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Samuel Bofanquet, esq. was chosen go- Bromsgrove ; but the damage sustained vernor, and Godfrey Thornton, eiq. de. by the shopkeepers (and particularly the puty governor.

hucksters) must be very great. The hedges And this day, came on the election of and other fences to fields and gardens on twenty-four directors, when the following this side of the town, were entirely demogentlemen were chosen :

lished; numbers of sheep and pigs are Samuel Beachcroft, Roger Boehm, Ed. drowned, one horse, and we are forry, in ward Darell, Daniel Giles, John Harri. addition to the calamity, to say, that on fon, Thomas Lewis, Job Mathew, Rich- Saturday morning, fome young children ard Neave, Jofeph Nutt, Isaac Osborne, were missing, Edward Payne, George Peters, Brook This tremendous fall of water happened Watson, alderman, Mark Weyland, Ben- near the eleven mile-stone, on the edge of jamin Winthrop, Mofes Yeldam, Thomas the Lickey: it has beat the ground there Boddington, Peter Cazalet, Bicknell Co- (which is chiefly gravel) into small pits. ney, Thomas Dea, William Mellish, At Bromsgrove, and the upper part of the Thomas Raikes, Edward Simeon, and Lickey, nothing more than a common fall Samual Thornton, esąrs.

of rain was experienced. APRIL 20. Birmingham, April 16. On Friday It is with real fatisfaction, that we are afternoon, the inhabitants of Bromsgrove, informed of the success which has attended in Worcestershire, were alarmed and dif- the endeavours of Dr. Willis, in the retressed beyond description, by one of the covery of the queen of Portugal, from her most sudden and violent inundations eyer late melancholy illness. The doctor has known. Between three and four o'clock, pronounced the queen to be in a state of during a storm accompanied with loud and perfect convalescence, both in regard to continued claps of thunder, and the most her late disorder and general health, and vivid lightning, a water-spout fell upon the has recovered the use of her mental fathat part of the Lickey which is nearest culties. On this account there has been the town." The pouring down of the ca- very great rejoicings at Lisbon. This taract was heard to a great distance, and good news we learn by letters received the body of water, taking a direction to- yesterday by the mail. The queen is reward Bromsgrove, soon twept every thing moved to her country palace at Queluz, in before it, laid down the hedges, washed order to enjoy the benefit of the country quantities of grain from barns and malt- air. houses, destroyed tan-yards, and so strong The cure has been as speedy as it was was the current, that it floated through unexpected previous to Dr. Willis' arri. the town a waggon loaded with skins. val. "When he was introduced into the The inhabitants of the place had no time presence of her majesty, she was extremely to take the necessary precautions ; almost franțic, and complained to her son of a in an instant the cellars and under kitchens stranger's being introduced into her aparte were filled to the top, and every thảing in ment. The prince returned for answer, them overturned. In a few minutes the that the person was the famous Dr. Willis erater entered at the parlour windows, co- who had been sent by her brother the king vered the counters of shops, and in the of England to render her majesty, every principal street it rose and continued up assistance. Dr. Willis felt her pulse, and ward of five feet perpendicular from the faid the lived too low, and immediately pavement. The horfes in some of the inn ordered her fome asses’ milk. The queen ftables stood up to their tails in water. refused to take any nourishment a long Pigs, washed from their styes, were swim- time, but became at laft fo tractable, that ming through the passages of the houses the drank the milk of her own accord: in situated between the brook and the princi- a few days the thewed fymptoms of conpal street; down which quantities of furni- yalescence. ture, brewing utensils, and clothing, shop

APRIL 27. articles, grain, garden-pales, gates, wheel Yesterday, Mr. Dundas moved in the barrow's, pige, dogs, timber, &c. were House of Commons, That it shall not be çarried in one mals by the impetuous tot lawful to import any African Negroes ient. Many of the inhabitants, who hap- into any British Colonies, pened to be at their neighbours, could not in thips owned or nayigated. by British that evening return home. Á house on fubjects, at any time after the ift day of the borders of the Lickey was thrown January 1800.? down by the force of the water, though

