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9. Earl of Tyrone.

Baker, late 123d ditto; Geo. Por. 18. Hon. John Wynn, son of ter, late 117th ditto; Jas. Erikine, lord Newburgh.

15th light dragoons; Henry WilLady Lucy Wheeler, reli&

tliams, late 120th foot; bon. Geo. of fir William Wheeler.

Napier, late Londonderry regiment; 19. Elizabeth countess of Bristol. Francis earl Conyngham, ditto; 24. Charles viscount Ranelagh. hon. John Vaughan, late loyal Shera 25. Frances, countess-dowager of field regiment; Cha. Baillie, 31st Northampton.

foot; hon. Alex. Hope, 14th foot; 27. Dr. Hugh Blair.

Jobp-Thomas Maddifon, late loyal 29. Sir Jofeph Andrews, bart. Kelso regiment; Peter Heron, late

36. Hon. baron Dimsdale, M.D. 2d battalion goth foot; Rob. LawF. R. S.

son, royal artillery ; Tho. Peter, on -- Sir George Leonard Staunton, half-pay; Rob. Montgomery, gt la bart.

foot; Edw. Fage, royal artillery; Dowager lady Leigh.

hon. Montague Mathew, late 114th foot; John Ramsay, 3d foot-guards;

William Earl Bulwer, on half-pay; PROMOTIONS in 1800.

John Delves Broughton, late icoth Jan. 1. Lieutenant-colonels, Wm. foot; Wm. Dyott, 25th ditto; RoGooch, of the 4th dragoons; Henry nald Craufurd Ferguson, 31 ft ditto; Chaytor, ift foot-guards; Stapleton Andrew Gammell, of col. EdCotton, 27th light dragoons ; Sa- wards's fencibles; Rob. M.Farlane, muel Dalrymple, 3d foot-guards; 720 foot; Peter-John-James DuWin. Johnston, ditto; George-Fre- tens, Minorca regiment;_Samuel derick Koehler, royal artillery; Achmuty, 75th foot; Jas. Thewles, Frederick-William Wollaston, 22d 4th dragoon-guards; John-Gustalight dragoons; Rowland Hill, goth vus Croibie, 22d foot; to be colofoot; Wm. Stewart, 8gth ditto; nels in the army.-Majors Rowland hon. Wm. Stapleton, 31st light Edwards, 9th foot; Henry Baird, dragoons; Denzell Onllow, late 54th ditto ; hon. Alex. Murray, 4th 97th foot; John Murray, 84th ditto; Wm. Cullen, Scotch briditto; Wm. Twiss, royal engineers; gade; R. Sacheverell Newton, oth hon. Charles Hope, 7th dragoon- foot; John Wingfeld, 4th draguards; Rich. Mark Dickens, 34th

goons; William-Charles Fortescue, foot; sir Geo. Pigor, bart. late 1 30th on half pay; Andrew Ross, Reay ditto; Frederick Maitland, 27th fencibles; Gerrard Gofrelin, late ditto; John Levefon Gower, on 130th foot; Rich. Lee, late 124th half-pay; Martin Hunter 48th foot; ditto; H. Lewis Dickenfon, 841h John ld. Elphinstone, 26th ditto; ditto; W'm. Pearce, late 123d ditto; Richard viscount Donoughmore, Wm. Alexander, Effex fencibles; late 112th ditto; John Aber. lord Henry Murray, late zd battacrombie, 53d ditto; Richard-Wil: lion goth foot; Andrew Hay, of a liam Talbot, 23d ditto; George- fencible regiment; Thomas-RobinCharles Braithwaite Boughton, on son Grey, 20th foot; Frederickhalf-pay ; Carr Beresford, 88th foot; Philip Robinson, late 134th ditto; John Evelegh, royal engineers; Charles Campbell, late 132d ditto; Orlando Manley, royal artillery ; Arthur Robert Dillon, late nigth Alexander Shand, ditto; George ditto; hon. George Carnegie, late carl of Dalhousie, zd foot; Tho. 110th ditto; Thomas-Partridge


