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King, W. W., College Hill, Cannon
Street, London
King, James, High Holborn, London
King, Rev. C., Stratford-sub-Castle
Kinneir, Dr., Purton
Knapp, John, Bradford-on-Avon
Knight, Rev. John, Heytesbury

Ladd, J. N., Calne
Lambert, John, Peterborough
Lancaster, Rev. T. B., Grittleton
Lansdown, T. S., Malmesbury
Lansdowne, The Most Hon. the Mar-
quis of, K.G., Bowood (Life Mem.)
Law, Rev. R. W., Christian Malford
Lawrence, W., Highworth
Leach, Robert W., Devizes
Lear, Rev. F., Bishopston, Salisbury
Littlewood, Rev. S., Edington
Locke, F. A. S., Rowdeford
Locke, John, Chicklade, Hindon
Long, Walter, M.P., Rood Ashton
(Life Member)
Long, Walter, M.A., Preshaw House,
Bishop's Waltham, Hants

Long, William, M.A., Lansdown

Place, Bath Long, Henry Lawes, Seals, near Farnham Lopes, Henry, The Grange, Bradfordon-Avon Luce, Thomas, Malmesbury Ludlow, H. G. G. Heywood House, Westbury Lukis, Rev. W. C., F.S.A., Wath Rectory, Ripon Lukis, F. C., The Grange, Guernsey

Me Niven, Rev. C., Patney
Mann, Rev. Thomas, Trowbridge
Mannings,George, Jun., Wedhampton
Mantell, E. W., Swindon
Markland, James Heywood, D.C.L.,
F.R.S., F.S.A., Lansdown Cres-
cent, Bath
Maskelyne, Edmund Story, Basset
Down House, Swindon
Matcham, Geo., New House, Downton

Medlicott, Rev. J., Potterne
Meek, Alexander, Devizes
Meredith, Capt., Heddington
Merewether, Henry Alworth, Bowdon
Hill (Life Member)
Merrick, William, Bradford-on-Avon
Merriman, Thomas B., Marlborough
Merriman, William C., Marlborough
Merriman, Edward B., Marlborough
Merriman, S.W.J., M.D., Charles St.
Westbourne Terrace, London
Methuen, The Rt. Hon. Lord, Cor-
sham Court
Methuen, Rev. Henry H., Allcan-
Meyrick, Rev. E., Chiseldon
Miles, Rev. Thomas, Stockton
Miles, Edward, Dauntsey House
Miles, C. W., Burton Hill, Malmes-
Miles, J., Wexcombe, Burbage
Montgomrey, R., Devizes
Morgan, Rev. D., Ham, Hungerford
Morgell, Rev. C., Knoyle
Mornington, The Rt. Hon. the Earl
of, Draycote House (Life Member)
Morrice, Rev. W. D., Longbridge
Morris, William, Swindon
Morrison, Alfred, Fonthill (Life
Moulton, Stephen, Kingston House,
Mullings, Richard, Stratton, Ciren-

Neeld, Sir John, Bart., Grittleton
House (Life Member)
Nelson, The Rt. Hon. the Earl, Tra-
Nichols, J. B., F.S.A., Parliament
Street, Westminster
Nichols, J. Gough, F.S.A., Parlia-
ment Street, Westminster
Nightingale, J. E., Wilton
Nisbet, Robert Parry, Southbroom
House, Devizes (Life Member)
Nott, William, Devizes

Noyes, John, Lansdown Road North, Kensington Park, London

Noyes, James, Chippenham

Noyes, John, Chippenham

Olivier, Lieut.-Col., Bath (Life Mem)

Pain, T., Salisbury
Parfitt, Very Rev. Canon, Cottles
Parry, Joseph, Jun., Allington, De-
Parsons, John, Bread Street, Cheap-
side, London
Parsons, W. F., Huntsmill, Wootton
Penruddocke, C., Compton Park,
Salisbury (Life Member)
Phillips, Jacob, Chippenham
Phillipps, Sir Thomas, Bart., Middle
Hill, near Broadway, Worcester
Phipps, Rev. Edward James, Stans-
field, Suffolk
Phipps, John Lewis, Leighton House,
Phipps, Charles Paul, Chalcot House,
Pickwick, Capt., Frankleigh Lodge,
Pinckney, G. H., Overton
Pooke, Rev. W. H., Keevil
Popham, Francis Leybourne, Little-
cote House
Popham, Rev. J. L., Chilton
Powell, Rev. J. R., Monkton Farleigh
Poynder, Thomas Henry Allen, M.A.,
Hartham Park (Life Member)
Pratt, James, Wootton Bassett
Preston, Rev. T. A., Marlborough
Price, Richard E., Marlborough
Prior, Dr.R.C. Alexander, York Ter-
race, Regents Park, London
Proctor, William, Cathay, Bristol
Proctor, Thomas, Cathay, Bristol
Prower, Rev. Canon, Purton

