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upon the merits of his Redeemer, or attachment was, in a more than more earnestly sought direction, and ordinary degree, warm and constant: strength, and comfort from the and to them his death is no ordinary Spirit of wisdom and boliness. No loss: to those in particular who were man at the same time saw more familiar with him from the days of keenly through the delusions of boyhood, it has caused a void, fanaticism; or could better 'dis- which will never be filled up. tinguish between genuine and coun- Quick-sighted as he was in general, terfeit religion.

he was singularly blind in discerning To the Church of England he was their failings; at least he confined bis most zealously and steadily attach- discerument, in this case, most ed; because he believed it to be the closely within his own bosom. To Church of God; and the most effec- assist them by his counsel, or more tual instrument under Providence, active exertions, he was always for. of maintaining and extending Christ's ward; and would often indeed be kingdom upon earth. But though looking out for, and promoting their he would sometimes express himself interests without their knowledge. in strong general terms of its adver. No occasional differences of feeling, saries, he was ever ready to shew to or contentions of rivalry, were rethem individually the most conci- membered by him for a moment, liatory kindness; and to make the when a friend had need of his serlargest allowance for what he would vices. No zeal then appeared to him willingly regard as involuntary error. too ardent, no efforts excessive. Fixed in his own faith, he knew not To the poor he was liberal, to the how to limit his charity for the utmost extent of his means. He wanderings of others.

pursued indeed, in this respect, a In the pulpit he was earnest, practice, which all who would pereloquent, and persuasive. He mana- form this duty habitually, will do ged a voice naturally weak and de- well to imitate-the practice of refective, so as to make it heard where gularly setting aside a certain pormany stronger ones would have failed. tion of his income for charitable To vigour of thought, he joined a

purposes. copiousness and force of language, In a word, when we contemplate a felicity of illustration, an impres- tbe shortness of the career which siveness of manner, and a power of this excellent man was permitted applying his subject to the con- to run; when we remember the science, which at once won the at- bright prospects of good to himself tention, and touched the heart.. and otbers, which his untimely Though he would by no means keep death has blasted, we have need of back the terrors of the Lord, all that humility and faith can teach where it was necessary to set them us, to learn unrepining submission forth, it was by motives of love, to the will of an unsearchable Prorather than of fear, that he delighted vidence. But when we look at the to win men over to the Gospel of large measure of practical piety and

useful exertion which he was enaIn the discharge of the social bled to fill up within so short a duties he was most exemplary. As period, we see abundant cause to a son, he was surpassed by none in bless the goodness which raised up the attentions of love and reverence : so efficient a minister of truth and as a brother, he joined anthority to holiness, now departed this life in kindness; as a husband--but in this God's faith and fear; and to imcapacity, alas! little more was per. plore grace for ourselves, so to folmitted to him than to receive with low his good example, that with him affectionate gratitude the unwearied we may be partakers of the heaministrations of tenderness. To his venly kingdom, for Jesus Christ's friends (and no már had more) his 'sake. REMEMBRANCER, No. 68.

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On Suoday, the 25th, the rev. C. Lips. Lempriere, E. to the rectory of Meeth,

comb, D.D. late fellow of New college, Devon ; Patron, F. D. Lempriere, Oxford, Lord Bishop of Jamaica, and M.A. the rev. W. H. Coleridge, D.D. late Ley, C. late fellow of Balliol college, Os. student of Christ Church, Oxford, ford, and vicar of Bere Regis, Dorset, Lord Bishop of Barbadoes and the to be under master of Blundell's Free Leeward Islands, were consecrated at Grammar School, Tiverton. Lambeth chapel. The sermon on the oc- Marriott, G. P. vicar of Eynesford, Kent, casion was preached by the rev. A. M. and rector of Haseleigh, Esser, to be a Campbell, M.A.

