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June 27.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. By the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, in the Married. At Conington, the rev. Geo. parochial chapel of St. Mary-la-bonne, Jeckell, B.A. of Redgrave, Norfolk, to London.

Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. BalDeacons.-W. F. Hamilton, B. A. St. dock, of Conington. Peter's; C. Lawson, B.A. St. John's; At Cambridge, the rev. Henry George H. Cheals, B.A. Pemb.; W. H. Greene, Keene, fellow of Sidney Susser college, B.A. St. John's; W. Fry, B.A. Queen's ; assistant Oriental professor at the East S. Hazelwood, B.A. St. John's ; G. El- India college, to Anne, third daughter of lis, B.A. Cath. h.; M. Robinson, B.A. the late Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright, Gonv. and Caius, Cambridge ; C. Norris, esq. of Highbury: B.A. Pemb.; C. Langton, B.A. Trin.

CHESTER. Oxford ; C. C. Wheat, B.A. St. John's, Married. The rev.HenryTomkinson, Cambridge.

rector of Davenham, and vicar of Acton, From the Bishop of Ely.

Chester, to Harriet Sophia, eldest daughJ. Holgate, B.A. Trin. Cambridge.

ter of Shakspeare Phillips, esq. of Barlow

hall, Lancaster,
From the Bishop of Chester.

J. Swinburn, B.A. Trin. Dublin ; T.
Stringer, B.A. Queen's, Oxford.

Died.-At Penryn, the rev. John F.
From the Bishop of Gloucester.

Howell, M.A. canon of the Cathedral H. Nelson, B.A.St. Edmund h. O.r.

church of Exeter. ford; S. Payoter, B.A. Trin. Cambridge.

From the Bishop of St. Asaph.

Married.-At North Tamlon, the rev. S. G. Gunning, B... Brasenose; L. J. Phcar, fellow and tutor of Pembroke Richards, B.A. Jesus, Oxford.

Hall, Cambridge, to Catherine Wreford, From the Bishop of London, for the

eldest daughter of S. Budd, esq. Colonies.

DORSETSHIRE. M. G. Sarjant, B.A. Queen's, Oxford ;

Married.—The rev. A. Wayland, of J. R. Judge, Lit.

Lyme Regis, Dorset, to Rebecca, eldest Priests.-P. Johnson, B.A. Christ, daughter of the late W. Robinson, esq. Cambridge ; A. Poole, B.A. St. Edmund of Piccadilly, London. h. Oxford ; T. Barringer, B.A. St. Joh.

J. Longhurst, B.A. Queen's, C. Dudley, Married.—The rev. W. Wild, of Chali
Clare k. w, Hutchinson, B.A. Emm. R. ford, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late
R. Hutchinson, St. John's, Cambridge; H. Walmsley, esq. of Lancaster.
W. Lloyd, B.A. Brasenose, Oxford ; J.

Power, M. A. Clare h. Cambridge,
From the Archbishop of York.

At Odiham, the rev. T. Salmon, B.D. D. F. Markham, B.A. Christ Ch. Ox

formerly of St. John's college, Cambridge. ford.

From the Bishop of Ely.

Died.--At Hereford, in his 64th year, C. M. R. Norman, M.A. Št. John's ; the rey.W.Tremayne, vicar of All Saints, E. G. Hamond, M. A. Jesus, Cambridge. in that city. The living is in the gift of July 11.

the dean and chapter of Windsor., By the Lord Bishop of Exeter, in the

LANCASHIRE. cathedral of that city.

Married.--The rev. Richard Fletcher, DEACONS. -C. W. Ethelston, B.A.

of Darren, to Jane, eldest daughter of Trin.; J. Glencross, B.A. Queen's ; and

Price Watkins, esq. of Shrewsbury.
G. Kemp, B.A. Trin. college, Cambridge.
PRIESTS.--J. Hamilton, and J. Chi.

chester, B.A. Magd.; G. R. Gray, B.A. Died.--At Eastwell, the res. John
M. N. Peters, B.A. St. Peter's ;

Faithfull, vicar of Warfield, Berks. and J. Truman, B.A. Cath. hall, Cam.


Married.-At Barton on Humber, the MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE.

rev. J.B. Graham, M.A. of Queen's college,

Cambridge, to Louisa, only daughter of BERKSHIRE.

the late å. Thorley, esq. Died. In the 81st year of his age, at

MIDDLESEX. his house in Reading, the rev. Wm. Mil- Married. At Mary-la-bonne church, ton, M.A. formerly fellow of New college, the rev. William Hicks, M.A. rector of Oxford, and vicar of Heckfield, Hants,

Whittington and Coberly, in the county of which vicarage he held for fifty-one

Gloucester, and chaplain to the right hon. years. It is in the gift of the warden

the Countess of Orkney, to Amelia Maria, and fellows of New college.

widow of J.Elwes, esq. of Marcham Park, BRISTOL.

