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Dryden, Rev. Sir Henry, vicar of Am- Rowlston, otherwise Rolston, Wilts ;

brosden, Oxfordshire, to the vicarage Patron, the LORD CHANCELLOR, of Leke Wootton, Warwickshire ; Pa- West, G. M.A. rector of Stoke, nextGuildtron, CuandoS LEIGU, Esq. of Stoneley ford, Surrey, and chaplain to the right Abbey.

bon. the earl of Orford, to hold the Poster, Thos. chaplain of Christ church, augmented perpetual curacy of Sealė,

Oxford, to the vicarage of Kassington; near Farnham, in the same county, by Patrons, the DEAN and CHAPTER dispensation; Patron, the ARCHDEACON of CARIST CHURCH.

OF SURREY. Gordon, David William, to the church Wheeler, C. M.A. of Christ church, to be

and parish of Earlston, in the presby- chaplain of Merton college, Oxford. tery of Lauder, and county of Berwick; Whiteford, G. B.A. to the rectory of WesPatron, the KING

terfield, Suffolk; Patron, the Bishop Grant, James, to the church and parish

OF ELY, of South Leith, in the presbytery of Wilson, E. B.A. of Catherine hall, CamEdinburgh; Patron, the KING.

bridge, to the rectory of Topcroft, Nor. Harkness, Robert, B.A. of St. John's col. folk; Patron, the BISHOP OF NORWICH. lege, Cambridge, to the perpetual cu

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. racy of Brampton, Derby; Patron, the DEAN OF LINCOLN.

Degrees conferred, March 30. Harvey, John, B.C.L. incumbent of Cad- MASTERS OF ARTS.-A. Hellicar, Tridicott, Herts, to the rectory of Fin- nity college, and c. W. Dodd, Christ

church. ningley, Nottinghamshire. Henshaw, R. J. B. of Queen's college, Or.

April 2 ford, to be domestic chaplain to the


New college
Dowager Marchioness of Hertford.
Keate, John, D.D. to the rectory of

MASTER OF ARTS.-C. N. Innes, Baliol
Hartley Wespall, Hants ; Patrons, the college.

April 10, Led, Thomas, M.A. of Trinity college,

The last day of Lent Term. Oxford, and rector of Bishop's Itching


New college. ton, Warwick, to the rectory of Tadmarton, Oxfordshire ; Patron, TAOMAS

Doctor In Civil Law.-G. Chandler, Lea, Esq. of Henley-in-Arden, Warwick

New college, grand compounder. shire.

MASTER OF ARTS.—J.H. Seymour, ExLutwidge, H. B.A. of St. John's college,

eter college; F. Lipscomb, University col Cambridge, to the vícarage of Othery, lege; J. Fisher, Pembroke college, and Somersetshire; Patron, the LORD Bi.

T. J. Powell, St. Alban hall. SHOP OF BATH AND WELLS.

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-R. R. Hughes Mildmay, Walter St. John, fellow com

and D. Williams, Jesus colleye. moner and B.A. of St. John's college,

The number of determining Bachelors Cambridge, to the rectory of Moiti

in Lent, was two hundred and fortystone, with the vicarage of Shorwell annexed, and also to the rectory of

The whole number of Degrees in Lent Shorwell, in the Isle of Wight ; Patro

Term was—D.D. two; D.C.L. two; B.D. ness to the whole, LADY MILD MAY, of five; M.A. thirty-five; B.A. forty-nine; Dogmersfield Park.

Matriculations, one hundred and twelve. Newby, Joshua Holmes, M. A. to the rec- UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. tory of Haseley, Worcestershire ; Pa

Degrees conferred, April 3. tron, SIR EDMUND ANTROBUS, Bart. of BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW.-B. Clarke, Eton Hall, Cheshire.

Trinity Hall, and G. Sivewright, Trinity Newby, J. B. B.A. of St. John's college, college.