minor canon of Canterbury cathedral. Bull, J. B.D. to be a canon residen. Metcalf, F. M.A. rector of Kirkoride,

tiary of Exeter; Patron, the LORD Cambridge, to the vicarage of Rigton, Bishop.

in the East Riding of Yorkshire; PaBlomfield, J. of Emmanuel college, Cam- tron, Sir Wm. STRICKLAND, Bart.

bridge, to be one of the domestic chap- Mirehouse, T. H. M.A. to the prebend of

lains to the Lord Bishop of Chester. South Grantham, in the Church, of Cobbold, E. M. A. to the rectory of Wat. Salisbury; Patron, the BISHOP.

lington, Norfolk ; Patron, C. B. Ples- Moore, R. B.A. to the rectory of Cley, TOW, Esq.

next the Sea, Norfolk. Copleston, J. B. M.A. to be a prebendary Parr, J. O. B.A. to the vicarage of Duru.

of Exeter ; Patron, the LORD Bisuop. ford, JVilts. Donne, H. vicar of Cranborne, Dorset, Pott, J. H. M.A. archdeacon of London,

and rector of Boscombe, Wilts, to be to the vicarage of Kensington ; Patron, domestic chaplain to the Dowager the LORD BISHOP of LONDON. Marchioness of Salisbury.

Richards, G. D.D. to the vicarage of Empson, R. B.A. of St. John's college, St. Martin in the Fields ; Patron, the

Cambridge, to the perpetual curacy of LORD BISHOP of LONDON.
West Butterwick, Lincolnshire,

Rogers, T. M.A. late fellow of Sidney Sus Gale, J. of Angersleigh, to be vicar of sex college, Cambridge, to be head masTaunton St. James.

ter of the Free Grammar School, at Goodenough, E. D.D. late student of Ch.

Walsall. Ch. head master of Westminster school, Smith, J. B. head master of Horncastle and sub-almoner to his Majesty, to the Grammar School, to the_rectory of prebendall stall of Warthili, in the Ca. Martin, near Horncastle ; Patrons, the thedral church of York; Patron, his Trustees of the late J.OLDHAM, Esq.

Grace the ARCHBISHOP of YORK. Sparke, J. H. M.A. prebendary of Ely, Hodgson, very rev. Robert, D.D. dean of

registrar of the diocese of Ely; stewCarlisle, to be chaplain general to the ard of the Manor Courts; rector of Forces.

Stretham, in the Isle of Ely ; rector Holmes, J. M.A. rector of Colesborne, to of Cottenham, in the same diocese;

the perpetual curacy of Compton Ab- rector of Littlebury, Essex; and dodale, Gloucestershire ; Patrons, the mestio cbaplain to the Lord Bishop of DEAN and CUAPTER of BRISTOL.

Ely; to the chancellorship of the dioHowman, G. E. M.A. vicar of Sonning, cese of Ely; Patron, his father, the

Berks, and domestic chaplain to the LORD BISHOP OC ELY. Marquis of Lotbian, to the mastership Spry, J. H. minister of Christ church, of the Hospital of St. Nicholas, Salis. Birmingham, to the ministry of the new bury; Patron, the LORD Bishop of that church, erecting in Langham-place, Diocese.

London. Jenyns, L. to the perpetual curacy of Stebbing, H. B.A. to the perpetual curacy

West Dereham, Norfolk ; Patron, the of Ilketshall, St. Laurence, Norfolk, Rev. GEORGE LEONARD JENYNS, Pre. Taylor, H. of Kensington, and late of bendary of Ely.

Lincoln college, Oxford, to the rectory Jones, A. B. A. of St.John's college,Oxford, of Stoke, near Grantham, Lincolnshire;

to be second master of the Cathedral Patron, the late Rev. Mr. RENNELL, school, Hereford ; Patrons, the DEAN Vicar of Kensington. and CHAPTER.

