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the first and third stanzas, describing the appearance of Dictionary of National Biography. Edited by Leslie a wraith and the incident of a child stolen by the fairies, Stephen. Vol. XVII, (Smith, Elder & Co.) are very beautiful, but they are too long to quote here. In the seventeenth volume of the ‘Dictionary of Na.

JONATHAN BOUCHER. tional Biography' (" Edward” to “ Erskine"), the one

biography of primary importance is that of Queen

Elizabeth. This has fallen into the eminently capable Miscellanedus.

hands of Dr. Augustus Jessopp. The summing up of

the character of Elizabeth is masterly. For literature, NOTES ON BOOKS, &0.

as the term is now understood, Dr. Jessopp finds that The Works of Dr. Thomas Campion, Edited by A. H. she never appears to have had any taste, and be holds Bullen. (Privately printed.).

that "she did not even care for learning or learned It is difficult, in dealing with Mr. Bullen's recent pub-men." She “lived quite outside that splendid intellication, to restrain eulogy within limits, or to preserve lectual activity which began at the close of her reign." the judicial calm which is the atmosphere of criticism. Her parsimony was phenomenal. Her regard for the His reprints and collections are simply ideal. In issuing Duke of Alençon seems to bave puzzled her biographer, them he is vindicating our national character and chals who wonders whether her behaviour towards him was lenging the bibliographical supremacy of France. The more acting, or was a case of absolute infatuation. proof of this is that his collections of lyrics are biblio- Elizabeth's expression to James VI. of “extreme graphical rarities before any but a few specially acute dolour” for the “miserable accident”-the death of readers have heard of their existence. In France it has Mary Stuart-is held to be sincere, Dr. Jessopp adding long been the case that certain works are never obtain- rather cynically, "How could she but be grieved that able except by those whose names are in the possession the moral sense of the world condemned her?” The of the publisher as subscribers. So it now is practically historians occupy, of course, a large share of the volume, with Mr. Bullen's publications. What a book bis' Dr. Cam. in which appear the lives of all the Edwards. Edward I. pion' is ! Bibliographically it is a treasure. It is a work and III, and Edward the Black Prince are among the on which the hand falls caressingly. It is only, perhaps, numerous and important contributions of the Rev. too delicate and beautiful, so that one feels in accepting it, W. Hunt; Edward 11. is in the hands of Prof. Tout; like Beatrice in Much Ado about Nothing'in presence Edward IV. and his queen Elizabeth are both in of the playful offer of marriage of the Duke, that we those of Mr. James Gairdner. The only contributions would fain" have another for working days," since, like to which the editor's signature is affixed are those of his grace, the volume is “ too costly to wear every day.” William and Elizabeth Elstob. Mr. 8. L. Lee, even It is a book to open carefully, and to dip into before though he supplies lucid and excellent biographies of reading. Mr. Bullen's delightful introduction – bio- Edward VI., Sir Thomas Egerton, Baron Ellesmere and graphical, critical, and explanatory, full of acuto and Viscount Brackley, Thomas Ellwood (the Quaker friend sympathetic judgment and pleasant erudition--will be of Milton) and Sir Thomas Elyot (the author of The read at once, and then the lyrics will be an endless de Governor'), and others, is not a frequent contributor. light. It may not be said in presence of poets such as The Rev. J. Woodfall Ebsworth has spirited biographies the Laureate, Mr. Swinburno, and others, that the art of the two Pierce Egans, father and son. Few poets aro of writing lyrics is lost. These Elizabethan lyrics have, met with, and Mr. A. H. Bullen's most important bic however, a character as distinctly their own as the graphies are those of Richard Edwards, author of a play Elizabetban dramas. Campion's are among the best of or two and some miscellaneous verses, and William Eltheir class. They are made to be sung, and they have derton, described as a "notorious tippler and a ready the “Doric delicacy” which in Milton delighted Sir writer of ballade." Under" Elphinstone" and “ Erskine Henry Wotton. In his masques Campion is not seen at will be found the more important lives of Mr. Russell his best, but his Latin poems are graceful and pleasing. Barker. Dr. Garnett is responsible for Sir Henry Ellis The “Observations on the Art of English Poesy is and for Edward Edwards. James Edwards, bookseller curious in many respeets, and the specimens of un- and bibliographer, and John Eliot, the Indian apostle, rhymed verse that he gives have, as Mr. Bullen cha- are by Mr. H. R. Tedder, Sir John Eliot naturally racteristically says, "à certain interest as metrical being assigned to Mr. S. R. Gardiner. Among the curiosities, and serve as a warning-piece to wandering sailors with whom Prof. Laughton deals are Admirals wits.” It is, however, in the tunable contents of his Elliott and Elphinstone. Viscount Keith, Dr. Norman “ Books of Airs" that the attractions of Campion will be Moore, Mr. Thomas Bayne. Mr. Thompson Cooper, Mr. found. Like all real poetry, these grow upon you, and Louis Fagan, Mr. W. P. Courtney, Mr. Stanley Lanethey may be turned to with certainty of delight. The Poole, and Mr. Robert Harrison supply contributions in devotional poems are, moreover, equal in all respects to their various lines. Once more the new volume is pubthe amorous lyrics. In richness of imagination Mr. lished with exemplary punctuality. Bullen regards Campion, in these poems, as at least the equal of Crashawe, while he assigns him a sobriety of The Library: a Magazine of Bibliography and Literajudgment in which Crashawe was painfully deficient. To ture. The Organ of the Library Association of the owe to a man reprints such as this seems almost to incur United Kingdom. No.1. (Stock.) too great obligation. The world to which Campion It is not safe to prophesy as to the fortune of a periodical appeals is, after all, limited, and the book is little likely by its first number. If, however, we may take the part to attract those who cater for the million. A limited before us as an average specimen, the Library has a edition such as this is exactly what is wanted, and our good future before it. Mr. Austin Dobson's paper on a warmest gratitude is given to Mr. Bullen for supplying forgotten book of travels that is, Moritz's . Travels in it. Too much of bibliophiles are we to care to see the England in 1783'—is very interesting, and will disturb minor poets of the Elizabethan age rendered univer- the copies which remain from their century of repose on sally accessible. To do this is like carrying the rail. the shelves of our great libraries. Mr. Bullen's account ways to spots of remotest beauty. Books such as the of the American Appledore Press is useful. English present are, however, exactly what are wanted, and our people are, for the most part, densely ignorant of what heartiest thanks are accorded to the enterprising and goes on in the book-world of America, except as regards tasteful critic and explorer to whom the Campion is due. novels and popular magazines. Mr. H. R, Tedder has