Lord Mornington moved an amende we do not hear any were de trøyed in

ment; namely, that the words • January

or Plantations,


1800. be expunged, and the words My lords and gentlemen, • January 1793' inserted in their ftead. The dispatch you have given to tho

After a debate, which lasted till three national business, enables me to close the in the morning, the House divided, feffion, and to relieve you from further

Against the amendment 158 a tendance in parliament.
For it


"Gentlemen of the house of commons, Majority

49 • His majesty commands me to thank The questiou being put upon the origi. you for the supplies you have voted for nal motion,

the public service ; you may depend upon The chancellor of the exchequer moved, their faithful application to the purposes that the house do now adjourn.

for which they were granted.
A division took place on this motion,
in which there were,

• My lords and gentlemen,

• I have his majesty's commands to exNoes

press his approbation of the wisdom that 97

has guided your proceedings during the Majority 88

present session, especially in the liberal inIn consequence of the adjournment hav. dulgences you have afforded to your Roa ing been carried, the motion of Mr. Dun

man catholic brethren, by establithing the das stands over for further discussion.

legality of intermariage, by admitting

them to the profession of the law and the IRELAND.

benefits of education, and by removing all On Monday, April 16, Mr. James restrictions upon their industry in trade Napper Tandy was arrested by virtue of and manufactures. a proclamation from the privy-council,

• Your knowledge of the true interests and carried before the lord-mayor of Dub- of your country is plainly marked in the lin, and several aldermen. Ón his being measure you have adopted for carrying taken, he denied the authority of the

into effect a reciprocal preference in the

proclamation, and when he appeared before corn trade with Great Britain, a system the magistrates, they exprelled a wish to beneficial to both countries, and peculiarly have nothing to do in the business; the advantageous to the agriculture of Ireland,

that source of person who apprehended him replied, that

your wealth and prosperity. it was sufficient for him that he had done The further steps you have taken to check his duty in producing the prisoner ; he the immoderate use of spirituous liquors, should concern himself no further in the and your wise regulations for the charitaaffair, but simply apply for the offered re- ble institutions, prove your attention to ward. On the recorder's being consulted, the interests of the lower orders of the Tandy was informed, that he was no people. longer a prisoner : he then wished to give

• I shall firmly rely on your cordial co, in his examination against the person who operation for the support of public order, took him, charging him with an affault, and the enforcing obedience to the lates, and having held him in falle imprison by which alone the fruits of national in ment; this was refused on the part of fe- duftry can be secured; and when you re.

fiect yeral aldermen, but at length it was taken upon the flourishing resources, the by one of them. on Wednesday, how. increafing wealth, and unexampled proever, he was again apprehended by an perity of the country, you will not fail ta order from the house of commons, and impress upon the minds of the people, that being brought to their bar, and refusing the maintenance of our free and happy to answer the speaker's interrogatories, constitution will ensure the continuance of was from thence committed to Newgate;

these invaluable blessings.' from whence, however, he was liberated

Then the lord chancellor prorogued the the same night, in consequence of the pro- parliament to Monday the 18th of June rogation of parliament.

On Wednesday, the lord-lieutenant of Ireland went in itate to the house of peers,

BIRTH Ş. and the commons being come, his excel. HER Catholic majesty, a prince, lency gave the royal affent to thirty pub

Countess of Caithnels, a daughter, lic and one private bills; after which bis Lady of fir Alexander Monro, a daugh, excellency closed the session will the fol. ter. lowing speech

Lady Anne Lambton, a son and heir,






Charles Middleton, of Middlewich, in EDward Coke, efq. M. Pitto miss Cheshire, maltker.

Colhoun, daughter of William Col. John Bell, of Carlisle, linen-draper. houn, esq. of Wrotham, Norfolk,

Thomas Clare, of Gloucester, soapEarl of Albemarle, to the hon. miss: boiler. Sophia Southwell, sister of lord de Clif. George Blow, of Bathwick, in Somer. ford.

setthire, vintner. John King, esq. one of the under fe John Large, of Leicester, grocer. cretaries of ftate, to miss Moss, daughter Charles O'Neale, otherwise Neale, of of the bishop of Bath and Wells.

