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If thou indeed derive thy light from Heaven,

Then, to the measure of that heaven-born light,

Shine, Poet! in thy place, and be content,—

The stars pre-eminent in magnitude,

And they that from the zenith dart their beams,

(Visible though they be to half the earth.

Though half a sphere be conscious of their brightness)

Are yet of no diviner origin,

No purer essence, than the one that burns,

Like an untended watch-fire, on the ridge

Of some dark mountain; or than those which seem

Humbly to hang, like twinkling winter lamps

Among the brandies of the leafless trees;

All are the undying offspring of one Sire:

Then, to the measure of the light vouchsafed,

Shine, Poet ! in thy place, and be content.


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It wa* an April morning; fresh and clear

To 1 vvuut*

There I-* an Eminence.—of these our hills

A narrow girdle of rough stones and crags


A Mivning Exercise

A Flower Garden, at Coleorton Hall,

Leicestershire .

A whirl-W.**t from behind the hill .

The W.itcrull and the Eglantine

The Oak and the Broom. A Pastoral

To a Sexton

To the Daisy

To the same Flower

The Green Linnet

To a Sky-lark

To the Small Celandine ....

To the same Flower ....

The Seven Sisters; or, the Solitude of

Bin none

-Who fancied what a pretty sight

The Redbreast chasing the Butterfly

Song for the Spinning Wheel. Founded

upon a Belief prevalent among the Pas-

toral Vales of Westmoreland

Hint from the Mountains for certain Poli-
tical Pretenders

On seeing a Needlecase in the Form of a



There was a Boy .....

To the Cuckoo

A Night-piece

» Airey-force Valley



-The Simplon Pass

She was a Phantom of delight.

0 Nightingale! thou surely art

Three years she grew in sun and shower

A slumber did my spirit seal

1 wandered lonely as a cloud .

The Reverie of Poor Susan

Power of Music

Star-gazers ......

Written in March, while resting on the

Bridge at the foot of Brother's Water .

. Lyre I though such power do in thy magic


Beggars .......

Sequel to the Foregoing, composed many

Years after

Gipsies .......


Resolution and Independence .

The Thorn

Hart-leap Well-

Part I

Part II

Song at the Feast of Brougham Castle,

upon the Restoration of Lord Clifford,

the Shepherd, to the Estates and

Honours of his Ancestors

Lines, composed a few miles above Tin-

tern Abbey, on revisiting the Banks of

the Wye during a Tour, July 13, 1798 .

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