Cambridge, to the consolidated livings The following is a list of Inceptors to of Enderby cum Whetstone, Leicester- the degree of Master of Arts. shire; Patron, C. LORAINE SMITA, Esq. T. K. Arnold and J. C. Proby, Trinity of Enderby.

college; W. P. Spencer, A. Browne, R. R. Newcome, W. to the rectory of Langford Knott, L. Peel, c. Craven, T. Clarke,

with Ickburgh, Norfolk; Patron, ALEX- and J. P. Newby, St. John's college; H. ANDER BARING, Esq.

Melville, A. Veasey, and H. Perkins, St. Peterson, Jas. to the church and parish Peter's college ; J. Power, Clare Hall;

of Gordon, in the presbytery of Lauder, C. H. Townsend, Trinity hall; S. Fenand county of Berwick ; Patron, the nell, Queen's college ; C. Green, Jesus KING.

college, and J. Cantis, Christ college. Ridding, Charles Henry, B.C.L. fellow of

April 8. Nen college, Oxford, and second master BACHELOR OF ARTS.-J.D. Hurst, Caius of Winchester college, to the rectory of college.


April 9.

Harrison, Sid. ; Heald, Trin.; Hodgson, DOCTOR IN Divinity.–J. S. Hewett, Trin.; Holloway, Queen's; Hughes, C.C.C. Dorning college.

Husband, Madg.;

Hymers, Joh.; Ingram,

Trin.; Jacob, Joh.; Jollands, Trin.; April 2.

Jones, Emman. ; Julian, Queen's; Keel The following Gentlemen were elected ing, Joh.; Kenion, Christ; Keppel, Trin.; University Scholars, ou Dr. Bell's Foun. Kioglake, Trin.; Larken, Jesus ; Las dation.

tham, Joh. ; Leatherdale, Joh. Leeson, S. Rees, St. John's college, and J. Venn, Caius ; Litchfield, Trin. ; Litt, Joh. ; Queeri's college, æquales.

Long, Emman.; Losh, Trin. ; Lucas, April 5.

Trin. H.; Mackie, Joh.; Maltby, Em

man.; Marsden, Joh.; May, Trin.; The following Gentlemen of St. John's Meakin, Joh. ; Metcalfe, Joh.; Minicollege, were elected Foundation Fellows thorpe, Christ; Molyneux, Christ ; Moor, of that Society.

Joh. ; Moore, Christ; Moseley, Joh. ; T. Tylecoate, B.A. H. J. Rose, B.A. Neale, Mayd.; Neate, Trin.; Newbery, J. Birkett, B.A. C. E. Keonaway, B.A.

Queen's ; Noble, Sid. ; Otter, G. Jesus ; J. Taylor, B. A. C. Jeffreys, B.A. and otter, E. Jesus ; Panton, Pét.; Palton, J. Cowling, B.A.

Trin.; Paul, Caius; Pedder, Joh.; Pen

neck, Pet. ; Pinder, Trin. ; Pitt, Joh.; JUNIOR SOPHS' EXAMINATION.

Power, Clare; Price, Joh.; Prickelt,

Trin. ; Procter, Christ ; Purton, Trin. ; LENT TERM, 1824.

Ranking, Christ ; Rawlings, Queen's ;

Reade, Caius ; Reynolds, Cath.; Roberts, (T. S. Hughes, B.D. Emm. Trin. ; Rowe, Jesus ; Rowlatt, Joh. ; RusExaminers,

J. Scholetield, M.A. Trin. sell, Peto; Salkeld, Trin. ; Say, Joh. ;
E. Bushby, M.A. St. John's Scarlett, Trin.; Scott, Joh. ; Shaw, Joh. ;
W.Greenwood,M.A.Cor.Ch.' Simons, Queen's; Sims, Trin. ; Smedley,