Radnor, The Rt. Hon. the Earl, Coleshill, Highworth

Randell, James S., Rudlow Lodge,
Corsham -
Randle, N. B., Devizes
Ravenhill, John, Ashton Gifford
Ravenshaw, Rev. T. F. T., Pewsey
Reed, Capt. John, Marlborough
Reynolds, Rev. J. J., Shaftesbury
Rich, Rev. J., Chippenham
Ross, Rev. J. Lockhart, Avebury
Rumboll, Alfred, Hilldrop Farm,
Rutter, J., Farley, Mere

Sadler, S. C., Purton Court
Saunders, T. Bush, Bradford-on-Avon
Scarth, Rev. H. M., Bathwick
Scrope, G. Poulett, M.P., F.R.S., &c.,
Castle Combe (Life Member)
Seagram, William Ballard, Bratton
Seagram, W. F., Warminster
Selfe, H., Marten, Great Bedwyn
(Life Member)
Seymour, Alfred, Knoyle House
Seymour, Capt., Chilton, Hungerford
Silcock, T. B., Bradford-on-Avon
Simpson, George, Devizes
Skrine, H. D., Warleigh Manor,
Sladen, Rev. E. H. M., Alton Barnes
Sloper, George Elgar, Devizes
Sloper, George Elgar, Jun., Devizes
Smart, Rev. Newton, Alderbury
Soames, Rev. Charles, Mildenhall
Southby, A., M.D., Bulford
Spencer, John, Bowood
Squarey, Coard W., Salisbury
Stallard, Rev. G., East Grafton
Stancomb, J. Perkins, Trowbridge
Stanton, Rev. Thomas, Burbage
Stevens, Edward Thomas, Salisbury
Smith, Rev. Alfred, Old Park, De-
Smith, Rev. Alfred Charles, Yates-
Smith, R.,
Stone, William, Winsley, Bradford-
Stratton, Alfred, Rushall

Stratton, Joseph, Manningford
Stratton, Richard, Broadhinton
Strickland, Rev. E., Brixton Deverill
Strong, Rev. Augustus, Chippenham
Suffolk, The Rt. Hon. the Earl of,
Charlton House, Malmesbury
Swayne, John, Wilton
Swayne, Henry, J. F., Nether-
hampton House, Salisbury
Swyer, Robert, Shaftesbury

Tanner, William, Rockley
Tanner, J., Mudeford House, Christ-
Tayler, Christopher, Trowbridge
Taylor, Simon Watson, Erle Stoke
Taylor, W. H., Warminster
Teale, Rev. W. H., Devizes
Temple, George, Bishopstrow
Thring, Rev. J. C., Uppingham, Rut-
Thurnam, John, M.D., F.S.A.,
Townsend, J. Copleston, Swindon
Tugwell, William Edmund, Devizes
Turner, Rev. J., North Tidworth
Tyssen, J. R. D., F.S.A., Lower Rock
Gardens, Brighton

Uncles, J. W., Chippenham

Wardy, Richard E., Warminster

Vicary, G., Warminster

Wansey, William, F.S.A., Reform Club, London

Ward, Rev. Henry, Aldwincle,
Ward, Isaiah, Devizes
Warren, Rev. E. B., Marlborough
Waylen, Robert, Devizes
Wayte, Rev. W., Eton
Wellesley, The Rt. Hon. Lady Char-
les, Conholt Park, Andover (Life
Westminster, The Most Hon. the
Marquis of, Eaton Hall, Chester
(Life Member)
Wheeler, J. B., Steeple Ashton
Whinfield, Rev. E. T., Woodleigh,
Whitby, Rev. R. W., Lechlade
White, W. M., Springfield Willa,
Lansdown, Bath
Wickens, Miss, The Close, Salisbury
Wilkes, B. J., Manor Farm, Baydon
Wilkinson, Rev. Matthew, D.D.,
West Lavington
Wilkinson, Rev. John, Broughton
Wilmot, F. S., Chippenham
Winthrop, Rev. B. Hardenhuish
Wilson, John, M.A., Chippenham
Wilton, Rev. Edw., West Lavington
Wittey. S., Devizes
Wyatt, Thomas Henry, Great Rus-
sell Street, London
Wyld, Rev. W. T., Woodborough

