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Reveals the secres passage to the shore; A long, long absent gladness in his glance; The city lies behind-they speed, they reach - "Tis mine - my blood-red flag! again The glad waves dancing on the yellow


I am not all deserted on the main ! ” And Conrad following, at her beck, obey'd, They own the signal, answer to the hail, Nar cared he now if rescued or betray'd; Hoist out the boat at once, and slacken sail. Resistance were as useless as if Seyd “ 'Tis Conrad ! Conrad !” shouting from let lived to view the doom his ire decreed.

: the deck,

Command nor duty could their transport Embarkid, the sail unfurl'd, the light With light alacrity and gaze of pride, .

check! breeze blewHow much had Conrad's memory to review!

They view him mount once more his ves

sel's side; Sunk be in contemplation, till the cape A smile relaxing in each rugged face, Where last he anchor'd rear'd its giant- | Their arms can scarce forbear a rough shape.

embrace. All-siace that fatal night, though brief He, half forgetting danger and defeat, the time,

Returns their greeting as a chief may greet, Had swept an age of terror, grief, and

and Wrings with a cordial grasp Anselmo's hand,

crime. bits far shadow frown'd above the mast,

And feels he yet can conquer and command! le reil'd his face, and sorrow'd as he past; E thought of all - Gonsalvo and his band, These greetings o'er, the feelings that 5 feeting triumph and his failing hand,

o'erflow, I thought on her afar, his lonely bride: Yet grieve to win him back without a blow; kland and saw-Gulnare, the homicide! They sail'd prepared for vengeance-- had

they known She watch'd his features till she could / A woman's hand secured that deed her own, not bear

She were their queen - less scrupulous are luar freezing aspect and averted air,

they that strange fierceness, foreign to her eye,

Than haughty Conrad how they win their quench'd in tears, too late to shed or dry,

way. Liselt beside him, and his hand she prest.

With many an asking smile, and wonderabou mayst forgive though Alla's self

ing stare, detest;

They whisper round, and gaze upon Gulnare; u for that deed of darkness what wert

| And her, at once above- beneath her sex, thou?

Whom blood appall'd not, their regarde Sprach me - but not yet - Oh! spare me

perplex. | To Conrad turns her faint imploring eye, now! la not what I seem - this fearful night

She drops her veil, and stands in silence by; hain bewilder'd-do not madden quite! Her arms are meekly folded on that breast, El had never loved-though less my guilt,

ili | Which Conrad safe-to fate resign'd the rest. a hadst not lived to-hate me - if thou Though worse than phrensy could that wilt.”

bosom fill,

Extreme in love or hate, in good or ill, We wrongs his thoughts, they more him-11

The worst of crimes had left her woman still! self upbraid her, though andesign'd, the wretch This Conrad mark’d, and felt ah! could he made;

he less ? geechless all, deep, dark,and unexprest, Hate of that deed - but grief for her distress; les bleed within that silent cell-his What she has done no tears can wash away, breast.

And Heaven must punish on its angry day: all onward, fair the breeze, nor rough But, it was done : he knew, whate'er her

the surge, Blue waves sport around the stern they For him that poniard smote, that blood was

urge; the horizon's verge appears a speck, And he was free!- and she for him had given

-a mast- a sail - an armed deck! Jer all on earth, and more than all in er little bark her men of watch descry,

heaven! impler canvas woos the wind from high; | And now he turn'd him to that dark-eyed bears her down majestically near,

slave on her prow, and terror in her tier; Whose brow was bow'd beneath the glance is seen - the ball beyond their bow

he gave, harmless, hissing to the deep below. Who now seem'd changed and humbled: rae keen Conrad from his silent trance,

fain and meek,

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Bat varying oft the color of her cheek Oh! for a wing beyond the falcon's A To devet hate of palesetall its red To bear him like an arrow to that he That learfel spot which staind it from the With the first pare the resting rowers

He waits not looks Dot-leaps into the He took that kand-it trembled-10 tos Strives through the surge, bestride

beach, and his So soft in lore-se wildls nerve in hate; Ascends the path familiar to his eye. He dlagd that hand - it trembled-and his Had lost its firmness, and his voice its tone." He reach his turret-door-he paus --Galmare!- but she replied not-dear

no sound Gulnare!

