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tumulus, near Christiana. Board, with Axe, Boss of Shield, and other Weapons, from tumuli in Norway. Ancient Spur, with Rowel, from near Scarborough. Medieval Bronze Buckle, from York. Fragments of Flint, illustrative of formation of weapons, found near Drew's Pond, Devizes. Seven small Arrow Heads, &c., of Flint. Five Glass Beads, from a British tumulus at Arras, East Riding of Yorkshire. Five Amber ditto, from an Anglo-Saxon tumulus, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire. Beads of shell, and two conical objects of baked clay, from Halle. Earthen Pot, made by peasants of Jutland. Specimen of Limoges Enamel. Three Skulls.-1. Ancient British, from Arras, East Riding of Yorkshire. 2. Anglo-Saxon, from Fairford, Gloucestershire. 3. Scandinavian, from Danes' Graves, Kilham, East Riding of Yorkshire. Heron, in glass case. Fungus, from Birch tree, New Lanark, New Brunswick. Four Fossils, from Mamhead, Devon.

By A. MEEK, Esq., Devizes.-" The Booke of Constitutions of the Boroughe of Devizes," written and illuminated by John Kent, Esq., Town Clerk and Mayor, 1628. ** The Booke of Constitutions of the Fraternity of the Drapers of the Boroughe of Devizes."

By DR. BIGGS, Devizes.-Model of Devizes Market Cross.

BY MRS. CUNNINGTON, Devizes.—Book, containing 58 pages of Original Drawings (by Cocker) of Antiquities found in the County of Wilts, and in the Collection of the late Mr. Cunnington, of Heytesbury. Synopsis of Ditto.

By Miss MEREDITH, Bromham.—Sixty-eight Fasciculi of British Plants. Tea Cup and Saucer, which accompanied Captain Cook on his voyage round the world. Rubbing from the Monumental Brass of Sir Roger de Trumpington, 1289, in Trumpington Church, Cambridgeshire. Rubbing from the Monumental Brass of Eleanor de Bohun, Duchess of Gloucester, 1399, in Westminster Abbey.

By Mr. R. V. LEACH, Vernon House, near Neath.Gilt Spur. Part of a Bronze Handle. An Egg-shaped Stone. Several Bullets and Keys. Piece of Chain, all found in the ruins of Devizes Castle.

BY THE DEVIZES LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION.–Stone Celt, mounted as an Adze. Canadian Goose, in glass case.

BY MR. T. B. ANSTIE, Devizes.Stone Celt, mounted as a battle-axe, from Samoa, South Sea Islands.

BY MR. JAMES WAYLEN, Etchelhampton.-—*A large number of Wiltshire Tradesmens' Tokens, &c.

By Mr. R. WAYLEN, Devizes.—Thick Folio Book, containing Patterns of Waistcoatings, &c., manufactured in Devizes.

By Miss CUNNINGTON, Devizes—Large Case of British land and fresh water Shells, mostly found in Wiltshire. Vase, ornamented with Skeleton Leaves. Case of Skeleton Leaves.

By H. BUTCHER, JUN., Esq., Devizes.—Models of Stonehenge. Fuchsias, &c.

By MR. A. P. HOLLAND, Wilts County Asylum.-Twenty-six Rubbings from Monumental Brasses, viz. :—Sir John Lisle, Thruxton, Hants, 1407. Sir John Bettesthorne, Mere Church, Wilts, 1398. Fragment of Figure in Plate Armour, from ditto. Elizabeth Rowdon, Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, 1625. A Priest, c. 1500, Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire, (2 copies.) Elizabeth Askew and Husbands, c. 1530, Edmonton, Middlesex. Nicholas Boone and Wife, 1530, Edmonton, Middlesex. Edward Nowell and Wife, 1600, Edmonton, Middlesex. John Dauntesey, Esq., 1559, West Lavington, Wilts. Elizabeth Burrough and Husband, 1616, Tottenham, Middlesex. Lady Margaret Irby, Tottenham, Middlesex, 1640. Two Female Figures, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire. John Baynton, Esq., 1516, Bromham, Wilts. John Seysell, 1493, Tormarton, Gloucestershire. Richard Coton, Esq. and Wife, 1556–60. William Henshawe (Bellfounder) and Wives, 1519, St. Michael's, Gloucester. Edmund Geste, Bishop of Salisbury, 1578, Salisbury Cathedral. William Heathcot, Aylestone, Leicestershire. John Bailey, Esq. and Wife, 1518, Preshute, Wilts. Sir Edward Cerne and Lady, c. 1400, Draycot Cerne, Wilts. Eleanor de Bohun, Duchess of Gloucester, 1399, Westminster Abbey. Sir Morys Russel and Wife, 1401, Dyrham, Gloucestershire. Thomas Lord Berkeley and Lady, Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, 1392. Sir John Cassy and Lady, Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, 1400. John Jay and Wife, 1480, St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol. * Robert Wyvill, Bishop of Salisbury, 1375, Salisbury Cathedral. Two Swords. Map of the city of Gloucester. Portfolio of Drawings; Little Cloister, Gloucester Cathedral ; Booth Hall, Gloucester. Corbel Heads, St. John's College, Cam

bridge. Piers, Llanthony Priory. Mouldings, Tinterne Abbey. Incised Slabs, Brasses, &c. *Ancient Silver and Copper Coins, &c.

BY MR. W. BROWNE, Winterbourne Monkton.-Two Cases of Lepidopterous Insects, chiefly from the neighbourhood of Winterbourne Monkton. Preserved head of Shetland Sheep.