Trin.; Smith, Caius ; Smith, Christ; The Names are arranged alphabetically,

Smith, S. Trin.; Smith, Joh.; Sneyd, FIRST CLASS.-Anderton, Joh.; Apple- Trin.; Sneyd, Christ; Soames, C. c. c. yard, Caius; Apthorpo, Emman.; c. At. South, Pemb.; Sparko, Pemb.; Stanskinson, Trin.; R. Atkinson, Trin.; Bag- field, Trin. ; Steggall, Jesus ; Stevens, T. nall, Down.; Baker, Trin.; Baker, Sid.; Joh.; Stone, Caius ; Stonhouse, Joh. ; Barnard, Trin.; Barnard, Joh.; Barrow, Stratton, Trin.; Suttahy, Joh.; Taylor, Joh.; Bayford, Trin. H.; Beeson, Joh.; Down; Thompson, Joh.; Thompson, Belcher, Trin.; Benson, Trin. ; Bland, Trin.; Thornhill, Trin. ; Trotter, Christ; Trin.; Bland, Joh.; Blissard, Joh; Bluett, Truell, Joh. ; Twigg, Pet.; Tyner, Joh.; Queen's; Booth, C. C. C.; Bovill, Trin.; Tyrrel, Emman. ; Wace, Trin. ; Warner, Broças, Emman, ; Browne, c. c. c.; Joh.; Webb, Trin.; Welch, Pemb.; Buckhý, Trin.; Budd, Pemb.; Burnaby, Welch, Caius ; Wells, C. C.C.; White, Emman.; Burne, Trin. H.; Byron, Em- Down; Williams, Trin. H.; Willan, Pet. man.; Callow, Queen's; Cankriem, Trin.; Willis, Caius ; Woodhouse, Sid.; Wright, Chalklen, Trin.; Chapman. Joh., Chave, Cath. Sid.; Chichester, Down.; Clark, Queen's; SECOND CLASS.-Alvis, Christ; ArmClutton, Emman.; Cockburn, Trin. H.; strong, Trin. ; Bacon, Trin.; Badham, Cocker, Trin. ; Cole, Joh.; Cory, Caius; Emman.; Bird, Christ; Bond, Queen's; Crick, Jesus; Cricklow, Trin.; Crosby, Boylau, Trin.; Brags, C.C. C.; Brooks, Trin.; Darnell, Trin.; D'Arville, Christ ; Queen's ; Brydges, Trin.; Clinton,Caius; Darwall, Trin.; Darwin, Christ; Dawes, Collingridge, I'rin.; Cooke, Clare; CresTrin.; De Brett, Down.; Delmar, C.C.C.; well, Joh. ; Currey, Trin. ; Currie, Em-. Desbrisay, Jesus ; Dickens, Jesus; Dock- man.; Davies, Queen's ; Dawes, Caius ; er, Pemb. ; Domeier, Trin ; Duckle, Desbrisay, Caius ; Dunnage, Down.; DuQueen's ; Dunn, Joh. ; Edmonds, Trin.;' rell, Trin.; Errington, Pet. ; Filtness, Eyre, Pemb.; Eyre, Joh.; Farish, C.C.C.; Queen's ; Fuller, Trin.; Furlong, Queen's; Fearnley, Trin.; Fearon, Joh. ; Feilden, Gibbes, Down.; Gibbons, Sido; Grange, Magd.; Fisher, Pemb.; Fitzgerald, Trin.; Joh. ; Hess, Trin. H.; Heywood, Christ; Flavell, Joh. ; Ford, Trin.; Foster, Joh.; Holland, Christ; Holt, Joh. ; Horndon, Fox,Joh. ; Fox; C.C.C.; Frampton, Joh.; Queen's ; Horrox, Trin. ; Hubbersty, Gascoyne, Queen's ; Gibson, Sid. ; Gib- Joh.; Hunter, Trin.; Isbell, Joha; son, Joh.; Goodhart, Trin. ; Green, Jones, Trin.; Kerr, Sid.; Kinochant, Pemb.; Greensale, Joh.; Gregg, Joh.; Joh.; Landon, Clare ; Langford, Trin. Gretton, Joh. ; Grove, Joh.; Gurdon, Le Lierre, Joh. ; Lloyd, Jesus; Manners, Down.; Gurney, Trin.; Hales, Trin.; Christ; Marriotl, Joh.; Miller, Caius; Hall,Joh.; Hanson Clare ; Hardy, Christ; Milne, Pet.; Nevill, Magd.; North, Harridge, Queen's; Harrison, Christ; Clare; Nutail, Joh.; Paris, Down.; Pat.

