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4746 Deeds in Chapter House, Westminster;

Wilts Deeds in Augmentation Office;
Ditto Pedigrees, from Inq. p. M.;
Ditto Index to Fines;
Pedigrees from Dodsworth;
Ditto from Glastonbury Chartulary;
Ditto from Malmesbury Chartulary in the Exchequer;

Ditto from the Feodary of Beauchamp of Hache; 12mo. 4747 Pedigrees from Sir Harris Nicolas, I. p. M.;

Ditto from Malmesbury Chartulary;

Wilts Fines, Edw. IV.; 12mo. 4748 Index to Deeds relating to Co. Wilts in the Harleian Col

lection of Charters.

Lands held by Monasteries in Wilts. 4749 1. Extracts from Deeds about Swindon.

2. Wilts Pedigrees from Inquis. p. M.

3. Coats of Arms. 4750 Rectors and Vicars of N. Wilts;

Enford Church Notes;

Coat in Sevenhampton Windows, Col. Warnford's; 12mo. 4751 Inquisition of the Forest of Braden; I. p. M., co. Wilts;

List of Knights' Wills;
Pedigree of Berkeley,

Darell Chartulary, Extracts from; 18mo. 4752 References to North Wilts Documents;

Malmesbury Chartulary Extracts ;


thin 12mo. 4756 Sarum Cathedral Chartulary; 18mo. 4757 Wilts Inq. p. M., temp. H. III.;

Pedigrees from Close Rolls; 18mo. 4758 Hungerford Family Chartulary Extracts; 18mo. 4801 Copies of Ancient Charters at Longleat, Wilts, in 1717.

(Rev. George Harbin). 4805 Extracts from Glastonbury Chartulary at ditto; 7 parts, 4to. 4811 Ditto; from Register of Maiden Bradley Priory. (The

Register belonged to Thos. Lord Foley, in 1736.) 4854 Thos. Spenser of Wilton.-Genealogical Collections of his

own descent from Burnell. 4873 Tenants of the Crown in Chief, in Co. Wilts, 28, E. I. 4885 Collections for Wilts, &c. 6490 Ditto for North Wilts.

6492 Wilts Extracts from Originalia in the Exchequer.

Ditto from Duchy of Lancaster Office. 6493 Wilts Pipe Rolls, Extracts;

Ditto Fines; 12mo. 6494 Index to Wilts Wills, from 1559; 12mo. Ditto ditto

1648. 6496 Phillipps Descents. 6497 Monuments, Co. Wilts, and Collections for Bendry Family. 6499 Pedigrees from Wills, Co. Wilts, &c.; 12mo. 6501 Wilts Domesday; 4to. 6502 Wilts Collectanea, beginning with Roman Pavement at

Deane. 6503 Stratton St. Margaret, Wilts, Collections for; 4to. 6506 Wilts Collectanea, begins “Records of Wanberwe;" Fol. 6508 Wanborough Parish Register, 1582—1652; long Fol. 6513 Extracts from Matriculation Books, Oxon, for Co. Wilts. 6517 Pedigrees of Wilts Yeomen matched with Wilts Gentry. 6543 Biographical Memoirs of Bishops of Sarum; 2 vols., 4to. 6623 Wilts Documents. 6627 Index of Pedes Finium, for Co. Wilts, from A.D. 1558 to

1602; Fol. 6628 Ditto, from 1602 to 1624. 6644 Views in Wilts, drawn for Watson Taylor, Esq. of Erle

stoke; Fol. 6803 Extracts from Lydiard Milicent Court Rolls, Wilts, 5 Eliz.

Pension of the Vicar of Chippenham, Wilts.

Extract from the "Nonarum" Rolls about Rodbourne, Wilts. 6804 Church Surveys at the Rolls Office, for Wilts, (amongst

other counties).