written well, but too curtly, on The Bibliography and direction in the will of the grandfather of his first wife. Classification of French History.' It is a vast subject. Mr. Halliwell-Phillipps was born in 1820. He was the After all, what is history? A work compiled on narrow son of Mr. Thomas Halliwell, of Sloane Street. lines would be of little service; one that endeavoured to

| MR. HENRY King, barrister-at-law, of the Temple, who be exhaustive might include nearly everything.

was a frequent correspondent of N. & Q.' under the Dod's Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage for 1889. signature of Harry Leroy Temple, died towards the (Whittaker & Co.)

| close of last year, aged seventy. He was brought up at But one year short of its jubilee is the new edition of the Charterhouse, where he was a schoolfellow of Leech Dod's · Peerage and Knightage,' which has now reached and just remembered Thackeray. From Charterhouse he its forty-ninth year. It retains all the known features was elected to a scholarship at Wadham College, Oxford, which have commended it to public favour, and sup- of which he continued a Fellow to his death. He was plies a full, yet compendious and trustworthy guide to also one of the governing body of Dulwich College. He all the titled classes. The list of new creations may was an excellent English scholar, and was well posted up appear small after the fervour of the Jubilee year. | in modern literature generally. Until the last he was a Near four hundred names bave been changed owing to familiar figure at the Garrick Club, of the history and deaths, however, and there is a tolerably extensive list traditions of which he preserved a mental record. of baronets and knights, together with the changes in MR. NORVAL CLYNE, of Aberdeen, news of whose the Episcopate. The utility of this handsome yet com

death reaches us, was an occasional contributor to our pendious guide is generally recognized.

columns. He was for many years secretary to the Society Sell's Dictionary of the World's Press, 1889. (Sell's of Advocates, and wrote Ballads from Scottish History, Advertising Agency.)