tison, Queen's ; Phillipps, C.C.C. ; Poore, John's college, Camb.; E. Manners, Christ Pet. ; Raymond, Cath. ; Revell, Joh.; college, Camb; R. Clarborne, B.A. St. Rideout, joh. ; Roberts, Magd.; Roberts, Mary hall, Oxon. ; C. W.J. Kerr, M.A. Jesus; Robinson, Joh. ; Řoss, Trin; Trinity college, Camb.; E. Wilson, B.A. Sill, Christ; Simpson, Caius ; Smith, Catherine hall, Camb.; T.C. Cane, B.A. Magd. ; Stevens, W. Joh. ; Sympson, St. John's eollege, Camb.; F. Mules, Lit.; Trin. ; Tennison, E. K. Trin. ; Terrott, J. Skelton, Lit.; E. H. Younghusband, Trin. ; Todd, Joh.; Warren, Jesus ; Lit.; J. R. Unwin, Lit.; E. Houlditch, Williams, Trin.; Wilkinson, Clare ; B.4. St. John's college, Camb.; R. BrickWrench, Christ.

dale, B.A. Christ church, Oxon. ; C. J.

Paterson, B.A. Caius college, Camb.; G. ORDINATIONS.

Dixon, B. A. St. John's college, Oxon. March 21.

PRIESTS.-G. Dodsworth, Catherine

hall, Camb.; R. C. W. Wilkinson, B.A. By the Lord Bisop of Lincoln.

Trinty college, Camb.; J. Johoson, Lit.; PRIEST.-T. Furneaux, B.A. Magda- J. Savrey, Lit.; D. Whitle, B.A. St. lene College, Oxford.

Mary hall, O.ron; R. Harkness, B.A. SI. March 25.

John's college, Camb.; J.W. Worthington, At the General Ordination in St. Mar- Trinity college, Camb.; W. Wood, S.C.L. garot's church, Westminster.

Magdalene college, Oron.; E. Frowd, PRIEST.-J. Robinson, B.A. St. Alban B.A. Exeter college, Oxon. ; J. GoodeHall, Oxford.

nough, S.C.L. Baliol college, Oxon.; J. H.

Seymour, M.A. Exeter college, Oxon. ; April 11.

R. Witherby, B.A. St. John's college, By the Lord Bishop of Ely, at St. Camb.; W. Raynes, B.A. Jesus college, George's church, Ilanover-square. J.T. P. Coffin, B.A. Caius college, Camb.;

DEACONS.-H. Howarth, B.A., and R. W.J. Goodden, B. d. Oriel college, Oxon.; Twopeny, M.A. St. John's college ; A. Oli. 0. Jenkins, B.A. Jesus college Oxon.; C.S. vant, B.A. W. Whewell, M.A. and T. K. Royds, B.A. Christ college, Camb.; C. H. Arnold, M.A. Trinity college; G. J. Du. Luiwidge, B.A. St. John's college, Camb.; puis, M.A. and J. Chapman, B.A. King's J. Badcock, S.C.L. St. Peter's college, college ; W. Waring, B.A. Magdalen cola Camb. ; C. J. F. Clinton, B.A. Oriel college; M. Peacock, B.A. Corpus Christi lege, Oxon.; J. Chapmau, Lit.; J. Nuscollege ; J. S. Henslow, M.A, and C. M. R. Isey, B.A. Catherine hall, Camb. Norman, M. A St. John's college ; and G. Alder, S. C. L. Trinity hall, Cambridge ; MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. J. J. Goodall, B.A. Pembroke college ; W. Ives, B.A. Baliol college ; and (from

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. the Bishop of St. Asaph) J. Williams, B.A.

