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interests of which it is the centre. Many cities possess our minds that perhaps the author might feel moved to grander architectural remains than Jerusalem can boast continue his labours, and give us a history of the English of, but there are none so worthy of study. From the Nonjurors. It is a noble subject, concerning which most days of Constantine until our own it has been a place of persong-Mr. Lathbury's labours notwithstanding-conpious pilgrimage; and during the whole of the Middle tinue to be in complete ignorance. Ages its sacred edifices profoundly affected the builders We have received the first part of Sir James Picton's of the West. The Temple Church, or the round churches

| Report on the Moore Charters relating to the City of at Cambridge and Northampton, may have little in com.

Liverpool. They are a valuable collection, extending mon with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but they

from the thirteenth century until recent times. In the nevertheless were intended, if not as copies, at least as

report before us most of them are given in a translated memorials of the sacred edifice on Mount Zión. Gothic

form. The rendering seems well done, but we must comarchitecture may owe its origin to England and what is

plain of one serious defect: the names of the witnesses now northern France, but its evolution has been pro

are not given in full. This is a great drawback. As, foundly affected by Eastern models.

| however, we may trust that the records will be given in The Life of Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

full, the error may be corrected. By E. H. Plumptre, Dean of Wells. 2 vols. (Isbister & Co.)

Aotices to Correspondents. DEAN PLUMPTRE is a zealous student. We do not wish to

We must call special attention to the following notices : make disparaging remarks of others, but we may assert

On all communications must be written the name and without fear of contradiction that there is no cathedral

address of the sender, not necessarily for publication, but dignitary at present among us who has written so much, all of which is of so high a degree of excellence. As a

as a guarantee of good faith. translator from Greek and Italian he is valued by all

We cannot undertake to answer queries privately. cultured people. His great work on Dante, taken alone,

To secure ingertion of communications correspondents might bave been the work of a lifetime. It is not a meré must observe the following rule. Let each note, query. translation only, but as an English version there are or reply be written on a separate slip of paper, with the those who are well capable of judging who hold it to be signature of the writer and such address as he wishes to the best rendering into English which the Divine appear. Correspondents who repeat queries are requested Comedy' has yet received.

to head the second communication "Duplicate.” * Our memory may play us false, but so far as we re JANE JEROME ("Stanza").- A part of a poem containmember this is the first occasion on which the dean hasing every variation of measure in that poem. Milton has undertaken an extended biography,

stanzas in the 'Ode on the Nativity '; Wordsworth in Bishop Ken has had several biographers, Bowles's Peter Bell,' &c. Longfellow's. Hiawatha,' so far as we Life' used to be considered the standard biography recall it, has not. until, some five-and-thirty years ago, it was in a great de

BookwORM (“Fuller's Church History,' &c., folio, gree superseded by a work by an author who withheld

1655').-Copies of this sold last year by public auction his name, and was content to appear before the world as “A Layman" only. For reverent and affectionate treat

for from 28s. to 30s. ment it will never be surpassed. In some ways we have

To ("Medulla Historiæ Anglicanæ, 1694 ").-It is always considered it a model of the way in which a holy attributed to William Howel, LL.D., on the strength of a man's life ought to be given to the world; but the “ Lay. MS, note by Wood in the Bodleian copy. It is held & conman," though full of minute detail as to the object of his

cise and valuable history, but the various editions have affection, wasbutscantily furnished with general historical | very trifling pecuniary value. knowledge. The saint appeared drawn to the life; but ARTHUR MEE ("Oddments"). This word, applied to the low, vulgar, coarge world with which he was sur-trifles or odds and ends, is familiar in the North. It is rounded seems to have eluded the Layman's grasp. It is given in Halliwell's · Dictionary.' well that it was 80. Had he known all Dean Plumptre CORDUFF (“Etymological Dictionary").-You cannot knows of the days that passed between the birth and do better than get Skeat's 'Etymological Dictionary' death of Bishop Ken, the harmony of his picture would (Clarendon Press).