Broke from withia; and all was night aro She raised her eye-her only answer there - He knoldand loudly-footstepi At once she sought and cook in his embrace: Announced that any heard or deem'd If he had driven her from that resting place,

nigh; His had been more or less than mortal heart.

hand Bat-good or ill-it bade her not de part. Perchance, but for the bodings of his breast.

Refused to aid his heavy heart's dem Hie latest virtue then had joind the rest

* The portal opens-'tis a well known f Yet even Medora might forgive the kiss But bot the form he panted to embra That askd from form so fair no more than

Its lips are silent-twice his own essa this.

And faild to frame the question The first, the last that Frailty stole from

delay'd; Faith

He snatch'd the lamp-its light will a To lips where Love had lavishd all his


: It quits his grasp, expiring in the fa To lips - whose broken sighs such fragrance He would not wait for that reviving


As soon could he have linger'd there for As he had fann'd them freshly with his wing! But, glimmering through the dusky


| Another chequers o'er the shadow'd 1 They gain by twilight's hour their lonely His steps the chamber gain – his eyes b isle.

All that his heart believed not-yet for To them the very rocks appear to sinile; The haven hums with many a cheering He turn'd not-spoke not - sunk notsound.

his look, The beacons blaze their wonted stations And set the anxious frame that lately :


He gazed - how long wegaze despite of The boats are darting o'er the curly bay, And know, but dare not own, we gaze in And sportive dolphins bend them through | In life itself she was so still and fair

the spray;

That death with gentler aspect wil Eren the hoarse sea-bird's shrill, discordant

there; shriek,

And the cold flowers her colder hand Greets like the welcome of his tuneless beak!

tain'd, Beneath each lamp that through its lattice In that last grasp as tenderly were sti


As if she scarcely felt, but feign'da! Their fancy paints the friends that trim And made it almost mockery yet to y

the beams.

The long dark lashes fringed her 1 Oh! what can sanctify the joys of home, Like Hope's gay glance from Ocean's trou - And veild -thought shrinks from all bled foam ?

Jurk'd below

Oh! o'er the eye death most exerts his m The lights are high on beacon and from And hurls the spirit from her thro bower,

light! And midst them Conrad seeks Medora's tower: Sinks those blue orbs in that long last ec He looks in vain - 'tis strange-and all re- Bnt spares, as yet, the charm aroun mark,

lipsAmid so many, hers alone is dark.

Yet, yet they seem as they forbore to T'is strange of yore its welcome never And wish'd repose - but only for a wh failid

But the white shroud, and each exte Nor now, perchance, extinguishd, only!

tress, veil'd.

Long-fair - but spread in utter lifelesi With the first boat descends he for the which, late the sport of every summer


Escaped the baffled wreath that stro And looks impatient on the lingering oar!


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These, and the pale pure cheek, became On Grief's vain eye - the blindest of the the bier

blind! But she is nothing-wherefore is he here? Which may not-dare not see -- but turns


To blackest shade -- nor will endure a guide! He ask'd no question-all were answer'd

now By the first glance on that still-marble His heart was form’d for softness – warp'd brow.

to wrong ; It was enough-she died-what reck'd it Betray'd too early, and beguiled too long; how?

Each feeling pure-as falls the dropping dew The love of youth, the hope of better years,

Within the grot-like that had harden'd too; The source of softest wishes, tenderest fears, Less clear, perchance, its earthly trials The only living thing he could not hate, Was refs at once - and he deserved his fate, but sunk, and chill'd, and petrilied at last. But did not feel it less ;-the good explore,

Yet tempests wear, and lightning cleaves Far prace, those realms where guilt can

the rock; If such his heart, so shatter'd it the shock. never goar: The proud - the wayward, who have fix'a There grew one flower beneath its rugged below

brow, Their joy--and find this earth enough for Though dark the shade- it shelter'd-saved woe,

till now, love in that one their all-perchance a | The thunder came - that bolt hath blasted mite

both, But sho in patience parts with all delight? | The Granite's firmness, and the Lily's Full many a stoic eye and aspect stern

growth: ad hearts where grief hath little left to

The gentle plant hath left no leaf to tell learn;

Its tale, but shrunk and wither'd where it hat many a withering thought lies hid,

fell, And of its cold protector, blacken round not lost sailes that least befit who wear them | But shiver'd fragments on the barren ground! most.