Thorpe, on half-pay; Duncan can corps; Wm. Peachy, late 108th Darrock, Rothsay and Caithness foot; Geo. Vigoreux, late Corfican fencibles; Frederick Delmre, late corps ; Tho. Skinner, royal engi. 103d foot; John Grey, late 113th neers; Thomas de la Breche, late foot; William Henry Pringle, 4th 123d foot; Cha. Newton, late 134th ditto; hon, Rob. Clive, late rroth ditto; George-Lewis Hamilton, ditto; Wm. Hutchinson, on half royal artillery ; George Hart, 36th pay; Anthony Egan, late Irish bric foot; Humphry Dennis, 9th dragade; count Philip Wallh, ditto; goons; Geo. Glasgow, roval artilDavid Barry, ditto; William lery; Geo. Johnson, 28th foot; O‘Shee, ditto; Jas. Conway, ditto; Hen. T. Thompson, royal artilFrancis Stewart, 79th foot; Geo.lery; Rich. Donaldson, gth draJackson, late g6th ditto ; Wm. goons; Abraham Duverneite, royal Tomlinson, late gift ditto; Gor. artillery; Jas. Butler, ditto ; Wm. don Skelley, Scotch brigade; Tho. Inglis, 57th foot; David Roberto Hockley, Suffolk fencibles; Hugh fon, 74th foot; Jas. Brag, royal Antrobus, Somerset fencible in- artillery; William Douglas, 74th fantry; John Murray, late 1oSth foot; Matthew Jenour, 39th ditto; foot; Arthur Aylmer, 2d Vanks James Wynch, 4th ditto; Charles fencibles; Wm. Maxwell, 32d foot; Robison, royal' artillery; Tho. Win. Say, late g9th ditto: John Judson, ditto ; Wm. Bentham, ditMackenzie, Sth ditto; Edward to; William-Frederick M.Bean, Barnes, late g9th ditro; Henry 6th foot; John Vincent, 49th ditZouch, late 12 11t foot; John Shee, to; Wm. Booth, royal engineers; 33d ditto; Edmund-Reilly Cope, John Borthwick, zist foot; Tho. late Dublin regiment; Henry Davis, Baffett, sth ditto; William Wade, 9th foot; hon. E. M. Packenham, 3d dragoons; Geo. Lewis, royal 23d light dragoons; John Bagwell, artillery ; Wm. Fyers, royal engilate 30th ditto; Phaneas Riall, late neers; Sherborne Stewart, it iife128th foot; Rob. Bell, 86th ditto; guards; John Hadden, uith foot; Rob. Campbell, late 2d battalion Rob. Lethbridge, both ditto; Da82d ditto;' Williain Brooke, late vid Gordon, 48th ditto; Frederick 96th ditto; Wm. Ponsonby, 5th De Chambault, late 109th ditto; dragoon-guards; Tho. Molyneux, Alex. Cumine, 75th diito; Willate 104th foot; Wm. Roberts, late liam- Frederick Spry, 77th ditto; 135th ditto; Hugh Baillie, 86th Edw. Musgrave, 76th ditto; Pa. ditto; Edw. Macdonnell, 46th dit- trick Maxwell, 19th light dragoons ; to; Edward-Edwin Colman, 84th to be lieutenant-colonels in the ditto; hon. J. Butler Wandesford; army.—Captains Charles Duperry, late 104th ditto; Geo. A. Arm-' 37th foot; Stephens Collins, bift strong, on half-pay; James- Francis ditto; Charles Sutherland, 24th Bland, late 107th foot; Auguftus ditto; Edw. Wood, royal artillery; Fitzgerald, ditto; Charles Smith, Tho. Paterson, 19th light dragoons ; 22d light dragoons; John Bain- Wm. Kerfteman, royal engineers bridge, Durham fencibles; John- Samuel Swinton, 74th foot; Joha. Shaw Maxwell, 23d light dragoons; William Evans, 19th ditto; Mal. Benjamin Forbes, 75th foot; John- colm M.Pherson, 7'7th ditto; Geo. Charles Tuffnell, on half pay; Johnstone, New South Wales corps ; John Popham Watson, late 117th Wm. Buller, oth foot; J. Killigrew foot ; Haviland Smith, late Corli- Dunbar, 69th ditto; fir Geo. Leith,


bart. 73d ditto; Geo. Cookson, Wm. Hutchinson, 49th foot; Tayroyal artillery ; Philip Riou, ditto; lor Whire, 8ift foot; Daniel Sada Christopher Seaton, 54th footí don, 22d light dragoons; to be George Calland, 2d life-guards; to lieutenant-colonels in the army:-be majors in the army.

Staff. Col. Geo. Milner, of the Jan. 4. Brevet. Captain the hon. foot-guards, to be brigadier-general Alex. Mírray, to be major in the in the island of Jerley only-Hofärmy.

pital-staff. Hospital-inates William 8. Lieutenant-general the hon. Warcup and Peter Travers, to be fir Charles Stuart; fir Henry Har- apothecaries to the forces. vey, vice-admiral of the white; 29. John M Mahon, esq. (late and fir Andrew Mitchell, vice-ad- lieutenant-colonel in the 87th foot) miral of the blue; created knights to be vice-treasurer and commif. of the bath.