Married. The rev. David Laing, of Jesus college, Oxford.

St. Peter's colleye, to Mary Elizabeth, PRIESTS.-G. Stevenson, M.A. and F. second daughter of J. West, Esq. of JaGoode, M.d. Trinity college ; J. Tom- maica, kyns, M.A. King's college ; and H. Mel

DEVONSHIRE. vill, B.A. St. Peter's college, Cambridge.

Married - At Littleham, the rev. WhitBy the Lord Bishop of Chester, in St. James's church, Piccadilly.

worth Russell, M.A. of St. John's college,

Cambridge, and son of the right hon. sir Deacons - J.Armitstead, B.A. Trinity Henry Russell

. Bart. to Frances, daughcollege, Oxford ; T. Boultbee, Literate; ter of vice-admiral Carpenter. F. Whalley, Lit.; J. Richardson, Lit.; T. Smyth, Lit.; F. Shaw, Lit.; J. Clayton,

ESSEX Lit.; R. Milner, B.A. St. John's college, Died.-Aged 90, the rev. Thomas Car. Camb.; W. H. Prescot, M.A. Brazenose

wardine, M.A. prebendary of St. Paul's, college, Oxon.; J. Sewell, Lit.; T. Clowes, and vicar of Earl's Colne. B.4. Queen's college, Camb.; E. N. Dean, B.A. Pembroke college,; W. Swete,

HEREFORDSHIRE. B.A. Oriel college, Oxon.; J. F. Howard,

Died.--In bis 87th year, the rer. Thos. B. A. Trinity college, Oxon.; D. Laing, Jennings, ticar of st. Peter's and St. St. Peter's college, Camb.; E. Neale, Owen's, Hereford, and of Dormington, in Magdalene college, Camb.; J. A. Savage, that county. B.A. Trinity college, Oxon.; W. Williamson, Lit.; J. West, M.A. Exeter colleye,

KENT. Oxon.; W. B. Leach, B.A. Wadham col Died. At Bromley, the rev. John Balege, Oxon. ; R. G. Rogers, B.A. Oriel ker, M.A. many years Lecturer of that college, Oxon.; W. Browolow, B. A. Pem- place, and formerly a Member of Lincoln broke college, Oxon.; H. Holloway, St. college, Oxford,




Francis Henchman, M.A. rector of BeckDied. -At West Ashby, near Horncas- bury, Salop, and vicar of North Moreton, tle, aged 64, the rev. Francis Rockliffe, Berks. perpetual curate of West Ashby, and rec

SOMERSETSHIRE. tor of Fullerby and Martin.

Died. On the 21st inst. at his house At Trusthorpe, near Alford, the rev. in the Circus, Bath, the right rev. father Jonathan Keightley, many years rector in God, Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath of that place.

and Wells, aged 87 years. The venerable MIDDLESEX.

prelate was a native of Somerset, and was Married.-At St. George's, Hanover- educated at Tiverton, whence he removed square, the rev. John Le Marchant, of to St. John's college, Cambridge. In 1738, St. Helen's, in the Isle of Wight, to he stood high among the wranglers for Emily, youngest daughter of the late his degree ; and was also a successful John Utterson, Esq. of Marwell Hall, candidate for one of the prizes for the best in the county of Southampton.

dissertation in Latin prose. About this At Hackney Church, the rev. Robert time he became a fellow of Jesus college, Davis, M.A. of Kilburn, to Jane, eldest and was subsequently raised to be its daughter of the late James Weston, Esq. master, in which capacity he was univerof Fenchurch-street and Upper Homerton. sally respected. He had the honour of

At St. James's Church, the rev. Henry educating the present Duke of GloucesGipps, M.A. and fellow of Worcester col- ter. His first dignity was that of archlege, Oxford, to Maria, youngest daugh. deacon of London. He was afterwards ter of lieut.-general Bentham, Royal Ar- igstalled in the see of Gloucester, and in tillery.

