Kashmir-The Untold Story

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HarperCollins, Dec 1, 2013 - Political Science - 460 pages
A radical new look at the largely forgotten four million people of Azad Kashmir - the part of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan, and separated by a Line of Control from Indian territory In Kashmir: The Unwritten History, politico-strategic analyst Christopher Snedden contends that in October 1947, pro-Pakistan Muslims in southwestern J&K instigated the Kashmir dispute - not Pashtun tribesmen invading from Pakistan, as India has consistently claimed. Later called Azad Kashmiris, these people, Snedden argues, are legitimate stakeholders in an unresolved dispute. He provides comprehensive new information that critically examines Azad Kashmir's administration, economy, political system and its subordinate relationship with Pakistan. Azad Kashmiris considered their administration to be the only legitimate government in J&K and expected that it would rule after J&K was re-unified by a UN-supervised plebiscite. This poll has never been conducted and Azad Kashmir has effectively, if not yet legally, become a (dependent) part of Pakistan. Long disenchanted with Islamabad, some Azad Kashmiris now favour independence for J&K, hoping that they may survive and prosper without recourse to either of their bigger neighbours. Snedden concludes by assessing the various proposals that have been mooted to resolve Azad Kashmir's international status and the broader Kashmir dispute.

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its azad kashmir
Not asad kashmir. india,pakistan,china, Occupied our kashmiri Land theay came for our help to solve issue but theay become thiefs and they make 3 peaces of our mother Land
! they claming kashmir is mine but Real truth is kashmir never part of india so pakistan also have no Right to claim.#Free Kashmir
sardar aftab khan kashmiri

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I haven’t read the book yet but the grave error in synopsis claiming Asad Kashmir to be “occupied” by Pakistan is rejected and dismissed. Asad Kashmir is NOT occupied by Pakistan but is an itegral region of the country that governs independently without being politically or economically violated by Pakistan. Mr Snedden may be a world renowned political expert but even the subtlest narrative claiming Asad Kashmir as anything other than what it is will in future be contested on all fronts. The only time the word “occupation” can be associated with the word Kashmir is when associating the term with indian occupied Kashmir.  

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CHRISTOPHER SNEDDEN is an Australian politico-strategic analyst, author and academic specialising in South Asia. He has worked with government, business and universities; currently, he is working as a professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the author of The Untold Story of the People of Azad Kashmir.

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