COACH (“Cockades").-You will find the information Ken's biographer has employed a much larger canvas.

you seek in ‘N. & Q., 2nd S. vii, 158, 246, 304, 421, 465, He knows the time well, and álls in the background of 22:

in the background of 522 ; viii. 37; ix. 219, 274. his picture in a manner beyond our praise. He is minute in bis details, and writes with amiable charity of those

M. DAMANT (“ Commonplace Book ").-We shall be who were little worthy of regard. There can be no

| glad of the brief account you are good enough to offer. doubt that for the future this must be the standard life. I JOHN TOMLINSON (“Rice scattered at Weddings ").though it may require correcting or supplementing in á See ‘N. & Q.,' 4th S. ii. 343, 450, 521; xii. 327, 396, 438. few particulars. We will not call in question a word the E. A. H. (“Shan Van Voght").-"Ant-sean-bean dean has said as to that violent change which our grand- | bhocht," i. e., the poor old woman. fathers were wont to call the “Glorious" Revolution. The R. F. S. (“Gofer").-Not received. results have been, so far as England is concerned, so bene- CORRIGENDA.-P. 155, col, 1, 1, 9 from bottom, for ficial that historians have for the most part shrunk from “ Praynay” read Prayway; p. 189, col, 1, 1, 1, for prying too curiously into motives. We would remark, "1859" read 1759. however, that as the documentary evidence of the time

NOTICE. unfolds itself, and is dispassionately studied, we come to Editorial Communications should be addressed to "The see that the good results we all acknowledge were brought Editor of 'Notes and Queries'"-Advertisements and about by instruments in whom a narrow ambition had | Business Letters to “The Publisher"-at the Office, 22, almost complete sway. All who read these volumes will Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C. rise from them with the gratified sense of having re- We beg leave to state that we decline to return com. ceived much now knowledge in the pleasantest possible munications which, for any reason, we do not print; and manner. As we turned over the pages a dream crossed to this rule we can make no exception,

have su

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Just ready, thin 850. cloth, price 28. and ACCOUNTANT. Advice given as to the best mode of

ANTHONY SHERLEY the AUTHOR of Publisbing. Publishers' Estimates examined on behalf of Authors.

SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS. Transfer of Literary Property carefully conducted Safe Opinions obtained. Twenty years' experience. Highest references. Consulte

By SCOTT SURTEES. tion free.-la, Paternoster-row, E.O.

HENRY GRAY, 47, Leicester-square, London, W.O. HENRY GRAY, Genealogical and Topographical

C. BENNETT'S POEM S. Bookseller and Publisher, 47, Leicester-square, London, W.O. (opposite the Alhambra). Catalogues free.-In preparation, Vol. I. of the Tombstone Library, a Collection of Monumental Inscriptions.

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Atheneum." These ballads are spirited and stirring : such are. The Dealers in Old and Rare Books.

Fall of Harald Hardrada,' . Old Benbow,' Marston Moor,' and 'Corporal Catalogue 65 Dow ready, post free six stamps.

Joha,' the soldier's name for the famous Duke of Marlborough, which is

a specially good ballad. "Queen Eleanor's Vengeance is a vividly told 29, NEW BOND-STREET, LONDON, W.

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book of ballads, interesting to all who have British blood in their veins,

Dr. Bennett's contribution will be welcome. Dr. Bennett's Ballads will CATALOGUE of BOOKS for the LIBRARY,

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PROMETHEUS the FIRE-GIVER, an Attempted Moderate Prices. Square 8vo. PP. 380, containing over 12,000 Articles. Restoration of the Lost First Part of the Trilogy of Æschylus. blue cloth extra, red edges. A most Useful Book of Reference.

CHATTO & WINDUS, Piccadilly.
"A capital catalogue,"-Athenaeum.
136, STRAND, W.0.: 36, PICCADILLY, W.

Vol. I. 4to. boards, 28. ; or 2 Parts, 1s. each,
Telegraphic Address, Bookmen, London. Code in use, Unicode.

THE LARK: Songs, Ballads, and Recitations, Complete Edition, with Appendix.

Edited by W. C. BENNETT. W HITAKER'S ALMANACK for 1889. The 314 Poems (174 Copyright) by 169 English, American, and Continenta Best and most Complete, the Cheapest and most Useful

Poets, among whom are the following: Almanack published. The Complete Edition, with Appendix, is now Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate.

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Locker, Arthur.
This day is published, New Edition, with Portrait,

Aide, Hamilton.

Lowell, Hon. James Russell. Anderson, Alexander.

Lushington. Franklin, THE BOOK-HUNTER. By John HILL BURTON, Ashby-Sterry, J.

Lytton, Earl of. 1 Author of 'A History of Scotland, The Scot Abroad," "The

Austin, Alfred.

Macaulay, Lord. Reign of Queen Anne,' &c. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d.

Bailey, P.J.

Mackay, Dr. Charles.
Buchanan, Robert.

Martin, Sir Theodore.
WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & SONS, Edinburgh and London, Bennett, W.C.

Meredith, George.
Béranger, Pierre Jean de.

Marston, Dr. J. Westland.
Now ready, royal 8vo. 210, xvi pp. cloth gilt, 108. 8d

Bennoch, Francis.