'Tis morn-to venture on his lonely hour By those, that deepest feel, is ill exprest Few dare ; though now Anselmo sought The indistinctness of the suffering breast;

his tower. Where thousand thoughts begin to end in one, He was not there - nor seen along the shore; Which seeks from all the refuge found in Ere night, alarm'd, their isle is traversed o’er: none;

Another morn- another bids them seek, bevords suffice the secret soul to show, And shout his name till echo waxeth weak; he Truth denies all eloquence to Woe. Mount-grotto-cavern-valley search'd in O Conrad's stricken soul exhaustion prest,

vain, dat stupor almost lulld it into rest; | They find on shore a sea-boat's broken chain:

leeble now-his mother's softness crept Their hope revives - they follow o'er the To those wild eyes, which like an infant's

main. wept:

'Tis idle all -- moons roll on moons away, Lr the very weakness of his brain, And Conrad comes not-came not-since Stichthus confess'd without relieving pain.

that day: he saw his trickling tears ---Perchance, if | Nor trace, nor tidings of his doom declare seen,

Where lives his grief, or perish'd his despair! bat eseless flood of grief had never been: Long mournd his band whom none could Mer long they flow'd-he dried them to

mourn beside; depart,

And fair the monument they gave his bride: helpless -- hopeless - brokenness of heart: For him they raise not the recording stonc The sun goes forth - but Conrad's day is His death yet dubious, deeds too widely dim;

known; suf the night cometh-ne er to pass from He left a Corsair's name to other times, him.

Link'd with one virtue and a thousand There is no darkness like the cloud of mind


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He comes at last in sudden lonelines

And whence they know not, why they a Jawagà Lara's wide.

not guess; juwain,

| They more might marvel, when the gr her feudal chain;

ing's o'er, Not that he came, but came not long beli * Plea waforgotten lord, teftain is restored :

No train is his beyond a single page, in data in the busy hall, lof foreign aspect, and of tender age. Det er hotel banners on the wall; ears had rollid on, and fast they speed ai

To those that wander as to those that el open the pictured window,

But lack of tidings from another clim plays

Had lent a flagging wing to weary Ti **** gues' hospitable blaze;

hearth. They see, they recognise, yet almost d www.banden vacker round the hearth, | *** A loudness, and wih eyes The present dubious, or the past a dre all mirth.

| He lives, nor yet is past his manhood's pri

Though seard by toil, and something ton a ti lara is return'd again :

. by time; . de

His faults, whate'er they were, if sci Lara cross'd the bounding main ?

forgot, ich loss to know. Might be untaught him by his varied - da wietoo young such loss to know, Dadell; - that heritage of woe,

Nor good nor ill of late were known, We stad empire which the human breast

name Moti li rob the heart within of rest! Might yet uphold his patrimonial fa und was to check, and few to point in time His soul in youth was haughty, but his An Awkwand paths that slope the way to

Onths that slope the way to No more than pleasure from the strip! crime;

wins; a. when he most required command - And such, if not yet harden'd in their cou

ment, then

| Might be redeemd, nor ask a long rema Maced tere daring boyhood govern’d men. de skills not, boots not step by step to trace N outh through all the mazes of its race; And they indeed were changed -Want was the course his restlessness had run,

quickly seen What long enough to leave him half undone. Whate'er he be, 'twas not what he had be

That brow in furrow'd lines had fix'd

last, And Lara left in youth his father-land; And spake of passions, but of passion p it from the hour he waved his parting | The pride, but not the fire, of early di


Coldness of mien, and carelessness of pral Shtrace wax'd fainter of his course, till all A high demeanour, and a glance that ! Mad nearly ceased his memory to recal. Their thoughts from others by a single la His wire was dust, his vassals could declare, And that sarcastic levity of tongue,

fins all they knew that Lara was not there; | The stinging of a heart the world hath stu Mor sent, nor came he, till conjecture grew | That darts in seeming playfulness arou Guld in the many, anxious in the few. And makes those feel that will not a Min hull scarce echoes with his wonted name,

the wound; His portrait darkens in its fading frame, All these seem'd his, and something m Another chief consoled his destined bride,

beneath, The young forgot him, and the old had died; / Than glance could well reveal, or acci Yoi doth he live!” exclaims the impatient

breathe. heir,

| Aunbition, glory, love, the common ain And niche for sables which he must not wear. That some can conquer, and that all wor A hundred scutcheons deck with gloomy

claim, grace

Within his breast appear'd no more to stri The Larns' last and longest dwelling-place; / Yet scern'd as lately they had been aliv But one is absent from the mouldering file, And some deep feeling it were vain to tri That now were welcome in that Gothic pile. At moments lightend o'er his livid faci Not much he loved long question of the And then, his rarely call'd attendants said, past,

