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Kosh 2 sten HEN Arthur first in court began,

And was approved king,
By force of arms great victories won,

And conquest home did bring.

Then into England straight he came

With fifty good and able
Knights, that resorted unto him,

And were of his round table :

And he had jousts and tournaments,

Whereto were many prest,
Wherein some knights did far excell

And far surmount the rest.

But one, Sir Lancelot du Lake,

Who was approved well,
He for his deeds and feats of arms,

All others did excell.

When he had rested him a while,

In play, and game, and sport,
He said he would go prove himself

In some adventurous sort.

He armed rode in forest wide,

And met a damsel fair, .
Who told him of adventures great,

Whereto. he gave good ear.

Such would I find, quoth Lancelot :

For that cause came I hither. Thou seem'st, quoth she, a knight full good,

And I will bring thee thither,

Whereas a mighty knight doth dwell,

That now is of great fame : Therefore tell me what wight thou art,

And what may be thy name.

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