Marston, P. Bourke.
Blackie, J. Stuart.

Morris, William.
A CALENDAR of WILLS relating to the Burnand, F.C.

Morris, Lewis. COUNTIES of NORTHAMPTON and RUTLAND, proved in

Calverley, C.R.

Norton, Hon. Mrs. the Court of the Archdeacon of Northampton, 1510 to 1652. Edited by

Carleton, Will.

Ogilvy, Mrs. David. W. P. W. PHILLIMORE, M.A. B.C.L.

Clough, Arthur Hugh.

Pfeiffer, Mrs. Emily. This forms Vol. I. of the INDEX LIBRARY, & Series of Indexes

Collins, Mortimer.

Prowse, W. Jeffery. and Calendars to British Records. Issued Monthly, price 28. : Annual

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SELECTED FOR THEIR BEAUTY OR HISTORIO INTEREST. A large 4to, book, containing 60 Monotint Plates reproduced from the Originals, and fully described by HENRY B. WHEATLEY, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Two Hundred Copies only printed for England, and sold as follows: 150 copies offered in Japanese paper covers, £3 3s. nett; in half-inorocco, £3 13s, 6d. nett.

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The Lea and Dove Illustrated Edition. Edited by R. B. MARSTON. The principal feature of this Edition is a set of 54 Full-Page Photogravures, printed from Copper-Plates, on fine Plate Paper, of Views on the Lea, Dove, &c., and about 100 other Illustrations.

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For List of the 21 PLATES and PAINTERS see Prospectus, to be had of the Publishers.
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St. Dunstan's House, Fetter-lane, Fleet-street, E.C.

Printed by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athensum Press, Took's-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, E.O.; and Published by the said

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Just published, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, bovelled, 24s. ESSAYS by the late MARK PATTISON, sometime Rector of Lincoln College,

Oxford. Collected and Arranged by HENRY NETTLESHIẾ, M.A., Professor of Latin, Oxford.

. With one exception the essays in these volumes are a selection of what seemed to be the most generally interesting and valuable among the many papers and articles published by Mr. Pattison between the years 1845 and 1832. Tbe fragment on the Life of Joseph Scaliger is printed from the Author's M8., and forms part of his unfinished Life of Scaliger.

** To all who love literature, learning, and truth these volumes will be most acceptable, and they will be an en during monument that the high reputation left by their author

was not undeserved." - Manchester Guardian.


Crown 8vo. cloth, 168. A HANDBOOK to the LAND CHARTERS and other SAXONIC DOCU.

MENTS. By JOHN EARLE, M.A., formerly Fellow and Tutor of Oriel College, and Professor of Anglo-Saxon,

Oxford, Author of The Philology of the English Tongue.' It is the aim of this Handbook to facilitate the critical study of the faxon legal documents, which were collected by Kemble in his . Codex Diplomaticus,' and which are now being republished by Mr. de Gray Birob in his Cartularium Saxonicum.' NEW EDITION OF CLARENDON'S 'HISTORY OF THE REBELLION.'

6 vols. crown 8vo. cloth, 21. 55. CLARENDON'S (EDWARD, EARL of) HISTORY of the REBELLION

and CIVIL WARS in ENGLAND. Re-edited from a fresh Collation of the Original MS. in the Bodleian Library, with

Marginal Dates and Occasional Notes, by W. DUNN MACRAY, M.A. F.S.A. “A very careful and pvinstaking edition of Clarendon's great work, incontestably superior, 80 far as the text is concerned, to all that have gone before it. Mr. Macray is to be congratulated. His work will supersede all previous editions of Clarendon."-Scottish Review.

** Mr. Macray has given us now, for the first time, a perfectly genuine Clarendon. An index occupying about 150 pages seems to be quite up to the exacting requirements of modern days."-Athenæum.

Crown 8vo. cloth, 103. 6d. CHAUCER.-The MINOR POEMS. Edited by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat,

Litt. D., Professor of Anglo-Saxon, Cambridge, Editor of Piers the Plowman'; Chaucer, 'The Prioresses Tale,' &c.; Principles of English Etymology, &c.

The first serious attempt to present to readers a complete edition of Chaucer's genuine Minor Poems, with the necessary critical apparatus, and a sufficient quantity of illustration in the form of Notes, Glossary, and Index. The list of works accepted by Professor Skeat as genuine in great part coincides with that adopted by Dr. Furnivall in the publications of the Chaucer Society.