Wilkinson, J. M.A. of St. John's college, King, hon, and rev. Mr. to the rectory of Cambridge, sub-master of St. Saviour's

Chesterford, Esser ; Patron, the King. Grammar School, Southwark, to be bead Lar, H. to the archdeaconry of Richmond, master of the Grammar School, Alder.

in the diocese of Chester; also to the :. ham, Herts. rectory of West Camell, in the diocese Wilson, W. D.D. fellow of Queen's college, of Bath and Wells ; Patron to both Oxford, to the rectory of Oakely, in

preferments, the LORD CANCELLOR. the county of Southampton, and also Lempriere, F. D. M.A. to the rectory of to the vicarage of St. Cross, in the town Neroton St. Petrock, Devon, on his own of Southampton ; Patrons, the Provost petition.

ånd FELLOWS of Queen's College.


Gell, esq.


June 26.
Degrees conferred, June 30.

The rev. James Ingram, B.D. rector

of Rotherfield Grays, in this county, Hox. DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW.-Hon.

Anglo-Saxon professor from 1803 to 1808, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Alexander Hope, M.P. keeper of the University Archives from K.G.C.B.; J. Fane, esq. M.P.; and P. 1815 to 1818, and late fellow of Trinity

college, was approved by the Bishop of July 2.

Winchester, the Visitor (on the nominaDOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW:- Rev. J. W. tion of the fellows) as president of that Fea, Magdalen.

society. The living of Rotherfield Grays BACHELOR IN DIVINIY.-Rev.W.Wheel. is in the gift of the president and fellows er, Magdalen.

of the above college. MasteRS OF ARTS. – Rev. J. Sneyd,

June 30. Brasenose, and C. Porcbcr, esq. Oriel, Mr. John P. Lightfoot, B.A. Mr. Frangrand compounders ; A. Thomas, Wor cis Fulford, both of Exeter college, and cester ; rev. R. Smith, and C. Drewitt, Mr. Martin, of Oriel college, were electPemb.; rey. W. C. Risley, and rev. W. ed fellows of Exeter college, on the De. Bury, New coll.; rev. C. Candy, and rev.

vonshire foundation. H. Gibbs, Lincoln ; W. Beresford, St. The rev. Thomas Finlow, B. A. and the Mary h.; rev. R. Sneyd, W. Hutchinson, rev. Charles J. Hume, B.A. scholars of and W. H. Walton, Brasenose ; J. Har- Wadham college, were admitted fellows, ling, Magdalen ; rev. T. Kitsop, Ereter;

and Mr. Fdward Blencowe, Mr. Hill, C. Ross, esq. Christ Ch. M.P.; rev. R. and Mr. Griffith, were elected scholars Yarker, and rev. M. C. Bolton, Queen's; of that society. and rev. H. T. Powell, Oriel.

July 6. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-C.C. Barton,

A Convocation was bolden, for the pur. esq. Christ Ch. and J. T. Tamberlain, pose of electing a Clinical professor in esq. Trin. grand compounders; A. W. the room of Dr. Wall, deceased, when Lechmere, and J.W. Henry, Pemb.; J. E. Dr. Bourne, late fellow of Worcester colGray, Christ Ch.; H. J. Passand, St. Al- lege, and Aldrichian professor of the ban h.; J. Horsford, Queen's ;' and W. practice of physic, was elected without Thorpe, Merton.

opposition. July 6.

July 8. BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY: Thomas Sweet Escott, B.A. of Balliol -Rev. R. Hewitt, Brasenose.

college, was elected fellow of Lincoln July 9.

college. DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-Rev. W. Wil.

July 10. son; Queen's.

The last day of Act Term, the rev: BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY: Septimus Collinson, D.D. provost of -Rev. T. Knox, Brasenose.

Queen's college, was unanimously reBACHELOR IN DIVINITY.--Rev. W. H. elected Lady Margaret's professor of diBury, St. John's.

vioity on the expiration of two years. MASTER OF ARTS.- Rev. T. Finlow,

July 15. Wadham.

