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by the Committee be remitted annually Mr. Josiah Thomas, Mr. George

Harding, to the Society, in aid of its general de. the Rev. the Prebendaries of the Cathedral, signs.

and the Rev. the Clergy of the city and 0. That the remaining two thirds do neighbourhood, with power to add to their form a separate Fund, for the use of this number, under the regulations of the sodistrict, as far as its wants may require ; ciety. the surplus, if any, to be remitted to the That Messrs. Williams, Hughes, and Co. Society, for the supply of less opulent be requested to accept the office of Treadistricts at home, or for the purpose of promoting its objects in foreign countries. That the Rev. Thomas Armistead, and

7. That for the supply of this district, the Rev. George Pearson, be requested to the Committee do avail themselves of the accept the office of Secretaries. privilege allowed by the Society, of or- 13, That the care of the books in the dering, through its Secretaries, Books on depôt of this Committee, be entrusted to the Society's List, at the reduced prices Mr. Richards, master of the Diocesan marked in the Society's catalogue (which School. prices are less than two thirds of the 14. That the thanks of this Meeting be bookseller's charges to the public). given to the Very Rev, the Dean and Chap

8. That the books so ordered, be dis. ter, for the use of the Chapter Honse. tributed to the poor, at the recommenda- 'The Very Rev. the DEAN seconded the tion of the subscribers, either gratuitously, motion, which was unanimously agreed to. or at reduced prices; and that the money After some conversation, returned to the Committee from such sale, Dr. TREVOR rose, to observe, that it be considered as a further contribution to was not from any want of zeal that his the district.

clerical brethren did not come forward as 9. That the books purchased, and dis- speakers on this occasion. The Right Rev. tributed by the Committee, be exclusively Prelate in the Chair, he considered had those which are on the Society's List. exhausted the subject. No man respected

10. That, with the permission of the their late Diocesan more highly thaa hirDean and Chapter, the Committee do meet self; but he was most grateful to his Maat the Chapter House, on the last Monday jesty's Government for sending them such in the montis of December, April, July, another Bishop as his successor. and October,

Lord Kenton then proposed the thanks 11. That the accounts of the Trea of the Meeting to the Lord Bishop of surers, and Secretaries, be audited annu- Chester. The motion was seconded by ally at the Quarterly Meeting, in April. Sir R. VAUGHAN, Bart, when

12. That the Lord Bishop of the Dio- The BISHOP said he would not trouble cese be President of this Committee. them further than by saying, that he never

That the Right Hon. the Earl of Stam. could be more effectually or properly enford and Warrington, Lord Lieutenant of ployed than in disseminating Christian the County,

principles according to the discipline of The Right Hon, the Earl Grosvenor, the Church of England. He sbould look The Right Hon. Lord Kenyon,

for no higher reward in this world, than the The Right Hon. Lord Combermere, approbation of his brethren in the ministry, The Right Hon. Lord Delamere, and of those whose eternal interests they

The Right Worshipful the Mayor of were labonring to promote. Chester for the time being,

Subscriptions were then entered into, Richard Tyrwhitt, Esq. Recorder of and the Meeting was dissolved about halfChester,

past one o'clock. The Very Rev, the Dean of Chester, be The sums remitted to the Parent Soreqnested to accept the Office of Vice- ciety, by the District Society, since its presidents.

establishment, amount to 15991. 138. 8fd. That the following gentlemen be re- The books sold during that period arequested to form the acting Committee :- Bibles...

1,904 Mr. Alderman Larden, Mr. Alderman Testaments, Francis, Mr. Alderman Rogers, Roger Common Prayer Books 5,188 Barnston, Esq. George Brooke, Esq. W. Psalters

800 M. Thackeray, M.D. G.B. Granville, Esq. Bound Books and Tracts. 44,860 P. Humberston, Esq. Robert Baxter, Esq. John Finchett Maddock, Esq. J. Fletcher,


52,672 Esq. W. Richardson, Esq. T. Dixon, Esq. Members recommended to the Parent George Harrison, Surgeon,

George Har- Society, through the medium of the Disrison, Esq. Crane-street, W. H. Folliott, trict Committee, daring the same period, Esq. Mr. Thomas Whittell, Mr. Leet, 105.

NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE EDUCATION of the institution, and of reudering them

more permanent.--In the Report of last

year, the incipiept success of those resoluBRIDGEND DISTRICT SCHOOL.

tions, and further details of the proposed The Annual General Meeting of the

measures, were stated to the General Bridgend School was bield at that town, Meeting. Hopes were at the same time on Friday in the last week, and affords us

expressed of final success :—those hopes å gratifying subject of notice. Notwith

lave since been completely realized-the standing the wetness of the morning, the funds bave been raised the school-rooms company present was liglily respectable: have been built, and are now occupied amongst them were, the Earl and Countess

the number of children has been greatly of Clarendon, Lord and Lady Jas. Stuart, increased, there being already admitted Sir John and Lady Nicholl and family, 131 girls and 82 boys, making together 213, Mrs. and Miss Grant, of Gnoll Castle, notwithstanding the school for boys was Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Knight, Rev.

discontinued from Christmas last until the Mr. and Mrs. Harding and family, the

new rooms were finished.--The sum raised Misses Talbot, Rickards, Bennet, &c. by, donations amounted to 2001. 178.* beMajor Mackworth, Rev. Mr. Hancorne, sides the liberal present of the site by Mrs. Rev, Mr. J. Traberne, Rev. Mr. Robert Powell; and a grant of 2001. was obtained Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, Mr. Smith, from the National Society. The building of Newhouse, Mr. Verity, &c. &c. An (which has been erected in the simplest excellent sermon on the occasion was

and least expensive mode, consistently preached by the Rev. T. Davies, Rector with its being substantial) has cost includof St. Nicholas, and a liberal collection ing the fittings up, the sum of 446l. 9s. 5d, (upwards of 321.) was made at the Church, Some few additional donations are still exmany persons who were prevented attend. pected, possibly sufficient to make up the ing having sent donations. The children deficiency of their amount to meet the were then conducted to the new school- cost incurred, without breaking in upon rooms, just erected, and capable of con

the annual subscriptions, which are barely taining nearly three hundred children. adequate to answer the annual expendiThose present (above two hundred) were

turet.—The Committee, however, cannot publicly examined, and their progress help expressing a further hope, that the was very satisfactory.—They were then

annual subscription will not only be conregaled with a plentiful dinner in the Town

tinued to its present amount, but will be Hall. The whole exhibition was highly increased by new subscribers, or (if veinteresting. The following Report from cessary) by enlarged subscriptions since, the Managing Committee to the General surely, no person in any manner connected Meeting was read, and ordered to be en

with the neighbourhood, and possessed of tered on the minutes :REPORT.

* The Donors :-Sir J. Nicholl, 201. ; The transactions of the past year furnish Dr. Arnold, 51. ; C. Franches, Esq. 5l. ; the Committee with a very gratifying sub. Bishop of Landaff, 201.; Mrs. Van Mil. ject for their Annual Report to the Gene- dart, 31.; Lord Clarendon, 10l. ; Lord ral Meeting of this Institution now as- and Lady Adare, 30l.; Rev. J. Harding, sembled. It will be recollected, that in 51. ; Rev. T. Hancorne, 1l. 15.; Sir C. October, 1822, certain resolutions were Cole, 101.; C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. 101. ; circulated among the subscribers and J. Davies, Esq. 51. 58.; G. Jenner, Esq. others connected with the neighbourhood, 51.; H. Grant, Esq. 51. 58.; R. M. Cassetting forth the great advantages which berd, Esq. 51.; Rev. J. Traherne, 5l.; the lower classes had derived from these Sir J. Aubrey, 101.; Rev. H. H. Norris, schools, while, from the precarious tenure 101. ; Lady Dynevor, 51. 58.; Anonymous, of the school-rooms, and the death or re- il. 18.; Marquis of Bute, 101.; Lady moval of a large proportion of the original Bute, 5l. ; Sir D. Mackworth, 10l. ; Rev. subscribers, great risk existed that the Bruce Knight, 5l. :— Total, 2001. 178. highly valuable blessing of religious and * The

present Lord Clarendon has since useful education would be lost to the rising given 101. 108.; and Lord Plymouth has generation of a very numerous part of the promised a donation, though not yet sigcommunity, unless hy great exertions suffi- nified the amount. cient funds could be raised for the building # New Annual Subscribers from Miof new school-rooms: bnt, on the other cbaelmas last :-C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. hand, if by a successful effort, that object 101. ; Earl of Clarendon, 51.58. ; Coupcould be accomplished, a prospect would tess of Clarendon, 51.; Wyndham Lewis, be afforded both of extending the benefits Esq. M.P. 31. 3s. REMEMBRANCER, No. 71,