Berks. Married. At Clifton church, the rev. At the same church, the rev. J. A. Ross, J. C. Helm, to Miss Blackwell, both of M.A. to Amelia Kezia, eldest daughter of King's Parade.

the late Captain T. Blackburn.

daughter of J. Wright, esq.or Mapperley. bis residence at Hungerford,

Al St. Margaret's, Westminster, the mented by a numerous family and ex. rev. W. Howlett, B.A. of Trinity college, tensive circle of friends, the rev. Michael Cambridge, to Frances, fourth daughter Rowlandson, D.D. of Queen's college, of Joseph Taylor, esq. of Yarmouth. Oxford, and vicar of Warminster. The Died.-At Uxbridge, aged 61, the rev.

death of this excellent clergyman is a Thomas, E. Beasley.

loss not only to his aftlicted family, but

to the Church, of which he was a true NORFOLK.

son-shewing himself, on all occasions, Married.—The rev.F.Barkway, of Nor

with a manly firmness, the zealous supwich, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late Mrs. Cracknell, of Fressingfield Hall.

porter of its orthodox priociples. His Died. -At Lynn, Norfolk, the rev. W. both public and private, seconded by the

exemplary discharge of all bis duties, Winder.

unaffected dignity of his deportment, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

established his influence on the hearts Married. The rev. Robert Williams, B.A. eldest son of the rev. Richard Wil

of his parishioners, and rendered him a

valuable instrument for their good. All liams, rector of Great Houghton, and pre

who knew him indeed could not but feel bendary of Langford, to Miss Newman,

a respect for him, and those who knew niece of the Recorder of London.

him well, could not but love and esteem Died.- At Clipstow, of which parish he had been curate nearly 40 years, the rev.

him. He possessed a strong masculine

understanding, and was a very accurate E. Williams. NOTTINGHAM.

scholar ; as many can attest, who are in

debted to him as the preceptor of their Married.-By special license, by the

youth, and who must remember also, very rev, the Dean of Carlisle, the hon.

with gratitude, the faithful labour and and rev. Henry Edward John Howard,

pains which he bestowed on their in. youngest son of the Earl of Carlisle,

struction. The general respect which prebendary of York, and M.A. of Christ

accompanied him was evidenced on a church, Oxford, to Henrietta Elizabeth,

former occasion, when, on his quitting


bitants of that parish presented him with Died.-At North Leigh, aged 91, the a valuable piece of plate, in testimony rev. Dr. Johnson.

of their sense of his services—but the SOMERSETSHIRE.

feeling with wbich he was regarded was Married. At Bath, the rev. Charles particularly shewn on this last solemn Adams Williams, of Pen-y-Park, rector

occasion. At his funeral the shops of of Langibby, Monmouthshire, to Anne

the town of Warminster were closed, Maria, youngest daughter of the late

and a great number of respectable perThomas Rhodie, esq. of Liverpool.

sons followed his corpse to the grave. Died.-The rev. James Slade, vicar of The Church would not contain the peoWinsford, Somerset, and formerly fellow ple who flocked to witness the mournful of Emmanuel college, Cambridge.

ceremony. The rev. J. Townsend, perpetual cu

In his 60th year, the rev. Henry Good, rate of St. James's, Taunton.

M. A. rector of Stockton, and only son of

the late rev. Henry Good, D.D. of WimSUFFOLK,

borne Minstor, Dorset. * Married.—The rev. Jas. Orford, M.A.

WORCESTERSHIRE. of Chelmondiston, to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Jennings, of East Bergholt.

Married. — At the Berrow, the rev. Died. At the Parsonage House, Hol

Stephen Thackwell, rector of Birtsmor. ton, aged 81, the rev.William Colchester, ton, to Miss S. Clarke, of the former rector of that parish 52 years.



Married. - At Bishopthorpe, by bis Married.--At Streatham, the rev. W.

Grace the Lord Archbishop of York, the Henry Mogridge, M.A. curate of Per

rev. William Venables Vernon, one of the shore, Worcestershire, to Miss Jones, of

canons residentiary of York cathedral, Streatham.

M.A. formerly student of Christ Church, WARWICKSHIRE.