James Garbett, B.A. of Brasenose colBACHELOR OF Music.-B. Blyth, Mag- lege, was elected fellow of Queen's college dalen.

on Mr. Michell's foundation, and John BACHELOR OF ARTS.-F. E. Baker, St. Atkinson Fulton, exhibitioner on the Alban hall.

same foundation. July 10.

His Majesty's Gold and Silver Modals DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-Rev.J.Ingram, were adjudged as follow : President of Trin.

English Essay:-“ The vast and unliBACHELOR IN MEDICINE.-C.J.Bishop, mited regions of learning should be freSt. Mary hall.

quently contemplated” – Mr. WordsMASTERS OF ARTS.-Rev. W. Williams, worth, a Gold Medal. All Souls' ; rev. W. Lee, Brasenose ; and Latin Verse.-"Delphis oracula cesJ. Gray, Oriel.

sant:" Mr. Fisher, a Gold Medal.--" E BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Rev. W. Fan- prima Ciceronis in Catalinam Oratione;" ning, Magdalen hall; T. Mason, Christ Mr. Grant, a Silver Medal.--"From De. Ch.; J. Sloper, Queen's; and T. Noel, mosthenes on the Crown :" Mr. StacMerton.

poole, a Silver Medal. The whole number of Degrees in Act CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Term was D.D. seven ; D.C.L. incor

Degrees conferred July 1. porated one; B.D. eight; B.C.L. one; BACA ELOR IN DIVINITY. - Rev. J. B.; M.A. eighty-three; B. Mus. Morton, St. John. one: B.A. eighty-nine; incorporated MASTERS OF ARTS.-B. Haworth, and B.A. one ; Matriculations, eighty-three; rev. W. Corbett, Trin. ; rev. 1. P. New. Regents for the year, two hundred and byt and rev. J.D. Wintle, St. John ; H. pino.

J. Perry, Jesus.

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BACHELOR IN CIvil Law. — M. R. De brace, Christ; J. Simpson, St. John Mello, Jesus.

T. H. Key, Trin.; R. Cheslyn, C. P. BACHELOR IN Paysıc.–J. B. Steward, Worsley, and P. Johnson, Christ'; R. R. Pemb. h.

Glayton, Caius; W. F. Holt, King's ; W. BACHELORS OF ARTS. - G. Chappell, Worsley, St. John ; A. Page, Clare ; T. Trin.; B. Donne, Queen's.

Linton, St. John; W. Jones, Cath. t.;

J. T. Haylock, St. John.; T. 0. Rogers, July 5.

Trin.; W. J. Hall, C.C.C.; T. B. More HONORARY MASTERS OF ARTS.-Lord

ray, Pemb. ; Henry Turton, Sid.; S. J. C. Paulett, Clare h. ; Hon. T. Erskine, Allen, Pemb.; J. B. Atkinson, Sid.; W. Trin.; Hon. T. De Grey, and Hon. J. Trollope, Pemb.; R. Parkinson, T.Chap. Townsend, St. John's.

man, and F. Close, St.John; A. Greaves, Doctor in PhysIC.-G. L. Loupell, Queen's ; J. Willis, P. Walthall, and T. Caius.

Ainger, St. John ; B. Peile, and T. W. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-H. Meredyth, Maltby, Trin., T. Combe, Peter; J. H. esq. H. F. S. Lefevre, and L. Gwynne, Mandeville, A. Sandys, and J. Barnes, Trin. college.

Trin.; J. E. Denham, St. John; R. F. St, July 9.

Barber, Cath. h.; H.C. Cherry, Clare h. ; DOCTORS IN DIVINITY.-Rev. H. V. T. H. Copeman, and A. Steward, St. Bayley, Trin.; rev. H. K. Bonney, Christ John ; J. H. Alt, Cath. h.; T. Paynter, ch.; rev. J. S. Hewett, Downing; and S. Martin, and E. G. Monk, Trin. ; rev, G. Wilkins, Caius.

