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When Solon and Lycurgus taught,
To moralize the human thought
Of mad opinion's maze,
To erring zeal they gave new laws.
Thy charms, O Liberty, the cause
That blends congenial rays.

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ODE to the Hon. Sir William Temple, 1689. Page r

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A true and faithful Inventory of the Goods belong-

ing to Dr. Swift, Vicar of Laracor ; upon his

lending his House to the Bishop of Meath till
his Palace was re-built. roo


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Book I. Ep. V. John Dennis the Shel-
tering Poet's Invitation to Richard Steele the
secluded Party-writer and Member, to come
and live with him in the Mint. I40
To Lord Harley, on his Marriage. 146
In Sickness. Written in Ireland, O&ober 1714. 149
The Fable of the Bitches. Written in the Year
1715, on an Attempt to repeal the Test-Aét. 150
Horace, Book III. Ode II. To the Earl of Oxford,
late Lord Treasurer. Sent to him when in the
Tower, 1716. I52.
Phyllis; or, The Progress of Love. 153
Ad Amicum Eruditum Thomam Sheridan. 1717. 156
Horace, Book IV. Ode IX. Addressed to Abp.

King. 1718. 158
To Mr. Delany. I 59
A left-handed Letter to Dr. Sheridan. 163

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To Mr. Sheridan. 165
Stella's Birth-day, March 13, 1718-19. 166
Dr. Sheridan to Dr. Swift, 1719, 167
The Dean's Answer. ibid.


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