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tonments on the coast of Malabar, during in check at Seringapatam, until I should the rains, and until the proper season have reason to believe that general Abershould return for re-commencing our ope- cromby was out of all danger of being inrations.

ierrupted in his retreat by Tippoo's either The effects of several circumstances, ' marching in person, or considerably reinfrom which we had already suffered many forcing the corps which I knew he had inconveniencies, pressed upon us particu- detached against him, but which alone larly hard at this juncture; and none was not of fufficient strength to make me more than the conduct of the Nizami's apprehend that it could give general Abercavalry, who were now, if possible, more cromby any material moleftation. inactive and more inattentive to my re In the mean time I gave directions to quisitions than ever.

burst eleven heavy guns, eight eighteen Far from rendering the services that I and three twenty-four pounders, to bury had expected from so numerous and power or destroy the military stores that could not ful a budy of horse, in facilitating our fo- be carried with us, and to deliver nearly raging, and in covering extensive tracts of the whole of the rice in our poffeffion to country, from which our followers, as well the troops, which, on a calculation of eafy as themselves, might have obtained consi- marches, would have been sufficient to derable supplies of provisions, they had, fubfift them until they should arrive at regardless of my remonftrances, since the Bangalore; measures which had now becommencement of our march from Ban come the more indispensably necessary, as, galore, hardly ever fent a detachment be. in addition to the losses of public cattle yond the picquets of our infantry, and had that we had suffered from the causes that I persevered in exhauiting the small stock of have mentioned, an epidemical disorder, forage and provifions, which, in spite of not uncommon in this country, had broke the devastation made by the enemy, was out among thein, and had carried off generally found within the bounds of the several thousands in a few days. encampment, and which, if we had not Having remained long enough to give been encumbered with them, we could ample time to general Abercromby to fall have commanded for the use of our own back from Periapatam, I moved from my army.

encampment near the Ford on the morning By this extraordinary degree of obstin of the 26th, with the intention to proceed nate supineness, that large body of men, to Bangalore, and to employ a few months with their horses and numerous followers, in refreshing and refitting the army, and about this time, experienced the feverest to make every other necessary preparation distresses from scarcity; and the vast mul- for resuming our operations against the titude of people belonging to our army, enemy's capital, as soon as the rivers for whom it is impossible for the public to should subside, unless Tippoo, in the çarry a stock of provisions, were reduced mean time, should agree to make such to nearly the fame situation. Rice became concessions as the confederates might reafo dear in the buzars, that either the sonably think they had a right to exact pressure of hunger, or the temptation of from him. the extravagant prices, proved too power Upon reaching the ground that had ful against all precautions that could be been fixed upon for the first day's encamptaken, and occasioned depredations of the ment, I was told, to my great surprile, grain that had been provided and brought that some Mahratta meliengers had arrived with us, to supply the fighting men of to inform me that the two Mahratt:2 the army, to so alarming an extent, that arinics, under the command of Harry the apprehension that there would be a Punt and Perseram Bhow, were at no want of grain for the soldiers, long hefore great distance from us, and that their ad. the stores that had been provided for them vanced corps under Appa Saheb, Perseram ought to have been expended, operated Bhow's son, was almoit in sight. powerfully, with other reasons, to force I had for fome weeks before given up me to fall back to Bangalore.

all hopes of being joined by the Mahrattas, Urgent, however, as our own neceffities with whose dilatory condut I was much were to move nearer to our supplies, I dissatisfied; and although I few that their could not leave Tippoo at liberty to em- junction at this critical tiine would be at- . ploy his whole force againit general Aber- tended with many advantages to the comcromby; and, therefore, revived to re mon caute, I could not help lamenting, as main in my politica near the Ford, which not only our heavy guns were now deheid the main body of the enemy's army ttroyed, but general Abercrombie's corps


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had a&tually descended the Ghauts, that, the detachments, which Perseram Bhow
by their tardinets in commencing their had left upon his route, could join the
march, and from my having even been army, or be sent back across the Zum-
deprived of all knowledge of their ap- buddra ; to which, upon their assurances
proach by the vigilance of the enemy's that we should be able to purchase from
sight troops, and the inactivity of the the grain dealers attached to them a fuffi-
Nizam's cavalry, an opportunity was lost cient quantity of grain to subsist our troops
which could not now be recalled, to drive and followers for some time to come, I
the enemy's whole army, that had fo re- consented.
cently been humbled by a defeat, and In order, therefore, to affect thefe

purwould not have dared to keep the field, poses, we halted frequently, and having, into the island of Seringapatam; where soon after the junction of the Mahrattas, its distresses must

soon have reduced Tip- fent back to the Nizam all those of his poo to the necessity of submitting to the troops that had, either from the loss or terms of peace that we might have pre- the weakness of their horses, become unfit fcribed to him.