W. Jardine, Christ; P.Cator, and T. II. DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW.-H. V. Salus. Musgrave, Trin.; E. Wbite, C.C.C.; E. bury, esq. Trin.; rev. D. G. Wait, and Davies, and J. Macaulay, Trin.; W. H. C. R. Prinsep, esq. St. John's.

Arondel, Caius ; H. W. Blake, and A. B. MASTERS OF ARTS.Y Davies, St. Beevor, C.C.C.; C. Pym, Trix.; J. B. John's; J. Gedge, Jesus ; W. Paynter, Crowe, J. Dobson, and M. Hare, Pemb.; and R. Lyon, Trin.; T. B. Wilkinson, W. James, St. John; N. R. Dennis, C.C.C. C.C.C.; J. Pope, Queen's.; J. H. Pinder, W. Marsball, St. John; R. E. HankioCaius; R. Bootb, and W. Spencer, St. son, C.C.C. i J. Kennaway, Trin.; T, John's; H. Melvill, Pet.; C. Craven, Si. Swinburne, St. John; J. Milner, Catha Joh.; A. Veasey, Pet.; C. Green, Jesus ; hall. C. H. Townsend, Trin. k.; T. Hall, BACHELOR OF ARTS.-P. Donne, St. King's ; T. K. Arnold, Trin.; J. Power, John, Clare ; C. Barker, and J. J. Rawlinson,

June 28, Trin.; 8. Fennell, Queen's; J. P. New, The annual Prizes of 13 guineas each, by, St. Joh.; F. D. Lempriere, Trin.; given by the Representatives in ParliaJ. A. Joboston, Magdalen ; H. Perkins, ment of this University, for the best Pet.; A. Browne, St. Joh.; J. Cantis, dissertation in Latin prose, were adChrist; T. Tylecote, St. Joh. ; A. Olli- judged as follows:-vant, Trin.; W. B. Clarke, Jesus ; J. R,

Senior Bachelors-An recentium inBarker, Christ; T. Worsley, Downing; genii vim insitam veterum Poetarum esH. Harding, King's; H. Engleheart, emplaria promovent ? H. Thompson, Caius ; J.W. Hubbersty, Queen's ; J. D.

St, John's; and W. H. Mariott, Trir. Wintle, St. John's; W. Corbett, Trin.;

Middle Bachelors. No Prize ad. $. Dowell, Peter ; B. Hawortb, Trin, ;

judged. H. J. Perry, Jesus ; G. Freer, Emm.; G. Styche, St. John; H. S. Beresford, Barnaby Lecturers for the year ensu.

The following gentlemen were eleeted Clare ; J. C. Matchett, St. John ; T.

ing:Wilson, Emm.; G. Goles, and T. Lewin,

Mathematical-Rev. J. Lodge, M.A. Peter ; E, R. Mantell, Emm.; J. T.

Knyston, R. Graves, T. B. Western, and
N.C. Barnardiston, Trin.; R. Andrews, St. John's.

Philosophical-Rev. E. Bushby, M.A.
J. Hollams, Peter; W. T. Had-

Rhetoric Rev. T. Green, M.A. C.C.C. dow, Trin.; H. Rose, St. John ; G. E.

Logic--Rev. H. Kirby, M.A. Clare h. Whyley, Trin.; J. B. Cartwright, Que.; J. Jones, Jesus ; J. Fawcett, Clare; E.

July 1, Faulkner, and W. G. Faulkner, Peter;

The rev. Dr. Moore, St. John's college, C. Mace, Clare; H. R. Bagshawe, Trin.; Oxford, vicar of St. Pancras, Middleses; H. Studd, Caius; J.0.Secker, St. John;

rov. W. Hughes, M.A. of Magdalen hall, T. Griffith, Trin.; H. Jollye, Jesus ; F.

and H. Rolls, M.A. of Balliol college, Barlow, Trin. h.; J. Hort, and W. God- Oxford, were admitted ad eundem of this fery, St. John ; H. T. Burn, and E. S. university. Bain, Trin.; J. Crowther, Jesus; W.J.