By Mr. W. HILLIER.–Stone Curlew, in glass case. Ditto, in ditto.

BY MR. S. H. SMITH, Broad Hinton.-Bronze Celt, found on Broad Hinton Downs. By Mr. G. BROWN, Avebury.

Preserved Head of the old Wiltshire Horned Sheep, bred by the late Mr. John Nalder, of Berwick Basset.

By Mr. H. BULL, Devizes.—Iron Spur, found on the site of Devizes Castle. Carter's Illustrations of Wiltshire Churches.

By Mr. E. KITE, Devizes.-Fifteen Rubbings from Monumental Brasses, viz. :-Anne Longe, 1601, Bradford, Wilts. Thomas Horton and Wife, 15—, Bradford, Wilts. Sir Edward Baynton and Family, 1578, Bromham, Wilts. John Baynton, Esq., 1516, Bromham, Wilts. Elizabeth St. Amand, c. 1490, Bromham, Wilts. William Chaucey and Wife, 1524, Charlton, Wilts. John Kent, Esq. and Wife, 1630, St. John's Church, Devizes, Wilts. Sir Edward Cerne and Lady, c. 1400, Draycot Cerne, Wilts. Knight (probably of the Quintin family) c. 1380, Cliffe Pypard, Wilts. John Stokys and Wife, 1498, Seend, Wilts. William Bayly, (demi-figure) 1427, Berwick Basset, Wilts. John Dauntesey, 1559, West Lavington, Wilts. Agnes Button, 1528, Alton Priors, Wilts. Robert Baynard, Esq. and Wife, 1501, Lacock, Wilts. William Moor, Priest, 1456, Tattershall, Lincolnshire. Etching of a Fresco Painting, formerly on the wall of the Hungerford Chapel, in Salisbury Cathedral. Etching of the Monumental Brass of Bishop Wyvill, in Salisbury Cathedral.

By Mr. AYTON, Devizes.Bronze Celt, found at Roundway.

By MR. N. B. RANDLE, Devizes.-A large number of Photographs by Mr. Russell Sedgefield, viz. :-Salisbury Cathedral. St. Thomas's Church, Salisbury. St. Edmund's Church, Salisbury. Poultry Cross, Salisbury. Stonehenge. St. John's Church, Devizes. St. Mary's Church, Devizes. Old Town Hall, Devizes, &c.


By Mr. J. GOODWIN, Salisbury.—(Articles belonging to Mrs. Sanger.)-Alabaster ornament, representing the Head of St. John the Baptist in a charger; from the Cathedral Church of Old Sarum. Nine Bronze Celts, from tumuli, near Salisbury. Antique Lock, from King Manor, the occasional residence of King John, at Clarendon. Fragments of Armour, and curious Thumb-piece, from ditto. Curious Key, large iron Arrow-head, and three-sided weapon, resembling a dagger, from Old Sarum. Mediæval Seals, found at Harnham, consisting of–1. The Sacred Monogram, surmounted by an ecclesiastical corona. 2. Curious merchant's mark. 3. Seal of John Hertwell, Lord of Preston, Northamptonshire. 4. Monastic Seal, of early date.

By MR. BAKER, Warminster.—Hundred and fifty Specimens of Flint Fossils, from Boyton.

BY MR. E. Guy, Devizes.-*Impressions of Ancient Seals. Roman Coin.

By MR. PALMER, Melksham.—*Stone Celt, from the Shannon.

In concluding the “List of Articles” exhibited at Devizes, we have two or three words to say to our readers :

1.—They would greatly assist the purpose of this Publication, if they would kindly communicate drawings or wood-engravings of a suitable size, illustrative either of any of the Antiquities above described, or of any others that may be met with relating to this county

The kindness would be vastly increased, if they would lend to our printer the blocks of any wood-engravings that may have been made. It

may not perhaps be generally known, that there is a very cheap process of illustration of which advantage may easily be taken, in Cowell's Anastatic Press, Ipswich. The drawing having been first made with a particular ink, (to be obtained from that house,) copies may be multiplied to any extent.

2.-It is hoped that the success which attended the exhibition of Wiltshire Antiquities at Devizes, formed, as it really was, at a very short notice, will be an encouragement to the inhabitants of the county, to collect and preserve such things with an increasing attention. The spade and plough are continually bringing to light objects of curiosity, which, for want of any body to refer to, to explain what they are, are mislaid or thrown away. Such things will, in future, always find a welcome reception at the Devizes Museum, where they may either be deposited as a gift, or as a loan, according to the wishes of the owner.

3.—One more request we have to make of members of the Society and of all who take an interest in the Archæology, &c., of their respective locality; which is, that they will be so good as to further the objects which the Society has in view, by returning answers, so far as they can, to the questions printed a few pages back. The Clergy of the county, especially, have it in their power to supply a great deal of valuable information, and it is hoped, that they will not consider time wasted and labour misapplied which is given to the collection of materials for the History of their County. They may at least be able to furnish information respecting their Churches and Churchyards, and the Traditions and Customs of their parishes.

All communications may be forwarded through the general and local Secretaries.


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1. “The GARSTON.”—This word is of very frequent occurrence in Wilts, as the name of a field, generally near a town. It is variously spelt and pronounced: sometimes “The Gaston,” or Gaston-ground;" sometimes “ The Garsen."

2. “ELSTUB.”—One of the names of the “ragged” Hundred of Elstub and Everley.

3. “ STAPLE.”—One of the names of the Hundred of Staple and Highworth.

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