Zillwood, Frederick William, Salisbury

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Akerman, J. Yonge, F.S.A., &c., Abingdon.
Bell, Thomas, New Broad Street, London.
Godwin, George, Alexander Square, Brompton, London.
Owen, Richard, Sheen Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey.
Smith, C. Roach, Strood, near Rochester.
Way, Albert, F.S.A., &c., Wonham Manor, Reigate,
Wright, Thomas, Sydney Street, Brompton, London.




35 to the 3mtient Štate of #larlborough,


2y § ūTH respect to this subject, I am not unmindful that § !!Marlborough has already its History, and that there also was a Lecture on the Castle (now the College), by the Bishop of Calcutta; and that I am therefore only a Leazer in the Antiquarian field; and that my niches of leased Antiquarian lore would have been small in size and but few in number if my friend Mr. T. B. Merriman had not for this purpose kindly thrown open his very extensive and valuable collections relating to Marlborough. I therefore intend to advert to such matters as have been hitherto either unnoticed, or have been only slightly touched on by others. I will commence with THE Poll, TAx, which was collected in the reign of Richard 2nd, (1378); the Marlborough assessment being in the general Record office. This tax was imposed on all persons above fourteen years old, except clergymen, married women, and common beggars. Two hundred and seventy-four persons paid the tax in Marlborough, whose names and callings are given. Peter Ramenhall, Esq., Adam Kyneton, Liberus (probably a considerable freeholder), and John Janevyne (a tanner who was the Mayor), paying each six and eightpence, the tax on an esquire. Two hostellers, paying each three and fourpence, the same tax as was paid by gentlemen. The inhabitants of the town then consisted of three fishmongers, three fishermen (no doubt from the number of maigre days), ten tanners, one skinner, one currier, three peliparii (leather sellers), ten VOL. VII.-NO. XIX. - B

souters (shoemakers), three butchers, one baker (which showed that most people then baked at home), three tailors, one shearman, two merchants, one mercer, two ironmongers, one plumber, four weavers, one webber, one saddler, four carpenters, two coopers, one mason, four heliers (tilers), one mustard maker, one glazier, one netmaker, one honeymonger, (a considerable trade before the introduction of West India sugar), one victualler, two brewers, twenty-five men servants (of whom William the Rector's footman was one), fortyeight female servants. Many of the servants of both sexes had no surnames. Eleven labourers were taxed at sixpence each, as were eleven Liberi (probably small freeholders), the tax upon servants being fourpence each, and on the artizans sixpence. There is one Mareschal who is charged sixpence, but it is stated by Mr. Riley in his introduction to the Liber Albus, that notwithstanding his high sounding appellation, a Mareschal means a shoeing smith. It has been erroneously supposed that there was no Poll Tax after the revolt of Wat Tyler, in the reign of Richard 2nd : this is not so, as by an Act passed in the eighteenth year of the reign of Charles 2nd, every subject in this kingdom was assessed to a Poll Tax according to his degree; a Duke a hundred pounds, a Marquis eighty pounds, a Baron fifty pounds, a Baronet thirty pounds, a Knight twenty pounds, an Esquire ten pounds, and every common person one shilling. And in the 1st and 2nd years of King William 3rd and Queen Mary a general twelvepenny Poll Tax was granted by the Parliament for the public service.


I will next advert to the Churches, as to which the Commissioners of Chantries (2 Edw. 6, 1548, certif. no. 58), say:

“The Towne of Marlbrowe is a great Towne, wherein be three parisshe Churches, and in the same a thousand and sixty-one people, which receyve the blessed Communion; in every of which papisshe Churches there is a Vicar inducted, albeyt there lyvingis be so small and their Cures so great, that withoute helpe of some minister they be not able to serve the said Cures.”

This number of Communicants appears to be very large, but by

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