July 3. Butler, St. John ; B. Nicholls, Peter; Mr. R. Pinkard, of Caius college, was G. 8. Wilson, and J. E. Carr, St. John ; admitted Bachelor in Physic. G. E. Wood, Queen's; A. G. Gornwall, Mr. W. Hodgson, B.A. of St. Peter's Trin.; J. K. Goldney, and E. Godfrey, college, was elected a foundation fellow St. John; P. Legb, Trin.; G. H. T. Far- of that society.

July 5.

T.C. Colls, B.A. Christ, Camb.; D. Da. The rev. J. Cantis, M.A. was elected a yies, B.A. St. Edm. h. ; J. I. Eller ; W. foundation fellow of Christ's college; and

H. Everard, B.A. Balliol, Oxon; w. Mr. G. S. Porter, B.A. was elected a fel- Fletcher, St. John's; T. Fulcher, B.A. low of that society, on the foundation of Sidney Sussex; A. Herring, B.A. Corpus Sir J. Finch, and Sir T. Baines.

Christi ; E. P. Hannum, B.A. St. John's; The right rev. J. Jebb, D.D. of Trin. G. H. Hine, B.A. Sidney Sussex; P. B. college, Dublin, Lord Bishop of Lime- Jeckell, B.A. Queen's, Camb. i I. S. rick, was admlited ad eunder of this uni- Litchfield, B.A. T'rin. Oron ; J. L. Lugyersity.

ger, S.C.L. Christ ; C. Marcon ; J. W. ORDINATIONS.

Methold, B.A. I'rin.; H. Mortlock; H.

S. Neucatre, B.A. St. John's; J. Power,
June 5,

M.A. Clare h. ; R. Richards, B.A. Trin. By the Lord Bishop of Bristol, in the Camh.; J. Spry, Magd. h.; J. T. Trevechapel of Christ college, Cambridge. lyan, St. Mary h. Oron ; H. T. Walford,

Deacons.-W. P. Spencer, M.A. and B.A. Cath. h. ; J. Warne, B.A. Trin.; T.W.Franklyn, B.A. St. John's.

T. West, Christ, Camb.; R. Wilde, B.A. By Lett. Dim. from the Bishop of Ely. Trin. Dublin.

J. Buck, B.A. Queen's ; È. G. Ha- PRIESTS.-F. P. Baker, _B.A. Caius ; mard, M.A. Jesus, Camb.

J. Baker, S.C.L. Trin. h.; E. R. Beevor, By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Salisbury. B.A. Corp. Christi; C.H. Bennet, B.A. Tr. R. Ewing, B.A. Trin. Dublin.

Camb.; W.R. Blake, B.A. Merton, Oxon.; By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of London. E. G. Blyth, B.A. Christ; C. H. Browne, T. Férris, B.A. St. John's, Camb. B.A. Corpus Christi; T. Brown, B.A. By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Durham. Pemb. h.; J.T. Butt, B.A. Caius, Camb.;

J. Ibbetson, B.A. St. John's; E. Cooke, E. Cobbold, M.A. St. Alban's h. Oxon. Lit.

T. Collyer, B.A. St. John's; C. M. By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Dromore. Doughty, B.A. Caius ; H.V. Elliott, M.A.

