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3. Charter of William Clerk of Walton, (Co. Somerset) confirming

to Henry Peche and Margaret his wife, a half acre of meadow and appurts; in Porteshevede (Portishead) lately bought of John de Vele and Isabel his wife. [Temp. Edw. II. but no

date or seal]. 4. Charter of Thomas Devedaunz confirming to William "de

Aula” (Hall) and Katharine his wife and Thomas their son an acre of arable land in the South Field of Bradford, for the

rent of one farthing. Witn., Adam Vicar of Bradford, John · Basset, Nicholas the Dyer, Gilbert the Smith,1 Wm. Pyle.

[No date or seal-But temp. Edw. II.] 5. Indented charter of John Carpenter of Bradewey confirming

to Thos. Gramary of Marleberge all his land without Marlborough, which he had of Edward son of Richard Clerk, opposite the King's garden. Rd. Walkeby on N. and Thos. Clerk of Clatford on S. To pay lb. of cummin at Michælmas. and 6d. annually at the Mass of the B. V. M. in the Church of St. Peter of M. Wit., Stephen Fromund, then Constable of the Castle of Marlborough, Nicholas de Hamper, Sampson de Berewyke, Peter the Parchment-maker, and other Parishioners. [Temp. Edw. I. Seal gone].

1 The two following Deeds (part of the Westley Collection lately given to the Society) relating to Bradford, evidently belong to this period. 1. Omnibus, &c., Robert de Wylmydon, Clerk, grants to Agnes daughter of

Beatrix daughter of William Sullene a Messuage &c., at the head of Bradford Bridge, with a curtilage adjacent, and extending from the said Bridge to the wall of my new Chamber, of the Burgage which formerly belonged to Robert of Wylmyndon my Father, &c., Witnesses, Sir John de Holte. William de la Sale, John Basset, Gilbert le Smith, Nicholas the

Dyer, and others. [No date, but Probably Edw. II. Seal torn off ]. 2. Know all men that I John de Holte Kt. have given &c. to Robert de

Wylmyndon for 100s. a messuage &c. in Bradeford lying between the tenement of James Carpenter and that which Reginald D’ozilot holds of the Abbess of Shaftesbury. Also a tenement between that of Reginald, and that of Hugh Potel. Witnesses, John de Comerwell Kt., John de Bradeford, John de Hainault, William de Aula (Hall), Walter de Chaudefeld (Chalfield), Stephen de la Slade, John Basset, John de Murtlegh, John de Wolvelegh (Woolley), and others. [No date but probably Edw. II. Seal in black wax perfect. On a Shield, seemée of fleurs de lys 3 lions rampant. On the legend JOHANNES DE HOLTE"].

6. Indented Charter of Walter Fayrchild of Wroxhall, (South

Wraxhall), granting to Alice la Lochc for 40s., a house in W. which was his grange; and a curtilage called Wytherhey, and a croft which he had of John de Comerwelle (Cumberwell near Bradford). Also Clifcroft, and Bradecroft, and a croft above Hanecleye between the land of Roger de Berleye and Rogere le Gredere. paying 13d. per ann. to the Lord Prior and Convent of Farleye, viz., at Hockeday 12d. and at Michælmas 1d. To John de Forde 1 d. and to said Walter 1d. Witn., Sir John de Comerwelle, Kt., Rogere de Berleye, John de Bedel, Roger Alwyne and others. [Temp. Edw. I. Seal

gone]. 7. Charter of Robert Gerneys of Buddebury, confirming to Wm.

de Aulâ (Hall) of Bradford, and Katharine his wife, for 208., a piece of land in Berefeld, called Garston, bet. the land of John de Asselegh and John de Bradford, and nigh Buddebury Wood. Wit., Sir John de Holte, Sir John de Comerwelle, Kt., Walter de Chaldfeld, John Basset, &c. [The date and seal gone :

but temp. Edw. 1]. 8. (1315). Quitclaim of Robert le Knyzt and Matilda his wife to

