A dictionary, practical, theoretical, and historical, of commerce and commercial navigation. [With] An improved and greatly enlarged suppl

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Page 47 - The power to make any thing but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts, is withdrawn from the states, on the same principle with that of issuing a paper currency.
Page 47 - State shall make any thing but gold or silver coin a tender in payment of debts, or pass a law impairing the obligation of contracts. If congress shall not have passed a law providing for the removal of such a suit to the courts of the United States, must not the state court proceed to hear and determine it?
Page 47 - Bonds," and the faith and credit of this state are hereby pledged for the payment of the interest and the redemption of the principal thereof.
Page 76 - Irish patent, certified by his fiat and signature, a disclaimer of any part of either the title of the invention or of the specification, stating the reason for such disclaimer, or may, with such leave as aforesaid, enter a memorandum of any alteration in the said title or specification, not being such disclaimer or such alteration as shall extend the exclusive right granted by the said letters patent...
Page 46 - All powers not conferred upon it still remain with the states, and with the people. The state legislatures, on the other hand, possess all usual and ordinary powers of government, subject to any limitations which may be imposed by their own constitutions, and with the exception, as I have said, of the operation, on those powers, of the constitution of the United States.
Page 154 - Then to twice the midship depth add the foremost and the aftermost depths, for the sum of the depths. ' Add together the upper and lower breadths at the foremost division, three times the upper breadth and the lower breadth at the midship...
Page 97 - ... the expense of providing the necessary surgical and medical advice and attendance and medicine, and also the expenses of the maintenance of the master...
Page 46 - ... duty of the Auditor of State to levy an adequate amount by direct taxation. The loans were invariably made on pledges of specific revenues for the payment of both principal and interest. The state of Ohio, at the commencement of its loans, organized a system of finance on a firm foundation, providing by direct taxation for the payment of the interest and the ultimate redemption of the principal.
Page 426 - Saturday in such preceding week, add together the total quantities of each sort of British corn respectively appearing by such returns to have been sold, and the total prices for which the same shall thereby appear to have been sold, and shall divide the amount of such total prices respectively by the amount of such total quantities of each sort of British corn respectively, and the sum produced thereby shall be added to the sums in like manner produced in the five weeks immediately preceding the...
Page 76 - That in any action brought for infringing the right granted by any letters patent , in taxing the costs thereof regard shall be had to the part of such case which has been proved at the trial , which shall be certified by the judge before whom the same shall be had, and the costs of each part of the case shall be given according as either party has succeeded or failed therein , regard being had to the notice of objections , as well as the counts in the declaration, and without regard to the general...

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