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Society, ib. Suffolk Society, ib. Wilts Missions, Hint on Early, 359.
Association-Berks Association, ib. Morals, Paley's Theory of, 397.
Essex Meetings London Deputies, Missionary Printer, 521.
223. Letter from Dr. Carey-Ordi- Mind, Tranquillity of, 343.
nation - Deaths, ib. Missionary So- Moravian Missionary, 582.
ciety's Petition, 271. Tract Society,

bis Conduct Explained, 638.
274. British and Foreign School, 276. Milton Manuscript, 614.
Blackburn Academy, ib.

Seamen's Man in the Universe, 400.
Boys School, 277. Essex Meeting -

Kingswood, 277, Ireland, 278. Home Nonconformity, Exclusion of from Pul-
Missionary Society, 279. Beds.--Home pit, 118.
Missionary Society, ib. Irish Evan-

Lectures on, 470.
gelical Society, ib. Sunday School Non-Con's Visit to the Metropolis, 357.
Union, ib. Port of London Society, Notice, 391.
ib. Deaths-Sunday Schools, Lon- Notices of Deceased Ministers, 559.
don, ib. Protestant Society, 324.

Hibernian Society, 333. British and Ordination, Queries on, 304.
Foreign School, ib. Sunday School

Replies to, 356, 571, 630.
Union, 334. African Institution, ib.
Irish Evangelical Society-Continental Orphan Sailor, 627.

--, Remarks on, 405,
Society, ib. Home Missionary Society Old Year Improved, 18.
- Naval and Military Bible Society,
335. New Chapel, Bradford-Death,

ib. Assurance Office, ib. A Hindoo on

Principles, Liberal, on Marriage Laws,
the Commandments, ib. Parliamenta-

ry Proceedings, 386. Case of Smith, Petition against Test Act, 287.
ib. Petition on Test Act, 388. New-

Pursuit, Unsuccessful, 15.
port Academy-Ministers' Widows,

Parable, a, 516.
390. M‘Farlane - Ordination, 321. Prayer Meetings, 16.
Papal Attack, 442. South America,

Principles, Liberal, 303.
443. Widow Smith—Anti-Slavery So-

Parallelisms, 70.
ciety, ib. Building Association- Prejudice, Socinian, 73.
Blackburn Academy, ib. Hoxton Aca-

Paul at Rome, 77.
demy, ib. Hoxton Association, 444. Paley's Theory, 397.
Pembrokeshire Sunday School Union,

Pastoral Recollections, 172.
445. Congregational School--Brad-

Pastor's Retrospect, 233, 291, 349, 410,
ford Chapel, 416. South Shields, ib. 456, 521, 567, 627.
Ordinations, 446. Dr. Carey, 501. Mr. Piety and Profession distinguished, 175.
Elliot, 502. Peace Society, ib. Or-

Petition of London Missionary Society
dination, 503. Removals -- Deaths, ib.

Directors, 271.
Ireland, 555. Juvenile Libraries, 557. Prayer, Remarks on Objections to, 284.
Herts Union, 558. Wilts Association,

Printer, Missionary, 521.
ih. Congregational Union, Scotland, Piety in Camps, 291.
ib. Methodist Conference, 559. Deaths,

Prejudice against Practical Preaching,403.
ih. Continent, Letters from, 613, Pleasures of Piety, 565.
Moravian Mission, ib. Placard, 614.

Milton Manuscript, ib.


Perpetual Sacrifice, 22.
Trustees, ib. United Communion, 615. Night, by Montgomery, 80.
Colchester Meeting House, ib. Set. Stanzas on Rev. S. Lowell, 140.
lleinent of Rev. W. Orme, ib. Ordi- From Conder's Poems, ib.
nation-Death, ib. Rotherliam, Let- Mrs. Newton's Death, on, 192.
ter from, 657. Hinloo Widows, 659.

Impromptu Stadzas on Mrs. H. More ib.
Continental Society, 661. Deaths, 662. South Sea Isles, 250.
Associate Fund,712. Ordinations, 714. Death of a friend, 360.

'Transgressor's Plea, ib.
Kinghorn's Reply to Selah, 178.

The Tear, ib.
Knox's Captivity, 26.

Carpe Diem, ib.

Netley Abbey, 416
Literary Notices, 56, 112, 168, 224, Miss Taylor, Lines on, 417.

280, 336, 392, 448, 504, 560, 615,722. Evening Thought by the Ocean, 473.
Libraries of Dissenting Academies, 180. Fame, on, 474.
Liberal Principles, 308, 346.

Woods of Sabea, ib.
Lord Byron's Death, 305.

'Time's Warning, 527.
Letser from Dr. Latham, 637.

Egypt's Last Plague, 528.
Letter, Original, of Rev. W. Romaine, 10. Lines to a Friend, ib.
Letter from Thompson to Job Orton, 576. End of Time, 585,

Glow-worm, 586.
Ministers Warrant to Call Sinners, 686. On Amos v. 8., 640.
Minister's Sigh for Books, 296,

Sun Dial, by Barton, ib.