• The Jacobites and their Poetry,' and other works bearSo rapidly does the · Dictionary of the World's Press' ing upon ballad literature. It was in keeping with his augment in size that it will soon equal the ‘Post Office studies that he should be a Jacobite in his sympathies. Directory.' With its portraits of leading editors and other attractive features it recommends itself to others besides the advertiser, to whom it is indispensable.

Potices to Correspondents. The True Position of Patentees, by H. Moy Thomas We must call special attention to the following notices : (Ayrton & Thomas), gives a sort of bird's-eye view of the On all communications must be written the name and patent laws of the world, with useful hints to English

address of the sender, not necessarily for publication, but inventors. Some nations, it appears, are still illiberal

as a guarantee of good faith. and unwige enough to withhold protection from foreign

We cannot undertake to answer queries privately. inventors. Oddly enough, the rule seems to be the

To secure insertion of communications correspondents smaller the country the larger the patent office fees. Great Britain now stands fairly well in this respect;

must observe the following rule, Let each note, query, but the United States is perhaps the model country in

or reply be written on a separate slip of paper, with the

signature of the writer and such address as he wishes to respect of its patent lawe.

appear. Correspondents who repeat queries are requested Hazell's Annual, edited by Mr. E. D. Prior, F.G.S., to head the second communication “Duplicate." hag reached its fourth year of issue. Its information is

A. J. (" Court of Pie-powder").-Stephen, Commencarried to the most recent date; and its claims upon the public, always strong, are now stronger than ever. Sug.

taries,' 1880, iii. 321n., says, “ There are the Courts of gestions from without bave been followed, the title bas

Pied poudre (curia pedes pulverizate), so called from the been changed from the Cyclopædia' to the ‘Annual,'

dirty feet of the suitors, which is a Court of Record and nearly one-half is new matter. As all who have used

incident to every fair and market, of which the Steward

of the owner of the market is Judge, with power to adit know, it is invaluable.

minister justice for all commercial injuries in that fair The Bookworm for the new year witnesses the begin or market, and not in any preceding one." "Termes de la ning of a series of articles upon 'Bookworms of Yesterday Ley,' p. 478, says, “ Pipowders est un Court qui est inci. and To-day,' Mr. Bernard Quaritch, of whom a portrait | dent à chescun Faire, pur le determination de differences is given, leads the van. Whether a bookseller is to be de sur contract et toute disorders en ceo commis." Such scribed as a bookworm may be doubtful. Mr. Quaritch, are, we believe, still in existence at Newcastle-on-Tyne. at least, possesses more scarce and valuable books than

GEORGE BOWLES (“Anonymous Poem,” 7th S. vi. 469; are easily to be found in any private collection. The

vii. 14).-Many thanks for your offer to copy the periodical shows improvement.

poem from 'Time's Telescope. A copy has been sent

YORICK, as promised at second reference. We are asked WITH sincere regret we announce the death of Mr. to convey his thanks to those who have replied. J. 0. Halliwell-Phillippe, F.R.S., F.S.A., one of the oldest and staunchest friends of N. & l.' He wrote

W, GREGORY.-" Brentford is the county town of frequently in the early series, and to the last remained

Middlesex for election purposes” (“The Imperial an occasional contributor. Šis services to Sbakspearian

Gazetteer,' 1873). literature are universally recognized, and his Outlines of. J. D. BUTLER (“ Caius College ").-The pronunciation the Life of Shakespeare' remains a monument of sound is certainly " Keeze," criticism and loving and indefatigable labour. His · Dic- CORRIGENDUM.-P. 16, col, i, 1. 25, for “these” read tionary of Archaic and Provincial English' has been a three, constant companion of scholars. His publications, of