for service, the confederate force moved I took meafures, however, immediately together gradually, though slowly, toward for fixing as early a day as possible for an Bangalore; and upon our arrival within interview with the chiefs, which, by a about 20 miles of that place, it was thought movement of both armies, took place adviseable to acquiesce in Perseram Bhow's three days after ; and as it was of great wishes to move with the army under his consequence to cultivate a good under- own immediate command toward Sera, to standing with them, I said very little on secure that communication, and to possess the just grounds which I had to complain himself of the adjoining country, according of the lateness of their arrival, and con to the plan that had been arranged, Hurry tented myself, at the first meeting, with Punt, with his division and the Nizam's obtaining a knowledge of the nature of cavalry, remaining with our army. their intructions, and of their future in After drawing from Bangalore four tentions.

heavy guns and a fupply of provisions, I · They made me the most explicit decla- marched from the neighbourhood of that rations, that they were ordered by the place, on the 15th of July toward Oussore, Peshwa, and that it was equally their own a fortress upon which Tippoo has bestowed inclination, to act entirely in concert with much labour and expence, but which,

me; and in the course of two or three though in a very defensible ftate, was not - conferences, it was not only settled that completely finished. The garrison aban

all the confederate forces should keep the doned the place on the approach of a defield in the Mysore country during the tachment that I had sent forward to invest rains, but they also acquiesced in a gene- and summon it; but they at the same tio. ral arrangement that I proposed for the sprung a mine under one of the bastions disposition of the armies, the principal that did considerable damage, and atobjects of which were, to give me an tempted, though unsuccessfully, by a easy and fafe communication with the train, to blow up the powder magazine. Carnatic; to enable me to draw from Conformable to my plan, I placed the thence the fupplies of artillery and stores heavy guns and the spare stores and prothat would be necessary for prosecuting visions in the fort of Oussore, with a good the operations of the ensuing campaign; garrison, and the damage occaíoned by to subhit the allied armies, as much as the explosion was ordered to be repaired might be possible, at the expence of the with all possible expedition ; a strong escort enemy; and to endeavour to deprive him was at the same time sent to bring a large of the revenues and resources of all the convoy of various kinds of supplies from northern parts of his dominions.

Amboor. Havirg tiated to the Mahratta chiefs the On the 18th of July, the army marched danger of attempting to maintain the to support a brigade that I had detached to communication with their own country endeavour to reduce the hill forts adjoining by the route to the westward of Chittle-' to the Polycode pass (by, far the eahelt droog, by which Perferam Bhow had and best in the whole range of mountains marched from Durwar, they agreed to re- that_divide the Mysore country from the linquim it, and to be faiisfied with that by Carnatic); and in a few days we were Sera and Roydroog, which I recommend fortunate enough, by the spirited beas preferabie, on condition that I wouid haviour of our troops, and the pufillanidelay my march to the eastward until all mity of the garrisons, to obtain poffeffion


of a fufficient number of those small, but with valuable acquisitions to the company, exceedingly strong places, to afford con- and to the other members of the confesiderable protection to the march of our deracy; and with the humiliation of a. convoys, and to render it hazardous and prince who forced us to draw the sword by difficult for the enemy to send troops into a wanton violation of a folemn treaty, and the Baramaul.

whose overgrown power;

directed by a per I conceive it to be needless to trouble fidious and barbarous disposition, and by a you with a detail of the preparations that fpirit of insatiable ambition, has frequently, will be made in the course of the next given just cause of alarm for the safety of two months for insuring success to the your possessions in this part of India, and plan of operations for the ensuing cam- has long rendered him an object of the paign, which will be nearly similar to that útmott terror to all his other neighbours. which was intended for the last; and shall Impelled, however, as I was, by the therefore content myself with assuring you, consideration of the state of your

finances, that no exertions of mine shall be wanting to put something to the hazard, in attemptto render them complete; and that I have ing to bring the war to a speedy conan entire confidence in meeting with the clusion, the information that I had rea most thorough support from all your go- ceived of the situation of political affairs

in Europe, operated also strongly to induce It would be in vain to suppose, that we me to make an effort to reduce the enemy's should remain long undisturbed by an ene- capital, and by that means break his my so able and active as Tippoo. But power, before the setting-in of the periodialthough, from the immense extent of our cal rains; and although a number of cira possessions and posts, it may be impossible cumstances combined to counteract' my to prevent him from gaining some small endeavour to shorten in that manner the advantages during the period that we are duration of the war, yet, while the failure restrained from carrying on offensive ope, has reflected no disgrace on the British rations, I trust it will not be in his power arms, the attempt has in other respects to do any thing which can either mate- produced many Blid advantages to the rially injure or impede the execution of common cause, and without having been our main objects.

