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OK, I bought the book, and now I'm sitting here staring at page 5 in total head-banging frustration over a very fundamental instruction that does not work. The book tells me to go to a dedicated website to download example files, and that sounds great. If only there were some way to find them. On that website I expected to see some sort of button "Click here to install example files on your computer" or something similar, but all I can find is an electronic version of the hardcopy book, plus sales pitches for why I should buy the book I already have and some others. If the author cannot give clear instructions on how to complete the first step (download example files) I find it difficult to assume all those countless instructions for which I bought the book will be clear. Maybe this whole thing is a big waste of time and money. I find it very hard to proceed to page 6 when I'm stuck on page 5. 

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