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Employments which You have pass'd through, would not have been able to have raised You this general approbation, had they not been accompanied with that Moderation in an high Fortune, and that Affability of Man

ners, which are so conspi· cuous through all Parts of

Your Life. Your Aversion to any Oftentatious Arts

of of setting to show those great Services which You have done the Publick, has not likewife a little contributed to that Universal Acknowledgment which is paid You by Your Country.

THE Confideration of this Part of Your Cha: racter, is that which hinders me from enlarging on those Extraordinary Ta


lents; which have given You fo great a Figure in the British Senate, as well as on that Elegance and Politeness which appear in Your more retired Conversation. I should be unpardonable, if, after what I have said, I fhould longer detain You with an Address of this Nature: I cannot, however, conclude it without owning Litu te those those great Obligations which You have laid upon,... : .. .

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N° 170. Friday, September 14. 1711.

In amore hæc omnia infunt vitia: injuria,
Suspiciones, inimicitia, inducia,
Bellum, pax rursum

Ter. Eun.

V PON looking over the Letters of my fea

male Correspondents, I find several from

Women complaining of jealous Husbands,
S2 SE and at the same Time protesting their own

Innocence; and desiring my Advice on

this Occasion. I shall therefore take this
Subject into my Consideration; and the more willingly,
because I find that the Marquiss of Hallifax, who in his
Advice to a Daughter, bas instructed a: Wife how to be.
have her self towards a falfe, an intemperate, a cholerick,
a füllen, a covetous or a filly Husband, has not spoken one
Word of a jcalous Husband.

JEALOUSY is that Pain which a Man feels from
the Apprehension that he is not equally beloved by the Per-
fon whom he entirely loves. Now, because our inward


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