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• Sire,

f The assembly at last decreed,

Accordingly, on Friday the 20th ift, That the ministers, M. de Mont. April

, the king of the French went to the morin and M. Duportal, his succeßor to national assembly, and spoke as follows : the present day, who have refigned, shall

Gentlemen, not leave the capital without giving in their accounts.

I have come among you for an object 2d, That there was cause of impeach- of the highest importance in the present ment against M. Deleffart; that feals circumstances. My minister of foreign should be put upon his effects, and that affairs will read to you the report which

he made to me in council on our situation his person should be arrested. This last inotion was adopted by a great

with regard to Germany." majority, and the seals were ordered to be

The minister for foreign affairs then affixed to M. Delessart's papers.

went up, and standing by the king's side, The next day the minister of the home read the report, which the king had nodepartment gave an account to the affem- tified to the affeinbly. bly of the facts relative to the arrest of Minute of the Cabinet Council of France, M. Deleffart. A mob having gathered

addressed to the King. round his house, and threatened his life, he concealed himself, so that the officers of justice could not find him. At four in • When you took an oath of fidelity to the morning, however, he wrote to the the constitution, you became the objeót of procurator-general of the department, that the hatred of the enemies of liberty. Na he had only withdrawn from violence, but natural tie could stop them--no motive of that he might be found in a certain house alliance, of neighbourhood, of propriety, in the suburbs, where he was preparing could prevent their enmity. Your ancient to set out for Orleans, to surrender him- allies erased your name out of the list of self to the high national court.

despois, and from that moment they forA little time after, M. Delessart ad. got your majesty's fidelity. The emia dressed the following letter to the national grants, rebels to the laws of their counassembly :

try, are gone beyond the frontiers to pre• Mr. President,

pare a guilty aggression against France. At the moment of my departing for They wish to carry into its bosom fire and

fword. Their rage

would have been imOrleans, I am perinitted to complain, that

potent if the foreign princes had not without having heard, without having re

seconded, and encouraged their criminal ceived any ecliarcissement on my side, the

The house of Austria has national assembly have pronounced the done every thing to encourage their auda. moft dreadful decree against me; and that city. The houle of Austria, who since while they might have been so easily convinced of my innocence, they have pre- faithful allies! This treaty, sire, lubjected

the treaty of 1756, has found us good and ferred presenting me to France and Europe us to the ambitious views of this house. in general, as accused of the crime of She engaged us in all her wars, to which treason. I do not fear the sentence to the called us as her allies. We have been which I am going to submit; I will prove prodigal of our blood in the cruel tragedies that all my conduct breathes a respect for the laws, an attachment to the constitu- of Austria faw she could no longer govern

of despotisin. The instant that the house tion, and an ardent love for the public welfare ;

us for her purposes, she became our I will confound falsehood and

enemy: calumuy ; but I shall always regret, as a

It was Austria that had stirred up citizen, that the national assembly have

against France the restless northern ponot permitted me to obtain from them the justice that I expect from the tribunal to last made him fall under thic sword of an

tentate, whose tyrannical phrenzy had at which they are going to send me.'

allallin.--It was Austria who in office, of If the laten: intentions of the late em- which Europe shall judge, advised are peror were hostile to France, it soon ap- party of Frenchmen to take peared, that the new king of Hungary had against the other. The note of the court not adopted more pacific views. In a of Vienna, of the 18th of February, was word, the result of various representations in truth a declaration of war. M. Kaunitz and replications on each side, was a deter- there avows the league of the powers mination, in the French cabinet, to make against France. The death of Leopold immediate declaration of war,

ought to lave made içme change in this



up arms

on the

ambitious system, but we have seen the Conclusion of the King's Speech. contrary. • The note of the 18th of March is the

"You have heard, Messieurs, the deli. ultimatum of the court of Vienna. This

beration and the decision of my council. note is more provoking ftill than the form- I adopt their determination. It is con. er. The king of Hungary withes that formable to the wish, many times ex, we should submit our constitution to his pressed, of the national assembly, and to revision; and he does not disemble the that which has been addressed to me by project of arming Frenchmen against many diftriéts of France. It appears to Frenchmen.

me to be the wish of all the French people, • Sire,' continues the minister, « in Frenchmen prefer war to a ruinous anxi charging me with the administration of ety, and to a humiliating state, which foreign affairs you have imposed on me compromises our constitution, and our the telling you the truth : I proceed to dignity. I have done every thing to avert tell you the truth. It results from this war, but I judge it indispensible. I exposure, that the treaty of 1756 is broken, come, therefore, in the terms of the conin fact, by the house of Austria. That ftitution, to propose to you formally to dethe maintenance of a league of the

clare war againīt the king of Bohemia and

power, is an act of hostility against France, and

Hungary. that you ought this inftant to order M, A burst of applaufe broke from the galNoailles, your ambassador, to quit the leries. The assembly maintained a dig. court of Vienna without taking leave- nified silence. Sire,—the Auftrian troops are