Extracts about Chippenham, from Torre's MSS. 6857 Sherfield's Case, at Salisbury. 6872 Institutions of North Wilts Clergy, in order of Parishes ;

(in the hand writing of Edwin Offer). 7109 Papers found in the library of Ferdinando Gorges of

Ashley, Wilts; Fol. 7428 Visitation of Wilts, 1565. 8142 Gilpin’s Description of Salisbury, Wilton, &c. 8144 Hobbes's Memorable Sayings. 8515 Deeds; Edmund Hinton of Ashton Keynes to Mary Tomes

of ditto, lease 1714.
Ditto; to Stephen West of ditto, 1702.


8537 Edyngdon Priory, Transcript of Chartulary, copied from

Lansd. MSS., 442, 2 vols., Fol. 8690 Sotheron Pedigree. 9405 Extracts from Aubrey's Lives, chiefly about Wilts persons. 9601 Arms of Peers, emblazoned; thick small 4to., formerly

belonged to Thomas Gore of Alderton, Co. Wilts. 9734 A Copy of Thos. Gore's (of Alderton) Arms of Wiltshire

Families, beautifully emblazoned. He was High Sheriff

of Wilts. 1680. 9742 Arms in Wilts. 10387 North Wilts Musters, in the Chapter House, Westminster,

copied by Fred. Devon. 10388 Sir Thos. Phillipps's Collections for Wilts, &c.; 4to. 10394 Thos. Gore's "Spicilegia Heraldica," 1662. His arms and

quarterings before the title, and his own coat on the

cover, viz., “3 bull's heads cabossed.” 10414 Rental of the Manor of Calne, Wilts, I. H. 8., (1509) 8vo. 10423 Orders and Regulations of Corsham Almshouses, founded

by Margaret (Halliday) Lady Hungerford.--Autograph

of Sir R. Hoare. 10459 Papers relating to the Election for Calne, Wilts.

Valuation taken at Box; (from the library of G. Jackson). 10473 North Wilts Clergy Institutions, in Alphabetical Order

of Parishes. 10475 Collectanea Wiltoniensia; begins “Pipe Rolls, Dorset and

Wilts,” 5 Steph., (1139). 10476 Wilts Collections; begins "Aldbourne Vicarage." 10477 Ditto

begins "John Herring—Martha, d. of.” 10479 Ditto

begins “Inter Recorda,” &c. 10484 Pedigrees of Ancient Wilts Gentry before the Visitations. 10486 Wilts Barons. 10487 Wilts Visitations, 1565 and 1623 continued ; and modern

Families since 1623. 10489 Aubrey's Natural History of Wilts; 2 vols. Fol. Copied

from the original in the Royal Society. 10490 Aubrey's Antiquities of Wilts. 10491 Fines in Co. Wilts; 4, Jas. I., (printed for Sir T. Phillipps). 10492 Wilts “Pedes Finium," 1 to 9, James I. 10493 Ditto Institutions, (by R. Careless). 10494 Ditto Pipe Rolls; 31. H. 1., 2. H. 2., 11. H. 2., 20. H. 2.,

28. H. 2., 30. H. 2., 1. R. 1., 1. John, 3. John, 8. J., 9. J., 2. H. 3., 10. H. 3., 20. H. 3., 30 & 40. H. 3.


10495 Clyve Pypard Register, 1597 to 1679. 10496 Wanborough Court Rolls; 2 vols. 10497 Arms in Churches in Malmesbury Hundred, tricked by

W. H., (Wm. Harvey?) 10498 Forest Charters for Co. Wilts. 10499 Wilts Collections; and Charters of Compton Basset. 10500 Wills of Phillipps of Wilts.