1802, translated to the bishopric of Bath Died.-At the British Museum, in his

and Wells. 70th year, the rev. Thomas Maurice, the

STAFFORDSHIRE. author of “ Indian Antiquities,” the

Died.—At Enville, of which parish he « Ancient and Modern History of Hin- bad been 24 years rector, the rev. Richd. dostan," and other celebrated Works.

Wilkes, formerly of Christ Church, Or. Iu Bridge-street, Blackfriars, aged 53, ford, the rev. R. Clarke, M.A. of Hexham, The rev. John Dunderdale, perpetual Northumberland.

curate of Fulford. On the 25th inst. at his brother's house,

WORCESTERSHIRE. in Keppel-street, the rev.C.C. Chambers, aged 41, rector of Holmpton and Wel

Died.-The rev. Isaac Johnson, curate wick, son of the late Sir Robert Cham.

of Oldswinford. bers, chief justice of Bengal.


Died.The Rev. J. Ellis, M.A. prebenMarried.--The rev. B. Moore, of Ed- dary of Barnby on the Moor, and of Ripor,

and vicar of Strensall and Osbaldwick. wardstone Cottage, Norfolk, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the rev. C. Hyatt,

The rev, Joho Fox, rector of Sigston. Commercial Road, London.


Died.--At Nenagh, in the county of Married.-At East Retford, the rev. P.

Tipperary, the rev. Thomas O'Meara, Jackson, of St. Olave's, York, to Miss H.

who had for several years been chaplain s. Firth, of the former place.

to his present Majesty.


Married.-The rev. Mr. Jones, of Car. Married. At Lower Worton, the rev.

narvon, to Mrs. Jane Davies, relict of the Thomas Boddington, of Thorp Arch, late captain Davies, of the brig Menai, of Yorkshire, to Francis, youngest daughter

Carnarvont. of Mr. Boddington, of the former place. At St. Peter's-in-the-East Church, by A. Isaacson, the rev. Miles Cooper Bol.

At St. Woollas, Newport, by the res. the rev. T. Gretton, M.A. the rev. John

ton, of Queen's college, Oxford, to Miss Hanbury, M.A. of Christ Church, and one of the vicars choral of the cathedral of Bridget Monkhouse, daughter of the late Hereford, to Sarah, the eldest daughter

Matthew Monkhouse, Esq. of Sirhowy of Tilleman Hodgkinson Bobart, Esquire

Iron-works, Monmouthshire. Bedel of Law in the University.

Died, aged 37, the rev. Thos. Hancock, SHROPSHIRE.

M.A. of Pembroke college, Oxford, and Died. The rev. C. Peters, M.A. rec

head master of the Carmarthen Grammar tor of Pontesbury. The living belongs

School. to the New Foundation, Queen's college, At Llanorth, the rev. John Evans, vicar Oxford.

of Cardigan and Llansilio, in the county la tho 83d year of bis age, the rer. of Pembroke, in bis 100th year.



DIVINITY. Observations on the Religious Peculia- Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and Rerities of the Society of Friends. By J. J. sidence there, during the Years 1891, Garney. 8vo. 9s.

