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Thy father once mine honour wronged

In days of youthful pride ; Do thou the injury repair

In fondness for thy bride.

And as thou love her, and hold her dear,

Heaven prosper thee and thine : And now my blessing wend wi' thee,

My lovely Emmeline.

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annoyERRY it was in the green forest

Among the leaves green,
Wherein men hunt east and west

With bows and arrows keen;


To raise the deer out of their den ;

Such sights hath oft been seen ;
As by three yeomen of the north countrèy,

By them it is I mean.

The one of them hightf Adam Bell,

The other Clym of the Clough,
The third was William of Cloudesly,

An archer good enough.

. Clem (Clement) of the cliff.

+ Called.

They were outlawed for venison,

These yeomen everyone ;
They swore together upon a day,

To English wood to be gone.

Now lithe and listen, gentlemen,

That of mirth loveth to hear : Two of them were single men,

The third had a wedded fere. *

William was the wedded man,

Much more then was his care : He said to his brethren upon a day,

To Carlisle he would fare,

For to speak with fair Alice his wife,

And with his children three. By my troth, said Adam Bell,

Not by the counsel of me :

For if ye go to Carlisle, brother,

And from this wild wood wend, If that the justice should you take,

Your life were at an end.

* Mate.

+ Pass.

If that I come not to-morrow, brother,

By pryme* to you again, Trust you then that I am taken

Or else that I am slain.

He took his leave of his brethren two,

And to Carlisle he is gone : There he knock'd at his own window

Shortly and anon.

Where be you, fair Alice, he said,

My wife and children three ? Lightly let in thine own husbånd,

William of Cloudesly.

Alas! then said fair Alice,

And sighed wondrous sore,
This place hath been beset for you

This half a year and more.

Now am I here, said Cloudesly,

I would that in I were: Now fetch us meat and drink enough,

And let us make good cheer.

* Noon.

She fetched him meat and drink plenty,

Like a true wedded wife;
And pleased him with that she had,

Whom she loved as her life.

There lay an old wife in that place,

A little beside the fire,
Which William had found of charity

More than seven year.

Up she rose, and forth she goes,

Evil may she speed therefore; For she had set no foot on ground

In seven year before.

She went unto the justice hall,

As fast as she could hie :
This night, she said, is come to town

William of Cloudesly.

Thereat the justice was full fayne,*

And so was the sheriff also : Thou shalt not travel hither, dame, for nought;

Thy meed thou shalt have ere thou go.

* Glad.

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