*. Probably unrivalled as a specimen of thorough workmanship, constituting a display of varied knowledge and critical acumen not easily rivalled. A work of unfailing and marvellous erudition, together with a text, which puts out of court all preceding versions."- Notes and Querici. NEW BOOK BY DR. HODGKIN.

Just published. crown 8vo. cloth. gilt top, 68.

With a Facsimile of Hume's Handwriting, 8vo. cloth, 128. ed. The DYNASTY of THEODOSIUS; or, Eighty LETTERS of DAVID HUME to WILLIAM

Years' struggle with the Barbarians. By THOMAS HODGKIN, STRAHAN. Now first Edited, with Autobioeraphy, Notes, Index, Hon. D.C.L. Oxon, Author of Italy and her Invaders."

&c., by G. BIKKBECK HILL, D.C.L., Pembroke College, Editor ... lp this volume the author describes in brief outiine the leading of the Oxford Edition of Boswell's Life of Johnson.' erents recorded in the first two volumes of his bookItaly and her “We have

never seen a book better edited or better annotated, and invaders'

there is an excellent index"-- Academy. HISTORY of ENGLISH SOUNDS from the

Foap 8vo. half-vellum, paper boards, 58. 6d. EARLIEST PERIOD. With Full Word-Liste.

svd.cloth, the . Edited By HENRY SWEET. M.A. Ph D., Author of An Anglo-Saxon from the Original French Editions, with an Introduction on Primer,'. An Anglo-Saxon Reader, The Middle English Primer,'

Fairy Tales, &c., by ANDREW LANG, M.A., late Fellow of A Handbook of Phonetics,'. An Icelandic Primer,' &c.

Merton College. New Edition. " Will probably long continue to be the most perfect existing hand.

" Mr. Lang has found a congenial task, which he has executed with ook of English phonolugy."-Atheneum.

that combination of profound scholarship and vivacity of style pecu. 9 vols 8vo. cloth, 318. 61,

liarly his own."-St. James's Gazette. The VISION OF WILLIAM CONCERNING The PILGRIMAGE to PARNASSUS, with

Medium 8vo, bevelled bards, gilt top, 88. 6d. PIERS the PLOWMAN, in Three Parallel Texts; together with RICHARD the REDELESS. By WILLIAM LANGLAND Two Parts of the Return from Parnassus. Three Comedies per (about 1392-1999 AD). Edited from numerous Manuscripts, with formed in St John's College, Cambridge, A.D. MDXCVII.- MDOI. Preface, Notes, and a Glossary, by W. W.SKEAT, Litt. D.

Edited from MS, by the Rev. W. D. MAURAY, M.A. P.S.A. "A standard and definitive edition of a great English classic."

"No discovery of the kind has ever been made of greater value and Notes and Queries. interest"-Guardian. FULL CLARENDON PRESS CATALOGUES SENT FREE ON APPLICATION.

London : HENRY FROWDE, Clarendon Press Warehouse, Amen Corner, E.C. 7TH 8. No. 169,

ust published, demy 8vo. 870 pp. cloth gilt, price 108. ed. POOK WANTED. – A GREAT FIGHT at THE CISTERCIAN ABBEY of STRATA


tween the PRESBYTERIANS and INDEPENDENTS. By Colonel 1 FLORIDA: its History, and an Account of the Recent Excava

THOMAS BLAGUE. 1647.-Report to GEORGE BELL & SONS. . tions made on its Site.

York-street, Covent-garden, London.
Illustrated with Plans, and 20 Plates of Architectural Details
and Sculpture.

WHITING & 00. 39 and 32, Sardinia-street, W.O.

deceased. Sold also by ROPER & DROWLEY, 11, Ludgate-hill, E.O.

The Executors of the Will of the late J. 0. Halliwell-Phillippe. in

accordance with the directions contained in such Will, INVITE Now ready, royal 8vo. 210, xvi pp. cloth gilt, 108. 6d.

OFFERS for SIXTY FOLIO VOLUMES, containing Collections

made by him from 1854 to 1897 on the Life of Shakespeare and the A CALENDAR of WILLS relating to the

History of the English Stage. Also a number of Unbound Papers on N COUNTIES of NORTHAMPTON and RUTLAND, proved in the same subjects. No offer below 1, 2002. can be entertained. Full the Court of the Archdeacon of Northampton, 1510 to 1652. Edited by particulars as to the terms on wbich the above Volumes and Papers W. P. W. PHILLIMORE, M.A. B.C.L.