Gioner of accounts to his royal 11. Barracks. Thomas Fraser, highness the prince of Wales; and gent. to be barrack-master at Robert Gray, esq. to be deputy Fort-George, vice Maclean, super- commissioner of accounts. Lieut. Teded:

col. George Leigh, of the 10th, or 18. Invalids. Lieut. Robert Bul- prince's own light dragoons, to be lock, from the hall-pay of the his equerry; and Mr. Gaikoin to late 132d foot, to be dieutenant in be clerk of the stables. capt. Campbell's company of inva Feb. 1. Mr. Wm. M‘Farlane, aplids at Guernsey, vice Sawkins, de: pointed keeper of the minute-book ceased.-Brevet. Major Walter Par. of the new session-house of Edintridge, of the 5th foot, to be lieu- burgh, and Mr. John Thompson tenaht-colonel in the army.-Gar- to be commissary of the commillarison. Lieut. Robert Robinfon, of riot of Kirkcudbright. the royal fusileers, to be town

-. Edward Harnilton, efq.captain major in Prince Edward's Ifand, in the royal wavy, and commander of vice Lyons.- Staff. Major George his majeity's ship Surprise, knighted. Stracey Smyth, of the 83d foot, 4. Brevet. Capt. W. A. Phipps, to be deputy-quartermaster-general inspector of the royal military acato the forces serving in North Ame. demy at Woolwich, to be major rica, with the rank of lieutenant- in the army. colonel in the army.--Hospital 15. His majesty has been pleafstaff. Hospital-mate Wm. Tytler, ed to appoint the under-mentionto be apothecary to the forces. ed officers of the East. India Com

21. Invalids. Enfiga Peter Whan- pany's forces to take rank loy brenell, from the late independent vet in his majesty's army in the companies, to be ensign in major East Indies only: Majors ThoGordon's independent company mas Holland, John Barton, Niof invalids in Alderney, vice White, colas Carnegie, James Gordon, dec.-Hofpital-ftaff. John Wright, John Horseford, Richard Huma M.D. to be assistant-inspector of phries, Patrick-Alexander Agnew, hospitals.

Edward Gibbings, Robert Mackay, 24. Brevet. Majors Hugh Bowens, John-Tendal Evans, Hector Macon half-pay; Henry Proctor, of leane, Robert Cameron, Thomas the 43d foot; John Brown, royal Dallas, John Torin, Keith Maca. engineers in Ireland; Joseph Wal- lister, Charles-Frederick Mandeker, royal artillery in Ireland; ville, Richard Gore, Francis Wil. 1800.




[18oo. liam Bellis, John Little, John Wife. M‘Niell, esq. to be his majesty's man, Henry Oakes, Thomas Mar- consulat Leghorn.-- Joseph Pringle, ibail, Charles Reynolds, Burnaby esq. to be his majelty's agent and Boles, George-William Migiran, conlul general in the island of William Home, Andrew Auderson, Madeira, vice Murray resigned. Charles Boyle, John Macdonald, 19. Robert Coney and Robert James Romney, Henry Long, Ja: Hickes, together with Charles Agar, cob Thompson, Jeremiah Hawkes, John Pouchet, and Richard Bevan, John Baillie, Joseph Bland, and be his majesty's commiffionWilliam-Henry Blasliford, to be ers for appeals and regulating the lieutenant-colonels. Captains Ri- duties of excise. chard Walker, Edward Pennington,

Sir Charles Whitworth, Thomas Polbill, Alexander Legert. K.B. created a baron of the king. wood, Andrew Fraser, Edward Tol. dom of Ireland, by the title of bafrey, Samuel Jeannerett, John ron Whitworth, of Newport Prat; Chalmers, and George Knox, to be county of Mayo. majors.--Brevet. Capt. Charles N. 22. Sir Walter Farquhar, bart. Cookson, of the royal artillery, to to be physician to his royal highbe major in the army.-Garrison. ness the prince of Wales. Lieutenant-general David Dundas, April 2. Lieut. col. John Douglas, to be governor of Landguard fort, late commander of a party of mavice Trelawney, deceased.

rives serving on board the Tigre, 18. Edward King, efq. of Lin. knighted. coln’s-inn-fields, vice-chancellor of 5. Right rev. William lord the duchy and county palatine of bishop of Chester, to be billiop of Lancafter.