4 U

any benevolence, can refuse assistance to to be erected for the accommodation of the support of an institution productive of the two schools was introduced by the such incalculable benefits to the moral Archdeacon, who explained to the Meetcharacter, to the usefulness, and to the ing the views and proceedings of the Maultimate comfort of so large a portion of naging Comınittee respecting it. The the surrounding population.

Meeting had to regret the absence, occasioned by a domestic calamity, of the

Engineer, who has, with great pains and MEETING OF THE BOMBAY EDUCATION

assiduity, endeavoured to meet the wishes SOCIETY.

of the Society. There was, however, exOn Wednesday last the Annual General hibited a sketch of a plan, which is calcu. Meeting of the Bombay Education So- lated to give ample accommodation for the ciety was held in St. Thomas's Church, at numbers for which the buildings are desired, which the Hon. the Governor, the Presi- and which received the approbation of the dent of the Society, took the Chair. The several persons who examined it. Meeting was attended by Mrs. Warden, When this subject was under consideraLady West, and most of the Ladies Di- tion, while it was admitted by every one rectresses, by the Hon. Sir Chas. Colville, present that the accommodation which is Mr. Warden, Sir Edward West, Mr. now afforded for the Boys School, is teMeriton, and others of the principal resi- tally inadequate, and that no suitable spot dents in Bombay.

of ground can be obtained for building The business of the day commenced within the Fort; some discussion took with the examination of the children of place respecting inconveniences apprethe two Central Schools, in which the pro- hended from moving the Girls School into ficiency displayed gave general satisfaction the country; and a question arose, as to to the Meeting. The medals annually al- whether, or not, the Resolution of a spelotted to the most deserving scholars, and cial General Meeting held in the month of some prize books were then presented to September last, approving of the removal the boys by the Hon. the Governor, and of both schools, was to be considered to the girls by Lady West.

final. This having been determined in the The general appearance of the pupils affirrnative, the Society, it appears, will received the marked approbation of the avail themselves of the grant made by Visitors,

Government of a piece of ground at ByThe Report having been presented, and culla,affording ample space for both schools, some parts of it read by the Secretary, a and possessing every advantage in point of Resolution was passed, approving of it, healthiness : and, provided a plan and and ordering it to be printed and distri- estimate be finally arranged, with every buted to the members of the Society, assurance attainable that the expense will Several Resolutions were then moved by come within the means of the Society, the the principal persons present, expressing work will proceed under the direction of the thanks of the Society to the persons the Building Committee, who were infrom whom the Institution had derived structed to consult the Ladies Directresses assistance during the year, anıt especially respecting the accommodation of the Girls to the Ladies Patronesses and Directresses, School, for their superintendence of the Girls We trust that all the friends of the Instie School, and to the Venerable the Arch- tution will join in giving their cheerful sopdeacon, the Clergy, and other Members of port to the determination which has been the Managing Committee.

adopted, and cordially assist in carrying on The usual business being thus disposed a measure which lias been judged upon the of to the satisfaction of all who were pre- whole most advantageous to the charity.sent, the subject of the buildings proposed Bombay Gazette, April 14, 1824.



Degrees conferred October 10.

Fanning, William, Magdalen,

Lloyd, John Horatio, Fellow of Brasc-
Ellis, John Joseph, Fellow of St. John's.
Banner, Benjamin Holford, Fellow of St.


Woodgate, Heory Arthur, Fellow of St.


Watson, Thomas, Esq. St. John's.

Cary, James Walter, Magdalon.

Beck, Edward, Esq. Jesus. Hutton, Charles James, Magdalen.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Vogan, Thomas Stuart Lyle, St. Edmund. Packe, James, Fellow of King's. Moseley, Thomas, St. Edmund.

Still, Peter, Fellow of King's. Lathbury, Thomas, St. Edmund.