Cannon-street, Southwark, turner. John Edward Madocks, esq. of Vale Thomas Harman, of Robersbridge, in Mascall, Kent, to the hon. miss Craven, Sussex, shopkeeper. fifter to lord Craven. The hon. F. West, brother to the earl

John Bartlett, of Shoreditch, butcher. of Delawarr, to miss Michell, daughter Samuel Collier, of Manchester, cornof the late Richard Michell, esq. of Cul- factor. ham-court, Berks.

Thomas Swymmers Champneys, esq. William Dawlon, of Liverpool, linen, only son of fir Thomas Champneys, bart. draper. to miss C. Mostyn, daughter of sir Roger Herman Zurhorst, of Basinghall-street; Mostyn, bart. M. P.

merchant. Sir James Suttie, bart. to miss Catha

APRIL 10. rine Isabella Hamilton, daughter of James Mary Bunning, of the Minories, haHamilton, esq.

berdasher. Mr. Gustavus Vasa, a celebrated Afri

John Grant, of Walcot-terrace, Lama can, to miss Cullen, daughter of Mr. beth, in Surry, surgeon. Cullen, of Ely.

Richard Fletcher, of Liverpool, and

Henry Fletcher, of Whitehaven, mérDE A T H S.

chants and copartners. HErbe Erbert Martin Phillips, esq. M. P.. William Baker, of Cowbridge, in Gla

Sir George Pocock, K. B. morganshire, innholder. Alexander Callandar, esq. M. P. Susannah viscountess dowager Fane. Robert Walters Harper, of Sutton, in

William Gomm, esq. late secretary of Yorkshire, dealer. the embassy at the Hague.

Sir Abraham Pitches, knt. father-in Thomas Tew Morris, of Haydon-yard, Law of viscount Deerhurst.

Minories, brewer. Rev. fir James Stonehouse, bart.

George Bond, of Old Fish-street, taylor, Lieutenant-general Lancelot Baugh. James Clowes, of Old-Itreet, dealer. . Hon. general George Cary.

John Scholefield, of Halifax, in YorkGeneral David Gräme.

shire, joiner,


James Rice, of Battersea, in Surry,
EV. Dr. Archibald Davidson-Dean enameller.

of the order of the Thistle, and of the Alexander Watfon, of Şise-lane, mere Chapel Royal, in Scotland.

chant. Rev. Peter P.ckard, D. D.- Dean of Thomas Kemp, of Newhaven, in Sus. Peterborough.

fex, innholder.

Jane Garton, of Thames-street, fa. BANKRUPTS. From the GAZETTE. tioner.

Gcorge Lempriere, of the city of LonOleph Smart, of Wolverhampton, in don, merchant. Staffordshire, bookseller.

Elias Bisson, of Cornhill, linen-draper, John Kindon, of Britel, auctioneer.

APRIL 24. William Couzens the


and John Wright, of Lime-ftreet, merThomas Couzens, of Newcaitle-upon- chant. Tyne, hat-snakers and copartners. Jeremiah Cunningham, of Upper Sey.

mour-street, grocer. Jo!ın Hirfi, of H lifax, in Yorkihire, Samuel Lancaster, of Huddersfield, in

Yorkshire, innholder.








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3 1012

Svo. 75.

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s, dill 313 212 213 3

NEW PUBLICATIONS. AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN. MEMOIRS of the Life of the late April 14, 1792.

Major General Lee, 8vo. 6s. Plowden's Jura Anglorum, the Rights By the Standard Winchester Bufhel of of Englishmen, 8vo. 8s.

Eight Gallons. Good's Poems, is. 6d.

Wheat. Rye. Bar. Oats. Beao Secret History of the Court and Reign of Charles II. 2 vol. 8vo. 155.

so do s. dojs. do

London 4 913.
Forrest's Voyage from Calcutta to the
Mergui Archipelago, 4to. il. 5s.

IN LAND COUNTIES. Carr's Poems, 8vo. 6s.


4 9 13 61 Cursory Criticisms on Malone's Shak. Surry

4 93

312 614 speare, 2s. 6d.


