Ovid, Volume 1

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Harper & Bros., 1844
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Page 285 - Now from my branching arms this infant bear, Let some kind nurse supply a mother's care; Yet to his mother let him oft be led, Sport in her shades, and in her shades be fed; Teach him, when first his infant voice shall frame Imperfect words, and lisp his mother's name,
Page 284 - In vain to free her fasten'd feet she strove, And as she struggles only moves above; She feels the encroaching bark around her grow By slow degrees, and cover all below. Surprised at this, her trembling hand she heaves To rend her hair; her hand is fill'd with leaves;
Page 284 - Lotis the nymph (if rural tales be true), As from Priapus' lawless love she flew, Forsook her form; and fixing here became A flowery plant, which still preserves her name. " This change unknown, astonish'd at the sight, My trembling sister strove to urge the flight;
Page 260 - And adds at last the boughs of rotten trees. The fire thus form'd, she sets the kettle on (Like burnish'd gold the little seether shone); Next took the coleworts which her husband got From his own ground (a small, well-water'd spot); She stripp'd the stalks of all their leaves; the best
Page 55 - Ran, uncontroll'd, where'er their fury drove ; Rush'd on the stars, and, through a pathless way Of unknown regions, hurried on the day. And now above and now below they flew, And near the earth the burning chariot drew. 240 The clouds disperse in fumes, the wond'ring moon Beholds her brother's steeds beneath her own:
Page 285 - Prostrate, with tears their kindred plant bedew, And close embraced, as to the roots they grew; The face was all that now remain'd of thee; No more a woman, nor yet quite a tree: Thy branches hung with humid pearls appear,
Page 59 - Shot from the chariot like a falling star, That in a summer's evening from the top Of heaven drops down, or seems, at least, to drop, Till on the Po his blasted corpse was hurl'd, Far from his country, in the western world.
Page 16 - roar, And, rising on a ridge, insult the shore. Thus when the god, whatever god was he, 40 Had form'd the whole, and made the parts agree, That no unequal portions might be found, He moulded earth into a spacious round: Then, with a breath, he gave the winds to blow, And bade the congregated waters flow.
Page 18 - And happy mortals, unconcern'd for more, Confined their wishes to their native shore. No walls were yet, nor fence, nor moat, nor mound, Nor drum was heard, nor trumpet's angry sound, Nor swords were forged; but, void of care and crime, The soft creation slept away their time.
Page 259 - Inured to want, their poverty they bore, Nor aim'd at wealth, professing to be poor. For master or for servant here to call Were all alike, where only two were all. Command was none, where equal love was paid, Or rather both commanded, both obey'd.

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