Oxford, son of his Grace, and nephew Died.–At Rugby, the rev. G. Loggin, of the Marquis of Stafford and Lord VerM.A. chaplain, and one of the assistant non, to Matilda Mary, the youngest masters at Rugby school.

daughter of colonel William Gooch, and WILTSHIRE.

grand-daughter of Sir Thomas Gooch, Married.--At Cricklade, by the rev. J.

bart. of Benacre Hall, Norfolk. Still, the rev. W. W. Phelps, M.A. fel

Died.-In bis 83d year, the rev. Matlow of Corpus Christi college, Oxford, to

thew Dixon, rector of Thornhill. Octavia, daughter of the rev. J. Thaine

WALES. Frowd, vicar of Kemble.

Married. The rev. John Lloyd, of Died.July 8, aged 65, deeply la. Cardigan, to Miss Mathias.



recommended as a Preparation for the A Sermon, preached at the Parish Sacrament of the Lord's Sapper, in a Plain Church at Kensington, on the Sunday fol Discourse after the Confirmation, in the lowiøg the Funeral of the Rev. T. Ren- Diocese of London, in May, 1824. By nell, B.D. late Vicar of that Parish, and the Rev. C. Crane, D.D. F.9.A. PerPrebendary of Salisbury. By Joseph petual Curate of Paddington. 3d. Holden Pott, A.M. Archdeacon of Lon- Christian Faith, illustrated by the Faith don. 8vo. 18, 6d.

of Abraham ; in a Sermon, preached at A Sermon, preached in Whitehall Wickham Market, April 14, 1824, at the Chapel, on Sunday, June 20, 1824, at the Annual Visitation of the Archdeacon of Consecration of the Right Rev. C. d. Suffolk. By the Rev. G. F. T'avel, M.A. Blomfield, D.D. Lord Bishop of Chester., F.R.S. Rector of Campsey-Ash. 8vo. By J. Lonsdale, B.D. Domestic Chaplain 1s. 6d. to his Grace the Archbishop of York. The Present Prosperous State of the 4to. 98.

Country; a Sermon, preached before the An Inquiry into the Sense in which our Worshipful Company of Grocers, at the Savionr Jesus Christ is declared by St. Church of Allhallows Stayniog, Mark-lane, Paul to be the Son of God, in Two Ser- July 16, 1824. By the Rev. W. H. Rowlatt, mons, preached before the University of A.M. Reader at the Temple, and DomesOxford. With observations on Mr. Bel. tic Chaplain to the Right Hon, Lord Gifsham's Translation of St. Paul's Epistles. ford. 4to. Is. 60, By J. H. Spry, M.A. Minister of Christ Church, Birmingham, and one of the Uni.

Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts, and Opiversity Select Preacliers for 1824. 8vo. nions, collected and preserved by Lætitia

Matilda Hawkins. In % vols. 8vo. 11, A Sermon, on the Excellence of the Liturgy, delivered at the Annual Visita

POLITICS. tion, at Leeds, June 1824. By the Rev.

A Speech, delivered in the House of €. Musgrave, M.A. Vicar of Whitkirk, Peers, Thursday, June 10, 1824, on OcYorkshire, and Chaplaid to the Right Hon. casion of the Third Reading of the Irisla Lord Vernon. 8vo. 1s.

Tythe Composition Amendment Bill. By The Study of the Communion Service, John, Lord Bishop of Limerick, 8vo, ss.




Carolina, for Yonng Persons in the higher

and middle Classes of Society, in one The Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, Master of volume 12mo. To which will be prefixed, Trinity College, Cambridge, has in the a Sketch of the Bishop's Life; also some press,

" Who wrote Icôn Basilikè ?” con- Account of the Origin and Present Cire sidered and answered, in two Letters to cumstances of the Episcopal Church is his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.

the United States of North America, The Rev. E. Berens has nearly ready Sermons and Charges, by Thomas Fanfor publication, a Selection from the Ser. shawe Middleton, D.D. Lord Bishop of mons of the late Right Rev. Theodore Calcutta, with Memoirs of his Life, by H. Dehon, D.D. Bishop of the Protestant K. Bonney, D.D. Archdeacon of Bedford, Episcopal Church in the diocese of South are in the Press.

NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. The letter of Oradeapos, in reply to W.T., is not sufficiently relevant to the point at issue.

Marcus is under consideration.

The Canterbury Tale of “A Modern" is certainly not according to the best taste. He will allow us, at any rate, to plead “ Mallem errare cum Platone, &c.

Our Political Retrospect, which has been accidentally interrupted, will most probably be soon res umed.

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SERMON ON THE VICTORY OF the doer, in order to its execution. FAITH.