The president answered : march - the camps are marked out-fortresses are building the nation, by its • Sire, oath on the 14th of July, has declared • The affembly will proceed to deliberate that any man who shall accede to an un on the great proposition which your ma. constitutional negotiation is a traitor. The jelty has made to them. They will addelay granted to Austria is expired-your dreis to you, by a message, the result of honour is attacked--the nation is insulted their deliberation.'

Therefore there remains for you no other part to take but to make to the national and condučted,

as usual, by a deputation

The king then retired with his ministers, assembly the formal proposition of war againtt'the king of Bohemnia and Hun- clamations of the people.

of members. The hall rung with the ac. gary.' The minister having read this minute,

[ To be continued. ] the king resumed his speech


attempt was made on the life of his Swe. Stockholm, Feb. 4.

dish majesty, on Friday last the 36th in. SOME individuals having taken the lis ftant. A person approached the king at

berty to censure the administration of the Opera-house, and discharged the conthe finances of Sweden, and some of their tents of a pistol into his body, writings breathing too great a degree of above the hip. The charge appears to licentiousnefs, his majesty, on the 9th have penetrated to a considerable depth inst. prohibited the printing or publishing, and the surgeons have been hitherto able during the course of the diet then affem- to extract but a very small part of it

, bled, of any thing respecting the subject His majesty slept little during the last of the deliberations of the said diet. night; and the fever, which began yel

. A few days ago arrived at Gefle

, M. terday, increased this evening, so that de Bouille, son of the marquis de Bouille ferious apprchentions are entertained for and the marquis de Tschudi, a Swiss his majesty's life. officer of great distinction; they came on The aflafin was arrested early the next a deputation from the French princes. morning.

Stockholm, Feb. 28. The king of His ma esty yesterday gave orders for Sweden returned hither from Gefle last the publication of an edie, conftituting a Saturday, the diet having been diffolved regency, which has already begun to act, on the 24th inft. Lond. Gaz.

It consists of the duke of Sudermanit

, St-ckholm, March 18. An atrocious count Wachtmeister (the justice generaly


a little


Count Oxenstierna, baron Taube, and arrived at their full ftature, 1000lb. of M. d'Armfelt. Lond. Gaz.

raw sugar. Stockholm, March 30. His majesty 4thly, There thall no duty be paid upon expired yesterday morning. The prince negrees transported, but instead of raw royal was immediately proclaimed king, sugar for those exported to foreign parts, by the name of Guftavus Adolphus; and there thall be paid a half per cent. more the duke of Sudermania, in compliance than heretofore. with his late majesty's will, was declared Sthly, From 1995, there shall no polla Lole regent, or guardian of the young tax be paid for negresses who work in sovereign, till he attains his majority, the plantations, but a double poll-tax shall which is fixed at the age of 18. ib. be paid for negroes.

*We all give farther particulars 6th, In future there shall be neither nem of this unhappy event in our next Number; groes nor, negresses exported from the by which time we fall be able to deter- ilands. mine on the authenticity of the various The above ordinance does not seem to accounts in circulation.

have caused any ftir in Denmark among DENMARK.

the West India merchants, and it is not Copenhagen, March 20. The royal thought it will cause any in the islands. ordinance, abolishing the Nave trade, is

The EMPIRE. published, and the following are the prin. Dresderi, April 8. On Wednesday the cipal articles, viz.

4th inst. count de Hatzfeldt, having af ift, In 1803, all trade in negroes, in fumed the character of ambassador froin any shape whatever, is to cease on the the elector of Mentz, as arch-chancellor part of Danish subjects.

of the empire, had a public audience of 2dly, Until 1803, it shall be permitted the elector, accompanied with the usual for all nations, without distinction, to carry 'formalities, for tlie purpose of notifying negroes to the West Indies.

to bis highness the vacancy of the Im3dly, For each negro or negress in perial throne, and inviting him to appear health, which shall be brought into the at Frankfort, either in person or by proxy, Danish pofessions till 1802, there shall on the 3d of July next, in order to probe paid, one year after their importation, ceed to the election of a new emperor'. a duty of 2000lb. of raw fugar; and for Lond. Gaz. each negro and negress, who shall not be