attended with any material addition to the He has lately, as I had long expected, expence which we must necessarily have made an attempt to disturb the country of incurred if the army had, during the Coimbettore and our southern provinces fame period, remained in a state of ina in which he has been completely foiled by activity. the gallantry and good conduct of the I have reason to be persuaded, that all officers in that quarter. But he has been instances on my part would have been in fuccessful in routing a small detachment of effectual, and that nothing but an appre. irregulars, which Perseram Bhow had left hension that their interests might suffer by at a great distance from his army, to block, their not being present at the reduction of ade the hill fort of Madgheri, not far from Seringapatam, could have prevailed upon Sera. I cannot say that I was much fur- both the Mahratta chiefs to leave in other prized at this accident; and indeed, not- hands the collection of the revenues in the with&tanding my repeated recommenda- enemy's fertile northern dominions that tions to them, to be cautious in detaching, they had over-run, and to advance so raand to avoid bad and distant posts, they pidly to the southward to form a junction are so apt to devia:e froin system in the with me; and it is in confequence of that execution of any plan, that I am afraid junction and of their having consented they must feel the ill consequences of im- to remain with their numerous and powerprovident conduct still more severely before ful cavalry to act in concert with us, that Í fall be able completely to command we have been able, for so long a period, their attention.

to hem Tippoo, with his army, into a very The inconveniencies which the expence circumscribed space, and to deprive him of of this war muit occafion to your finances all revenue or supplies of any kind from have given me the most fincere concern; the greatest part of his extensive territories. but, on the other hand, it is a source of At the same time that we suffered the satisfaction to myself, as it must be to greatest inconvenience from the inactivity every other person who feels for the interest of the Nizam's cavalry, and I expresied and' lioncur of the company and the my disfatisfaction, in the strongest terms, nation, that there is at present a favour- at the behaviour of the chiefs, i able pre.pect that it will be terminated fectly fenable that even their presence con



was per

tributed to awe the enemy, and was other Permiffion was accordingly granted; wife of value, as being a proof of the but as the vackeel preferred claims ieAtrong connection of the confederacy; and specting the forms of his public reception, I saw no ground to impute blame to his and the made of opening the negociation, highness on their account, in any other which could not, without the greatest imMape than that of want of judginent in propriety, be complied with, and from placing at the head of fo large a portion which he declared his instructions did not of his forces, such a man as Rajah Teige- authorize him to recede, it was thought wunt, who is deftitute, to an uncommon most advisable by Hurry Punt and Meer degree, of almost every quality which a Allum (who are invested with full powers military commander onght to poffets; and from their respective governments) as well in employing several chiefs under him, as myself, that he should be requested, who, from their rank and superior military after having given him a few days for conexperience, muft naturally become his ad- fideration, to return to his master; and he visers, or have great influence with him, accordingly proceeded to him, from Banbut on whose honour and fidelity his galore, on the 24th of last month. highness should not have placed a de We have not yet received any further pendence.

message from Tippoo; but think it highly I have, from time to time, conveyed probable that he will soon renew his prothese sentiments to the Nizain and his mi- positions for opening a negociation; and nifter, in the most explicit terms, and I should he at any time appear to be seriously have every reafon to be fatisfied with the disposed to acquiesce in terms of accomimpresion that my representations have modation, with a regard for your honour made

upon them ; for, in order to remedy and interests, as well as those of the the defects of which I have complained, allies, will render it incumbent upon us to and render the services of his troops inore demand the strongest considerations, bota efficacious in future, lie has pron.iled to public and private, will insure my most fend his second fon, Secunder Jah, with cordial exertions to bring this contest to a the minister, Azeem ul Omrah, to com- fpeedy conclusion, mand them; and he has given me the I must however confess, that although Arongest assurances, through Meer Allum, it may be posible that, in case of his other ylio lately arrived in camp, that the prince schemes being unsuccessful, he may fee and the minister, with all the intended re- the necessity of submitting to our demands, inforcements, in which the two company's before the confederate forces shall be combattalions, in his pay will be included, pletely ready to move again toward his fhall, conformable to my desire, join me capital, yet I see no good reason to bebefore the end of the month of October. lieve that he has any other design, at pre