NOTICE. one class or other, amount to more than sixty volumes. Editorial Communications should be addressed to “The Many literary rarities were privately printed for his Editor of Notes and Queries'"-Advertisements and friends, who were always sure of a welcome at his bun. Business Letters to “ The Publisher"-at the Office, 22, galow at Hollingbury Copse, near Brighton, where, with Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C. his second wife, he exercised a constant and hearty hos. We beg leave to state that we decline to return compitality. His name was originally James Orchard Halli-munications which, for any reason, we do not print; and well, the appellation of Phillipps being assumed under a to this rule we can make no exception,



and ACCOUNTANT. Advice given as to the best mode of Publishing. Publishers' Estimates examined on behalf of Authors. Transfer of Literary Property carefully conducted. Safe Opinions obtained. Twenty years' experience. Highest references. Consulta tion free.-IA, Paternoster-row, E.O.

Now ready,

Marriages, 1560 to 1840. With Illustration and Indexes. 58.

E. JACKSON, High-street, Wells, Somerset.


NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS on all subjects, Literary, Artistic, Political, from the Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines, and Reviews of the World. Statistics, Files Searched, Special Information, and all Press Work : Translations Reporting.-ROMEIKE & CUR. TICE's only address in England, 359, Strand, London, W.O. Telegraph, “Romeike, London." Telephone, 2662.



JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street.

by & PRAOTICAL BINDER at moderate prices. Estimates furbished ; large or small quantities : Binding for the Trade.SHELLEY, 81, Carter-lane, Broadway, Ludgate-hill, E.0.-Estab. lished 1861.

[blocks in formation]


By the Rev. 8. BARING-GOULD, M.A.
A New Edition, with several Hundred Ilustrations.

Vol. XVI, will contain a COMPLETE INDEX,
Vol. XVII. SAINTS with their EMBLEMS.

CATALOGUE (No: 172, 32 pp.) of RARE and

BOOKS BOUGHT:-To Executors, Solicitors, &c.



STANDARD BOOKS, in all Branches of Literature (including very fine Copy of Plot's

EMBLEMS OF SAINTS Staffordshire, 1686- Æsop and Gay's Fables, 1793—John Mytton, 1837Pickwick Papers, 1837, with 49 Extra Plates), now ready, and post BY WHICH THEY ARE DISTINGUISHED IN WORKS free to Collectors on application to

M. L. BENNETT, the Caxton Head, 239, High Holbern, W.C.
MANUSCRIPTS (Rare Oriental and other, from the HARTWELL By the late Very Rev. F. C. HUSENBETH, D.D.
LIBRARY) and AUTOGRAPHS, CATALOGUE of (No. 173, 16 pp.),
also ready, same address

A New Edition,
With numerous Corrections and Additions,

By the Rev. AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D. -HENRY SOTHERAN & 00., 36, Piccadilly, and 136, Strand, Second-hand Booksellers, PURCHASE LIBRARIES, or Smaller Col. Forming the Seventeenth and Last Volume of Mr. Baring-Gould's lections of Books, in town or country, and give the utmost value in cash; also value for Probate. Experienced valuers promptly sent.

Lives of the Saints.'
Removals without trouble or expense to sellers. Libraries Catalogued
and Arranged. Established 1816.
Telegraphic address, Bookmen, London. Code in use, Unicode.

Very large type, demy 8vo. cloth, 108. 6cm
L L I S & E L V E Y,

Dealers in Old and Rare Books.
Catalogue 64 now ready, post free six stamps.



It may also be had in imperial 32mo. cloth, 38.; Persian Dramatic Works.-W. GROSE, 87, Leicester-square. Also

roan, 48.6d.;

morocco, 68. Royal 24mo. cloth, 38. 6d. ; Cheap Lists, 74, Brixton-road, S.W.

morocco, 6s. 6d. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 43. 6d.; Persian roan, Commissions at Sales faithfully executed.

68.; morocco, 98. ; and in several other sizes. Recently published, post free, 70 pages,

London : J. WHITAKER, 12, Warwick-lane. Constitutional, Colonial, Admiralty, Foreign, Civil, and Ecclesiastical Law, Trials, Reports, &c., on Sale by

ESTABLISHED 1861. RICHARD AMER, Lincoln's Inn-gate, Carey-street, W.O.