1822, and 1823. By Maria Graham, AuA Letter to a Friend, on the Authority, thor of “ Residence in India," &c. 4to. Parpose, and Effects of Christianity, and 21. 2s. especially on the Doctrine of Redemp- Extracts from a Journal, written on the tion. By J. J. Gurney. 12mo. Is. 6d. Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in

An Analysis of Paley's Evidences of the Years 1820, 1821, 1822. By CapChristianity ; iu the way of Question and tain Basil Hall, R.N. Author of a Voyage Answer. 12mo. 48.

to Loo Choo. In 2 Vols. Post 8vo. St. Paul Vindicated; being Part the 11. 18. First, of a Reply to a late Publication by The Adventures and Sufferings of John Gamaliel Smith, Esq. entitled “Not Pani, R. Jewitt, only Survivor of the Crew of but Jesus.” By D. B. Wells, M.A. Christ's the Ship Boston, during a Captivity of College, Cambridge. 8vo.. 58,

nearly Three Years at Nootka Sound, MEDICINE.

12mo. 58. A Translation of the Pharmacopeia Travels in Brazil, in the Years 1817, Londinensis, with copious Notes and Il- 1818, 1819, and 1820. By Dr. John Von lustrations. By R. Phillips, F.R.S.L. and Spix, and Dr. Charles Von Martius, Mem. E, &c. 8vo. 88, 6d.

bers of the Royal Bavarian Academy of A Manual for the Preservation of Sciences. Translated from the Gerinan. Health, and the Prevention of Diseases Vols. 1 and 2. 11. 48. incident to the Middle and Advanced A Summary View of America; comStages of Life. By Sir A. Clarke, M.D. prising a Description of the Face of the Author of an Essay on Bathing, &c. 12mo. Country, and of the principal Cities. By 58. 6d.

an Englishman. 8vo. 10s, 6d. A Treatise on the Nature and Sywp- Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern toms of Cataract, and the Cure of that History, delivered in the University of Disease in its early Stages: illustrated by Dublin. By G. Miller, D.D. M.R.I.A. Cases. By J. Stevenson, Esq. Fellow of Vols. 5 and 6. 8vo. 11. 4s. the Royal College of Surgeons. 8vo. 8s. Notes of the War in Spain ; detailing

An Introductory Lecture to a Course occurrences Military and Political, in Ga. in Comparative Anatomy, Illustrative officia, and at Gibraltar and Cadiz, from Paley's Natural Theology. By J. Kidd, the Fall of Corunna to the Occupation of M.D. Regius Professor of Medicine in the Cadiz by the French. By T. Steele, Esq. University of Oxford. 8vo. 2s. 6d. M.A. of Magdalen College, Cambridge. BIOGRAPHY.

9s. Memoirs of Goëthe, the celebrated Au. Journal of a Residence in Chili, and thor of Faust, &c. Written by Himself. Voyage from the Pacific, in the Years Translated from the German. In % vols. 1822 and 1823. By Maria Grabam. 4to. 8vo. 11. 46.

MISCELLANEOUS. Memoirs of His Serene Highness Au- The Schoolboy's Mapual, and Young tony Philip D'Orleans, Duke of Mont- Man's Monitor ; being a Collection of pensier. Written by Himself. 8vo. 98. Scriptural Extracts, and Moral and Pru.

Memoirs of an English Countess. Writ- dential Maxims. 2s. ten by Herself. Containing vumerons The Perennial Calendar, and Companion Sketches of her Illustrious and Fashion- to the Almanack; illustrating the Events able Contemporaries. In 3 vols. 12mo. of every Day in the Year ; with Rules of 11. Is.

Health and Observations on the Weather. Biography of the British Stage ; being By T. Forster, F.L.S. M.B. &c. Fellow correct Narratives of the Lives of all the of Christ Church College, Cambridge. principal Actors and Actresses. 12mo. 8vo. 188. 9s

Leaves from a Journal; or, Sketohes of Wolsey, the Cardinal, and his Times; Rambles in North Britain and Ireland, Courtly, Political, and Ecclesiastical. By By Andrew Bigelord, Medford, MassaG. Howard, Esq. Author of Lady Jane chusetts. Small 8vo.68. Grey and her Times. 8vo. 16s.

A Philological Grammar of the Englisle

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