(Rev. John Offer's Collection, given by Sir R. C. Hoare, Bart). 10501 Vol. 1. Pedigrees of South Wilts. 10502 2. References to Wilts in Originalia; and Memoranda. 10503 3. Pedigrees for South Wilts;

Collections for Branch and Dole Hundred, &c. 10504 4. Extracts from Public Documents, Chartularies, &c. 10505 5. Collections for Heytesbury; 4to. 10506 6. Lands belonging to Churches, Religious Houses,

Hospitals, &c., Co. Wilts; 4to. 10507 7. Extracts from the Registers of the Diocese of

Sarum, viz., “St. Osmund,” “Wm. de Wanda,"

“Simon de Gandavo,” “Mortival,” &c. 10508 8. Extracts from Dean Chaundler’s Register; begin

ning A.D. 1404. 10509 9. Inq. p. M. for South Wilts, 1. R. 2. 10510 10. Notes from Longleat Evidences. 10511 11. Wilts Notes from Hutchins's Dorset. 10512 12. Ditto from Public Records, Chronicles, &c. 10513 13. Ditto from Public Records, for Heytesbury, Branch

and Dole, Warminster and Westbury; vol 3. The other 2 were not sent to me by Sir R. C. H.

(See below, No. 11662). 10514 14. Offer's Church Notes in South Wilts, for Kingston

Deverell, with plans of churches. 10537 Wilts Collections; begins with a Pedigree of “Brynd.” 10538 Ditto

begins “Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery." 10542 Wilts Rotuli Chartarum.

Ditto Inq. ad. q. Damnum.

Ditto Abbrev. Placit. 10543 Ditto Abbreviatio. Placit.

Ditto Matriculations at Oxford. 10544 Ditto Barons' Pedigrees. 10548 Salisbury Cathedral Register Extracts. 10549 Inq. p. M. for Co. Wilts, H. 3., E. 1., E. 2.


10551 Stratton St. Margaret Register Extracts. 10555 History of Farley Castle; (? by Wansey), 4to. 10556 Osborn's Church Notes for Highworth and Kingsbridge

Hundreds, co. Wilts.
10560 Hensley's Wilts Fonts and Arches.
10564 North Wilts Manors and Lands, by T. Phillipps.
10565 Wilts Visitations, 1623; 3 vols., thin 4to.
10574 Epitaphs in Swindon, co. Wilts; 2 thin vols.
10639 Wilts Inq. p. M., temp. Eliz.;

Ditto Visitation,--autograph of T. P.;
Miscellaneous Wilts Pedigrees; given by Charles Bowles,

Esq. 10644 Collections for Genealogy of Phillipps. 10646 Wilts Visitations, 1565; begins with two printed sheets of

“Wiltshire Articles, in Harl. MSS." 10710 Britton's Beauties of Wilts; 2 vols., interleaved, with some

MS. notes of his own. 10821 Knights made by K. James I., at Salisbury and Wilton,

22nd Sept., 1603. 10997 Autograph Letters of Bp. Tanner and John Aubrey, (with

others). 10998 Collectanea, by Sir Thos. Phillipps. 10999 Ditto by Sir R. C. Hoare and others. 11182 Wilts Visitation, 1565, with some additions to 1650. For

merly belonging to Sylvan Morgan, with his monogram

on the back. 11183 Wilts ditto, 1565, copied by Longmate.

Le Neve's Notes for Crudwell, Wilts.

Will of Nicholas Daniel, of Sutton Benger, 1714. 11184 Wilts Visitation, 1565, part only. 11431 Ditto Fines, temp. Phil. and Mary. 11433 ) References to Parish Registers for Wilts Gentry; vols. 1 & 2.

a) References to Parish Registers for Wilts Gentry; vols. 1 & 2.

11437 Wilts Inq. p. M., E. III. 11438 Extracts from Close Rolls, 1. E. 3., ex libro “Grafton.” 11441 The History and Praises of Milicent Scrope.. 11455 Extracts from the Chancellor's Pipe Rolls for Wilts. 11456 Extracts from Deeds relating to Savernake. 11461 Pedigrees from Wills at Sarum. 11462 Miscellanea; containing “Benet of Sarum.” 11499 Dates of Parish Registers in Wilts. 11513 Bounds of the Forest of Selwood.

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