B A N K. Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.

THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repay. BRAND and CO.'S A1 SAUCE,

able on demand. TWO per CENT. INTEREST on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, calculated on the minimum monthly balances, when Dot drawn below 1001. The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free

of charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and other Securities and SOUPS, PRESERVED PROVISIONS, and

Valuables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and
Coupons ; and the Purchase and Sale of Stocks, Shares, and An.

quities. Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued. The BIRK YORK ORK and GAME PIES ; also

BEOK ALMANACK, with full particulars, post free on application.


PILLS. Rheumatism and Neuralgia. --Though the former disease remorselessly attacks persons of all ages, and the latter ruthlessly

selects its victims from the weak and delicate, the persevering use of TUI 'URTLE SOUP, and JELLY, and other

these remedies will infallibly cure both complaints. After the affected parts have been diligently fomented with hot brine, and the skin thoroughly dried, Holloway's Ointment must be rubbed in firmly and

evenly for a few minutes twice a day, and his Pills taken according to SPECIALTIES for INVALIDS.

the printed directions wrapped round each box of his medicine. Both Caution.-- Beware of Imitations. Sole Address

Ointment and Pills are accompanied by instructions designed for the

public at large, and no invalid who attentively reads them can now be 11, LITTLE STANHOPE-STREET, MAYPAIR, W.

at any loss how to doctor himself successfully.






SHAKSPEARE'S HEROINES : a Series of Studies by the Greatest Living
British Painters. Goupilgravure Illustrations.

For FULL LIST of PLATES and PAINTERS see Prospectus, to be had of the Publishers.
Artists' Proofs (signed by the Artists). 21 Plates, size 244 inches by 174 inches, in Sets only in a Portfolio, £31 10s, nett.

(Limited to 100 Copies for England, and 50 for America. Each Plate will be signed by the Artist, and each Set numbered from (1) onwards.)

Impressions on Colombier Quarto Plate Paper, 17 inches by 12 inches, bound on guards, with Descriptive Letterpress, in very handsome Persian morocco, gilt edges, £5 58, nett.

Specimens of the above Plates can be seen at the principal Booksellers', also at the Publishers.' WALTON and COTTON'S COMPLEAT ANGLER. The Lea and Dove

Illustrated Edition. Being the One Hundredth Edition of Walton and Cotton's ever popular Work, The Compleat
Angler. Edited, with Lives of Walton and Cotton, by R. B. MARSTON, Editor of the Fishing Gazette, Hon. Treasurer
of the Fly-Fishers' Club, &c., and containing a reprint (by permission) of The Chronicle of the Comple Angler'; being
a Bibliographical Record of its various Editions and Imitations. By THOMAS WESTWOOD and THOMAS SATCHELL.
The principal feature of this Edition will be a set of 54 Full-Page Photogravures, printed from Copper-Plates, on fine

Plate Paper, of Views on the Lea, Dove, &c.
ÉDITION DE LUXE, in 2 vols. royal 4to. each copy numbered and signed, to Subscribers, £10 10s. nett.
The DEMY QUARTO EDITION, bound in hall-morocco, gilt top, £5 5s, nett.
"The noblest gift-book that has been issued for many years."-St. James's Gazette.

“Never has Walton been more honoured ......Among collectors, therefore, there is no question but that the book will be attractive. It will be one of the forms in which the work of Walton will be most coveted."-Standard,

“These sumptuous volumes."-Spectator. "A truly magnificent edition."— Field, “This noble edition."-Daily Ners. ELEMENTARY HISTORY of ART: Architecture and Sculpture. By N.

D'ANVERS, Author of 'Life of Raphael D'Urbino,' &c. Third Edition, with Introduction by Professor ROGER SMITH,

and a Biographical Index. Illustrated with 200 Engravings and a Coloured Frontispiece. Handsomely bound in cloth, 5s. ELEMENTARY HISTORY of ART: Painting. By N. D'Anvers. Third

Edition, Revised and Enlarged, by FRANK CUNDALL, joint Editor of “ Illustrated Biographies of Great Artists."
Illustrated with 170 Engravings, and a Frontispiece printed in tints, and containing a Biographical Iudex of 820 Painters.
Handsomely bound in cloth, 68.