The least infringement of its exac

tions, is less than that purity which 1 John, v. 4.

it requires of us. But it is impos.

sible for us, with a nature degraded For whatsoever is born of God over

cometh the world; and this is the vic from its original excellence, to reach tory that overcometh the world, even

such a standard of undeviating recour faith.

titude. To be justified, therefore,

in the sight of God, we must necesThese words convey to us, in a sarily look to a Saviour, who shall brief and energetic manner, the ef- fulfil for us those conditions, which fect of that blessed faith which is we are utterly unable to perform in in Christ Jesu's our Lord. The text our own persons. instructs us, that it is the victory Happily for us, that Saviour has which overcometh the world; or, in been found. in the midst of our other language, it is that effectual perplexity, we have obtained a relief, devotion of the whole man to God, commensurate with the magnitude of which displays itself in fruits of the evil under which we were opholiness, enabling us to become su- pressed. As powerful as the sin of perior to the manifold temptations of the first Adam was in entailing guilt the world. This sacred truth it will and misery on his posterity, equally be the object of this discourse to powerful has been the righteousness illustrate, and enforce in all its prac. of the second Adam, the Lord from tical cogency:

heaven, in obtaining for his adopted If we admit the doctrines of the offspring, grace and life eternal: as fall of man, and the consequent cor- in Adam all die, even so in Christ ruption of our nature, (and every shall all be made alive. one who impartially reads the Scrip- Accordingly, the meritorious satures, or his own heart, must admit crifice of Christ, by which he reconthem) however opinions may differ ciled us to the justice, and at the as to the extent of that corruption, same time commended us to the there is no alternative left us, but to mercy, of an offended God, is the rest our hope of salvation on some- only real foundation of Christian thing extrinsic to ourselves. For the hope the only certain warrant of law of God, being a perfect law, re- our acceptance with God, quires a capability of perfection in Salvation being thus obtained for REMEMBRANCER, No. 69.

3 U

us solely through the atoning blood of We to whom the Gospel has been our Redeemer, it is evident, that no- preached, are in the situation of the thing which we can do subsequently impotent man who sat by the pool can bestow any additional efficacy on of Bethesda. The blood of Christ the sacrifice once performed. God, is our Bethesc!a-it is that which we learn from Scripture, has already possesses all the virtue of healing ; accepted that sacrifice of his beloved but faith must also be present with Son, and has intimated to us, that us, to place us within the reach of its in him he is well pleased. Nothing, salutary operation. then, can be added to, or diminished Here then we see that victory from, Christ-he is all in all to us- whieh overcometh the world, even in Him the whole mystery of redemp- our faith-inasmuch as it is by faith tion has been at once transacted that we obtain for ourselves indivi. and all men, whatever may be their dually, the benefits of the sacrifice individual attainments in righteous- made by Christ for the whole world ness, are saved through the satisfac- collectively. When the glorious tion made on the cross.

light of the Gospel is shed abroad While, however, from the univer- upon us, and Christ, the very God, sality of its efficacy, we are entitled is manifested to us by mighty works, to presume, that the atonement of and by prophctic declarations strictly Christ will be extended uncondition- verified in him, as reconciling the ally to those who never heard of his world to himself ;—when the most name, and who walk only by the effectual means of conviction are light of nature-the case is very dif- set before us, and the greatest en. ferent with all of us who enjoy the couragements held out to us,-unless benefit of a written Revelation, and we unfeignedly believe the sacred by the knowledge of that Revelation, truths of Revelation, there is no are brought into covenant with God. hope to us of escape from the terAll to whom the glad tidings of rible wrath, denounced against such mercy are made known, are placed impenitent hardness of heart. in a state of trial with regard to we, on the contrary, believe them them; and it becomes of the highest with sincerity and earnestness, our consequence to such, in what manner faith will be counted to us for they receive those glad tidings thus righteousness; we shall then, we particularly revealed to them. To all may piously trust, be made partakers such God may be supposed to say:- of the blessed effects of the omni. “See, I have set before thee this day potent sacrifice of the Son of God. life and good-death and evil-bless- But while we lay so great a stress ing and cursing; therefore choose life, on our justification by faith, it is imthat thou mayest live*.”

portant to bear in mind, that faith Hence arises the doctrine of jus. has no meritorious effect in the great tification by faith. For it is by faith work of our redemption. We are that God now calls upon us who have justified, that is, reconciled to God, received the Gospel, to acknowledge without the deeds of the law-it is the saving power of Christ's atone- the free grace of God by which we ment, and to rest our hopes accord. stand, independently of ourown works ingly, exclusively on his meritorious or exertions. Hence, not only are redemption. Agreeably to the words the deeds of the law excluded from of St. Paul, where he says-by grace any share in the glory of redemption, ye are saved, through fuith; that is, but all merit is also taken away it is God's grace manifested in Christ from the act of faith. Faith, then, which saves us; but faith is neces. cannot be too highly estimated as a sary to conduct us to that salvation. means of salvation ; but we must, at

the same time, be careful, lest, by Deut. xxx. 15 and 19. magnifying it too much, we exalt it

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