Puget, John Hey, Trinity..
Stoddart, George Henry, Queen's. Rich, Henry, Trinity.
Griffith, Henry, Jesus.

Trencbard, J. A. St. John's.
October 21.

Ousby, Robert, St. John's.

Powell, Rice Davies, St. John's.

Ventris, Edward, St. Peter's.
Gordon, Robert, Esq. M.P. Ch. Ch. Ward, John, Christ's.
grand compounder.

Condamine, John de la, Christ's. Sergeaunt, Rev. John, Ch. Ch. grand Scurr, Rev. Robert William, Magdalen. compounder.

Weaver, B. Sidney, Sussex. Jackson, John, Taberder of Queen’s. Deakin, John Osmond, Downing. Niblock, Rev. Joseph White, St. Ed. Long, Henry Browne, Downing mund Hall.

George Biddell Airy, Frederic Field, Knapp, Rev. Primatt, Fellow of Magda. Thomas Babington Macaulay, and Henry len.

Malden, Bachelors of Arts, have beon Hutchinson, Cyril George, Ch. Ch. elected Fellows of Trinity college. Thursby. Rov. Henry, Oriel.

There will be Congregations on the Medburst, Rev. Charles, Corpus Christi. following days of this Term: Nov, 10, BACHELORS OF ART8.

24, Dec. 8, 16.
Boys, Edward George, Worcester.
Cary, Henry, Worcester.
Dowell, Stephen Wilkinson, Worcester.

On Sunday, 10th October, being the Oakeley, Frederick, Ch. Ch.

first day of term, the following officers Leigh, Edward Trafford, Brasepose.

were appointed for the ensuing yoar :

PROCTORS, Webber, Frederic, Pembroke.

Thomas Dickes, M.A. Jesus college. Linton, Henry, Demy of Magdalen.

Henry Tasker, M... Pembroke hall. Irby, George Ives, Baliol.

TAXORS. On Thursday, 7th Oct. the nomination John Lodge, M.A. Magdalen college. of a Vice-Chancellor for the ensuing Hastings Robinson, M.A. St. John's colyear, by the Right Hon. Lord Grenville, loge. Chancellor of the University, was ap

MODERATORS. proved in full convocation ; after which John Warren, M.A. Jesus college. the Rev. George W. Hall, D.D. Master Temple Chevalier, M.A. Catherine hall. of Pembroke College, resigned the Vice

SCRUTATORS. Chancellorship, and the Rev. Richard William G. Judgson, M.A. Trinity colJenkyns, D.D. Master of Balliol College, lege. was invested with that office with the Thomas Greene, B.D. Corpus Christi usual formalities, and nominated bis Pro. college. ViceChancellor; the Rev. George W; The following gentlemen wereon Tues. Hall, D.D. Master of Pembroke College; day, the 12th of October, appointed the Rev. John Collier Jones, D.D. Rector of CAPOT for the year ensuing. Exeter College ; Rev. George Rowley, Rev. H. Godfrey, D.D. President of D.D. Master of University College, and Queen's, DIVINITY. Rev. Ashhurst Turner Gilbert, D.D. Rev. J. W. Geldart, LL.D. Trinity ball, Principal of Brasenose College.

Law. Congregations will be holder for the Thomas Ingle, M.D. St. Peter's college, purpose of granting Graces and confirm

PAYSIC. ing Degrees, on the following days in this Rev. J. C. Ebden, M.A. Trinity hall, Term: November 4, 11, 18, December SEN. Non-REGENT. 2, 9, 17.

Rev. W. F. Wilkinson, M.A. Corpus On Saturday, Oct. 9, George Hawkins, Christi, Sen. REGENT. M.A. Scholar of Corpus Christi College, was admitted Fellow.

On Wednesday, October 13, MarmaSame day, Mr. Henry Weir White,

duke Ramsay, M.A. of Jesus college, and Commoner of Jesus College, was elected the Rev. Henry Kirby, M.A. of Clare Scholar of that Society.

ball, were appointed Pro-Proctors.

On the same day the following gentleCAMBRIDGE.

men were appointed Examiners for Clas. Degrees conferred October 13.

sical Honours in the Lent term, 1825:-MASTER OF ARTS.

Rev. J. Grabam, M.A. Fellow of Christ Campbell, Colin Alexander, Trinity. college.


