Recollections of the Campaign in Malwa and Central India: Under Major General Sir Hugh Rose /by Assistant Surgeon John Henry Sylvester

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Smith, Taylor, 1860 - India - 266 pages

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Page 51 - And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts : for the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword ; and I, even 1 only am left ; and they seek my life to take it away.
Page 265 - A garrulous, but a lively tale, and fraught With matter of delight and food for thought. And if he could in Merlin's glass have seen By whom his tomes to speak our tongue were taught, The old man would have felt as pleased, I ween, As when he won the ear of that great Empress Queen. " Little he deem'd when with his Indian band He through the wilds set forth upon his way...
Page 105 - The matchlock and musketry fire on the men at this point was perfectly hellish! The bullets fell so thickly in the dusty road that they resembled the effect of hailstones falling in water when striking it, and the men fell thick and fast here. One point of the street ran quite close to the gateway of the fort and was not passed without severe loss. Here it was that most of our men fell.
Page 197 - Kegiments and Detachments of Troops, Regular and Irregular, commanded by officers of all ranks, the heavier the force the slower the pace, and therefore less chance of catching the swift-footed rebel chief, who carried no tents, no provisions ; these he looted as he wanted them for consumption, and when his horses were worn out, left them on the road to die, and replaced them after the same manner, sometimes from our post stations, and sometimes by attacking our long lines of baggage and led horses....
Page 175 - Speed thee, speed thee, &c. The warrior shall dream of battle begun, Of field-day and foray, and foeman undone ; Of provinces sacked, and warrior store, Of hurry and havoc, and hampers of ore ; Of captive maidens for joys abundant, And ransom vast when these grow redundant. Hurray! for the foray. Fiends ride forth a-souling, For the dogs of havoc are yelping and yowling.
Page 114 - The rice-fields, where the tufted stalks grew green round tepid pools, Were trodden red by flying crowds of unbelieving fools. The bright canals, that girt the town as with a silver net, Were scarlet with the slain Moors' blood— the melons purple wet.
Page 129 - Kegiment, on their right, in line, seemed more annoyed by their useless Enfield rifles than by the sun. No amount of force exerted by the men would drive the bullets down to the breech of their weapons.
Page 101 - Betwa in this the first and greatest battle which occurred throughout his sanguinary and ill-starred career. The tired troops retraced their steps, having beaten 10,000 men without a single man being withdrawn from the batteries, or from the Cavalry outposts and flying camps surrounding the town. Why the garrison did not make a sortie, and destroy our batteries, while the Peishwa's army was attempting their rescue from without, it is impossible to imagine. Their overpowering numbers must have been...
Page 107 - So soon as the fighting had ceased, officers and men began to look about them with that spirit of curiosity which pervades one when visiting the shops in Wardour Street, Leicester Square: they dived into every house and searched its dark corners...
Page 198 - Tantia, but to keep clear of other forces commanded by a senior in rank to himself. It was wonderful the amount of energy that was thrown into the pursuit, and the hundreds of dead camels strewn over every jungle track: roads were no object, or rivers either, to pursued or pursuers. On they went until dead beaten. Occasionally some one more fortunate than the rest had the luck to catch up the fugitives and cut up stragglers; but it was always in heavy jungle: they had the very best of information,...

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