Wm. de Bradford and Katharine his wife, of land held of W. de B. in Portisheued, with Fisheries. Dated Bristol. “Tuesday after Feast of St. Augustine First Bishop of England.” [8 and

9 Ed. II. Endorsed The Fischynge at Bristol]. 9. (1316). Judgment of Recovery at Sarum to Thos. son of Warin

Mauduit and Robert Seal in the sum of 20s. from John Waspail,

10. Edw. II. 10. (1324). Charter of Reginald de la Sale of Bradford, confirming

to Roger le Wolmanger and Matilda his wife a messuage, &c.,
near “le Provendere" (the market?) 3 acres in Woolflege field
(Woolley), 1 in Kingsfield bet. the land of the Rector of Brad-
ford, and Mowat’s, 1 acre on west side of the Moor, near Wm.
le Vignur's land. For the rent of a rose. Reversion to Sir
Thomas my Brother, Rector of Porteshead. Witn., John de
Bradley, John Basset, John de Mugworthley and others. Dated
Bradford, 18. Edw. II. [Impression of seal of white wax gone].

11. (1325). John Waspail of Smalebrook confirms to Adam le

Threscher of Bishopstrow an acre in le Mersche, for his service during life. Rent, 12 silver pence. Dated Bishopstrow, 19 Edw. II. Wit., Robert Swaynge, Osbert Gostelyn, Ad. Goscelin, Atte Mulle, Wm. Wyneband, &c. [Seal of white

wax, but impression gone]. 12. (1274). Quitclaim from Isabella widow of Roger Kentisse, dau.

of Wm. Walwayn of Tral (Trowle), to Peter de Tral son of Rich. Walwayn her brother, of her right in a messuage, &c., wh. Walter the Miller held in Tral. For rent of 12d. and 20s. paid. This quitclaim was made in the Church of Trowbridge, before all the Parishioners: Sunday aft. Ascension, 3. Edw. I. Witn., Thomas de Tuderigge, Walter the Miller, Wm. of the Well “(At-well)" of Monkton Farley, &c. [Seal

gone]. 13. (1328). Indented Charter of Reginald, son and heir of Wm.

de Bradeford, confirming to Margaret who was wife of Thos. Frankeleyn of Batwell, all the messuage wh. Walter le Way held in Porteshead. Wit., Wm, de Capenore, Peter Tilly, Bryan le Frye, Philip of Bradford, John de Capellâ, &c. Dated Portishead, 1. Edw. III. “The sd. Margaret not to marry without consent: if she does the premises to be for

feited.” 14. (1329). Indented Charter of Reginald de la Sale of Bradford:

granting to Thomas his Brother, a messuage &c., late Elizabeth la Bret's in Porteshead. 60s. Rent. Also 24s. Rent yearly

in Bradford, 2. E. III. 15. (1329). Indented Charter of Reginald de Bradford confirming

to Richard Caphaw (or Caphode) and Joan his wife and Isabella their dau., a tenement, &c., in Frogmerestreet, late held of him by Henry de Baa. Dated at Bradford, 2. E. III. [The house is described as lying between that of Thomas Mey, and the way which leads from the Church of St. Olave towards the Mill: the land called “Reveland” and in “Kingfield"]. Witn., John Basset, John Gibbes, Richard Poyntz, Wm. Pylke, Nicholas the Dyer, &c. [Seal gone].

16. (1330). Indented Charter of John le Semple of Marleberge

and Elena his wife granting to Margaret late wife of John de Stanborne of M. a tenement in M., with a curtilage "as far as the Ditch.” Dated at M., 4 E. III. Witn., Wm. de Rammeshalle, then Constable of the Castle of Marlb., Richard de Brai, then Mayor, Walter Gives, Henry le Denere, then Pre

fects of the Town, Wm. Atweld, &c. 17. (1333). The same parties grant to Matilda, formerly wife of

Roger Hogeby of Marlborough a Tent. in M. “opposite the steps of tủe Cemetery of St. Peter's Ch.” Witn., as above, and Robert Kathecate, Edmund le Man, wardens of the said town.

