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Page 26 - There had been established, just at that time, in these four towns, an association calling itself the North of England Council for promoting the Higher Education of Women.
Page 18 - Any general character, from the best to the worst, from the most ignorant to the most enlightened, may be given to any community, even to the world at large, by the application of proper means; which means are to a great extent at the command and under the control of those who have influence in the affairs of men.
Page 29 - In our old Chartist time, it is true, Lancashire working men were in rags by thousands ; and many of them lacked food. But their intelligence was demonstrated wherever you went. You would see them in groups discussing the great doctrine of political justice ... or they were in earnest dispute respecting the teachings of socialism. Now, you will see no such groups in Lancashire. But you will hear welldressed working men talking...
Page 14 - Institution is formed for the purpose of enabling Mechanics and Artisans, of whatever trade they may be, to become acquainted with such branches of science as are of practical application in the exercise of that trade; that they may possess a more thorough knowledge of their business, acquire a greater degree of skill in the practice of it, and be qualified to make improvements and even new inventions in the Arts which they respectively profess.
Page 10 - In 1811 the National Society for Educating the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church was founded; in 1814 the British and Foreign School Society for non-denominational Biblereading.
Page 221 - Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions, the Co-operative Union, and the Working Men's Club and Institute Union.
Page 107 - With a view to the establishment of a national system of public education available for all persons capable of profiting thereby...
Page 68 - If, however, the question be put whether, so far as they go, and within the limits of time and available energy the classes are conducted in the spirit which we have described, and tend to accustom the student to the ideal of work familiar at a University, we can answer with an unhesitating affirmative ; and in particular, the treatment both of History and Economics is scientific and detached in character. As regards the standard reached, there are students whose essays compare favourably with the...
Page 379 - University, who speaks with knowledge of the classes referred to above : " The success of science classes for adult students .depends in a special degree on the character of the teaching and the personality of the teacher. It is more difficult to secure the right sort of teaching for adult students in Science than in such a subject as Economics.

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