Historical Record of the Eighth, Or the King's Regiment of Foot: Containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1685, and of Its Subsequent Services to 1844

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Parker, 1837 - 118 pages
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Page v - THE character and credit of the British Army must chiefly depend upon the zeal and ardour, by which all who enter into its service are animated, and consequently it is of the highest importance that any measure calculated to excite the spirit of emulation, by which alone great and gallant actions are achieved, should be adopted. Nothing can more fully tend to the accomplishment of this desirable object, than a full display of the noble deeds with which the Military History of our country abounds....
Page 86 - D'Armstadt regiment, to be laid at the feet of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent. The French battalions in the garrison had no eagles. (Signed) WELLINGTON., Copy of a Dispatch from the Earl of Wellington, dated Camp at Badajoz, April 8.
Page iv - Officers, and Privates, as may have specially signalized themselves in Action. And, The Badges and Devices which the Regiment may have been permitted to bear, and the Causes on account of which such Badges or Devices, or any other Marks of Distinction, have been granted.
Page 85 - ... which now came up from the bank of the river, where they had stuck on landing, in the deep snow. Having gained the high ground on the brink of the Black river opposite the fort, I prepared to carry it by storm ; but the men being quite exhausted, I procured time for them to recover breath, by sending in a summons, requiring an unconditional surrender.
Page viii - Corps — an attachment to every thing belonging to their Regiment ; to such persons a narrative of the services of their own Corps cannot fail to prove interesting. Authentic accounts of the actions of the great, — the valiant, — the loyal, have always been of paramount interest with a brave and civilized people. Great Britain has produced a race of heroes who, in moments of danger and terror, have stood, " firm as the rocks of their native shore...
Page 82 - The command of such an army will constitute the pride of my future life. To these brave troops, conducted by generals of experience, and not to me, their King and country owe the sovereignty of this important colony ; and I trust that by a comparison of the force which defended it, and the time in which it has fallen, the present reduction of Martinique will not be deemed eclipsed by any former expedition.
Page 47 - I was so much surprised and touched at their kindness, that I could not speak to the officers without a good deal of concern...
Page iii - Regiments, as well as to Individuals who have distinguished themselves by their Bravery in Action with the Enemy, an Account of the Services of every Regiment in the British Army shall be published under the superintendence and direction of the Adjutant-General; and that this Account shall contain the following particulars, viz., The Period and Circumstances of the Original Formation of the Regiment; The Stations at which it has been from time to time employed; The Battles, Sieges, and other Military...

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