Francis II, King of Bohemia and Hungary, on Friday, April 20. THE National Assembly, taking into THAT, by his said notifitation, he has

consideration, that the House of Au- attempted to arm the French against each Atria, in contempt of the treaties subsisting other; that, after his refusal to answer between it and France, has afforded pro- the last dispatches from the king, recourse tection to the French rebels who have can no longer be had to negotiation : On emigrated into Germany :

all these considerations, the National Afa That it has formed league with sembly declares, that the conduct of the other European powers against the

liberty king

of Bohernia and Hungary amounts and independence of France; that Francis to a formal declaration of war. the second, king of Bohenia and Hun

SECOND Decree. gary, has, by his notification of the 18th The National Assembly declares, that, of March, refused to renounce this con. the French nation, inviolably attached to federacy ; that he has refused to reduce the principles of their conftitution, which his troops on the frontiers of France to forbids them to attempt any kind of

f conthe peace establishment; and that he has quest, or to attack the liberty of any naeven augmented their number :

tion, have taken up arms for their own THAT he has attacked the fovereignty liberty, independence, and fovereignty of the French nation, by perlitting in the only : claim of the entire re-instatement of the And since the war to which the nation princes who have possessions in Alface, in is provoked, is not that of one people the fuppressed feudal rights, for which againft another, but against the aggression France has invariably offered them an of a king who aims to destroy or to en equitable indemnification :

have them; the National Assembly deRT


elares, that the French will respect the

THIRD DECREE. property of all foreigners, and will visit A deputation of twenty-four members with the scourge of war those only who shall immediately present this decree to the have provoked it.

king. That the French nation will adopt all those who thall quit the colours of its The hall resounded with acclama. enemies, and will favour, by all possible tions. means, their settlement in the kingdom. The next day, a letter from the mini

The National Assembly, having taken ster of justice informed the Assembly, that into consideration the formal proposition the king had given his fanction to the deof the king, decrees, that war be declared cree, which declares war against the king by the French nation against the king of of Bohemia and Hungary. Bohemia and Hungary.


YESTERDAY the chancellor of the ex The Thames frigate is arrived off Ports-

chequer agreed with Mr. Cope for mouth with dispatches from the East Inthe tickets in the ensuing English: lottery dies. She failed from Tellicherry the 28th at 161. 55. each.

of December, and from the Cape the 2d MARCH 28.

of February. She brings an account of On Saturday morning, at eight o'clock, the Phoenix frigate, capt. fir Richard Strathe trial of Spence Broughton, for rob- chan, having taken, on the 19th of Nov. bing the Rotherhard mail, came on before last, after a well-fought action, the Resolu Judge Buller, at the York allizes ; and at French frigate of 32 guns; and is come half past ten the jury found him guilty; home for the instructions of government upon which judge Buller immediately in this extraordinary business. passed sentence, that he be hanged on Sa Early in November, the Refolu French turday next, and afterward his body be frigate, of 32 guns, arrived in the Malleetaken to the place where the robbery was roads, and failed on the 19th with two 'committed, and hung in chains. merchantmen, from the same port, which,

it is conjectured, was a scheme to discover This morning some dispatches were re- whether commodore Cornwallis would ceived at the secretary of state's office, from board the merchantmen under his protec'Mr. Walpole, envoy at Lisbon, which tion; an unlucky experiment in the event; were brought over in his majesty's packet for, on seeing them in the offing, he made the Howe. They contain an account of signals to the Phoenix and Perseverance the fate arrival at Lisbon of his majesty's to board them; they gọt under way, and packet the Hanover, the 16th inst. with chaled to the northward, as far as ManDr. Willis and his son on board, to attend galore, before they canie up with them.the queen of Portugal, who remained in An engagement ensued, in which the Rethe laine situation as by the last accounts. solu struck, after having had 25 men killed

and 40 wounded. The Phoenix had fix The grand jury of London made a pre- men killed, and 11 wounded, including sentment to the court, at the Old Bailey, licutenant Finlay of the marines, fince of the evils of the lottery insurance. The dead. Commodore Cornwallis ordered grand jury of Middlesex also made a fimi- the Perseverance to take the French frio lar presentment; and determined, as the gate to a French port, and there to leave bench could not correct the abuse, to turn her, for the French to be at liberty to att it into the fc.m of a petition to the house as they please; the captain having refused of commons.

to have any farther concern with his ship

, Lord Kenyon received the presentment as he said he had struck to the Phænix. of the London jury with great cordiality; The two merchantmen, on being searched

, and directed that a copy of it should be sent not appearing to carry any ftores contrary to the secretary of ttate for the home de- to treaty, was suffered to proceed. partment, and to each of the city members.