can be inspected by intending purchasers may be obtained on applicaThis forms Vol. I. of the INDEX LIBRARY, a Series of Indexes tion to the Executors' Solicitors, Messrs. MEREDITH, ROBERTS and Calendars to British Records. Issued Monthly, price 28. ; Annual & MILLS, 8, New-Equare, Lincoln's Ion, London. Subscription, 318. Prospectus on application. London: OHAS. J. CLARK, 4, Lincoln's Inn-fields, W.O. FAMILY HISTORY.—The Advertiser (a linguist)

L' desires EMPLOYMENT in furnishing Genealogical and other Complete Edition, with Appendix.

information relating to the Foreign as well as Native Ancestry of W HITAKER'S ALMANACK for 1889. The English Families, more especially those of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire,

and Glamorganshire. -Address ALTON, Illustrator of Pedigrees, 47. Best and most Complete, the Cheapest and most Useful

Great Russell.street, Bloomsbury, W.0.
Almanack published. The Complete Edition, with Appendix, is now
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Albany, S.W. ENGLAND. Atheneum :-"These ballads are spirited and stirring : such are 'The MR. A. M. BURGHES, AUTHORS' AGENT Fall of Harald Hardrada,'Old Benbow,' Marston Moor,' and Corporal I and ACCOUNTANT. Advice given as to the best mode of John,' the soldier's name for the famous Duke of Marlborough, which is Publishing. Publishers' Estimates examined on behalf of Authors. & specially good ballad. Queen Eleanor's Vengeance is a vividly told Transfer of Literary Property carefully conducted. Safe Opinions story. Coming to more modern times, The Deeds of Wellington,

obtained. Twenty years' experience. Highest references. Consulta. Inkerman,' and Balaklava' are excellently well said and sung. As a tion free.-1A, Paternoster-row, E.C. book of ballads, interesting to all who have British blood in their veins, Dr. Bennett's contribution will be welcome. Dr. Bennett's Ballads will leave a strong impression on the memory of those who read them.”


1 NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS on all subjects, Literary, Artistie,

Political, from the Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines, and Reviews SONGS for SAILORS.

of the World. Statistics, Files Searched, Special Information, and

all Press Work : Translations and Reporting.-ROMEIKE & CURCrown 8vo. cloth, 58.

TICE's only address in England, 359, Strand, London, W.0. TelePROMETHEUS the FIRE-GIVER, an Attempted

graph, "Romeike, London." Telephone, 2662. Restoration of the Lost First Part of the Trilogy of Æschylus. CHATTO & WINDUS, Piccadilly.

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Just published, No. 492, for MARCH 20th, of

D TURE, containing a good assortment of Books in English and

Foreign Literature.

A copy post free on application.

133, Strand, W.0. ; and 36, Piccadilly, W. Explaining the Regulations in Force in all the Principal Countries and the combined Effects of Home, Foreign, and

HENRY GRAY, Genealogical and Topographical Colonial Patent Laws.

Bookseller and Publisher, 47, Leicester-square, London. W.C. One Shilling.

(opposite the Alhambra). Catalogues free.-In preparation, Vol. I. London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.

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Small Paper, 78. 6d. ; Large Paper, 18s. 6d. Prospectus free. ESTABLISHED 1851. R I R K B E C K B A N K. D L L I S & E L V E Y. Southampton-buildings, Ohancery-lane.

Dealers in Old and Rare Books. THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repay.

Catalogue 65 now ready, post free six stamps. able on demand. TWO per CENT. INTEREST on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, calculated on the minimum monthly balances, when

pot drawn below 1001, The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free
of charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and other Securities and BRAND and CO.'S AI SAUCE,
Valuables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and
Coupons: and the Purchase and Sale of Stocks, Shares, and An.
nuities. "Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued. The BIRK.
BEOK ALMANAOK, with full particulars, post free on application.


YORK and GAME PIES ; also
IT Colde, Coughs, Shortness of Breath.-These maladies require
early and unremitting attention, for if neglected they often end in ESSENCE of BEEF, BEEF TEA,
asthma, bronchitis, or consumption. The Ointment well rubbed upon
tbe chest and back, penetrating the skin, is absorbed and carried
directly to the lungs, whence it expels all impurities. All the blood
in the body is perpetually passing through the lungs, and there all

TURTLE SOUP, and JELLY, and other noxious particles tending to disease can be quickly, thoroughly, and permanently neutralized, rendered harmless, or ejected from the system. Holloway's Ointment and Pills perfectly accomplish this

SPECIALTIES for INVALIDS. purification ; and through the blood thus cleansed, the influence of

Caution.-Beware of Imitations. Sole AddressThese wonderful medicaments reaches the remotest part of the human body, and thus cures all diseased action, whether internal or external.


Save the same for locatie


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