Mother's Lament on an Infant, ib. Thompson's Letter to Job Orton, 576.
Waning Year, 641.

Terins, Syriac, for Baptism, 185.
Star of Israel, 689.

Tomb, Christ's, Mysteries of, 187.
The Coming of Christ, ib.

To a Skeleton, 690.

On Lord Byron, 691.

The Persecutor, 49. Gov. Melville, 50.
Judah's Lyre, ib.

Prudence, ib. Anccdote-Athanasius,
Translations from Horace, ib.

51. Small Pox- Philip II. ib. Monk.

ish Learning, ib. Ancient Practice, ib.
Query, Reply to, 44.

Bosom Sermons, ib. Dreams, 109.
on imputed Righteousness, 572, Wickliff's Paradox, 109. St. Paul and

Seneca, 161. Mr Lowell and Come-
on Lord's Supper, 516.

dian, ib. Human Life, 162. Christian

Physician, ib. Justice, ib. Boasting
Remarks on Ephesians, 125.

Scholar, 163. Queen Stratonica, ib.
Romaine's Letter, 10.

Penance, ib. World, 215. Chief Lan-
Roman Catholic Seminary, 243.

guages, ib. Tongue and Female Sex,
Religious Excitation, 572.

216. Bishop Cooper, ib. True Friend.
Religion, Sketch of, in 1650, 579.

slip, ib. Anecdote of Vespasian, ib.
Rectitude of Conduct, 8.

Council of Constance, ib. Lavater,
Retrospect, (See Pastor's.)

385. Catholic Versions, ib. Biblical

Critic, ib. Curious Adventure, 656.
Sabbath Ordinances, 11.

Strype on the Puritans, ib. Anecdote
Service, Neglect of God's, 74.

of Burleigh, 380. Bible, 500. Cus-
Sanctification, Progressive, 298.

toins at Cadiz, 501. Books, ib. Cle-
Scrap Book, Leaf from, 301, 355, 515. rical Ignorance, 550. Queen Eliza-
Scotch Novels, 302.

beth, ib. Popish Blaspbemy, 551.
Scriptures, Catholic, 518.

Curious Sculpture, ib. Jeu d'Esprit,
Society, Protestant, 324,

ib New Establishment, ib. Com-
Suicide, Rescued, 349.

pliance with Government, 656. Temp-
Short Reasons against, 636. ter Serpent, ib. Jews, ib. Extraordi-
Systems, Congregational and Indepen- nary Learning of a Young Lady at
dent, 352, 466.

Venice, 707. Jeu d’Esprit, ib. Ad
Smith's Case in Parliament, 386.
Selfishness and Generosity, 516.

Idolorum Cultorem, 708. West India

Planters, ib. Anecdotes, ib. Rara
Supper of the Lord at Death, 567.

Avis in Terris, ib. Papal Indulgences,
Seminary, Catholic, 243.

ib. The Press, ib. Wolsey's Cardinal's
Sailor, Orphan, 627.

Hat, ib. Wolsey's Dress, ib. Wolscy's
Strangers, on inviting them to Christian

Vanity, 709. Wolsey's Pomp, ib.
Communion, 460.

Academical Adulation, ib. Cardinal
Society, Missionary, Doddridge's At- Campeius, the Papal Legate, ib. The
tempt, 511.

Clergy in Henry the Eighth's Time,
Statistical Account of Dissenters.

710. Sir Thomas More and Wolsey,

ib. Charles the Fifth, ib. Anacharsis,
Alvaston, 611. Milford, 552


ib. Bembo, ib. Socrates, ib.
Bolsover, ib. Pentridge, 447.

Abbot, ib. Anecdote of King Charles I.
Brushwell, ib. Riddings, ib.

and Lord Falkland, ib.
Chapel-en-le-Frith, Ripley, ib.

Village History, 410, 456.

Ripton, 552.
Chelmerton, ib.

Vermes, Ned, Reply respecting C. Chid-
Rupely, ib,

ley, 415.
Chesterfield, ib. Shelston, ib. Vindication of Dr. Watts, 129.
Chinley, ib. Twinditch, ib. Visit to the Metropolis, 357.
Fentern, 612. Wicksworth, ib.

Vespasian Anecdote, 216.
Loscoe, 447.


Watts, Vindication of, 129.
Test Act, 132, 287.

Waste of Time, 681.
Trust Deeds, 185.

Warning', Time's, a Poem, 527.
Time, Waste of, 681.

World and Inhabitants, 215.
Test Act, Petition for Repeal of, 388. Ward's Treatises, 153.
Terms Christian and Saint, 137, 241. Wickliff's Paradox, 109.
Theologus, Reply to, 239.

Transfiguration of Christ, 247.

Year, Old, Improved, 18.
Tract Society, 274.

Year, The Waning, 641.
Tranquillity of Mind, 343.

Youngman's Edition of Harmer's Works,
Truth in Abraham's Family, 454.




Dennett, Printer, Leather Lane, London.

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