At the assizes at Gloucester, an action The drawing of the lottery concluded was tried before Mr. justice Willon, at Guildhall , when No. 39,084 (as the against the painter of a country newspaper

: Dit drawn ticket) was entitled to 10ool. The action was brought under the act of Four diskets were left in the wheel. Geo. II. chap. 36. to recover the penalty




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of gol. for inserting the following adver- return of the complaint, nor suffered any tisement in the paper, dated March 28, incor,venience in his health. 1791: 'A bank-note loft, March 24,

APRIL 10. 2791, near Sandford's-mlll, in the parish At Warwick assizes, came on the trial of Stonehouse, No. 4948, yalue 2ol. of the claims of several sufferers by the Whoever will bring it to Mr. Eycott riots at Birmingham; when verdicts were Naall receive five guineas reward, and no brought in as follows : questions shall be asked. Payment is stopt

Claimed. Allowed. at the bank. The jury gave a verdict L. Ryland, efq. 3000 2300 for the plaintiff.

The old meeting 2177

1390 70 APRIL 7.

Dr. Priestley

4122 11 9 2502 18 0 On Thursday, at a court of common. J. Taylor, esq. 9831-13.10. 7202 council, Mr. Thorpe made a motion relative Mr. Humphreys 2191 5 o 1835 11 O to the drawing of the lottery at Guildhall, Mr. Hutton jun. 625 o 625 00 namely,' That the drawing of the state lot. tery in the Guildhall of this city is a great

Total 21947 10 74 15855 18 0 interruption to the peace and commerce of On Thursday was tried at York assizes, the metropolis, and renders the attendance before sir Francis Buller, and a special upon public business in the said hall incon- jury, a cause wherein Mr. Briarly, attorvenient and dangerous.' He also moved, ney, of Tickhill, was plaintiff, and Ro. • That it is the opinion of this court, that bert Athorpe Athorpe, esq. lord of the the state lottery ought not in future to be manor of Dunnington, was defendant. drawn at Guildhall;' which, after some The action was brought in trover, for a observations from sir James Sanderson and pointer-dog, which the defendant took Mr. alderman Pickett, were agreed to. from the plaintiff when not in the act of APRIL 8.

{porting, but which was kept as a house On Friday, there was a meeting of dog, and for defence, and was accidentally merchants concerned in the fave-trade, brought within the defendant's manor

by when it was resolved to institute immediate the plaintiff

, who was not qualified. The prosecutions in the high court of admiral. defendant justified the taking it, under the ty against the fix African captains, for act 5th Ann, cap. 14. impowering justices the piracy and murders committed on the of the peace, and lords within their refiave coast. The murder of the young spective manors, to take and seize dogs woman, also, is to be legally enquired into. from unqualified persons, to their own uie,

This day, captain John Kimber, of without being accountable. the thip Recovery, belonging to Bristol, found for the plaintiff sol. damages, the was brought before fir Samplon Wright, value of the dog. By this determination, from the city of Bristol, and committed lords of manors, or their game-keepers, to take his trial for the murder of a negro cannot enter houtes, and seize dogs and woman, whom he was transporting as a nets from unqualified persons, which has Nave from Africa to the Welt-Indies. See heretofore been to understood, unless it is page 291.

proved they are kept or used for killing

game, previous to fuch seizure, An instance has lately oceurred of a

APRIL 11. perfon having been cured of a cancer in . The election of fix directors of the the lower lip, hy the following applica. East-India Company came on by ballot at tion :-The patient had undergone the the East-India honte ; on closing the bal. operation of the knife under an eminent lot, the numbers were : furgeon at York ; but the complaint re For fir Stephen Lushington, bart. 1146 turning soon after, a friend advised him Walter Ewer, esq. to apply leeches, and he followed this ad Thomas Pauile, esq. 1092 and the three first which were ap

Thomas Fitzhugh, esq. 1078 plied, after fucking a considerable time, William Devaynes, eiq. 1063 dropped off dead; a few days after, three Nathaniel Smith, esq.

773 more were applied these died like the Jacob Wilkinson, esą. 671 former, after remaining on some tiine; in whereupon the first six gentlemen were de Lets than a week he applied three more, clared duly cleated. which, atiet fucking some time, dropped

APRIL 18. off alive. This wrought a cue : and the Yesterday, came on the election of a perfon, who is a farmer near Wettbusy in governer and deputy governor of the Bank Yorkshire, is now living, and has had po of England for the year entuing, when



The jury


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