*** The two Books are also published in one volume, with gilt top edges, 108. bd ; in half-morocco, gilt edges, specially adapted for Prizes, at 128.

This work is adopted by the Civil Service Commissioners as a TEXT-BOOK for the Examination of Candidates on questions of Art. It is also placed upon the List of Prizes granted to students of Art by the Science and Art Department.




Mathematician and Astronomer. With Memorials of his family. By WILLIAM CUDWORTH, Author of 'Round about Bradford,'.

• Horton Rambles,' &c. Illustrated with numerous Drawings, &c., specially prepared for the Works, the whole to form a bandsome volume. Only a very limited Edition issued. To Subscribers, 26s. SIDELIGHTS on the STUARTS. By F. A. Inderwick, Q.C. With

numerous Illustrations. Demy 8vo. cloth, 188. " This well-conceived, well-filled, well-written, and altogether admirable volume. Its object is to inspire readers with a ove for historical study, and it is well adapted to its end. -Scotsman. The HISTORY of PORTUGAL, from the Reign of Diniz to the Reign of

Alphonso V. Compiled from Portuguese Histories. Vol. II. By EDWARD MCMURDO. Demy Svo. cloth, 218. The ILIAD of HOMER. Done into English Verse, by Arthur S. Way,

M.A., Head Master of Wesley College, Melbourne, Author of The Odyssey of Homer, done into English Verse,'

Vol. II. Books 13-24. Small 4to. cloth, 95.
The Athenaeum says of Vol. I. :-"A work which we heartily admire."


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter-lane, Fleet-street, E.C.
Printed by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athenæum Press, Took's-court, Cursitor.street, Chancery-lane, E.C.; and Published by the said

JOHN O. FRANCIS, at No. 29, Took's-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery.lane, E.0.-Saturday, January 19, 1889.

[blocks in formation]



Just published, small 4to. cloth, 188.


Just published, medium 8vo. cloth, 128. 6d.; half-roan, gilt top, 148. CHARLTON T. LEWIS, Ph.D., Editor of · Lewis and short's PLATO.- The REPUBLIC. Translated into Latin Dictionary.

English. with an Analysis and Introduction, by B. JOWETT, This is not an abridgment of the larger Work, but an indepen.

M.A., Master of Balliol Oollege, Regius Professor of Greek, Ox dent dictionary, intended to include all that a student Deeds after

ford. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected throughout. acquiring the elements of grammar, for the interpretation of the *The Additions and Alteratioas, both in the Introduction and in Latin Authors commonly read in schools.

the Text of this Edition, affect at least a third of the Work. Just published, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 168.


Medium 8vo. cloth, 31. 108. SCHOLIA GRAECA in HOMERI ILIADEM PLATO.—The DIALOGUES. Translated into TOWNLEYANA. Recensuit ERNESTUS MAASS.

English, with Analyses and Introductions, by B. JOWETT, M.A. SECOND EDITION, ENLARGED AND REVISED.

A New Edition, in 5 vols.
Just published, crown 8vo. cloth, 68.

Vols. I. and II. demy 8vo. cloth, 318. SHAKESPEARE as a DRAMATIC ARTIST. ARISTOTLE.-The POLITICS. Translated

A Popular Illustration of the Principies of Scientific Criticism.
By RICHARD G. MOULTON, M.A., late Scholar of Christ's

into English, by B. JOWETT, M.A. With Introduction, Mar. College, Cambridge University (Extension) Lecturer in Literature.

ginal Analysis, Essays, Notes, and Indices. Second Edition, Enlarged and Revised.

9 vole. demy 8vo. cloth, 328. UNPUBLISHED LETTERS OF DAVID HUME. THUCYDIDES. Translated into English, by Now ready, with a Facsimile of Hume's Handwriting, 8vo. cloth, 199. 6d.

