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No. of Deed.


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No. of

Deed. Perham, Wm.,

26 Pilk, Philip,

25 Agnes,

35 Porter, Edith,

24 Radiche, Nich.,

64 Roger, Thos.,


52 Rogers, of Brad., Anne,

58, 65, 67 Anthony, 61, 59, 60

62, 64, 67, 69, 70

72, 74 Rundell, Anthony,

79 Sale, Reginald de,

10, 14 Thos.,

14 Sclade, John,

19 Steph.,

19 Seyntgeorge, Wm., 45 Joan,

45 Shaftsbury, Abbess, 24, 45 Shepperd, Agnes,

40 John,

40 Semple, Elena,

16, 17 John,

16, 17 Skatheloke, Thos.,

24 Slade, Edith,

40 Nich.,

35 Rich.,

40 Smyth, Adam,

36 Alice,

36 Edith,

48 John,


48 Solne, John,

30 Stanbourne, Marg.,

16 Stodelegh, Wm.,

23 Stokes, Thos., Rector of Winkfield,


Stokes, Mich., Rector of

78 Stranger, John,

49 Tral, Peter de,

12 Trewbody, Roger,

43 Troubrigge, Jas. de 18 Turbervyle, Sir John 538 Vele, Gregory,

35 Videlon, John,

34, 37 Wacche, John,

40 Wainford, Edw., Waker, of Aldrington, 42 Walewayn, James,

20 Rich., 12, 20

12 Wallewayne,

40 Wallys, Thos., Frome, 76 Warner, of Marlb.,

36 Waspail,

9, 11 Wm.,

28 Webb, Christina,

25 Nicholas,

25 Richd.,

65 Wm., New Sarum

Mayor of, 72 Wilshote, John,

45 West, John, J. P.,

54 Whityngton, H.,

52 Wilde, (?) Alice le, 32 Wimpye,

79 Wolmangre, Matilda, 10 Ric.,

10 Roger, 10 Walwey, Agnes,

41 Wychford, Rob. de, 24 Wyther, John,

22 Yerbury, of Bradford, Thos.,


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Schedule II.

Besides the deeds above given there were also found several loose and mutilated papers from which the following are extracts.

1. (About 1456). Indenture between Cicely widow of John

Barnard, Henry Bradley and Joan his wife (one of the daus. and heirs of John and Cicely) and Wm. Gore jun., and Cicely his wife, (another of the daus. and heirs), relating to lands in Lavington and Fiddington late belonging the said John and

Cicely Barnard. [No date]. 2. (1465). A Latin Deed relating to the Monastery of St. Saviour

and St. Bridget at Sion in the parish of Isleworth, Co. Midd., dated 5 and 6 Edw. IV., and witnessed by George Nevill, Bishop of Exeter and Chancellor of England; Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury; George, Duke of Clarence; Richard, Duke of Gloucester; Sir Walter Blount, Treasurer,

and others; Elizabeth being Abbess. 3. (1517). A release to James Horton, Clerk, and others, by John

Eyre of Hullavington, of lands &c., in Bremhill and Foxham

late belonging to John Goldney, 7 July, 9 Henry 8. 4. (1537). Receipt signed by Christopher Willoughby of £4 10s.

received by the hands of Osmond Hall, “forling of dew to

Alice my wyffe on Phelippys day and Jakobbe last past.” 5. (1559). An Agreement about the Tithes of the Parsonage of

Holt, between John Eyre (Chalfield) and Thomas Hall, Esq. 6. (1572). A receipt of 6 shillings Chief Rent paid by Mr. Hall

of Bradford to the Liberty of the Duchy of Lancaster. 7. Another of 8 shillings, paid by Mr. Thomas Hall as four years

rent for lands in Trowle: signed by Wm. Longe, Deputy

Receiver of the Duchy; and John Lydiard, General Treasurer. 8. (1574). A Letter from Robert Davis of High Holborn, London,

to his Brother in Law John Hall, Esq.

9. (Elizabeth). A fragment containing notes of sales of land

chiefly by the Colthursts (who had been great purchasers of
Bath Abbey Estates at the Dissolution), viz.:-
7. Eliz. Edmund Colthurst to Edw. Wynter, lands at Claverton

near Bath.
8. Eliz. Thomas Ludlow to John Clement, tenements at Lyn-

8. Eliz. Vicary to Jenings, the manor of Widcombe.
15. Eliz. Edmund Colthurst, tenements in Bath, to the Mayor

and Citizens.

