The minister's wooing

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Page 13 - The time t' insure the great reward ; And while the lamp holds out to "burn, The vilest sinner may return. 2 Life is the hour that God has...
Page 15 - Early in years, and yet more infantine In figure, she had something of sublime In eyes which sadly shone, as seraphs' shine. All youth — but with an aspect beyond time ; Radiant and grave— as pitying man's decline ; Mournful — but mournful of another's crime, She look'd as if she sat by Eden's door, And grieved for those who could return no more.
Page 14 - You can and you can't — You shall and you shan't — You will and you won't — And you will be, damned if you do — And you will be damned if you don't.
Page 17 - ... Precepts. Second Edition, with Photograph. A Memorial of the Prince Consort; comprising Maxims and Extracts from Addresses of His late Royal Highness. Many now for the first time collected and carefully arranged. With an Index.
Page 1 - When one has a story to tell, one is always puzzled which end of it to begin at. You have a whole corps of people to introduce that you know and your reader doesn't ; and one thing so presupposes another, that, whichever way you turn your patchwork, the figures still seem illarranged.
Page 10 - ... she has a mysterious and undying repossession of the father. But, in truth, Mary was only a recast in feminine form of her father's nature. The elixir of the spirit that sparkled within her was of that quality of which the souls of poets and artists are made; but the keen New England air crystallizes emotions into ideas, and restricts many a poetic soul to the necessity of expressing itself only in practical living. The rigid theological discipline of New England is fitted to produce rather strength...
Page 6 - If it be not, more's the pity, — since twothirds of the faith in the world is built on no better foundation. In time, George's old mother was gathered to her son, and two sons and a daughter followed their father to the invisible, — one only remaining of the flock, and she a person with whom you and I, good reader, have joint concern in the further unfolding of our story. CHAPTER II.
Page 1 - To her who has faculty, nothing shall be impossible. She shall scrub floors, wash, wring, bake, brew, and yet her hands shall be small and white; she shall have no perceptible income, yet always be handsomely dressed...
Page 3 - He declared that the gold made in it [slavery] was distilled from human blood, from mother's tears, from the agonies and dying groans of gasping, suffocating men and women, and that it would sear and blister the soul of him that touched it; in short, he talked as whole-souled, impractical fellows are apt to talk about what respectable people sometimes do. Nobody had ever instructed him that a slave-ship, with a procession of expectant sharks in its wake, is a missionary institution, by which closely-packed...
Page 8 - ... hair, — a petite figure in a full stuff petticoat and white short gown, she stands reaching up one hand and cooing to something among the apple-blossoms; and now a Java dove comes whirring down and settles on her finger, and we, that have seen pictures, think, as we look on her girlish face, with its lines of statuesque beauty, on the tremulous, half-infantine expression of her lovely mouth, and the general air of simplicity and purity, of some old pictures of the girlhood of the Virgin.

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