B. JOWETT, M.A. With Introduotion, Marginal Analysis, Notes, LETTERS of DAVID HUME to WILLIAM and Indices.

STRAHAN. Now first Edited, with Autobiography, Notes, COMPLETION OF MR. MONRO'S SCHOOL EDITION Index, &c., by G. BIRKBECK HILL, D.C.L., Pembroke College,

OF HOMER'S. ILIAD.' Editor of the Oxford Edition of Boswell's Life of Johnson.'

Just published, extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 68. SECOND EDITION OF DEAN BRADLEY'S •LECTURES HOMER.-ILIAD. Books XIII.-XXIV. (For ON JOB.'

Schools.) With an Introduction, a brief Homeric Grammar, and Just ready, Second Edition, crown 8vo. cloth, 78. Ed.

Notes, by B. D. MONRO, M.A., Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, LECTURES on the BOOK of JOB. Delivered

Author of 'A Grammar of the Homeric Dialect.'

" Mr. Monro's Iliad' is the edition for English schools, and can be in Westminster Abbey by the Very Rev. GEORGE GRANVILLE neglected with impunity by no student."-Guardian. BRADLEY, D.D., Dean of Westminster. Uniform with Lectures on Ecolesiastes.'

BY THE SAME AUTHOR. *This scholarly and yet most effective and popular book....No one

Second Edition, Revised and Corrected, extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 6e. who takes up the volume is willing to lay it down till he gets to the HOMER, ILIAD. Books I.-XII. (For end of it."-Spectator.

Schools.) With an Introduction, a brief Homeric Grammar, and Just published, with 11 Maps, crown 850. 88.

Notes, by D. B. MONRO, M.A., Provost of Uriel College, Uxford. A HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY of the

Book I., separately, 28.

Just published, crowa 880. cloth, price 108. 6d. BRITISH COLONIES. By C. P. LOCAS, B.A., of Balliol CHAUCER.-The MINOR POEMS. Edited College, and the Colonial Office, London.

The Author's aim has been to give a description of the Colonies by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT, Litt. D., Professor of Angloin subordination to their History, and as connected parts of a single Saxon, Cambridge, Editor of Piers the Plowman, Chaucer: Empire. The latest statistics have been given, and the book has been Prioresses Tale, &c., 'Principles of English Etymology,' &c. revised throughout by persons possessing special local knowledge of * This is the first serious attempt to present to readers a complete the several Colonies and Dependencies.

edition of Chauser's genuine Minor Poems, with his necessary critical BY THE SAME AUTHOR.

apparatus, and a sufficient quantity of Illustration in the form of Notes, Uniform with the above, crown 8vo. cloth, 48. Bila

Glossary, and Index.


Just published, crown 8vo. gilt top, 68. GRAPHY of the BRITISH COLONIES. By, C. P. LUCAS, The DYNASTY of THEODOSIUS; or, 'Eighty B.A.. late Exhibitioner of Balliol College, Oxford, and of the Colonial Office, London.

Years' Struggle with the Barbarians. By THOMAS HODGKIN,

Hon. D.O.L. Oxon, Author of Italy and her Invaders.' NEW WORK BY PROFESSOR POLLOCK AND MR.

* In this volume the Author describes in brief outline the leading R. S. WRIGHT.

events recorded in the first two volumes of his book Italy and her Just published, 8vo. cloth, 88.6d.


CHURCH HISTORY.' LL.D.. Professor of Jurisprudence. Oxford: and Professor of CHAPTERS of EARLY ENGLISH CHURCH

Just published, Second Edition,

8vo. cloth, 128. Common Law in the Inns of Court. WRIGHT, B.C. I, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. HISTORY. By W. BRIGHT, D.D.. Canon of Christ Church, and Part I.. Introduction. Part II., Of Possession Generally, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford. Second EdiPart III., Possession and Trespass in Relation to the Law of Theft. tion, Revised and corrected.

FULL CLARENDON PRESS CATALOGUES sent free on application. London : HENRY FROWDE, Clarendon Press Warehouse, Amen Corner, E.C. 7t S. No. 160.

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