in the County of

" ceased." Southampton, of a better Value, to the fame Uses.”

50. An A&t for the Augmentation of the Vicarage 35. An Act for Sale of certain Lands and Tene of Gainsborough, in the County of Lincolne." “ ments, in Heston, in the County of Middx, late the “ Estate of Mathew Lister and his Wife, and Timothy

“ 51. An Act to enable Edmund Waller Esquire to Whitfield and his Wife, for the Purposes therein men

charge his Eitate (not settled upon his Wife in Join« tioned."

ture) with a Sum of Money, for Payment of his

" Debts.” 36. An Act for vesting an Estate mortgaged in “ Fee, by Thomas Burr, to Anthony Tomkins (now an In

“ 52. An Act to naturalize Margarita Cecilia Cadogan,

“ Wite of Brigadier General Cadogan, Gilbert * Alfleck, “ fant), in Trustees, to re-convey the same to the said Thomas Burr, or as he shall appoint, upon Payment of

“ and John Herman Louis." - all the Monies due on the said Mortgage.

53. An Act to naturalize Andrew Girardot, alias 37. An Act to enable Joseph Hinxman, of North

" Devermenoux, Francis Buzelin, and others.” Hinton, in the County of Southampton, Esquire, to “ sell some Estates in Andover, in the said County; and

To these Bills the Clerk of the Parliaments pro“ for the settling other Estates, in Christchurch Twynehamn,

nounced the Royal Affent, severally, in thefe “ in the said County, of a better Value, to the same

Words; (videlicet,) “ Uses."

Soit fait come il est defiré.

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Then Her Majesty was pleased to say as followeth;

38. An Act for fettling of the Tithes of certain “ Lands, in Franckton, in the County of Warwick, upon “ Simon Biddulph Esquire and his Heirs; and for settling

a Rent Charge, in Lieu thereof, upon the present Rec“tor there, and his Successors for ever."

39. An Act for Sale of several Lands and Chattel“ estates, in the County of Devon, and City and County “ of Exon, of Foseph Pince, for Payment of his Debts “ and Legacies charged upon his Estace; and for a Pro6 vision for himself, his Wife and Family.”

40. An Act to enable John Proctor, of Rock, in the “ County of Noribumberland, Esquire, to fell or other“ wife dispose of his Lands, in Shawdon, Shawdon Woodbouse, and Crawley, upon feteling Lands of like Value, “ in the said County, in Lieu thereof."

My Lords and Gentlemen,


Speech. I cannot put an End to this Seffion, without doing

you the Justice to acknowledge, you have fully made “good the Assurances you gave Me at the Beginning of

it, by the great Readiness you have shewn in the Dir“ patch of the Public Business: And I make no Doubt “ but this Dispatch will prove a real Advantage to us, " and a great Discouragement to our Enemies.

« Gentlemen of the House of Commons, “I return you My hearty Thanks in particular, for “the great Supplies with which you have enabled Me to

carry on this neceísary War: I assure you, they shall “ be carefully applied to the Uses for which they have “ been given ; and, I persuade Myself, I shall always have " the chearful A Mistance of My dutiful and loving Sub

jects, in the Prosecution of the present War, till our « Enemies are obliged to such a peace, as shall be a * This Name has always before occurred Affleck.


41. An Act for Sale of the Estate of Ambrose Scudamore Esquire, deceased, for Payment of the Mort

gage-money and Debts thereupon; and placing out the Overplus-money to the Uses therein mentioned.”.

« lies.

" lasting Advantage and Security to us and to our Al- " it ought to be the Care of every body, especially fuch

as are in public Scacions, to carry themselves with

“ the greatest Prudence and Moderation: Nothing will My Lords and Gentlemen,

contribute more to our Reputation Abroad and our

“ Security at Home.” “ We have, by the Blessing of God, a fair Prospect “ of this great and desirable End, if we do not disappoinc it by our own unreasonable Humour and Ani

Then the Lord Keeper, by Her Majesty's Command,

said, “ mosity; the fatal Effects of which we have so nar“ rowly escaped in this Session, that it ought to be a “ sufficient Warning against any dangerous Experiments “ My Lords and Gentlemen, “ for the future.

“ Her Majesty's Royal Will and Pleasure is, that this Parliamene “I conclude, therefore, with exhorting you all to Peace "present Parliament be prorogued to the First Day of Prorogues “ and Union; which are always commendable, but more May next: And this Parliament is prorogued accor

particularly necessary at this Time, when, the whole dingly to the First Day of May next." " Kingdom being shortly to proceed to new Elections,

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* By the QU E E N.

A Proclamation for diffolving this present Parliament, and declaring the speedy

calling another

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HERE AS We have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, to diffolve this is

prefent Parliament, which now stands prorogued to Tuesday the First Day of May next; We do for that End publish this Our Royal Proclamation, and do hereby dilloive the laid Parliament accordingly: And “ the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Knights, Citizens, and Burgefits of the said Parliament, are dif.

charged from their meeting on Tuesday the said First Day of May next.

“ And We, being resolved to meet Our People, and have their Advice in Parliament, do hereby make “ known to all our loving Subjects, that we will speedily call a new Parliament.

6 Given at Our Court at St. James's, the Fifth Day of April 1705, in the Fourth Year of Our Reign.

in GOD save the CUÉE N.”.

* This Proclamation is printed, and bound in with the Original.


Vol. XVII,



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