Do. to Franklyn, in do.
19. Eliz. Edmund Colthurst, tenements at Charterhouse Hinton,

to Walter Hungerford.
27. Eliz. Do., tenements at Combe and Widcombe, to Richard Iles.

Do., to Langford.
30. Eliz. Edmund Colthurst to Edward Hungerford, lands at

Claverton near Bath.
31. Eliz. Do., Walcot Barton to Alex. Staples.

10. (1607). A Letter, dated Dublin, 23 Sept., to John Hall, Esq.,

from James Ley, (afterwards Earl of Marlborough) then Chief Justice of the King's Bench in Ireland, to John Hall of Bradford, Esq.: warning him and his brother magistrates to enforce the law against drunkards, especially in the town of Westbury, (for which he was sometime M.P.)

“Our town of Westbury hath need of you, to see to the corruption that useth to grow in such places. I pray you take some care of our drinkers; and since the King hath made some good laws against that vice, I hope that

you that be magistrates will not suffer it to encrease more than when there were no laws against it.” [He then rallies him about some neglected commission]. "Because men break their promises ordinarily at home, it is no marvel if faith be broken abroad, and with those that are divided both by sea and land.”

11. (1615). A letter from John Yewe to his “Right worshipful and

very good Landlord Mr. John Hall, Esq., in Bradford.” 12. (1617). A letter to Sir James Ley of Westbury, from Mrs.

Melior Bampfield, widow of John Bampfield of Hardington, Co. Som. Esq., commenced against her by Mr. Hall of Bradford, for the recovery of £100, lent by him to her late husband. [Mr. Hall had called her a "most unconscionable woman”].

13. (1621-1641). Letters of administration before Marmaduke

Lymne in the court of John, Bishop of Salisbury, taken out

by Elizabeth, (Brune) widow of John Hall, Esq. 14. (1627). A warrant addressed to Henry Longe and others,

signed by James Ley, William Poulett, and John Hall; to meet them at Trowbridge to hear the contents of certain letters

received from the Lords of the Council. Dated 27 August. 15. (1668). A small pamphlet in black letter printed by Clarke,

Smithfield, called,

“ The Bloody Apprentice executed, being an account of a murder committed by Thomas Savage, a vintner's apprentice in Rateliffe, upon a fellow maid servant: and how having been hanged and cut down, he revived and

and was hanged the second time, Oct. 28, 1668.” 16. From some old Rate papers relating to Parishes in the neigh

bourhood of Bradford, we may collect the names of the
principal landowners in those places at that time.
1605. WESTBURY. ..... Thomas Bennet, gent., (and in 1608,

Mrs. Margaret Bennet).
Sir James Ley, Kt.
Jeffery Whitaker, (chief paymaster

in 1806).
John Lambe, Esq.
Nicholas Phipps.

Jeremy Horton, Gent.
• BROOKE.. .. Wm. Jones, Esq., (Sir Edward Hun-

gerford, 1608, Sir Jasper More, Kt.,

and W. Jones).
PENLEY .. Mrs. Bridget Earnley.
DILTON .. Anthony Selfe.

Sir James Ley.

Sherston Bromwich, (Ann Bromwich,

1607. BROUGHTON AND Edward Long

Mr. Horton.

Nicholas Gore.
SOUTH WRAXHALL Sir Walter Long, Kt.

Edward Graves.
ATWORTH John Yerbury.

Boro' OF BRADFORD John Hall, Esq.

John Yewe, Gent.
Thos. Reed, Vicar.
Richard Horne.
Thomas Yerbury.
John Houlton.
John Druce, the tithes.

Nicholas Snell.
I FORD & WESTWOOD Tobias Horton.

George Compton.

John Raynold.

Drew Druce.

John Shute.

Christopher Morris and John Powell.
LEIGH & WOOLLEY Robert Browne, the tithes.

John Roger, ditto.

John Grant, Thos. Chapman, and

John Erle.

Edward Long, Gent.

William Buckle, Clerk.

Edward Long
Ambrose Earnley.


17. The next extracts throw some light upon a point in the topography of the City of Bath. It is well known that

upon the ground south of the Abbey Church once stood the Priory of St. Peter and St. Paul, whose property included all the space between the Church and the River, round to Southgate Street; extending beyond the River to Prior Park, Lyncomb, and Widcombe. The Priory was "voluntarily” surrendered by Wm. Hollwey the last Prior, on 27 January, 1539. A principal purchaser was one Matthew Colthurst. All that Collinson then says of it, (Som. I.58.) is that Colthurst “sold to Morley, from whom it descended to the Duke of Kingston." This of course refers to the well known extensive property in Bath now belonging to Earl Manvers, the present representative of the Duke.

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