53 9 Elvina, 2 vol. 6s.


413 23 3 It is and it is not, z vol. 7s.


13 Philaro and Elenora, 2 vol. 6s.


113 Taylor's Measurer's Affitant, 12mo.


3 213 7 6s.


13 5/2 3/3 it Hill's Observations on the Politics of


13 42 63 Jo

Derby France, 25. 60.

13 82 74 7

Stafford Leake’s Effay on Diseases of the Viscera,


4 83 1013 42 3/4 Hereford


3 43.8 Somerville's History of Political Tran- Worcester

3 70 factions and of Parties, from Charles II. Warwick to William III. 4to. il. 45.

4 9

413 9 Knight's View of the Life of the Ro- Berks

4 9 3 42

61 3 mans, to the Year 769, 2 vol. 8vo. 125.


23 5 Fair Impostor, 3 vol. 1os. 6d.

4 5

412 313 4 Edelfrida, 4 vol. 145.


5 214 9 3 11 Eddis' Letters from America, 1769 to


4 10


Radnor 1777, 8vo. 85.6d,

4 10 3 il 9 Ingram on the Necessity of introducing MARITIME COUNTIES Divinity into Academical Studies, 2s. 6d. Transactions of the Society of the An


4 713 413 212 313 9

Kent tiquaries of Scotland, vol. 1, 4to. il. is.

4 1013 33 32 513

Sufrex boards.


Suffolk Miscellanies, Philosophical, Medical,

4 713 013 0f2 33 Cambridge 4 53

81 and Moral, small 8vo. 58.

913 Norfolk

4 4/2 102 912 13 Burn's Reply to Priertley's Appeal, 25. Lincoln


2 101 1013 Rennell's Marches of the British Armies York

4 63 2/2 111 1113 in India, 1790 and 1791, 75. 6d. Darham

4 9 13 412 314 Fordyce on Cultivating and Curing Northumberland 4 3/4

013 Rhubarb in Britain for Medicinal Uses, ss. Cumberland 5 43 Lindsey's Conversations on Christian Westmorland S

73 412 Idolatry, 8vo. 38. fewed.



3 52 314 3 Smirnove's Survey of the Russian Em- Chester S


Flint pire, 8vo. 75.


13 712 Jockey Club, 2 parts, each


5 41 13 5/2 1/4 Molineux's Use of the Globes, is. 6d. Carnarvon

5 4

5 sewed.

5 714
5 104 4

4 9 Pope's Observations on the Miraculous Cardigan


5 Conception, 8vo, 6s.



91 4 Priestley's Letters to a Young Mari, Carmarthen

13 511 7 on Public Worship, is. 6d.




3 Alton Priory, 3 vol. ros. 6d,



3 312 Morgan's Review of Dr. Price's Writ. Somerset

S 1

81 ings on the Finances of this Kingdom,


4 11 Devon

4 9

281 8

Cornwall Randolph's Scriptural Revision of So


281 II

Dorset cinian. Arguments, in a Letter to Dr. Hants

4 9

5 Priettley, 2s.

4 71

213 9 Fugitive, a Comedy, is. 6d.

Peck Loaf, 25.

olt JO



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4 per C.

5 per C.

Navy Bills.

Eaglita. Lot. Tic.


29 30, 31

PRICES of STOCKS, from MARCH 29 to APRIL 26, 1792, both inclufive.

By ANTHONY CLARKE, Stock-Broker, No. 13, Sweeting's-Alley, Cornhill.
3 per c. ll 3 per C.

Long Short India India India South Sea Old New
reduced. confols. consols. consols. Ans. Ans. Stock. Ans. Bonds. Stock. Ann. Ann.
Aut. 96a Thut.
119 shut. shut, 215


shut. 36a


105 4 105 s

216 &







94 &


Bank Stock. thut. 217 217 217 276 216 $ 214


119 119


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16 13 6 16 14 0 16 10



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In the 3 per Cent. confols. the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given; in every other Article the higheft Price only, the Long and Short
Days of Opening.
Annuities excepted, which are given within å fixteenth of the highest Price. In the different Funds that are thut, the Prices are given with the Dividend till the

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