Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland

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Page 1005 - Parliament, for the valour, steadiness, and exertion, " so successfully displayed by him, in repelling the repeated " attacks made on the positions of the allied army by the whole " of the French force under the command of Marshal Soult, " between the 25th of July, and 1st of August: 6. March 19, *' 1778, killed inaction near New Orleans, in America, Jan. 8, " 1815, to whose memory a monument is erected in the cathe
Page 1185 - Being very handsome in his person, and of a tall stature, his lordship one day attended king William's court, and being admitted into the presence-chamber, asserted the privilege of being covered before his majesty, by walking to and fro with his hat on his head.
Page 1295 - It consists of the sovereign and twelve brethren or knights, making in the whole thirteen, and four officers. The star is worn on the left side of the coat or cloak, and consists of a St. Andrew's cross, of silver embroidery, with rays going out between the points of the cross ; on the middle a thistle of gold and green upon a field of green, and round the thistle and field a circle of gold, having on it the following motto, in...
Page 1297 - Commanders, the number shall not exceed one hundred and eighty, exclusive of foreign officers holding British commissions, of whom a number, not exceeding ten, may be admitted into the second class as honorary Knights Commanders. But in the event of actions of signal distinction, or of future wars, the number...
Page 765 - Gosford to be governor in chief of the provinces of Lower and Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Island of Prince Edward.
Page 1299 - Grand Crosses of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, and shall not be included in the number to which the first Class of the Order is limited by the third article of the present instrument.
Page 823 - Hope, who succeeded to the command of the army, and to whose ability and exertions, in direction of the ardent zeal and unconquerable valour of His Majesty's troops, is to be attributed, under Providence, the success of the day, which terminated in the complete and entire repulse and defeat of the enemy at every point of attack.
Page 762 - In 1290, sir David Wemyss and sir Michael Scot were sent to Norway, by the lords of the regency in Scotland, to bring over their young queen, Margaret, who, to the universal misfortune of the nation, d.
Page 1298 - Gazette, as having distinguished himself in action. The new badge for the military classes of the Order is a gold Maltese cross, of eight points, enamelled argent, in the four angles, a lion passant guardant, or; in the centre, the rose, thistle, and shamrock, issuant from a sceptre between three imperial crowns, or, within a circle gules; thereon the motto of the Order, surrounded by two branches of laurel proper, issuing from an escrol azure...
Page 1294 - It is worn across the right shoulder, pendant to a garter of blue or dark riband. The collar is of gold. Charles II. ordained that the Knights should always wear in public, embroidered on the left side of their coats or cloaks, the cross of St. George, surrounded with the garter, with rays of silver, forming a star of eight points.

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