Rev. T. Shelford, M.A. Fellow of Corpus Thorold, Charles, B.A. Emmanuel col. Christi college.

lege; and Rev. James Scholefield, M.A. Fellow of Schneider, Herry, B.A. St. John's col. Tripity college.

lege, Cambridge. Rev. Henry Law, M.A. Fellow of St. Talbot, llenry George, B.A. Christ Jobn's college.

Church, Oxford.

Richardson, Egremont, B.A. Catherine The following gentlemen were ap- hall, Cambridge. pointed to conduct the previous exami- Collin, Richard, B.4. Trinity college, nation of Junior Sophs, in the ensuing Dublin. Lent term:

Pigott. John Robert, B.4. Emmanuel Rev.John Graham, M.A. Fellow of Christ

college ; college.

Farlam, John, B.A. Queen's college ; Rev. T. Sbelford, M.A. Fellow of Corpus

Sunner, Charles Vernon Holme, B.A. Christi college.

Trinity college; and John Hutton Fisher, M1. A. Fellow of Tri- Estridge, John Julius, B A. St. John's nity college.

college, Cambridge. Rev. Edward Bushby, M.A. Fellow of St.

From the Bishop of Winchester. John's college.

Mason, Ricbard, Literate.

From the Archbishop of York.} Lord Viscount Fordwich, eldest son of Earl Cowper ; the Hon. Charles Dundas, By the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, Oct. son of Viscount Melville; and the Hon. F. Ryder, son of the Earl of Harrowby,

DEACONS. are admitted of Trinity college.

Dwarris, Charles Aug. B.A. Emmanuel
The Hon. Horatio Powys, son of Lord college ; and
Lilford, and the Hon. Richard Le Poer Merest, James William Drage, St. John's
Trench, son of the Earl of Clancarty, college, Cambridge.
are admitted of St. Jobn's college.


Hill, Walter Henry, B.A. Emmanuel col. By the Bishop of Lincoln, at Buck


Nocl, Leland, M.A. Trinity college ; and den, on Sunday, September 26.

Merest, James William Drage, St. Jobn's DEACONS.

college, Cambridge. Chaplin, Charles. Sutton, B.A. Clare

hall, Cambridge. Horne, William, B.A. Christ Church, Ox- thedral, on Sunday, Oct. 3.

By the Bishop of Chester, in the Ca. ford. Johnson, William, B.A. Sidney Sussex

DEACONS. college ;

Bagnall, Samuel, B.A. Downing college; Osborne, George, B.A. St. John's college; Barber, John, B.A. St. John's college ; Scurr, Robert William, Magdalen col- Costabadie, Henry Palliser, B.A. Jelege; and

sus college ; and Adcock, James, B.A. St. Peter's college, Dunderdale, Robert, B.A. St. John's colCambridge.

Jege, Cambridge. Shepherd, Robert, B.A. Queen's college ; Jenkins, John. Pantin, Thomas Pindar, B.A. Queen's Lockett, William. college ; and

Newby, Gedge. Perkins, Benjamin Robert, B.A. Lincolo

Thackeray, William, B.A. Brasenose col. college, Cambridge.

lege, Oxford. Lee, Charles, Literate.

Todd, Isaac.
Jackson, George, B.A. Queen's college ; Wilkinson, John.
Bryan, George, B.A. St. John's college ;
Powys, Henry, B.A. Jesus college ; and

Andorson, Matthew, B.A. St. John's)

Davenport, William, B.A. Peter-house; college, Cambridge ;

aud Eveleigh, James, B.A. Worcester col

Dod, Charles Broughton, B.A. Christ's lege, Oxford.

college, Cambridge. From the Bishop of Rochester.

Flemming, John, Jun. Shaw, Henry Edwards, B.Ă. Worcester

Folliott, James, B.A. Pembroke college, college, Oxford.

From the Bishop of Salisbury.

Lowe, Thomas.

Milner, Wheeler, BA. Emmanuel col. Worsley, Pennyman Warton, B.A. St. Al

lege; and ban hall, Oxford.

Clay, Joseph, B.A. St. Jobn's college, Drake, Arthur Tyrwhitt, B.A. Emma- Cambridge. nuel college ;

Gilpin, Martin.

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