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BELL & Daldy, 186, FLEET STREET ; J. R. BMITH, 36, 8010 SQUABB.

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Brass in Lacock Church, Robert Baynard, Esq., (1501), and his wife Elizabeth,

p. 3. Kington St. Michael : St. Mary's Priory, c. 1670, 51. Easton Percy
Manor House, 77. Exterior of Church, 81, Interior of Ditto, 81. Portrait of
John Aubrey, 92. Birth place of ditto, at Lower Easton Peroy, 94. Portrait
of John Britton, 109. John Britton's Birth-place, 110. Clerkenwell Wine-

vault, 111. The Fox in the Cradle, 116. Profile of Britton, 124.
Skulls cf Fossil Buffalo, p. 138. Font and Doorway at Biddeston St. Nicholas,

144. Bell Turret, at Ditto, 145. Ditohridge Church : South Doorway and
Sculpture, 146. Priest's Door and Font, at Ditto, 147. Arms of the Devizes

Guilds, 160.

Monkton Farley Priory : Architectural Fragments, p. 280. Gravestone of Ilbert

de Chat, 282. Effigy of Dunstanville, 284. Abury and Silbury, with sur-

rounding country, (Sir R. C. Hoare,) 309. The Great Circle of Abury and

the Kennet Avenue, (Aubrey,) 315. The Circles on Overton Hill, and a

Small Circle in a lane near Kennet, (Aubrey,) 317. Twining's plan of

Abury, 320. View of Abury and its precincts, as restored by Stukeley,

322. View of Abury, restored, according to the plan of Stukeley and Hoare,

323. The Great Circle, surveyed by Stukeley, 1724, 325. The Great Circle,

surveyed for Sir R. C. Hoare, 1812-19, 326. Ground plan of a portion of the

remains of Kennet Avenue, 329. “Shelving Stone' at Monkton, and

"Devil's Coits,” Beckhampton, 330. Monument, Kennet Parish : (from

Aubrey), 344. Small Circle near Kennet, (Falkner), 345.

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