Reduced as Tippoo's forces now are, sent, than that of endeavouring to difand diminished and dispirited as his army unite the confederates by underhand inmust be by our repeated successes, there trigués among them; and I shall cercan be little doubt of his being desirous of tainly, therrfore, not relax, in the smalleft peace; but I have not yet discovered any degree, in forwarding the necessary preelear fymptoms of his haughty mind being parations, to enable me, as soon as the prepared to submit to the terms which the leason will permit, to refune the most viallies, from a consideration of their future, gorous prolècution of offentire operations. fafety, and of their right to expect some You are so well informeu, by our own compensation for their leiles and expences, records, cf the characters and dispositions will think it neceffary io impofe upon him. of our allies, that I need hardly state to

After having been equally unsuccessful you, that in transacting business with with flie Peshwa and the Nizain, as with people differing so much from ourselves in myself, in frequent artempts, during the Innguage, manners, and customs, many last three or four months, to create jea. difficulties are unavoidably experienced ; loures among the cozfederates, by pro- and I fall only assure you, that neither poling to open separate negociations with teinper nor perseverance shall be wanting, them, without admitting his knowledge on my part, to preserve union among of the nature of the confederacy, he at the different meinbers of the confederacy, lait thought proper to comply with my and to draw the utmost exertion that may recommendation to addreis himself, at the be pra&iicable from them, for promoting same time, to the three powers, and to the general prosperity. request permission to find a vackeel to treat I have thought it my duty to give you with theu colllively.

the above general statement of the occur

rences of the laft campaign, and of our who is gone for the recovery of his health present situation; and, before I conclude to Madras, to send reiurns of the loss of this letter, I must, in justice to the officers his majesty's and the honourable comand soldiers, both of the king's and com- pany's troops in killed and wounded, dupany's troops, who compose this army, ring the last campaign: and captain Kyd, give my public testimony, that, during surveyor general on the Bengal establishthe course of a campaign, which, from a ment, who has accompanied me on this concurrence of circumnitances, has been service, will transmit to you, by my difingularly arduous, they have manifested rection, sketches of the country about patience under fatigue and scarcity, gal- Bangalore and Seringapatam, of the action lantry in action, and a general spirit of of the 15th of May, and of the marches zeal for the honour and interests of their of the army from the sth of February to country, to an extent which, in iny opi- the 30th of August. As this latter will nion, has never been exceeded by any be an useful geographical document, I troops whatever, and which gives thein a should recommend its being sent to major just claim to the warmest and most fub- Rennelt. I have the honour to be, &c. ftantial marks of your approbation.

CORNWALLIS. I have ordered the adjutant general, Camp near Bangalore, Sept. 7, 1798. ::


Continued from page 66. ON Wednefday, Jan. 18, the national king of the French, on the notification affembly passed the following decree : made to him of the acceptance of the con

ftitutional act; and by the official notice «The national affembly confidering that cf his chancellor of the court and fiate, Louis Stanislas-Xavier, French prince, the dated December 21, 1791, has infringed first called to the regency, is not returned the treaty of the sff of May 1756, endezto the kingdom on the requisition of the levoured to excite among divers powers a gislative body, proclaimed on the 7th of concert injurious to the sovereignty of the November 1791; and tha the term of two French nation; considering that the French months, fixed by the proclamation, is ex, nation, after having manifested its refopired, declares, in the terms of the second lution not to interfere in the government article of the third section of the second of any foreign power, has a right to exchapter of the third part of the conttitution, pect for itself a just reciprocity, of which that Louis Stanislas-Xavier, French prince, it will never suffer any derogation, apis held to have abdicated his right to the plauding the firmness with which the king regency, and that in consequence he is of the French has replied to the official deprived of it.

notice of the emperor ; after having heard The executive power shall give the the report of the Diplomatic committee, necessary orders for the publication of the decrees as follows : present legislative act, which it shall cause

Art. 1. The king shall be invited by a to be proclaimed, and shall give an account message to declare to the emperor, that he to the national afsembly, within three days, cannot in future treat with any power, but of the presentation made to it, and of the in the name of the French nation, and in measures which it shall have taken to this virtue of the powers delegated to him by effect.'

the constitution. The measures to be pursued, with re

2. The king shall be invited to demand spect to the conduct of the emperor, oc

of th: emperor, whether as lead of the

peace cupied part of this and of some subsequent house of Austria, he intends to live in days. At length, on Wednesday, Jan. and good' underftanding with the French

nation ;

or whether he renounces all treaties 25, the assembly decreed as follows:

and conventions directed against the fo. "The national assembly, considering that vereignty, independence, and lafety of the the emperor, by his circular letter of the nation ? 25th of December 1791; by a new treaty 3. The king shall be invited to declare concluded between him and the king of to the emperor, that in case be shall, be. Prussia on the 25th of July 1791, and fore the ist of May next, fail to give fuil notified to the diet of Ratisbonne on the and entire fatistaction upon all the points 6th of December ; by his answer to the above ftated, his filence, as well as every

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