Through night's long hours would sound Sor told of wondrous wilds, and deserts vast,

his hurried tread b those far lands where he had wander'd O'er the dark gallery, where his fathers lone,

frown'd Aed-as himself would have it seem-un- In rude but antique portraiture around : known:

They heard , but whisper'd _" that must Tet these in vain his eye could scarcely scan,

not be knownVerglean experience from his fellow-man; The sound of words less earthly than his own. But what he had beheld he shunn'd to show, Yes, they who chose might smile, but some As hardly worth a stranger's care to know;

had seen If still more prying such inquiry grew, | They scarce knew what, but more than His brow fell darker, and his words more

should have been. few.

Why gazed he so upon the ghastly head

Which hands profane had gather'd from Seat morejoiced to see him once again,

the dead, Warnvas his welcome to the haunts of men; That still beside his opend volume lay, Bera of high lineage, link'd in high com- As if to startle all save him away? mand,

Why slept he not when others were at rest? Hemingled with the Magnates of his land ; Why heard no music and received no guest? Jound the carousals of the great and gay, All was not well they deem'd -- but where Andsgp them smile or sigh their hours away;

the wrong? But still he only saw, and did not share Some knew perchance-but 'twere a tale ile common pleasure or the general care;

too long; I did not follow what they all pursued And such besides were too discreetly wise, Tith hope still baffled, still to be renew'd; To more than hint their knowledge in be shadowy honour, nor substantial gain,

surmise ; a beauty's preference, and the rival's pain: But if they would - they could "- around laund him some mysterious circle thrown

the board, Spelld approach, and show'd him still | Thus Lara's vassals prattled of their lord.

alone; Tyen his eve gate something of reproof, That kept at least frivolity aloof;

| It was the night-and Lara's glassy stream kad things more timid that beheld him near, The stars are studding, each with imaged a silence gazed, or whisper'd mutual fear;

beam: And they the wiser, friendlier few confest So calm , the waters scarcely seem to stray, They deein'd him better than his air exprest. And yet they glide like happiness away;

Reflecting far and fairy-like from high

| The immortal lights that live along the sky: Tras strange-in youth all action and Its banks are fringed with many a goodly all life,

tree, bening for pleasure, not averse from strife; And flowers the fairest that may feast the Woman – the field – the ocean - all that

bee; gave

Such in her chaplet infant Dian wove, fronise of gladness, peril of a grave, And Innocence would offer to her love. ho turn he tried_he ransack'd all below, These deck the shore; the waves their found his recompense in joy or woe,

channel make Mi tane, trite medium; for his feelings In windings bright and mazy like the snake. sought

All was so still, so soft in earth and air, that intenseness an escape from thought: You scarce would start to meet a spirit there; ke tempest of his heart in scorn had gazed Secure that nought of evil could delight has that the feebler elements hath raised; To walk in such a scene, on such a night!

le rapture of his heart had look'd on high, It was a moment only for the good : maskd if greater dwelt beyond the sky: So Lara deem'd, nor longer there he stood,

wad to excess, the slave of each extreme, But turn'd in silence to his castle-gate; Hoy woke he from the wildness of that | Such scene his soul no more could contemdream?

plate: ! he told not-but he did awake Such scene reminded him of other days, "* curse the wither'd heart that would of skies more cloudless, moons of purer not break.


Of nights more soft and frequent, hearts oks, for his volume heretofore was Man,

that noweye more curious he appear’d to scan, No-no-the storm may beat upon his brow,

h in sudden mood, for many a day Unfelt - unsparing - but a night like this, wall communion he would start away: A night of beauty, mock'd such breast as hip

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