F. Holmes, B.A. St. John's Camb. Trin.; T. C. Fowler, B.A. Jesus ; G. By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Norwich. Gage, B.A. St. John's, Camb.; W. GunJ. Whiting, B.A. Queen's, Camb.

tho rpe, S.C.L. New, Oxon ; G. A. F. By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Chester. Hart, M.A. Christ ; T. Heath, B.A. Clare

B. Moore, B.A. Jesus ; H. Chetwode, h.; H. Holloway, St. John's ; J. R. HopLit,

per, B.A. Christ; W. Howlett, B.A. By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Exeter. Trin.; G. Jeckell, B.A, Corpus Christi, É. Pellew, B.Ă. Oriel, Oxford.

Camb.; W. Kingdon, Exeter, Oxou ; A. By Lett. Dim. froin Bishop of Ely. Langton, Down. Camb.; C. Lawton, PRIESTS.-E. Miller, B.A. Emmanuel ; Trin. Dublin ; R. Lowe, St. John's, E. Nepean, B.A. Trin. ; A. Veasey, M.A. Camb.; W. Mayd, M.A. Exeter, O.ron ; St. Peter's ; R. Twopeny, M.A. and L. D. R. L. Moxon, S.C.L. Cath. k.; W. F. Jenyns, B.A. St. John's, Camb.

Patteson, B. A. Trin. C. Reynolds, B.A. By Lett. Dim. from Bishop of Chester. Caius ; M. Seaman, Queen's; J.Waters; W. R. Bewsher, Trin. Camb. and W. H.

G. H. Webster, B. A. J. Whiting, B.A. Prescott, M.A. Braserose, Oxford. Queen's; W. H. Wilkinson, B.A. St, June 13.

John's, Camb.
By the Lord Bishop of Peterborough, By the Lord Bishop of Oxford, in
in the Cathedral.

Christ church cathedral.
By Lett. Dim. from the Bishop of St. DEACONS.-H. Duncombe, B.A. All

Souls'; C. G. Cotes, B.A. Christ church ; DEACONS. - H. B. S. Harris, B.A. D.Veysie, M.A. T. Henderson, B.A. and Worcester, Oxon.; R. C. H. Hotchkin, T. Littlehales, B.A. Christ church; F.C. B.A. Emm. ; R. A. Latargne, B.A. Sido Massiogberd, B.A. Magdalen; E. Coleney; R. Montgomery, B.A. St. Peter's ; ridge, B.A. Exeter ; T.T. Churton, M.A. J. Murray, B.Ă. Cath. h. Camb.; J. Sar- Brazenose; H. B. Bulteel, B.A. Exeter; geaunt, B.A. Christ C. Oxon; T. C.

J. H. Newman, M.A. and J. B. Ottley,
Thornton, B.A. Clare h.; J. W. Wake, M.A. Oriel; S. W. Cornish, B.A. Exeter;
B.A. St. John's; W. E. Evans, B.A H, A. Woodgate, B.A. and J. J. Ellis,
Clare h. Camb.

B.A. St. John's; J.C.J. Hoskins Abra-
PRIESTS. - Hon. G. Spencer, M.A. hall, B.A. Wadham; and B. H. Banner,
T.. Mercer, M.A. Trin. Camb. ; T. J, St. John's.
Flesher, B.A. Lincoln ; T. Watson, B.4. PRIESTS.-W. Colston, B. C. L. curato
St. Edm. h.; H.T. Powell, B.A. Oriel, of Broadwell; B. D. Hawkins, M. A.

Pembroke ; C. J. Hume, B.A. Wadham ; By the Lord Bishop of Norwich, in C. C. Clarke, M.A. Christ Ch. ;. T. H, the Catbedral.

Tragitt, M.A. Corpus Christi ; T. H. DEACONS.--W.W. Aldrich, S.C.L.Trin. Causton, Christ Ch. vicar of Ambrosden ; h.; J. A. B.A. Caius ; F. Barkway, Em. H. W. Buckley, M.A. Merton; J. A. s. c. Borton, B.A. Caius; T. Brett, B.A. Atwood, B.A. curate of Banbury; B. ll. Pemb. h.; C. B. Brico, B.A. Peterhouse ; Banner, B.A. Wadhan

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