Bangor, vice Warren, deceased. 21. Right hon. Thomas lord 8. Hospital-staff. Frank, Bolton, lord-lieutenant of the county M. D. to be inspector of hofpiof Southampton, and of the town tals to the forces. Purveyor Ro. of Southampton and county of the bert Patrick, and surgeon Jasaine.

miefon, to be assistanc-inspectors 25. Brevet. Major fir Wil- of hospitals to the forces. Surgeon liam Lowther, bart. to be lieute. - Cope, to be inspector of field. nant-colonel in the army:

hospitals to the forces. To be purMarch 4. Dr. Wm. L. Browai, veyor to the forces : furgeon Geo. principal of Marefchal college in Dickson, from the 12th light draAberdeen, to be one of his majesty's goons.

To be deputy-purveyors chaplains in ordinary in Scotland. to the forces : Hofpital-mate

4. Statf. Colonel John Stewart, Gunfon, and Wm. James, gent.of the royal artillery, to be brigadier- Garrifon. Surgeon Alex.M.Dowell, general at Gibraltar only.

from the both foot, to be garrison 15. Hon. Arthur Paget, to be surgeon of the island of St. Lucia, his majesty's, envoy-extraordina- vice Bishop, deceased. ry and minister plenipotentiary 12. Hospital-staff. Joseph Pheat the court of his Sicilian majesty. lan, M. D. to be physician to the Hon. William F. Wyndham, his foices. majesty's envoy extraordinary at May 10. Staff. Col. Alexander Florence, to affirme the additional Buchanan, of the 37th foot, to character of minifter-plenipoten- be brigadier-general in the Lee. tiary at that court.-- Archibald ward Islands only.--Hofpital-itaff,


Garrison-surgeon Walters, 19. William Leighton, Edwin to be affiftant-inspector of hofpi- Joynes, Roger Kerrilon, John Eve. tals to the forces in Guernsey.- ritt, Thomas Carr, Matthew BloxBarracks. B. Westropp Atkins, to am, Robert Burton, John Brabe affiftant-barrack-master to the zier, Alexander Gordon, James south-west side of the Ille of Wight, Earle, Beaumaris Rul, and Robert vice Menzies, deceased.

Graham, efqrs. knighted. 13. Brevet. Major-general Hen 24. Brevet. Capt. Hampson P. ry Bowyer, to be lieutenant-ge- Thomas, of the 64th foot, to be maneral in British North America jor in the army. - Staff. Aliftantonly. Hon. col. John Hope, to be commissary Cha. Wright, to be brigadier.general in the Mediterra- deputy-commissary to the forces nean only.--Staff. Brevet-major under the command of general fir Charles Neville, to be deputy-quar- Ralph Abercromby: James Pipon, ter-master-general to the British ditto. troops serving in the kingdom of --. Lord Carrington, ele&ted prefie Portugal, with the rank of lieute- dent of the Board of Agriculture for nant-colonel in the army, vice lieu- the year ensuing, vice lord Somertenant-colonel Lindenthal, resigned. ville. -Garrison. Major-general William 25. Right hon. Wm. Dundas, Goodday Strutt, to be governor of sworn of bis majesty's most hoQuebec. Lieut.-col. Sam. Graham, nourable privy-council. of the 27th foot, to be deputy-go July 1. Earl Temple to be one vernor of Stirling castle.

of the commissioners for the ma24. Henry William Majendie, nagement of the affairs of India. D.D. one of the canons residentiary 4. Thomas Johnes, esq. apof St. Paul, London, to be bishop pointed lieutenant of the coonty or of Chester, vice Cleaver tranflated Cardigan. to Bangor.

5. Hon. Wm. Elliot, to be a - The earl of Carysfort to be lord of the admiralty, vice Walbis majesty's envoy-extraordinary lace. and minister-plenipotentiary to the 10. Brevet. Capt. Thomas Vaccourt of Berlin.

mahon, of the 27th foot, to be June 10. Alexander baron Brid- major in the army.-- Staif. Alistane port, K.B. admiral of the white, and coinmislary - Alliotti, to be device-admiral of Great Britain, cre- puty-commissary-general of stores ated a viscount of Great Britain, and provisions to the forces serving by the title of Viscount Bridport, of in North-Britain, vice Cochrane, Cricket St. Thomas, county of So- appointed collector of the customs merset.-Right hon.Henry Dundas, at Trinidad. to be keeper of his majesty's privy 16. Philip-John Ducarel, esq. seal of Scotland, vice Mackenzie, to be lieutenant of the yeomen of deceased.

the guard, vice Roberts, resigned. 14. Thomas Wallace, esq. to be 19. John Lane, of Upper Eaone of his majesty's commissioners ton-street, Grosvenor-place, for the management of the affairs be receiver of the duties of 'ri xa of India.

pence in the pound and one thilling 17. Brevet. Captain Peter Beaver, in the pound on salaries, fees, and of the 27th foot, to be major in wages, of any offices and employ

ments payable by the crown,


the army,

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