Dated at M., 7 Edw. III. 18. (1335). Indented quitclaim of Laurence de Montfort, son and

heir of Alexander de M., to James de Trowbrigge, for his life, 50s. of ann. rent, wh. James holds in Okebourn Meysi. Wit., Thos. Delamere, John de Montfort, John Delamere, Robert de Nony, Henry son of John de M., Robert Admotes, &c. Dated at Nony Nunney) on Feast of St. George the Martyr, 9 Edw. III. (April 23). [On a seal of white wax

a Bend, Ermine]. 19. (1336). Joan dau. of John de Buddebury quitclaims to John

de la Slade a Tenement wh. Peter Fouke held of Stephen de la Slade and Joan his dau. in Bradford. Wit., John de Bradley, George de Percy, John Basset, John Gylbys, Rich. Poyntz, &c. Dated Bradford, Friday before St. Aldelm, 10 Edw. III.

[ Seal gone]. 20. (1320). James Walwayn of Trol quitclaims to Richard his son

all his right to lands in Trol and Holte, and in the Bailiwick of the Bedelry of the Court of Farleigh. Wit., John of Bradleghe, Nicholas de Wyke, &c. Dated at Trol, 14 Edw. II. [A small seal of red wax, on which a device; a cross and flower].

1 “Et in Balliva Bedelrie Curie de Farleigh.”

: 21. (1341). Deed of obligation by which John Corp, of Turlinge

(Turley, near Bradford) and Isolda his wife are bound to John Basset of Bradford in £5 sterling, to be paid in the Church of the

Holy Trinity at Bradford. Dated at B.,15 Edw. III. [Seal gone]. 22. (1342). Quitclaim from Wm. Iwen of Thanestone (Thoulston,

near Warminster?) to John Wyther of La Penne of a croft of land near Golden grove at Chaldecotte. Witn., Richard Danesy, Nicholas Fitzwarren, Wm. de Grimsted, Walter de

Sherenton, John le Gol. Dated at La Penne, 16 E. III. 23. (1351). Warrant of Attorney from James Norris : appointing

Thos. Harald of Stodeleigh (near Trowbridge) and Wm. Daunteseye of Trowbridge his Atts. to place Wm. Stodeleigh his kinsman in possn. of tenements at Okebourne Meysi. Dated

Trowbridge, 25 E. III. 24. (1351). Warrant of Attorney from Margaret Abbess of Shaftes

bury and the Convent there, to Rob. Dychford: to place Thos. Skathloke and Edith dau. of Roger le Porter in possn. of a messuage in Lygh (Bradford-Leigh) and Wroxhale within their Manor of Bradford. Dated Shaftsbury, 25 E. III. [ Seal of the Benedictine Nunnery of Shaftesbury, Co. Dorset. Dedicated first to the B. V. Mary, and afterwards to St. Edmund, King and Martyr. Part of the legend is left. “... LEA MARIS

TU NOBIS AUX......... CTI EDWARDI REGIS ET MARTYRIS”]. 25. (1350). Indenture between Philip Pilk and Agnes his wife,

and Nicholas le Webbe and Christina his wife, whereby to the latter are granted a messuage and appurts. in Bradford. Wit., Thos. Atte Halle, Nicholas Gibbes, Thos. Pilk, Thos. Ledbeter,

&c. Dated Bradford, Xtmas Eve, 30 E. III. [Seal gone). 26. (1356). Indented Charter of Nicholas Atte Slade and Joan

his wife, confirming to Wm. Perham and Katharine his wife an acre, &c. in Bradford, lying in Kingsfield. 4d. Rent. Wit., Thos. Atte Halle, John Besyles, Geo. Vincent, Nich. Gibbes,

John de Ashlegh. Dated Bradford, 30 E. III. [Seal gone]. 27. (1360). Same Parties confirm to Thos. Middleton and Matilda

his wife another piece in Kingsfield. 1d. Rent. Dated at B., 34 E. 111. [Same ivitnesses].

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